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  1. Hey!! No doxxing allowed on this forum!!
  2. A little exaggeration there, Mark.. Kevin said he understood SDSU's point of view. The Rebels seem to understand. “As far as make-up games,” UNLV assistant coach Kevin Kruger told ESPN Las Vegas radio last week, “if I’m a team comfortably in the tournament, I wouldn’t be over the moon about playing an extra game the week before the conference tournament. Your biggest concern is obviously staying healthy. You’d just hate to have an instance where in a make-up game … (you) lose a guy. “We’re kind of on the other side of that coin, where we have the confidence that when we put it t
  3. or, as seen on social media,
  4. UNLV missed a LOT of shots, got a lot of offensive rebounds because they couldn't find the basket.
  5. Been watching the last 1 1/2 periods, well, at least I have it on, mostly for the scenery, lol. Yesterday when the knights played at noon, the lake was gorgeous. I was last up there a couple of years ago, took the gondola to the top of Heavenly, then on up the lift, and took the zip line down. Had dinner with @mugtang the night before. Fun trip, might take my family up there this summer, when it warms up. I'll watch the snow and ice on tv. Oh yeah, there's a hockey game on, looks like the Bruins are going to squeak this one out.
  6. I'd have sworn we had a separateTed Cruz thread, but this was probably it..Anyway
  7. Sparty, the rebs lucked out, you would have earned the win had you gotten it.
  8. I take this back. You should not make up games with us, it will not help you.
  9. And yet, they're only down by 6..They're hanging in there
  10. Haha, I glanced at that San Jose player, and at first I thought it was Chris Wood, lol.
  11. I don't think I like watching this team.
  12. Fwiw, UNLV has been right there in almost every game against those in the top of the conference except the first game in Reno. And nobody was beating Reno that day, lol. A couple of wins in Fort Collins might have made a big difference in the confidence of the rebs, and obviously a difference in the standing. Just sayin. UNLV can, and has, competed with everybody in here. With that said, they suck.
  13. There is no way we get 4 teams in, we'll be lucky to get 3. I'd love to be wrong, but...
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