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  1. looks like a big ol treble hook like we used to use to snag salmon - of course anything other than a barbless fly is just cheating ;p (but I exaggerate for effect - I do use barbs - not that much of a purist)
  2. umm why is the trout's jaw redacted - illegal tackle?
  3. Reminds me of The Expanse, where much of Earth's population is "on basic," which pretty much amounts to 'if you don't work (for whatever reason), here's barely enough money to stay alive in a slum and we're making it very difficult for you to aspire to anything else, but if you want stuff too then you'll have to join the military or hope somebody takes pity on you and gives you a real job.' Finland's experiment: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-47169549
  4. Halftime for the pink thing I was told - I wasn't there.
  5. Sisolak was booed at Lawlor the other day for his past statements on this issue - funny
  6. Too bad the off the backboard oop didn't work (lol Musselman was pissed). Not really a "play" but the dunk by Caroline vs AF (at 2:06 of this video) was monstrous.
  7. Nice. Champ game down to Doug Martin and 10.6 pts. Meanwhile, all your consolation ladder are belong to us
  8. fake news click bait by a graphics company - they put out a shitty poll about "modernizing" Santa and fed the option of gender neutral and 174 out of 733 people (from the US and UK) clicked he should be gender neutral and suddenly dumb media and interwebbers conclude that this is actually a thing (it's not) and 1/4 of the population demand Santa be neutered. Aside from a pr stunt to get their company name "trending," it's also a deceitful attempt to trigger backlash against political correctness and gender identity, exploiting culture wars and the fictional war on christmas. For the graphics company I'd say mission accomplished they must be so proud.
  9. oh right yeah Horner is from Shelby too
  10. Larry Krystkowiak (pretty sure nobody else from my tiny high school on the hi-line is 'famous')
  11. using every source I can think of so why not here too in case anybody cares to put in 2-cents: Need to replace Conner (maybe?), so who to Flex start (1.0 PPR): Kenneth Dixon vs TB, Blount vs Buf, John Brown vs TB, John Ross vs Oak, Sutton vs Cleveland, or Sproles vs Rams. (not for our league)