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  1. 4UNLV

    OT: Golden Knights vs Capitals

    obviously it wasn't this game,(didn't want to start another thread) but this guy...
  2. 4UNLV

    Ed Oliver Meltdown

    why'd he tell him to take his jacket off? in the middle of the game?? dick move by the coach, if he was still officially on the team he had every right to wear it.
  3. 4UNLV

    Oakland at UNLV

    My son and I will be there. I can only hope there is room in the student section
  4. 4UNLV

    Rick Pitino to visit UNLV

    probably cause he's interviewed here twice, the most recent when Rice was fired. and we like to dream.
  5. 4UNLV

    Rick Pitino to visit UNLV

    Another bonus if we hired him... if he lost he wouldn't even TRY to get on the bus.
  6. 4UNLV

    Loyola Marymount at UNLV

    well you have good seats why wouldn't you, lol. my son is a student now, so that's where I sit.
  7. 4UNLV

    Dirtiest basketball play ever

    the thing is, this kid looked back to see if the ref next to him was looking, then clocked the kid. I'm glad he got kicked out, there's no place for this.
  8. 4UNLV

    Texas Southern @ SDSU Tonight

    yeah I saw that this game wasn't listed, I was hoping it was somewhere. next time, I guess.
  9. 4UNLV

    Texas Southern @ SDSU Tonight

    Is this televised or streamed anywhere? I haven't had a chance to watch the Aztecs this year, I'd like to watch this.
  10. 4UNLV

    UNLV at Hawaii

    Rogers was taking 1st team snaps today..
  11. 4UNLV

    UC Riverside at UNLV

    and that's on Marv for focusing on bringing in a gazillion project bigs, lol.
  12. 4UNLV

    UC Riverside at UNLV

    Every time hardy has the ball I almost cringe, cause he’s not going to give it up.
  13. 4UNLV

    UC Riverside at UNLV

    Freshmen are going to save this team.
  14. 4UNLV

    UC Riverside at UNLV

    Hamilton waking up. Good to see.