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  1. Toledo @Broncomare/ @mugtang then @renoskier
  2. oh I was waiting for Broncomare - ummm lemme look . . . Georgia South Soooo @Coog kev, then @818SUDSFan
  3. Ok thanks for the heads up - does that mean CSU Fella and USA John are also out? So far we have these confirmed: Me Metro Jim TheDogSnake CoogKev (maybe?) 1/2man1/2bronco (maybe?) At least 1 crossover so far (I'm having the same issue with my other ESPN league so combining the two might get us enough for one)
  4. @Broncomare @renoskier
  5. @Broncomare @renoskier
  6. yeah agree end of August makes more sense. I'm also open to an auction draft over snake (never tried an auction league but I'm game) if that's the consensus from players (which right now is a total of 3 confirmed teams - me, jim, and metro.)
  7. does that translate to "in?"
  8. @TheDogSnake @And? Also, two Non-MWCBoard posters related to @Douglaspoke I think that's everyone from last year, plus @nocoolnamejim if you pm me an email I can send you an invite. @mugtang you want to play (if there's a season ;p)? From two years ago, @ariz and @RebelRobert played I believe. We'll likely need more/new players if we want to get at least ten (unless miraculously all 10 from last year play again). Maybe change the thread title to see if we can get more people?
  9. @Douglaspoke @nocoolnamejim @tspoke @Chrysis @Broncomare @MetropolitanCowboy Who else played last year? I can't find the file that matches ESPN team names to forum names.
  10. League was reactivated - https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league?leagueId=54155921&seasonId=2020 $50 Buy in. Tentative draft date of Sunday August 9 at noon. Will probably expand rosters for more covid flexibility (assuming they even play). Need at least 8, 10 is better. Check in here or at ESPN or via email.
  11. 10. @Wapitipoke34 11. @Coog kev
  12. I usually use a spreadsheet especially with town of Salem and conversion type games - I get soooo confused sometimes lol