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  1. Hate this, but can't argue with it at this point.. Agree. It's just getting old.
  2. We realized how important Mitrou Long was when he came back after being hurt last year, and then missed the game against Boise in the MW tournament. Last year after the first few games, I was ready to bag going to any more games because I couldn't stand watching the lack of effort. I don't mind a loss when the winner is a better team, but I cannot tolerate when they don't bother to show up. I decided to go to one more game (I was taking my 2 year old granddaughter to the teddy bear toss game right before Christmas), and TJ had let some of the players sit, for various reasons (discipline,
  3. This sums it up. Didn't even bother to show up.
  4. We need to get this guy out of here. 25th, please.
  5. And a good way to see who's playing, lol.
  6. On Sunday, Sisolak said as part of the new restrictions, "there will be a pause on adult and youth sports tournaments during this period."
  7. But was he talking about UNLV/ UNR? I took it to mean Parks and Rec, or AAU type stuff. He needs to clarify what he's talking about, the rebs have a basketball game here on Wednesday.
  8. This is where I put my top 5.. USU is going to struggle without Merrill and Porter, and as much as I like CSU's back court, I think they will need to find a replacement for Carvacho. Boise has talent coming in, we'll see if Rice can do something with it. UNLV finished 2nd last year, and brings in a ton of talent, maybe they can get it done this year.
  9. Yes, we would rather have our patients using that cocktail (it seems to work better with both of those meds rather than either by itself) than Rx-ing some of the others when we can, which is most of the time. I know Naproxen works well for a lot of people, it just doesn't do much for me, I wish it did. And apparently my daughter. She's had a couple of knee surgeries, had a couple of teeth knocked around while playing basketball (but non-contact sport, right? I had to move her teeth back into position before getting her to ortho) and a couple of other surgeries, and after the first day ask
  10. Lawlor...what the heck is this? If you're going to try to talk sh*t, at least have the guts to tag me properly. cause now..
  11. Speaking of cowboys.. you are now American horse pirates.
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