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  1. congrats to the pack. Your backcourt is exactly what I thought they were.
  2. With saying they want more than the $1.8 mill, it sounds to me like they're using a tactic similar to what Gonzaga did. "Give me what I want or I'm going somewhere else." That, along with the fact that they want a jury trial. I have only read halfway through this thread so far, so I could totally have missed something countering this..
  3. It will be like no other, lol.. They said there is some kind of deflector or something in the black mirrors. But who knows.
  4. Chump change, lol. Yeah, that contract works both ways..
  5. He is a good coach, I don’t believe anybody has argued that. We’re just glad he’s in Reno, lol. I can’t wait till he starts whining ‘it’s just not fair’.
  6. If you really want to get them going say something about Alford.
  7. Yep, they don’t have to fight the ncaa.. ”the ncaa was so mad at Kentucky they gave Cleveland St 3 years probation.”
  8. I saw an interview with him yesterday, and he said that UNLV fans don't like him because his team knocked the rebs out of the final four. But he was wrong, that isn't why..we don't like him because he was an even bigger d-bag then than he is now. I don't even remember who else was on the team, lol.
  9. Lol the only 'booster' that didn't love tark was that scumbag Steve Wynn, who also hated the fact that Tark was the most popular guy in town, and not him.. Tark actually resigned when there was an extra practice filmed, he was just so dang tired of the fight. He almost immediately tried to rescind his resignation but Maxson was so jealous of him he wouldn't have it. An extra practice. That's the best they could come up with. And btw, Maxson's plan was to make UNLV the 'Harvard of the west'.. When you look at what Coach K has done, along with Sean Miller, Roy Williams, and especially the great John Wooden, anything Tark did pales in comparison. He just had the guts to write a letter to the Long Beach newspaper and take on the NCAA. Every fan of every 'little guy' school should be thanking him.
  10. whoever that jayhawk player was that was stomping on someone over to the right might be in bigger trouble than the others. that was ugly.
  11. OMG, you're quoting Tark's great sense of humor?? and using that as a legit quote? and Maxson ran him out because he couldn't stand Jerry being the most popular guy in town. True story.