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  1. I hope so, as well. I hope it's like this:
  2. Just want to put this out there, if any of your girlfriends, wives, family members need to visit Las Vegas for medical care any time in the near future, let me know, I’ll hook you up with a place to stay..I think there will be a lot of people volunteering to put someone up for a night or two..
  3. Yeah apparently they are more restrictive than SOME of our states.,
  4. Speaking of, France denounced this ruling today.
  5. They were even pissed at him before this.. I think he’ll be gone..
  6. Not arguing, in fact I just saw a post from a young one whining that Roe was in place while the old people needed it, and now that we don’t need it we just threw it away. She’s taking some flak for that, since the old people are the ones that made it happen in the first place. Asking her what she’s done to preserve it, I don’t think she has even voted. Maybe now, she will.
  7. Since this will affect young people most of all, I think we see a different scenario now..
  8. Fwiw, in international law, forced pregnancy is a crime against humanity, and can be considered a war crime.
  9. An individual woman's right was just taken away, in many states. Today they have less rights than they did yesterday. Period.
  10. This is exactly how I feel, my beliefs are mine alone, and I have NEVER felt that they should be pushed onto anyone else. This is why I have been pro choice. I might not personally like abortion, but I will defend any woman's right to decide for herself as to whether it is right for her. I am not gay, but I will defend anyone who is, and their right to pursue happiness. That these issues are coming under attack, largely because of a white christian nationalism push from the minority to push their beliefs onto everyone else, is so damn offensive to me. Today's decision is not the end of it, other issues are coming under fire, and separation of church and state was hugely impacted this week. But in the end, this is a power grab, and our constitution is at serious risk.
  11. Personally, I couldn't care less if Gonzaga joins the MW. If they do, fine, but no special deals to get them here. With that said, I don't think they'd consider it with Hair still here.
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