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  1. Scapegoat, but they did him a favor. He'll be in a better situation soon.
  2. I do that all the time, lol, I've gotten so I stay away from the board during the games, as well as twitter. Kevin did a good job last night, I kept waiting for the melt down at the end, maybe they figured it out? Who knows.. Nowell looks great, he's pretty athletic, and looks like he can be really smooth later, actually. I'm also glad he's figuring it out.
  3. Good game, pack, your team also plays good defense, better than I expected. J-hawk, probably, lol.
  4. Coaches vs cancer thing, suits and sneakers.. And mostly why UNLV lost 6 out 7 while he was out. Now if we can get Lu Rod back.. Las Vegas
  5. Not an open seat at Cox, there used to be 42 fans there.. because they've been WINNING.. again, we don't need a smaller arena, we need the guys to win.
  6. Lobos, I think your school colors should be turquoise, and your teams should always wear turquoise. It screams New Mexico.
  7. Ah, that guy used to be the face and sound of college basketball. RIP Billy..
  8. We'll see. https://teamnbsmedia.com/doug-brumfield-unlv-qb-thats-about-to-be-great/ The concept of a dual-threat quarterback is no stranger to UNLV as the home of the rebels is home to one of the greatest dual-threat QB of all time. From 1981-1984, Randall Cunningham was the Rebels’ main man and he parlayed his impressive college career into three All-Pro selections and four Pro Bowls. His number is retired by the university. UNLV’s last bowl win (2000 Las Vegas Bowl) came on the shoulders, arms, and legs of Jason Thomas. Originally a USC commit, John Robinson brought him to Vegas where they achieved the greatest amount of success the Rebels have had this millennium. Now the lights shine bright and Allegiant Stadium is set to witness the next physical form of greatness. A lengthy, 6’5, left-handed duel-threat quarterback has the Mountain West on alert as Barry Odom looks to give UNLV its first winning season in about a decade. Let’s look at the talented and promising Doug Brumfield.
  9. Sleep it off, you'll feel better in the morning, lol.
  10. I have no idea why you even care? You don’t have to drop in.
  11. He’ll probably be back tonight, and help you win..
  12. Although embarrassing for Kevin, that would be a good move for him, but for UNLV, not so much if it doesn't help. The AD is already in a tough spot without having to fire Lon as well as Kevin, IF it doesn't work. If it does, then it's a great move, lol.
  13. There WAS no question that Udeze committed a flagrant.
  14. That 5 second call was actually 4 seconds, and that 'jump ball' was a mugging. Udeze was fouled, but shouldn't have slapped the guy. That was the game.
  15. And signed, sealed, and delivered..so, KK isn't going anywhere, lol.
  16. There have been 3 questionable calls at the end of regulation through the second OT that went the pack's way. Udeze was getting mugged, but dang, you don't slap the guy off.
  17. Alright, cowboys, don't be screwing this up for us, we've never been in last place in any conference we have ever been in (I don't think).. this is our chance!!
  18. Well I wasn’t even going there, I was laughing at gracious, well liked and respected, lol. No one in this conference thinks he’s gracious, they think he’s a whiner. Except some Boise fans..
  19. Ugh, that would be another disaster. NO MORE ASSISTANTS!! Eric, make the call to New York, lol.
  20. I really hope KK can learn to coach, because he's probably going to have to be here for a while. But if the time comes that we DO hire a new coach, I would love to see them hire NO ONE previously affiliated with UNLV. No former players, no coaches sons, no assistants, no coaches from small schools. No training wheels, SPEND the $$$, get an actual coach in here who knows what he's doing. They have spent the last decade trying to save a dime with their hires, starting with CDR, and they have killed the program. I can't say this enough, SPEND MONEY TO MAKE MONEY. Until then, it is what it is.
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