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  1. you misunderstand, i'm not crying about it, i thought the comment about bringing 5-0 in was funny. congrats to the bows...
  2. yes. but apparently not that bad today, he did more in a few minutes than leibowitz did all game.
  3. no way, i hated the hire in the first place.
  4. haha, Steve Carp ‏@stevecarprj 5m5 minutes ago @AdamHillLVRJ Sounds like it was a comedic sham of a farce in Honolulu. I would suggest putting a call in to 5-0. Ask for Chin Ho Kelly.
  5. i was going to ask if there was a reason decker didn't come in until the 4th, i was in and out of this game, thot maybe they mentioned it...
  6. i'm with ya! i haven't wanted to let him back on the bus all season, but maybe it would be a good idea to just leave him on the bus in hawaii...that never should have happened...
  7. or maybe not. leibowitz runs it in, rebs lead 7-0, 1st quarter.
  8. Jeff Goodman ‏@GoodmanESPN 33m33 minutes ago Benjy Taylor has officially been named the acting head coach at Hawaii -- after the departure of Gib Arnold just days ago.
  9. this surprises me in that i thought he was doing a good job...wonder what they have on him.
  10. haha! calling youngrebelfan40...
  11. any time a game is on the island, i will give the edge to hawaii. and the bows have been better this year. hawaii by 3.
  12. i don't think friday's game was a fluke at all. usu flat out out-played the Y, even before hill went out. as said above, their schedule helped them get their ranking. i have no problem with byu, but as the old saying goes, 'i would like to buy them for what they're worth, and sell them for what they think they're worth.'
  13. rebs are coming for the rams...then wyo, and AFA. GO REBS! http://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/unlv-rebels/other-sports/unlv-women-s-volleyball-opens-fast
  14. i absolutely believe that...put gorman against mountain view (another small private school here) and that would happen, except that now, in clark county, (not sure about up north?) if a team wins by more than 50 points, the coaches have to submit an explanation of what they did to prevent their kids from running up the score. and they go to a running clock.
  15. when i was a little kid, my cheerleader sister had come home from a game against our rival high school, laughing her head off. her team had won 103-0. sounds about right. (i know, now it's politically incorrect to run up the score like that. but hey, they had it coming, lol)
  16. No nuts here, lol...But I want Reggie. He gets it.
  17. i like it, the bows are actually like our step-sister...
  18. wow, 25 yrs? i hadn't realized that. that was an impressive run, sorry to hear the streak (that i didn't know about) is broken.
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