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  1. yep. that zag fan is going to bring down the broncos with that arrogance. Jobu isn't pleased.
  2. Hoping you do that again on Friday, lol.
  3. ok now I can votr. Fresno is SUPPOSED to be good, UNM is not.
  4. congrats, boise. this one was never in doubt. I thought maybe the bows would make it more interesting, but they didn't do much better against you than the rebs did.
  5. ok, now i'd like to see Hawaii score so that this game breaks 100, lol.
  6. good game, congrats to the aztecs..
  7. that was a fantastic catch and stretch for the TD.. edit- and 2 point conversion
  8. maybe win more than 2 or 3 games?
  9. Must be because Tedford has been winning the last couple of years with DeRuyter's players. JK, Fresno, I'm as surprised as you are. See you next week, we'll make you feel good about yourselves again.
  10. since sanchez supposedly has to make a bowl game to save his job..