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  1. Well, finally, a leak of what was found at Mar-A-Lago! https://dashmacintyre.medium.com/someone-in-the-fbi-leaked-what-was-found-at-mar-a-lago-cf0b3dd4dd12 An unprecedented government leak revealed some of the things found at Mar-a-Lago during the FBI’s search and seizure of evidence relating to the investigation into Trump’s mishandling of classified documents: Senator Lindsey Graham tied up and locked inside a dog kennel in the basement Thousands of McDonalds receipts going back to the 1970s A big box labeled “Blackmail on Kevin McCarthy” An “Enemies List” which contained hundreds of people’s names, media organizations, entire countries, and inanimate objects such as windmills and “the water pressure” Sean Hannity asleep in Trump’s bed wearing Trump’s clothes for some reason A term paper he wrote in high school about how genius Hitler’s propaganda strategy was to just tell nonstop lies about everyone and everything, and then refer to all the fact-checkers as “fake news” and “enemies of the people” A copy of “The American Government For Dummies” that looked like it was never opened or read from with a post-it note on the cover that said “From Obama” Papers with Sharpie marker outlines of people’s hands Trump apparently drew to compare to the outline of his own hand he traced multiple times including a few that showed him clearly extending the length of his fingers A letter from his first wife Ivana admitting she cheated on him, and Ivanka is not really his daughter (which somewhat lessens the creepiness of his public sexual attraction to her) A lot of printed posters of Hitler rallies from the 1930s with Trump’s head photoshopped over Hitler’s head, gifted to him from Roger Stone Six wigs A framed portrait of himself with Vladimir Putin signed by Putin with a note saying “Biggest hands of any president I’ve ever shaken!” Boxes full of Adderall pills Copies of nondisclosure agreements with dozens of women describing payments to porn stars for sex, and settlement payments to Trump Organization staffers and contractors for sexual harassment A folder of photos of young women Matt Gaetz sent him labeled “Barely Legal” A presidential pardon he secretly filled out and signed for himself in an unopened letter he mailed to himself on January 19th, 2021 Pictures of Trump teabagging Ted Cruz and Ted giving a thumbs-up gesture A draft of a memo to the Trump Organization promoting his son Eric as the company’s Chief Financial Officer so that he can blame all the financial, tax, and bank fraud on Eric A vase of Roy Cohn’s ashes An emergency bottle of ketchup Don Jr.’s 7th grade yearbook with several girls’ pictures circled that Trump wrote “invite to your birthday party” next to An elaborately sketched out plan to fake his death and move to Moscow
  2. Loved the Motown era. The Temptations are one of my favs.. Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Ohio Players, Four Tops.. Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick
  3. If when she loses, she will become more powerful than ever before. We do now know that, regardless of politics, this woman will defend the constitution.
  4. They still do flood irrigation in the little valley that I live in in southern Nevada. I have some really good memories of when my dad would irrigate, and it really does bring the temp down at night, with quiet water moving to cool things down. He always brought some down to the house to water the trees, roses, pomegranates, etc. I do miss it, we played in that water constantly, lol. Stayed there during Thanksgiving week once, the weather was perfect.
  5. Ok if this is true, this guy needs to be tried for treason.. https://www.newsweek.com/exclusive-trump-raid-documents-could-reveal-intel-sources-us-payroll-1733230 In pursuing the unprecedented search of Donald Trump's residence on Monday, the FBI was seeking to retrieve Top Secret and "compartmented" documents dealing with intelligence "sources and methods," two federal government sources tell Newsweek—documents with the potential to reveal U.S. intelligence sources, including human sources on the American government payroll.
  6. Javin White just got hurt in the Chicago game, I hope he'll be ok, and will get to play again this year.
  7. Headed to Canada soon. (And obviously there's no interest in rebel basketball.. )
  8. Some of those parents made death threats, so yes, they needed to be monitored. This isn't that difficult.
  9. Haha, look at the guy in the pink shirt laughing at her, lol.
  10. Confidential information was the lowest of the 3 levels that were found.
  11. Yeah, he doesn't just get to wave a magic wand and say it's declassified. Especially not 2 years after he is no longer prez, lol. I think you're giving the Saudis too much credit here.. And this is why it is no accident that the documents got transported to Florida. It couldn't possibly happen that way.
  12. Did we know the post season NIT will be in Vegas this next year? If I'd heard it, I'd forgotten about it. Nice!
  13. For sure. Add in $2 billion for Jared’s ‘expertise’, in which he knew nothing about, and there you go. Apparently Tiger turned down $700-$800 million to play in it. Good for him.
  14. Location, capabilities, etc., that he could sell or trade for later, maybe?
  15. Yesterday I saw that he posted the codes on truth social.. 5. 10. 25. 50 80. Then below that put dollar signs in front of them and asked for donations.. always the grifter.
  16. After they got the $2billion, right? I can just hear that conversation.. "I want my money". "Nah.. you're going down, so we're keeping it" (as they phone in a tip to crime stoppers)
  17. Keyshawn says he's the best player here.. Almost sounded like he expects to start. He may not be happy this year.
  18. Nah, I think they are knee deep in it. $2 billion might cover that? or not
  19. The maga faithful have it narrowed down to two. Because they're smart like that.
  20. Nah, she doesn't want to live under the golf course.
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