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  1. The game in Fresno was by far the worst game I have seen them play this year, and maybe even last. I'd be surprised if they had another that was that bad, but McCabe definitely seems to keep them settled down.
  2. Not related to this thread, but this came across my timeline. Oh Jarvis, lol, I remember this. And gotta love Chick Hearn.
  3. Well, UNLV did win at the Pit.. just sayin. The common denominator in all of UNLV's losses is that Elijah Parquet was out. What a difference in the rest of team's defense when he is back, he makes all of them better. I'm sure Parquet will be on Stevens tomorrow night. I hope LuRod is back, and healthy, as well.
  4. Yeah but they don’t smile till that game is over lol. the struggles Kevin had this year have to be hard on them..
  5. Thanks, that’s actually what I meant.
  6. Scapegoat, but they did him a favor. He'll be in a better situation soon.
  7. I do that all the time, lol, I've gotten so I stay away from the board during the games, as well as twitter. Kevin did a good job last night, I kept waiting for the melt down at the end, maybe they figured it out? Who knows.. Nowell looks great, he's pretty athletic, and looks like he can be really smooth later, actually. I'm also glad he's figuring it out.
  8. Good game, pack, your team also plays good defense, better than I expected. J-hawk, probably, lol.
  9. Coaches vs cancer thing, suits and sneakers.. And mostly why UNLV lost 6 out 7 while he was out. Now if we can get Lu Rod back.. Las Vegas
  10. Not an open seat at Cox, there used to be 42 fans there.. because they've been WINNING.. again, we don't need a smaller arena, we need the guys to win.
  11. Lobos, I think your school colors should be turquoise, and your teams should always wear turquoise. It screams New Mexico.
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