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  1. What popped out on that list to me is Justin Fuente at #6 from Virginia Tech..If he gets fired I would bet DRF is after him in a heartbeat, seeing as how she came from Virginia Tech.
  2. I heard that as well. Also that the Green Valley deal (aka Hank Greenspun) was shady as hell, kind of around the same time.
  3. funny, I just came across this a couple of hours ago, posted by Stoudamire (not even a rebel fan, lol)..
  4. It's absolutely not healthy! Keep that ^ ^ ^ perspective, otherwise you end up like us.
  5. yep. right down to the parking, but they might have a slightly bigger area for tailgating, lol. I'm guessing there's more parking somewhere else? or they'll be bussing to the stadium like we will be. anyway, looks like a nice stadium.
  6. Of course the rebs are nowhere near where they used to be, but at least we can say we've been there. I've had a ton of respect for how Boise has built their program, especially with that Fiesta Bowl, easily my favorite college bowl game. I just happen to now think you deserve a better coach. But maybe he'll surprise me. (and probably not the time, lol).
  7. all of us watching Fresno and Boise go at it..
  8. That's how we used to be in basketball, maybe still are, to a certain extent. So we totally get it.
  9. And CSU isn't really a Big 12 team either, no matter how much more superior their lifestyle is..