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  1. Unreal with these penalties. Just stop.
  2. That's pretty incredible, that UNLV is perfect in the red zone for the season.
  3. That was quite the finish, Pokes, I'm glad you were able to pull out the win. Congrats!
  4. Gotta clean up the penalties, but man are these refs calling some BS
  5. They’re a little ahead, but I don’t hate it, lol. Lets me know what’s coming.
  6. I turned it off and am listening to our guys.. https://www.espn.com/radio/play/_/s/kwwn-am
  7. Congrats, Lobos. It didn't have to be this hard, but you got the win.
  8. Geez, who's calling the Lobo plays??
  9. During the lobos' last possession, I thought 'dang, they're playing not to lose'.. I hope you can make something happen and win this game.
  10. My feeling is that if MW schools join what’s left of the Pac, WSU and OSU should get bigger shares for a certain number of years, no way into perpetuity. If those 2 join the MW, not so much, but they’re not going to tolerate Boise getting more than them. But I think it should go the other way for PAC reasons, and we need to get rid of Boise’s extra, which might be the only way to do it. Like Hair said, where else were they going to go?
  11. That must have been against Bryant? Or last year sometime, but we were usually over 20,000. Not good, but not 16,000 edit.Hahaha, 2018. Ok then. Sanchez era. and no. Over 20,000 for Bryant. Lol. and fwiw
  12. He’s been one year at every stop, except maybe 1, he was there for two years. Enjoy the show while he’s here.
  13. He has, I had felt the same way. But he’s done some good things already.
  14. Been saying this forever. You have to spend money to make money, you get what you pay for.
  15. Anybody know if any shred of this is true?
  16. In addition to whatever law enforcement can and will do, the presidents and Gloria can ban said offenders from all sporting events. Just a thought.
  17. We don't even play you this year, so I guess that means I can talk sh*t all I want, haha. But in reality, I don't even do that, lol.
  18. Fwiw. And btw, I had to go to page 3 to find this. Wth?
  19. https://unlvrebels.com/news/2023/9/19/football-national-nods-pizano-a-groza-star-of-the-week-de-jesus-on-hornung-honor-roll.aspx And the FG he missed was because of a bobbled snap, which then hit the upright.
  20. Oh please, the Aztec fans don’t even know what abuse is, lol. Ask a Rebel, we’ll educate you. PS, any trash talk the Aztec fans DO get now is well deserved, with all the superiority trash talk they all did when they thought they were on their way out of the MW. Just sayin. Love ya. pps. You could very well beat Boise.
  21. Boise’s heads are going to explode if they see that lol.
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