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  1. Congrats Dogs, your team was better. Good luck going forward.
  2. I’ve been saying this all along. With the trapping defense they have adopted, there are going to be people open from 3. At USU the Rebs even did a good job of guarding the 3 point line, but when you have Funky making heavily contested shots from almost half court, what are you going to do. Either they figured it out at halftime, or he cooled off drastically, but I don’t think he made any more. Does Fresno have any shooters like that? If not, I think we win, and cover.
  3. The broncos came out after halftime, and the lobos had to call a time out just a couple of minutes in. Leon is just reaching for something. Should they have found another pathway for the baseball team to come back in after they were honored at halftime? Probably, but come on, Leon, trash talking is part of the game. Typical of him though.
  4. I’m not sure Cottrell was ever going to be as good as we hoped. I kind of thought he was a little soft at Gorman, and the little I saw of him at W Virginia didn’t really change my mind. I think Jones might have a ton of potential down the road, but he has to see the court. Nothing soft about the way that guy plays lol. We will all be glad to see Parquet back, but I’m afraid it will take several more games, if at all this season, before he is back to where he was defensively. Healthy, we win most of those MW games we lost.
  5. Oh man now I’m gonna have to watch that movie again soon.
  6. Admin. Look who they‘ve hired. They have been in every MW game, losing by just a couple of points, with the exception of Boise late. If they get their heads right they CAN win against anybody in this conference, the question is will they. The Rebs defense is good, but it’s like you are picking your poison. I think Kruger said early on something to the effect of that they would rather give up a 3, as opposed to having too many open lanes to the basket. And that’s not a bad philosophy, until you run into the #1 3 point shooting team in the country, or even a good shooting team like Boise. And to be fair, that Funk guy came out shooting from dang near half court, how do you defend that?? They did figure it out and shut him down in the second half, but the damage was done. I get what KK is trying to do, and he’ll either figure it out and get there, or, not. This season isn’t over, unless they give up, and I don’t think this is a team that does that.,
  7. Darnell said it in response to Cooper being fired. He might have pushed him that direction from Vegas. If I can find it later I will post it.
  8. Funk won that game for you, the guy doesn't have a conscience, lol. But, you have several really good shooters, I'm jealous. As for Keyshawn Hall, this was the first game all season that he has gotten significant minutes, and first MW game minutes at all. Tbh, I think he kind of made KK look bad, as to why he hasn't gotten any time on the court, I think his offense made up for anything his defense lacks. Hopefully he is not on his way to the transfer portal at the end of the season. Not sure what was going on with Harkless, there was definitely something going on behind the scenes last night, that spilled over onto the court. Bad timing for him to have a bad game, it would have been nice to win one of these close ones.
  9. Congrats, Aggies. Good game, I do wish it had gone the other way, though.
  10. Glad to see him getting some run. He looks good.
  11. Yes, I read that too. I don't see Hoke being there much longer, tbh. Agree 100%. Why would any talented WR go to SDSU during that time. But cleaning house makes sense now that you have a new OC. And, fwiw, Donnell Pumphrey (yes, I'm well aware he is a RB) said Cooper was pretty much why he came to San Diego in the first place.
  12. We certainly dodged a bullet there, did we not? We got a serious upgrade, especially in recruiting. Bring Hunkie Cooper home and none of you will ever get any recruits again, lol.
  13. I hope Odom can hire him in some capacity. I'd love to have him back in Vegas.
  14. I’m glad you were treated so well, any time I have ever gone into the exec office I have experienced the same kindness. Several years ago I was getting new season tickets and they escorted me in while UNLV was running a closed practice in the T&M, and let me check out a few seats. The guy was so patient and kind. However, I thought every school was like that. And, I agree about Reggie Theus, I could never understand why that putz Kevin Loughery benched him with the Bulls, (who stole our light show, btw, back when the fireworks were much better). Chicago loved him, and his game.
  15. You can stop with the drama, I said ‘I don’t know, they MIGHT… ‘ which means it could go either way, and yes, they might even lose by 20.
  16. I don’t know, this team might actually play better on the road, they loved the environment at the pit and shutting the fans up. Less pressure from the fans, as well. (SJSU caught them by surprise) Of course the coach would leave. $$$
  17. Well, how good were all those coaches in their second year?
  18. I also think that was when Parquet got hurt. I think he and Gilbert played off each other really well, and I think Gilbert has been somewhat lost without him, especially on defense. But yeah, missing that last shot hurt him bigly. Agree.
  19. Not gonna lie, this game made me miss Roddy.
  20. Congrats rams. I thought the rebs had it, even with their horrible first half, but Isiah's circus shot put an end to that. Probably heard that yell all the way from Logandale, lol. (an hour away)
  21. Yeah. Jackson CAN move his feet, he was when he blocked McCabe, lol.
  22. https://www.cbssports.com/video/livestream/
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