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  1. TRVIT

    Athlon's early top 25

    I think Helton is the most overrated coach in America. SC aways gets battered in big games
  2. TRVIT

    Hawaii friends

    Stairway is on Oahu(Kaneohe). About 80-85 percent of Hawaii State population resides on Oahu.The main modernized Isle....Big Island(Named Hawaii) has the active volcano. It is a tragic so see those who homes on the B.I are being tarnished. Sending good vibes
  3. TRVIT


    Would perfer ESPN+ over Stadium
  4. TRVIT

    SJSU Facilities Improvements

    Good stuff
  5. TRVIT

    Wyoming signs with Adidas

    3 stipes has been on a tear as of late. They got new designers and been making great products. I think they just signed Washington last week as well
  6. Somebody else pull up the info
  7. Hawaii Safety expected to go anywhere from RD. 4-7 . First UH player to be taken since Joey Iosefa
  8. TRVIT


    Brah what the +++++
  9. TRVIT

    Latest Renderings Of SJSU Stadium Project

    Hoping for the best efforts for all MWC school members. Get it done
  10. TRVIT


    I been a + member for the week its been out. The stream quality is very hogh and clear. I really enjoy Kobes show
  11. TRVIT

    Latest Renderings Of SJSU Stadium Project

    People dont even show up to Rebel games
  12. TRVIT

    CSU Stadium Naming Rights Sold

    All the money and facilities isn't adding up to titles 🤔
  13. TRVIT

    the Portland A's?

    Id rather Vegas have a NBA team first
  14. TRVIT


    Its first big event is Bud Crawford-Jeff Horn so I will be tuning in
  15. TRVIT

    Where's my buddy Warbow?

    Dog got em