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  1. Sounds like a third grader wrote that piece. But at least the big 12 makes more sense to leave for than the AAC. THAT was ridiculous.
  2. They are not helping us tonight. They could at least play spoiler for 1 game. But I blame the loss on Monday on the admin. What stupidity that was.
  3. Haha, I'm not even a mod, I asked @mugtang to fix something for me when I was running the red pick 10 team last year, and he told me to do it myself, lol.
  4. I'm so sorry to hear this, condolences to his family, friends, and fans. But I can't believe he was already 37 years old, it seems like yesterday.. Way too young.
  5. Congrats to @Jeffkills! You've got some big shoes to fill, but I'm sure you'll do a great job! Thanks, @mugtang for all you've done, this is a second home to us, and you made it that. Good luck going forward!
  6. I TOLD you they wanted the raiders to bring them with them, lol. Let the whining begin in Oakland.. again.
  7. UNLV was smart enough to get other people to pay for it. Y'all would do it if you could, lol.
  8. A few years ago at the MW tournament I sat next to a kid who had graduated from UNM.. he didn't have to pay a dime for his education, because he graduated from high school there.
  9. They went independent because Utah left them behind in the MW. That was not acceptable, if Utah didn't leave, BYU would still be here as well.
  10. God help you guys if/when UNLV turns it all around. Our fans will make Boise fans look like amateurs.
  11. When the Raiders announced they were coming to Vegas, the A's said 'You're bringing us with you, right??'
  12. So just do work 24/7? Nobody would do that. I can look past last season, with a brand new first time coach, no spring practice to see what he's got, no summer workouts, no fall camp,, no non con games, all this after following a high school coach.. Seriously, what did anyone expect? And I wasn't even a fan of the hire in the first place, but even I can see that all of that might be a problem. I think we get our first look this fall, and I do like some of the transfers he has brought in for next year. We'll see what's up in a year or two..
  13. But how do you know they aren’t also putting in the work? Everybody said no one would show up at Knights games after a year or 2, and 4 years later here we are. I’m sure interest might wane somewhere down the line, but the point was that Vegas will support a good team. There just hasn’t been much on the UNLV front for people to get excited about.
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