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  1. WLF isn't on this board fyi
  2. terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week - you kidding me mike evans? Tight race now.
  3. Oh I believe it - very first thought wasn't oh no potus is sick, it was oh another con. He can get out of any more debates, be miraculously cured/be a "survivor", hold comeback rallies, push hydrochloroquine, garner sympathy, and delay/put off all kinds of shit. I'll believe it if he dies from it - anything else could too easily be a con. cynics gotta cynic
  4. Whats that little red shield thingy on my avatar?
  5. oh man I saw that Cam was started and got worried and yeah James Robinson is real. With those two choices you'd only need like 6 pts from clyde. I had Lazard and Davis on the bench who both outscored all my starters except Wilson. Been lucky so far I expect a string of losses coming up (though do like replacing TY with mike evans)
  6. Now youre in trouble I gained 2 projected points
  7. Why i gotta play you this week. Projections are wholly inaccurate at this point i expect you to score big scary team - josh allen is real holy shit, then ridley, higbee, and hunt ... ouch. Cross our fingers to avoid last week's injurypocalypse.
  8. Lost mike thomas and my only te, waiver wire ftw
  9. being in multiple leagues is more fun than one
  10. aight well with @And? we're back to 11
  11. North Texas @Wapitipoke34
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