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  1. We may well see a time soon when the networks tell the pga to “get over it.” Names sell and the networks get it. TV is coming for the LIV.
  2. Sdsu best 2022 newcomer could be OL Laakea Kapoi from St. Louis school in Honolulu. Offers from Michigan, Syracuse, Zona, Nebraska, Colorado plus the usual MWC suspects. Has center or guard starter by 2023 written all over him.
  3. Stand corrected. Media guide confusing as it refers to MW era starting in 2011. 5-4 FSU in past nine, MWC not withstanding.
  4. Ridgecrest Dog Chops : — Few here dispute bull crap. Facts are facts. NO, FSU is not 5-2 vs. Sdsu. This is a teaching moment for you. FSU joined MWC in 2011, not 2012. Fsu leads since then 5-4. Neither won the coveted Old Oil Can twice consecutive until the Tedford leds won in ‘ 17-18. As I hope you comprehend , the Aztecs won this past season. Put with another spin , Aztecs have won three of past five! I consider the Fresnecks as Aztecs traditional rival. May it always be so. The series goes all the way back to 1923 and the Aztecs lead 30-25-4. Facts are facts Dog Chops. Facts are knowable. I look forward to being in Fresno this fall for the renewal of this great traditional CFB series . Oh, I’m not a BB honk but beating the beleaguered dogs twice already in BB already makes it 3-0 this CFB and MBB season. How is FSU baseball looking in 2020? Maybe!
  5. Way wrong. Journalist use THEY. True fans are invested. WE is appropriate. Now, lots of casual fans here in SD. Not alums, not ticket buyers , but band wagon jumpers. Soon as MBB loses , they’ll get off the float.
  6. That makes about as much sense as me noting that the Aztecs have won 2 of last 3 and lead series 29-24-1. Means nothing this year. I'm hoping for a Fresneck win this week so we can rock your world next week. You are getting ahead of yourself assuming a dogchops win at Boise .
  7. If you're coming to SD , an absolute don't miss is a visit to the USS Midway aircraft carrier museum. The Midway is now californias most popular tourist attraction. Plan on at least 3 hrs. Expensive? $23 is the highest price adult tix. See you there. I volunteer as a docent most Thursday mornings. Visit ussmidway.org
  8. To answer this threads intent, I suggest that MWC best player so far is #44 In red and black -- Mr. Kyahva Tezino. About a dozen tackles yesterday .
  9. If Chris Peterson is no longer the HC at Bosie Stop that will be new news to national media. How else do you explain their perennial preseason top 35 or so rankings ? All for a team that can't beat Air Force, can't beat New Mexico and can't even sniff the CCG. We all look forward to oct 14 when "loaded " Bosie comes to play SDSU in their rebuilding year. I'll take the Aztecas!
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