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  1. did Henry tell norvell to +++++ off or something? not even a sniff
  2. Mug storm the locker room there’s no +++++ing way Henry does worse than strong/sorano. Is he in norvells doghouse or what?
  3. Obscure word of the year congrats!
  4. Exactly, hire a career assistant with an nfl name instead of the guy you already have. Sigh
  5. Just saw that fake knee last week but yeah it’s something to save
  6. +++++ing shake it up norvell or rolo’s gonna rack it up even worse. Why isn’t he our head coach again?
  7. Solano gives a spark but there’s not much big play about him - I don’t know why norvell isn’t playing his best passer for their p i s t o l a i r r a i d - easy to couch coach ;p
  8. Shrug I guess but I’d argue he’s more athletic and I’d take that until strong shows he can raid the air.
  9. Surrously gimme Henry but would settle for Solano he looked good last week
  10. Keep hearing how it’s an air raid offense now but have yet to really see any actual raiding of the air whatsupwiththat? Also heard the announcers call it a pistol raid - wtf?? There’s no identity whatsoever to the offense so they’re making shit up? #freemalikhenry
  11. so missed the game - why did Henry have two completions and Solano have 100 yards rushing - that doesn't sound air-raidy.