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  1. Hope not. I think it’s time they let the unvaxxed play their odds. But if we have to wear masks in order to go, I’m fine with that. Just mask up and carry on.
  2. For a sec I thought it WAS him, going back a few years..
  3. There are a couple of tickets available for $350 each, which is a deal. Allegiant is sold out.
  4. Although this may be true, it isn't what Sandoval said when it passed. He said that it would hurt UNR's extension programs because they would only have 1/3 of the funds they are used to. But now maybe they can give up the co op extension office in Logandale, and let UNLV handle that one. Also the radiation comp program (that is apparently going to end next year anyway). They can make it work if they want to, but UNR is not happy about it for a reason. And no, no one is impressed by land grant status.. but there was discussion on here somewhere that the Pac 12 would want it for expansion t
  5. Because we in Logandale, Overton, Mesquite, Bunkerville, and Pahrump are close enough to commute in, (60-80 miles away) do we not count as rural communities? (All started because of farming/agriculture.) Or is it that we don't have local campuses, that we are not being served? Now with this LG maybe UNLV WILL be able to serve us, and we won't have to commute in to Vegas to attend UNLV, it will be accessible in our local communities, which would be fantastic. UNR has served rural communities BECAUSE of that land grant status and subsequent funding. No? But I could be wrong.
  6. Hopefully no one was hurt. BUT... Seeing the headline of that article made me think of when one kid acts up and the other one gets slapped for it. Just sayin.
  7. After I watched this about 6 times I watched the ladies down in front. Especially the one on the right lol.
  8. 4UNLV


    They get to stay alive? And tv markets. But if I had to bet on it, I'd bet the Texas direction. This is true. My son and I went to a basketball game there the year before Bobby Hurley was hired. There were about 14 regular people in the stands, but the student section was packed, and LOUD. That was the first game in which they introduced the curtain of distraction.
  9. He doesn't need anybody else at this point, he's had more press (both positive and negative) than probably any other college kid in the country. As he said in the article, Arigo is the ONLY one he will talk to. Hopefully he just buckle down and works.
  10. I'm kinda thinking the same thing, if that article is correct, he's a different kid than he was coming out of high school. We'll see what happens.
  11. Maybe one day she will totally bamboozle the prez of one of these schools, like she did Jessup. That’s how it will happen. Not because of her resume.
  12. Sounds like a different kid. I like that he’s not looking for over the top attention, and just wants to go to work. In Vegas. We’ll see what happens, but it sounds like he’s got good people around him. Good luck to him, and to the rebels.
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