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  1. Wow! What a punt. That was a thing of beauty.
  2. Sad fact. SDSU had more penalty yards (40) given to them via SJSU penalties in the 1st quarter than offensive yards (39).
  3. No it is former Spartan QB David Fales (Military Bowl winner).
  4. Of course. I never said or implied that you made a comment of his playing days.
  5. Us Spartan fans appreciate and are thankful for what Arroyo did as a player. We were also thankful when he moved on to greener pastures as a coach.
  6. I think some of you are missing that this is for week 3 only. Some teams are playing away and therefore the default is a lower team. Alabama, Auburn, and UAB are all playing out of state. So Jacksonville State it is.
  7. There is no way they are going to be able to be a mask police to all of those people. Wear it going in to the stadium and inside restrooms. The rest of the time keep it in your pocket just in case.
  8. This poster and the other guy who stated CSU to Big 12 was done show that so much of this board are total BS. I have and continue to believe that no one from this conference goes anywhere. If the AAC only wanted Boise football then the big conference want nothing to do with any of us.
  9. Imagine seeing the Beatles with floor seats for about $50. That is what the inflation calculator says $5.50 is worth today.
  10. While San Jose should be on the list, we have 2/3 of our stadium still and there are plans to start construction in a few weeks.
  11. That was a great video. Those Kellen Moore teams were some of the best that college football has produced. My wife was at that game rooting for Boise. Her cousin was a starter on that team.
  12. Newsome is up for a recall. It is a lot easier for people to check yes to the recall if they are sitting in their house not able to go anywhere. I expect a new round of lockdowns Sept 15th.
  13. Was it an oversight or do you think SJSU is going somewhere?
  14. I was so bummed when Tate left. In the end it was a godsend. We lost what may have been a negative attitude, and the coaching staff had to find a new QB. That QB was David Fales.
  15. I see this as the most likely scenario, but not the most interesting to talk about.
  16. If it does not eat at you then why post here? This post was not even about us winning a championship. It was a coach rating. Yet you still posted that icon.
  17. Man it just eats at you that we won the league last year.
  18. I think all of will condemn violence against women. I mean none of us are going to say, yes it is okay to punch an elderly nun who is feeding the homeless at a park. The problem most of us have is that it seems you are calling violence what most of us would call a sexual kink. I am not saying that the original situation with Trevor is a sexual kink, but it seems to us that you are saying spanking a girl while doing the dirty is violence. Maybe you could respond to halfmanhalfbronco or expand upon your position. There are some gray areas.
  19. This is well written and thought out.
  20. Super cool. I am jealous. I still don’t know how you all got it done. Once the stadium is done I will need to watch my Spartans beat you all in it. Your whole stadium will be completed before SJSU gets our East side stands done. Well done.
  21. Your all don’t click the link or read the article before commenting. The article was about ASU. The way the NCAA works GCU will get sanctioned.
  22. It was a joke. GCU has not been accused of any wrongdoing. ASU did. As the joke goes, the NCAA was so mad at LSU cheating they took scholarships away from Louisiana Tech. Or something like that.
  23. Grand Canyon University may have sanctions placed upon them. The text above is a link to the story.
  24. Im more interested in his experience hiring a top quality quidditch coach.
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