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  1. I watched Fresno's game against Winthrop and was surprised that their defense was a little apathetic. I didn't see this game tonight, maybe it was an aberration.
  2. now how would you know that?
  3. Yep. Cal had momentum with a 15-2 run. Not going to win games like that.
  4. TJ... ya gotta learn to draw up a good play at the end of the game. Pronto. Our guards can’t drive into the middle with nowhere to go, and expect to get a call. Ok thanks.
  5. You’ve got to be kidding me.
  6. Oh in no way was that an offensive foul!!
  7. 65-62 3;30 rebel ball
  8. My stream might be as well, lol. It’s 65-56 5 left
  9. He looks fantastic, I wish he wasn’t at cal lol
  10. Tied at 52. 11 min left
  11. new coach. new year.