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  1. 4UNLV

    Congrats To AFA...

    Congrats, Falcons! Good road win!
  2. 4UNLV

    Does Marvin Menzies Have What it Takes?

    Simple solution...just don't click on UNLV threads. I don't click on Fresno's, unless they're playing UNLV. And fwiw, I don't care how many threads Fresno has.
  3. Also... Steve Wynn was the ultimate megalomaniac, as was Maxson. Neither of them could stand to see Tarkanian getting the love and attention that he got. The jealousy was ridiculous. I'm not sure Elaine writes the check for Thad Motta.. I've always heard that Pitino is/was their guy, or no one, and her hesitation might be that she's waiting to see if DRF pulls the trigger and hires Pitino. With that said, maybe other boosters would pony up for Motta. But I'm not sure that I'd be totally thrilled for him to be at UNLV, maybe some of the boosters feel that way as well.
  4. Thanks, I did read that too fast.
  5. Jay wright is not coming here. Just sayin.
  6. I can't remember, but I do know somebody said it. the gauchos had the rebs number, no doubt. drove us all crazy, lol. But I always liked Jerry Pimm, he beat the rebs, but he wasn't annoying about it. Plus he lived on his houseboat after he got divorced, so he got points for that. Ernie for the kill, lol.
  7. 4UNLV

    UNLV at Wyoming

    Good movement there
  8. the WAC could have had a national championship, but y'all were too 'good' to take UNLV. or too afraid, lol. We'd have gotten there in the WAC, too.
  9. 4UNLV

    UNLV at Wyoming

    at least we won't have to wait for OT, lol.
  10. 4UNLV

    UNLV at Wyoming

    well, according to certain people, no one is going to be there soon. I'll have the beach to myself.
  11. I think he's getting a vacation..
  12. Doesn't matter. at least we've been there, and there are several rebel fans here who remember it. It's why we're so 'delusional'..we know how and what can happen. Hopefully you'll get to experience some of the things we have, But in the end, he still had to win in the tournament. and he always played a tough OOC . But UNLV raised the Big west, there were some tough teams in there, including NMSU and Fresno. Even the mighty Santa Barbara beat him, more than once, lol. The big west back then would roll over what the MW is now. Travel was definitely easier though.
  13. 4UNLV

    UNLV at Wyoming

    Mexico it is, lol.