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  1. Lol if Wichita didnt win the MVC, they would be in the NIT rignt now. Being in the AAC gives them great chance every year being At-Large
  2. Non-MW NCAA Tournament Games Day 1

    Rooting for SDSU, Nevada, Zags and Virginia
  3. Game Thread: NCAA tournament First Four

    Alford is getting canned soon
  4. Boise State 2019 Recruiting

    Whats the trick to make this happen for us
  5. Make it Happen Memphis

    Im dead serious
  6. At this point, I would take them in as a Non Football school if I was the commish. 4-5 game scheduling agreement. At least they bring in a above average hoops program along with a big fan base
  7. Ok MW make it happen.

    How does UNLV deserve to be in this Top 5 football conference?
  8. We already have 1 foot in the door and we have a long history with all these schools from the WAC days. Makes sense to me
  9. Hello Gonzaga & BYU. Our admins at our school is complete morons if they are comfortable in the Big West
  10. Becky Hammon to coach CSU?

    Tom Crean
  11. Make it Happen Memphis

    Hardaway would be an ace recruiter
  12. Nice stadium but rather have a Montana
  13. Its a leprechaun...a mythical legend lol
  14. CA proposes no tackle FB before HS

    I would propose a tackle fb ban until jr high/middle school age 12 and up