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  1. A lot of Vegas fans in San Jose tonight. For a sec I thought that was a home crowd after that goal, lol.
  2. Props to Menzies for not sitting on his butt for the next couple of years taking UNLV for all $800K, but instead he's giving up $400K per year to be an assistant at GCU.
  3. Has anybody heard anything about Juis? I haven't seen anything, at all.
  4. curious to see where Strawther goes tomorrow.
  5. A couple of years ago Phil Martelli put a ton of restrictions on a kid transferring out of St Joes. And he got a lot of flack for it.
  6. Maybe. But Noodles will be cheap at this point, Ryan you would pay for. I've just been seeing him posting a lot about Alford/UNR. Kind of got the radar going, lol.
  7. pretty sure you'll see Noodles there, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Ryan Miller there. which I would NOT like, lol.
  8. oh that's too bad, he was my favorite player before he got hurt. I hope he can get healthy, I hate seeing kids out to injury.
  9. Lindsey Drew entered the portal today?
  10. playing 'baby shark' after reaves beat up on kane was hilarious, lol. props to the ops team.
  11. Good post, and good point. Just curious, Bug, do you feel your AD may need to move on? Or what will fix this?