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  1. Pick 10 Results Thread

    Team win last year, overall win this year.
  2. Aztecs possibly losing Hauck

    no - at least my Dad doesn't think so but he was happy to see them can stitt (he felt blasphemous for the cat-griz game but was worried if the Griz won Stitt would stay). They will bounce back though.
  3. Pick 10 Results Thread

    Ohs no’s Miami lost and bama oh oh San Jose just did me a solid
  4. "He compared himself to Evel Knievel" lol first thing I thought of when I saw the picture of the rocket - but if he wants to be in Evel territory he needs to find a canyon to jump.
  5. Week 12 Gif Thread

    Me watching the Nevada game as Penny secures me a spot in my college fantasy league’s championship.
  6. Pick 10 Results Thread

    @WYO1016 looks like this will be very close may come down to our southern miss vs Marshall game. and @mugtang whattayamean no prize
  7. Pick 10 Results Thread

    so close
  8. Non-MWC game thread this week

    UAB throttling rice
  9. Pick 10 Results Thread

  10. Air Force vs Nevada