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  1. Good thing I was smart enough to not take that bet.
  2. That slot machine is so Vegas, lol.
  3. I told my son when usu missed that field goal with 4:58 left that UNLV would play not to lose instead of playing to win, and that USU would score to win the game. Didn’t even need a magic 8 ball to see that coming. Congrats to the Aggies for the win, your team knew how to finish it off.
  4. Maybe somebody can help me out here, did Friel get hurt? I didn’t see it in the stadium if he did. Why was Justin Rogers in at the end?
  5. Aggies, you’re supposed to go the other way. With that said, I see your TD coming up on the next play.
  6. Somebody should tell these guys they can actually step in front and intercept instead f waiting to tackle AFTER the Aggies catch it.
  7. But they will. They will make adjustments, rebs won’t.
  8. All the Aggies have to do is throw the ball, rebs can’t stop it
  9. This kid has done this 7 times?? UNLV hasn’t run a kickoff back for a TD in 20 years lol.
  10. Don’t tell me what to do! NM.
  11. Brumfield can relate. He's started two first halves, out in the second half both times. Would have made the difference in a couple of games.
  12. ok, I didn't see those games, except the OT against Utah. I'll trust you.
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