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  1. I’m not a bronco but apparently at one point boise was a junior college with a truck driving school. And then there’s USU’s choo choo.
  2. I think more ironic that he died after the very last pac 12 season.. but I think this fits him https://x.com/notthefakeSVP/status/1795144934271369305 Scott Van Pelt @notthefakeSVP The man took a joyride through the cosmos. Thank you for your life.
  3. I feel such loss from this. I would tune in to games that I actually had little interest in, just because I wanted to listen to him. RIP Bill.
  4. Fwiw. We win the offseason! https://x.com/BleedRebelRed/status/1794335582367502469/photo/1 Ok, what’s up with not embedding?
  5. Here are the new guys. https://x.com/TheRunninRebels/status/1793341261208080840
  6. I’ll give you one. Herbie Blitzstein was Spilotros right hand man back in the day. So in the mid 90s Herbie was a patient, came in every 3-4 months, with his bodyguard, Joe. Herbie was diabetic, and was worried about losing his feet, always very nice to me. So one day we come in, and Herbie had been executed in his kitchen, by… his bodyguard, Joe (also a patient). Herbie was a loose end.
  7. Weird, because whenever he came into the office, (Jewish dentist) he was very nice and down to earth. At that time I thought he WAS Jewish.. Didn’t even know how rich he was at first. His daughter was pretty entitled, though, we hated when we saw her on the schedule.. She had gotten pretty sick, though, which may account for some of their donations. (And I could actually write a book about the people in and out of that office, lol. The stories I could tell, but I don’t have a death wish. )
  8. Good field, they do like us there. Every 5 years, which is as often as we can be invited.. I think this might need its own thread.
  9. I did mention this a few weeks ago.. I’m sorry. But I also heard Dent was entering, but it looks like he’s staying? That would be good.
  10. Personally I think it looks like mid MW. But, maybe KK can make sure they all play hard from the get go, and not shoot themselves in the foot the first game of the season, or mid season against a bad AFA team. So far, I just don’t see him even replacing what we’re losing. But that’s just me.
  11. Yep, but is @Swoll Cracker the only one that gets what I’m saying? And yeah, not a fan of Leon, but it was a joke, lol. Kind of. The guy really hasn’t accomplished a ton for having been there for 15 years.
  12. Nah, they came from UCLA with cars, lol.
  13. It’s possible these two will be much better on different teams, the kid was coached by one of the worst coaches in college basketball. Then you have the kid from DePaul, who was ON one of the worst teams in college basketball.
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