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  1. Wow this is absolutely huge for SJSU. I know we focus on the receivers leaving but this might have been the hardest position for SJSU to replace this year.
  2. Yup, Gonzaga will lose some players next year for sure. But they will be bringing in the #1 overall recruit, another top 15 player and 2 more top 100 players. They are going to reload next year.
  3. I'm sure some boosters helped out big time. But also, schools have budgets, and while every college is losing money because of Covid, there are also expenses that SJSU probably doesn't have because of Covid as well. Wouldn't be surprised if SJSU was able to move things around to help out the football team. Again though, that is showing commitment that SJSU has not shown before.
  4. I am just so happy that it seems like SJSU is opening up their checkbooks. This season must have cost them a ton of money. Shoot they moved to Humboldt, Vegas, and had to travel to Boise to not play a game. All after not getting any (although let's be real, its not a lot) ticket revenue and no check from the NCAA because of a cancelled March Madness. This is a school that no one would bat an eye at if they cheaped out this year, and that doesn't seem to be the case. Really proud of what this means for the future.
  5. The guy brings great energy and a love for the Bay Area no doubt. Go check out Coach Guiduci and Coach Malley's coaching stays and compare. It's honestly pretty funny how many staffs they have been on together.
  6. The only person who would have stayed is Coach Malley. Only coach I have ever heard of who spent 30+ years coaching and never moved. The guy knows the Bay Area so well and understands the program so well that I think he would have succeeded too.
  7. Ya they definitely did have their opportunities. Thats the point. Nevada could have won the game against SJSU. Boise was clearly the worse team from the snap. And IDK what a sock is....
  8. Ehh, if Starkel doesnt get injured, SJSU puts 35+ up on SDSU. I dont think that game would have been close.
  9. SJSU was in the 3 man front all first half which was a bad move too.
  10. OMG that game was so wild! And your point makes sense. My only objection would be that Nevada played 2 more conference games than you, and the difference in record was 1 game. So i think its more comparable than a random game where SJSU was competitive in even though they weren't a competitor for the league.
  11. Yup, no doubt teams play each other differently. But SJSU beat everyone they played by 10+ points this year. My point is that Nevada was much much more of a threat than Boise was.
  12. I mean I joined 7 years ago. At that point it didn't take long to realize that most posters were dicks towards sjsu posters. So i didn't contribute much. But i've posted here and there throughout this season.
  13. Fair points, I just like to compare through how they did against the best. Nevada played better against the best than Boise did.
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