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  1. Wouldn't argue with that a bit, but since he hasn't been playing....
  2. So wait a minute.. if a defender is called for a flop, the basket is waved off, and we get ONE FT?? Did that happen or did I see that wrong? Otherwise we LOST a point on the Lobo 'flop'.
  3. I get maybe needing to get Nowell more playing time, but is a tight game in the pit really where you do that?
  4. Haha that ball was not tipped, he threw it out of bounds..
  5. Gilbert and McCabe have both shown up, and Webster is also doing well. Generally they have come out better in the second half, hopefully that happens again tonight.
  6. Dang, Joser, I wish you had shot like that when we were there. 10 minutes without scoring? I thought the rebels were the only ones that did that.
  7. You did see House in quotation marks, yeah?
  8. They ARE small. I'd love to see KK bring in some players with the size and physicality of the Aztecs. Plus KK needs to put in some serious work on rebounding. Ugh.
  9. So... I just watched USF lead Gonzaga the entire game (except 3-2) until the final 7 seconds. Where have I seen that before? But one thing I took away. USF (especially Meeks) was grabbing rebounds they shouldn't have been able to against Gonzaga's bigs, and I really want to see that type of effort from the rebs.
  10. Gotta love it, lol. However, he'll be coaching again within a couple of years, beginning at a small mid major. He'll seek anger management, say he's sorry, and someone will hire him.
  11. Sparty, you are most definitely for real. And I am now officially a fan, I'm adopting you as my second team, lol.
  12. I can't imagine what that mother is going through. She was there, security had to get her out of the stands and to the ambulance. My heart goes out to her. I hope this kid will be ok.
  13. A perfect example to contradict that statement is sitting right in your own back yard.. There's another several hundred miles north. Both of those teams raised the caliber of teams in the conferences they were/are in.
  14. I would've done that too, lol. Love that guy. Although not on the same scale, I bet he did something just a little like that for UNLV, too, since DRF picked baby Kruger within about 2 minutes, instead of Miles, who we all KNEW was a good coach.
  15. And Sparty went into Moby and WON! When was the last time they did that, they might be for real now, lol.
  16. Wow, congrats Sparty! Impressive to go in to Moby and come out with the win. Your team might be for real. Have I mentioned I wanted Tim Miles to be Vegas's coach? Only about a dozen times, lol.
  17. My hell, refs, quit making this game about you. Foul called every 5 seconds, on both teams. Let them play.
  18. Well time for LuRod’s quick 10 points by himself lol.
  19. They weren’t quick to come back out lol. Somebody needs to light these guys up. They can play better than this, they just aren’t. I don’t think it has anything to do with this being on CBS, but I don’t think it helps.
  20. Justin Webster and McCabe are the only ones making shots right now. McCabe has been playing well, I wish his last shot had gone down. Keshon needs an attitude right now, I don’t remember seeing him screw up this badly even last year. Get a sports psych in there maybe, lol. Side note, we might as well forget about Cottrell this season. Hopefully Parquet can get back next month.
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