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  1. Dang, mccabe just beelined to the locker room.
  2. Who got into Keshon Gilbert’s head? So tentative right now.
  3. Well we know @mundyc3 will be at the knights game, lol. Some of my extended family will be at the Rebel game, probably an extra 10. The fact that it is at 1:00 helps in some ways, we can still get home before it gets crazy here. Crazier, anyway. But I still don’t think there will be a very big crowd. Had we not lost those two games that we probably shouldn’t have (no disrespect to Sparty, they earned the win), and were at full strength and playing well, I think there would be a lot more people there today.
  4. I wouldn't bet the rebs in any way right now. When Parquet gets back it may be different, but he being out seems to have affected the entire team on both sides of the ball, but especially defense. Just sayin.
  5. They don't. Lobos are looking good, congrats on your win.
  6. Congrats, Sparty, you earned the win. Fwiw, I wanted Tim Miles to come here, you got a good one.
  7. It'd be nice if Gilbert, Harkless, and LuRod would show up. And THIS is why you don't schedule Charmin soft in the non con..
  8. Absolutely. Your team is fighting for them, our's is watching yours grab them. Rebs are getting worked in every aspect.
  9. I keep telling the rebel fans that are saying that we need a smaller arena, that if you win, the fans will be there. Your team is proof of that. And btw, the lobos are looking fantastic, I don't see anyone beating them when they're playing like this.
  10. Agree, I don't like this game being here tonight. Side note, the lobos look really good. Walking all over CSU.
  11. If Gilbert doesn't get a flight, I wouldn't bet on it, lol.
  12. That was quite the come from behind win!! Diamondhead Classic.
  13. I’d bet the house it is Hall. Before the first game even, he tweeted that he really thinks he’s the best player out there. To not get any playing time can not be sitting well with him.
  14. Obviously the success of this team will depend on how well they do on the road..it will be tough to win in the pit this year, as well as Viejas, of course, USU, and really any other arena on any given night. Although at SJSU has been a fairly easy win in the past, I have no idea how well the rebs will do there, since they have only played one road game. But still, I'm glad the rebs are starting there.
  15. How are your medical, dental, law and engineering schools doing?
  16. Some bad basketball being played tonight. Defense isn't good, either they are missing Parquet more than expected, or they have checked out for the holidays. Whatever it is, they better figure it out in the second half, or this could snowball going into conference play.
  17. Rebs leaving cuts to the basket wide open.
  18. Well, at least LouRod came to play.
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