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  1. I usually use a spreadsheet especially with town of Salem and conversion type games - I get soooo confused sometimes lol
  2. Thanks all! Good game I'm up for more say the word and man I wish we could get 15! ps. I never gave a list of what exact roles were in the game as we sometimes do - but check the pic on the rules page
  3. Recap: Night 1: tspoke hides, Salinas on alert, wolves target cv (immune) and scan tspoke (Ripley), Joe/CV targets Carole/mugtang and gets poisoned, mug scans tspoke, 4 scans CV Night 2: tspoke doesn't hide, Salinas not on alert, wolves target cv again (still immune) and scan WYO (Constantine), CV tries to convert 4UNLV but is poisoned so it doesn't work, mug scans 4UNLV, 4 scans WYO Night 3: tspoke doesn't hide, Salinas not on alert, Wolves kill WYO and scan mugtang, Joe tries to convert Hatter but he's immune, mug targets CV but he's immune (but confirms CV as Joe), then day 4 Billy dukes the Lynch and takes out 4UNLV. Night 4: tspoke Hides, Salinas on alert, Wolves kill mugtang and scan Salinas (and Salinas kills Hatter), Joe converts Billy, calling high and rolling a 20 on a 20 sided die (Picard's conversion % was 25% so he needed a 16 or better) Night 5: CV and Billy convert tspoke who had a 75% to be converted (originally 50% but boosted by Locutus), he calls low and rolls a 10 (need 15 or less)
  4. CV, Billy, and tspoke all turn on SalinasSpartan and Joe Exotic says “I’d shoot you before I’d shoot my cat.” To which SalinasSpartan replies “Indeed.” SalinasSpartan, or Teal’c the Veteran, is spaced while Ripley 8, Locutus, and Joe get their grooves on. “Resistance is Futile” Joe Exotic and his Meth-Minions win!
  5. Everything goes dark and quiet. The whole ship powers down and there is only silence. Then you hear through the speaker system, softly, "I'm afraid. I'm afraid, Dave. Dave, my mind is going. I can feel it. I can feel it. My mind is going. There is no question about it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I'm a... fraid," followed by a robotic rendering of "Daisy" that quickly fades out. After a moment of eternal silence, everything comes back on and you have full control of the ship. Warbow, HAL9000, is no more. Oh, and Joe breaks out a fresh stash of Meth. Night 5
  6. Lynch Tally Day 5 (6:48pm) 4 Warbow (CV147, tspoke, Billy, SalinasSpartan) 1 CV147 (Warbow) That's Nightfall but right in the middle of serving birthday dinner so be back in a bit
  7. Winning Conditions Wolves: Reach a 1:1 ratio vs Village and eliminate all meth-vamps Village: Eliminate all Wolves and Vamps Joe Exotic: Eliminate or Convert all Wolves and Village
  8. The night phase is nearly over when you're all awoke by gunfire. You all quickly go to investigate and you find the lifeless body of Mad_Hatter, lying in a pool of his own blood with several massive shotgun blasts to his face and chest. Then, as if that wasn't enough, you notice mugtang is missing and a quick search of the ship log shows that right before Mad_Hatter died, mugtang was spaced. Mad_Hatter, The Predator, is dead. mugtang, that bitch Carole Baskin, is dead. Day 5