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  1. Definitely the worst seeds in the tournament, lol. But, we're a long way away from that at this point..
  2. Yes, thank you, it WAS when they eliminated the 3 benches at the top. Those seats were close together, and when they put the chairs in it reduced the capacity by about 1000. I wasn't sure if it was the ADA, but I do think they had to reduce it again somewhat when they put those wheelchair sections in like 104, etc.
  3. At one point. I'm pretty sure the T&M held 19,500, give or take. They had to reduce some seating for ADA, I think. But those games with BYU and the Lobos were fun, always a lot of people there, I miss it. 100% agree. I have no motivation to drive in to town to watch Life Pacific. Ok, this is fool's gold right now, lol. Again, we're back to the crappy schedule, we haven't played any tough teams, we have no idea where we're actually at right now, and probably won't until NYE. It is nice to see Andy Katz mention UNLV again, though.
  4. So like the Zags did, and now their fans can't get a ticket. And we're back to the convention center days. I think I'll disagree with that one, lol.
  5. It's pathetic, and screams cheap. Once I asked the lady why (I already knew it was the bean counters, lol), and she said covid changed things, lol. I guess just for this year, and just for basketball, not football, lol. And we need better food in there.
  6. I wouldn't argue with that, at all. Update it, but don't tear it down for a smaller arena. Just get the coach that will win and get the fans back and you can afford the remodel. (And no, I'm not calling for KK to be fired, lol) Oh, and get the dang fountain drinks back. Bottled diet pepsi?? NO WAY!! I gotta tell Harper.
  7. Even in the first couple of years of the Dave Rice era, we were averaging 15-16,000, were we not? And it was fun in there. I'd rather start winning again to the point it brings fans back (and it will bring fans back). And what would do with the T&M? And NFR? I went to a lot of games in both, sometimes right down on Gucci Row, lol, the convention center was certainly fun, and at the time we thought it was big. But once the T&M was built, it was insanity. That place was wild in those first 10 years, with 20,000 fans packed in. Yes, I know, we are never expected to get those fans back, cause pro sports, but before we tear down the T&M for a 8000 seat arena, I'd like to see what happens if and when we start winning again. The fans didn't go away because of pro sports, they left because the basketball was pathetic.
  8. If I were going to be in town, I would probably do that, I do like those double headers..and this is at the MGM, right? IIRC they're all good seats in there?
  9. Somewhere along the way I read or heard that KK said he would focus on the trap, and does not want opposing players driving in to the basket. He said he knows that they will sometimes allow a 3 because of this. They looked pretty sloppy in the second half, though.
  10. Ha, the comments on the side of this broadcast are hilarious, I love Hawaii fans.
  11. Ignorant and judgy for thinking they should investigate? Fine.
  12. You missed the entire point. I was pissed initially that there had been very little done on the investigation, and that SDSU just sat back and continued their season. Seemed like they only reacted when they were forced by the outcry. If an investigation has now been completed, so be it. THAT's how it's supposed to work.
  13. Do you think UNLV could get more 'cratered' than it's already been? The guy had 7 wins in 3 years. If Odom got UNLV 25 wins in 3 years, we'd celebrate. He can't be any worse than what we've had.
  14. They cannot bring charges unless they are certain they can get a conviction. Big difference.
  15. I'd have to go back in this thread, but pretty sure I said they should absolutely be investigated, and that the university had an obligation to their students to do so. And btw, just because they decided not to prosecute doesn't mean they didn't do it, just no way to prove it.
  16. Somebody call Lincoln Riley and offer him a tour..
  17. Exactly. Try something new, at least Harper has gone a different route this time than UNLV has done in the last 20 years. As you mentioned, Rolo might have done really well here, but here we are.
  18. I like how you slipped Polian in there and thought we wouldn't notice, lol.
  19. The court looked like that when I went to the final 4 in Phoenix about 5 years ago, we were on the corner, my boss paid over $2500 for two tickets there, back then. I'm sure we'll see that in a few years at Allegient. And the thing is, we didn't care, we were just so happy to be there, for the experience, lol. And btw, the zag fans definitely liked to party.
  20. This is not how you MWC board..
  21. So far Brumfeld and Darious Johnson are on board.
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