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  1. Is it your OC in particular? I thought Fisch was going to make Dougherty the OC, but he went with Carroll.
  2. CBSSN scheduled the game for Thursday. It was originally set for Saturday.
  3. There's 3 FBS schools in our market/region. Two (including ourselves) in the same county/MSA. There's also 3 top-level pro sports teams in the county (1 NFL, 1 NHL, 1 MLS) and another 3 in the region (2 MLB, 1 NBA). 6 total in the Bay Area. Very different situation to most programs. It's tough to gain mindshare with the general public when there are that many options.
  4. So, Aresco is going to have to dip into the exit fee funds to make this work, right? To make up the lost revenue. What happens when that well runs dry?
  5. Also, they have been the driving force for WAC expansion. They seem perfectly fine with strengthening the WAC in BB and olys and letting the few schools that have FB do their thing: https://news.gcu.edu/2021/03/how-gcu-helped-the-wac-increase-its-pack/ https://cronkitenews.azpbs.org/2021/03/19/wac-expansion-gcu-basketball/
  6. It's been a rough week.
  7. I doubt they will have any fight left in them by then. Maybe for Fresno just to spite them, but it's all downhill after UNLV probably.
  8. Pretty much. We lose the turnover margin again = another loss.
  9. SDSU about to scrape by....congrats.
  10. Brennan +++++ed that up
  11. These goddamn refs suck
  12. Yeah, these refs are garbage
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