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  1. General fantasy thread would be cool. Dont need to recruit for my league specifically as we're full now but fantasy chitchat is good.
  2. well thing is whenever we try to start something only the same 6-7ish people reply - need more (that and I've been extra busy/tired dealing with full time/hybrid/distance. . . 6 days left of the school year from hell)
  3. Payouts sent (minus $50 total as 1 team didn't pay the entry fee). Grats to the top three and thanks for playing!
  4. Yeah I'm cool with all that - assuming people are interested in a long term league. I know we'd have at least 6 of the current 12 who would want to continue, but we have a lot of time til next season to get a full league, and 10 is fine. Only five of us are on this board so I'll contact the others and set it up for an auction draft next year with several keepers in '22 and we'll see what happens. Good luck in playoffs . . . ugh still can't believe I missed them by less than 2 total pts for :/ Oh and since we're talking shop about possible future seasons, what are your opinions on playoffs
  5. I haven't come up with a theme yet - just gauging interest - so if you have any suggestions that might talk you into it - post em up
  6. Hey yo - time for a game eh? @tspoke ‌@cgzpack ‌@Bulldog Rob ‌@MrBug708 ‌@WYO1016 ‌@SalinasSpartan ‌@trl87 ‌@Jack Bauer ‌@ChozoRuins ‌@britrock88 ‌@Why? ‌@Mad_Hatter ‌@carpen83 ‌@Jwherb ‌@AZdogFan ‌@Chief Rum ‌@thelawlorfaithful ‌@halfmanhalfbronco ‌@UNLVFan90 ‌@mugtang ‌@TheBigAwesome ‌@CV147 ‌@4UNLV ‌@Warbow ‌@EFEXizBACK @timmae ‌@mysfit @Billy B. Ace @CrimsonFox @KJ_32 @UNM2TIMES @blind_squirrel54 @retrofade @nocoolnamejim
  7. Cool I've never done a keeper league - should we allow everyone to select 3 keepers? 4? Any thoughts @nocoolnamejim @And? @TheDogSnake
  8. ps. any of you interested in committing to next year for the same league? If so, I could add a keeper component which I think would be fun.
  9. damnit @retrofade barring any stat corrections you're going to knock me out of playoffs with a total-points-for tiebreaker by 2 total pts on the season
  10. yeah hoped jameis would start and hill would get more utility play - man he played well though can he do that against the not-falcons? Soooo yeah Herbert and Hill for sale y'all
  11. Hail Mary time - picked up Taysom Hill
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