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  1. I absolutely believe this is what happened. I read somewhere that Crozier tried 5 different times to get help for his crew and was blown off.
  2. what a lying POS he is..and did you see the comments below the sound bar?
  3. from the cyclone fanatic..they want TJ Today at 6:03 AM Frak said: ↑ Chances are he will transfer there only to see TJ leave after a year. When tj becomes isu head coach? Just kidding. That would be funny though. jmb said: ↑ That was my thought when I saw this. Why would he transfer out there when he can just wait until next year and have him as coach here.
  4. 4UNLV

    Base Game

    you lie, I'll swear to it. In.
  5. hmmm..good job, vegas. some of you, though, not so much, lol. (and yeah, apparently they snooped.) the bible belt is still going strong.
  6. Does Idaho even have 60,000 people in the state?
  7. I read somewhere that he had asked 5 times for help and had been ignored. Apparently following the chain of command doesn't always get what you need. Good for him for doing the right thing, even though he knew what would happen. Sec/Navy for the next admin seems right.
  8. yeah, I was looking at the percentage of daily increase, you guys are still having some fun.. and big surprise, people partied at Mardi Gras, and now they're sick..
  9. Idaho, you guys still partying, huh? Louisiana, as well..
  10. I just read this entire thread. And @#1Stunner, this is a work of art. I say we give him the trophy to the troll derby right now.