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  1. Well, the Wyoming @ UNM game in Vegas still seems to be happening (see tweet), so the whole "COVID issues our region" non-explanation to cancel the Boise game remains confusing.
  2. The more games get cancelled, the lower the amount of games required to qualify:
  3. Ummm...is Boise just going to skip the next game and straight to the CCG?
  4. Yes, they practiced yesterday in Scotts Valley. Probably will continue bussing over there until we leave for Hawaii.
  5. Boise went straight to the hotel the day before, then from the hotel to the stadium and right back to Boise after the game. I assume we're doing something similar. No down time.
  6. It wasn't worth it. They should have taken the week to practice for their next conference game and figure out the QB situation and tweaks to the offense. According to Wicker the $ guarantee was only $250,000 -- does that even cover your travel costs?
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