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  1. I do hate these 11-2 runs the rebs allow every game.
  2. @SharkTanked love these, they bring back some really good memories. That rebel team is one I thought would go further in the tournament than they did, El Hud was seriously going to be another Magic Johnson before he screwed up his knee, twice. And Boyd Grant, the coach we loved to hate.
  3. The Westgate (formerly the Hilton) is a popular spot, as well. If I were going to be at the game I would definitely find you.. Have fun in Vegas!
  4. Here’s the thing. This has been happening long before covid, or it’s vaccine. Anyone remember Hank Gathers? And on a more personal connection, a few years ago my sons best friends brother, age 25, got up and walked out of the room he was in, his heart stopped, and he died. No drugs, alcohol, obesity, or any other contributing factors. It just happened. Now we all hear about these things, and throw it into a category.
  5. They are less in the corners of the lower bowl, there really isn’t a bad seat down there, even behind the baskets where rebel fans have often been seated during the tournament, which is how I first met @toonkee
  6. I like juco players, I might remember a couple that worked out pretty well.
  7. With this, I decided to renew my season tickets..see ya next fall.
  8. I guess we should all be so lucky with a quad 4 loss lol
  9. Like I said, that’s great, and I’m not saying you don’t deserve it any more than anybody else. But I just don’t get it with your loss to Weber State, it’s like that is just ignored. Good for the Aggies, though, it makes us all look better.
  10. Well, we were looking for an OC when we found him, we'll find another if he leaves. Maybe he'll last longer than 20 days, as he works his way up the chain. If he's here for a year or two, then great.
  11. I think these guys are going to have fun with all Vegas offers, lol.
  12. You've heard (or seen) me say that?
  13. This is about 20 minutes, done when he was going to Texas, I listened to it while I was busy doing something else. Great story about this kid. And btw, if you can't beat em, hire em.
  14. This was a fantastic play by Gilbert. And, seeing LJ runnin over two Dookies never gets old, lol.
  15. And yet it doesn't seem to take into consideration their margin of loss, lol. Or, their loss to Weber State.
  16. Good for USU and all, but I am not sure why they have such a high net rating?
  17. Not gonna lie, I was relieved to see the rebels hustling for loose balls again, as well as rebounds. They seemed to take a break from that in the first two games in conference, and I did not have much confidence for a win tonight, especially at the Pit. Your team will adjust, they're too good not to, and will be right up there at the end of the season. I think I'll make the road trip to the pit next year.
  18. It was. And congrats on your blowout win today.
  19. NOT. AT. ALL. The lobos are a very good team, I don't want to see you lobo fans get down on them, it's early, and I'm glad to see you doing well. I'm even more glad we won, but stop that talk, lol.
  20. Great game, Lobos.. I'm in shock, I truly did not expect a win coming into the pit with the way you've been playing.
  21. Yeah in no way is this game over.
  22. Thanks, I didn't notice the score change.
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