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  1. OT Bill Walton

    yeah he might go off on some ramble, then suddenly zero in and make an astute statement about something going on out on the court. at first i was just laughing about the birds' inherent instincts to fly south, then when he added the FTs in that noise I understood his reference to an inherent ability to make FTs. I will confess, I still haven't figured out why he was asking how the sea turtles know when to sleep during the rebs maui tournament..always entertaining, i will sometimes turn on a pac 12 game just to listen to him. but i was only half listening when i heard him say that about the rambis/ mchale foul..i started out with a low chuckle, then as i absorbed it, i was full on laughing out loud. she is certainly locked in, lol.
  2. New Mexico at UNLV

    i definitely know why we are getting it, and it's well deserved. and yes, a win over unlv is still a good win, but some of the other fans on here (mostly from our puppy brothers up north) will never admit that, since they're on top at the moment. might not be a bad thing if you guys would take them down a notch this weekend, ok?
  3. OT Bill Walton

    "How do birds know when to fly south? How do they know where to go? How do you make a free throw in all that noise?" it actually made sense when he got to that last line. and i laughed out loud earlier: something, something, "it's like when Kurt Rambis fouled Kevin McHale with his throat."
  4. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    i knew somebody would come up with that putz, lol.
  5. New Mexico at UNLV

    now Lori better go have a chitchat with the bonanza coach. don't be messing with our recruits! we need this kid next year, he'll be an immediate improvement at his position. Lori C‏ @UNLVgirl 29m29 minutes ago Trey Woodbury goes up for a killer slam and is fouled and comes down Hard! He’s still down. Bonanza coach talking shit to Clark asst coach and they have to be separated. Smh game just started but it’s 14-2 Clark.
  6. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    that is exactly what i want, the players should not be getting away with what they do. no more mr nice guy.
  7. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    i think we have been going about getting basketball coaches the wrong way.. our fans have, for some reason, wanted former rebel players. it has just occurred to me with this post, that maybe we should look for a coach in the former players that beat us in one of the final fours. problem is, i just can't stand any of them, i.e., Alford, Hurley, etc..
  8. Sorry Wyoming Fans

    Fake SportsCenter‏ @FakeSportsCentr 4h4 hours ago Mel Kiper Jr's first mock draft has Wyoming QB Josh Allen going #1 overall to the Browns. Allen responded to the news by retiring from football.
  9. New Mexico at UNLV

    they are definitely letting us have it, lol. and it's almost funny, because i had been thinking last fall during football that boise fans were pretty quiet considering their history, and that i wished some of our basketball fans would just quit talking so much trash, we would slide under the radar a lot easier. it all works out in the end, i guess.
  10. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    that would send a terrible message to any prospective coach, considering Menzies has had 2 years at a gutted program. no one would touch it with a 10 foot pole. like it or not, he needs to be here another year. unless she already has one ready to go, but tina thought she did, as well. for 2 months jamie dixon was set to be unlv's coach, until tcu opened up.. dream job, again. menzies will be here, it has to go through a process. i just wish he would sit someone if they just aren't showing effort or doing the opposite of what they're told to do..same problem i had with rice. as a mom i can tell you that after i took something away from my kids, they sat up and paid attention. menzies should hire me to do the dirty work...Me with a finger in their face (I'd have to stand on the bench to get there, lol): "SIT YOUR ASS DOWN UNTIL YOU'RE READY TO DO WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO"..
  11. New Mexico at UNLV

    He even LOOKS like he has so much fun playing. That's what I want to see more of. Always good to have a little fun, no? That's what I'm here for anyway...will Hutch be here next year? Probably not, so then I will definitely post another 'soon'... In the meantime, I will wait til Menzies gets a couple of classes in here that don't includ desperation pick ups, and see what he can do. Just not impressed to this point, and don't have high hopes, especially with his defense, but he will get his shot. So for now..

    wow, the guy gets around. so if @RebelRobert's prediction comes true, then he should be ok..
  13. New Mexico at UNLV

    that's what we do.. give the other teams something to feel good about.
  14. New Mexico at UNLV

    so.. McCoy's T cost the rebs the game, that turned the tide, had a 9 point lead at that time, down to 5. that's the second time he's done that, i think he needs to sit a full game, maybe he'll figure it out. Eventually there will be a year when rebel basketball is fun again. in the meantime i'll get a kick out of watching diong.
  15. New Mexico at UNLV

    Congrats, lobos, your team played hard and did what they needed to down the stretch. I like what Weir is doing, a couple years and he'll be tearing it up in the MW.