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  1. Nobody claimed UNLV was an academic powerhouse. But our academics are not horrid, either, as spaztecs claimed.
  2. And yet you trash UNLVs Tier 1 status.. I guess if it makes you feel better.
  3. Wasn't Sullivan Dez's first hire at UNLV? Or did you mean before that?
  4. Holy smokes, USF is up on ASU 65-25 with 14 minutes left in the game.
  5. Dang, Aggies, I thought you had this game won when you were up by 14 at the half. I hate undefeated streaks, they mess with the players' heads. I'm sure they'll bounce back soon.
  6. I've been saying this forever..after 1 loss on Saturday I saw 'fans' whining about UNLV sucks again. It's going to take a year or two of consistent winning to get the fans back, but they will come back.
  7. Lobos are looking good so far, 23-14. Defense looks great.
  8. Wasn't us for once, we beat them by about 30 this year..
  9. Congrats dogs! With the way you started out, I didn't think you would end up with this record. Good job!
  10. USF 11-0 run to end the game. Bad loss, but I'm not surprised. Hopefully they refocus, they may have needed a loss before conference play. And I think they really missed Parquet's defense.
  11. I've always liked your rankulator for football, I'd be curious to see what it looks like for basketball. But I can't even imagine how much work that would take for bball.
  12. https://footballscoop.com/news/sources-unlv-to-add-james-shibest-to-staff
  13. Bobby Petrino is the new OC?? And Del Alexander is also coming back to UNLV.
  14. I think right now he's sending a message, more than 'looking' for recruits. I'm sure he'll be hitting the rest of the country (portal, lol) pretty hard before long, he just has to take care of his back yard first.
  15. Why are these tweets dated the 13th?
  16. RIP, Pirate.. We'll miss that 10 foot tall personality.
  17. I’m not sure why, but I always feel like when a team plays a zone, it’s such a cowardly move. Just get out there and play some real defense, while we kill your man to man, lol. Funny though, I’m getting so I expect the games to be this way. Come out slow and let them get a 10 point lead, chip away at it, hang steady till about 8 minutes left in the game, and then turn up the heat for a 10-12 point win. Make it happen, Rebs.
  18. No they aren’t. They have their roles, and they’re both good at several things.
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