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  1. WKU Hilltoppers @Del Scorcho then @bigd
  2. not my fault you don't know your college football (mascots) @bsu_alum9 then @aggzilla
  3. It's the Fightin' Bags! (see the sign above the Wake Forest Demon Deacons mascots?)
  4. go bags @Del Scorcho isup @bigd on deck @bsu_alum9 in limbo
  5. @bsu_alum9 then @aggzilla
  6. @Del Scorcho then @bigd
  7. pretty sure they're taken
  8. @bsu_alum9 then @aggzilla
  9. tspoke is taken out and an autopsy reveals he was human. With nobody standing in their way, the remaining replicants fire up the launch bays and release 100s of nukes on the surface, effectively ending the scourge of humanity. Village Wins mugtang - Replicant Assassin 4UNLV - Brutal Human Survivor WYO1016 - Replicant tspoke - Human Survivor SalinasSpartan - Sympathetic Replicant Mad_Hatter - Replicant Spy CV147 - Replicant Mr Bug - Replicant Billy - Replicant Distractor
  10. Lynch Vote Tally - 6:15 (1h 45m to lynch) 1 Billy B. Ace (tspoke) 2 tspoke (Billy NF, CV147)  No Vote (MrBug708)
  11. Lynch Vote Tally 2 Billy B. Ace (CV147, tspoke) 1 tspoke (Billy NF) No Vote (MrBug708)
  12. *DAWN *since there is no wolf chat no need to wait until 9:00 In the morning, all four of you wake up to face Day 3.
  13. DUSK So you're all sipping tea again in the commons and decide since you're bored you might as well do an autopsy on SalinasSpartan. So that's what you do. Autopsy reveals that SalinasSpartan was a replicant. It is Night Two, submit night actions (or not whatever) no later than 9:00pm.
  14. Lynch Vote Tally (7:45) 15 mins to lynch 2 SalinasSpartan (tspoke, Billy) 1 Billy B. Ace (CV147) 1 CV147 (MrBug708) No Vote (SalinasSpartan)