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  1. cgzpack

    Long may they reign

    Agree, Norvell appears to have a good handle on things. And as a bonus we don't have to see our head coach screaming in ref's faces on the sidelines throughout every game. Besides Solano, anyone of significance you know of who could vie for QB next year?
  2. cgzpack

    Video Games thread

    I'm stuck in a loop where I can't make enough to upgrade the camp to get fast travel due to constantly having to pay personal bounties because oh no my horse nudged a guy in town and now they're all out for blood. It's weird being a bad guy but man is this game time consuming.
  3. cgzpack

    Walking Dead End of Rick Grimes

    Yeah that was hilarious (kinda)
  4. cgzpack

    Walking Dead End of Rick Grimes

    why isn't there an eyeball in my computer's browser?
  5. cgzpack

    Walking Dead End of Rick Grimes

    How do you do the hidden text thingy
  6. cgzpack

    MBB Power Rankings

    wow considerably higher than I expected - it's a setup
  7. cgzpack

    Nevada @ Hawaii

    Well now ya jinxed it. Ursua’s going to run wild. http://nevadasportsnet.com/news/reporters/nevadas-game-at-hawaii-will-air-on-nevada-sports-net?fbclid=IwAR32rDOGSSCAUJQ_DFHv4FcA0OjDC0glK6cqbqniLb9hG4rbVAWJ_j-29Ok
  8. cgzpack

    Memphis vs Tulane

    White's only going to get better and I don't see many seniors on that roster (though Henderson looks like he could be a candidate for next year's draft). Looks like the Tigers'll bowl easily enough this year, but will be closer to that 10 W season next year. Win or lose, in most cases, Memphis players are racking up fantasy points for me
  9. cgzpack

    Memphis vs Tulane

  10. cgzpack

    Memphis vs Tulane

    Giant angry wave heads surprising - or has Memphis just been bad