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  1. Did you not lose to Sanchez? And you still have Bohl..
  2. No need to worry about the rebels, they're what we expected. Rookie coach, 10 new players. It was never going to be any other way. Yes, that was my entire point. 5 games in 10 days is brutal for any team. Your team just happened to benefit from the aztecs first game back (and yes, they looked like sh**) when the broncos 'weren't at their optimum either'. Thanks for getting them good and riled up for us, lol. The broncos ARE looking good, credit where it is due.
  3. I'm sure something got left out here, but I would bet that if you had lost, you would be acknowledging that 5 games in 10 days would affect any team. Your team just happened to play better than the aztecs their first game back after covid. and 42 was enough to win, that night. And again, no one said the broncos weren't better than the rebels.
  4. This is true. My point was that 5 games probably affected the broncos as well, but the timing was good for them to get the aztecs coming off their covid pause when they were super sluggish. Boise won by 5, and only scored 42 points.
  5. And it's probable 5 games in 11 days affected the broncos, as well. But I did see how sluggish the Aztecs were on Saturday, on their first day back after a pretty decent bout with covid. If they had shot like they are tonight, defended or not, they would have won that game. Just sayin.
  6. And this is what the fifth of 5 games in 10 days looks like. Good game, Aztecs.
  7. Have the Aztecs missed a shot yet, lol? I guess they got rid of their sluggishness they had on Saturday after coming back from covid.
  8. Yes, he was the best of the bunch when he was healthy. I don't know if he's going anywhere, I hope not. I think his dad was not real happy with Arroyo last year, until he finally figured out his kid was hurt.
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