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  1. AztecSU

    Updated NET rankings

    Haven’t even looked but I bet you the league has its highest median ranking since SJSU joined.
  2. AztecSU

    SDSU McDaniels Sued Over Alleged Sex Tape

    yeah, this is pretty much the universal feeling right now. I think in general SDSU fans are ready for 2019...holy hell.
  3. AztecSU

    Ranking The Bowls- Lots of Interest in BYU

    Thompson should be shown the door for Wyo sitting out while BYU goes to Potato bowl.
  4. AztecSU

    Kliff Kingsbury

    Kingsbury is gonna be SDSU’s new offensive coordinator 😎
  5. AztecSU

    Best QB in the MW?

    It's no secret the rep that Chapman seems have, warranted or not. This kid is the toughest/smartest QB we've had since Lindley, probably longer. With Wyo's golden boy down and out and Rypien on track to be replaced by Cozart I ask the MW board. If Chapman isn't the best QB in the MW, who is?
  6. AztecSU

    USU & BSU ranked in CFP poll

    CFP committee has revealed itself to be nothing more than P5 fanboys. SEC East is a total joke IMo with their OOC schedules and 8 conf games. No way that should be compared to PAC, BIG, or even B12 schedules in total. Basically this is a legacy poll and how close you get to the top has more to do with history and expectations than what is actually happening. I watched a lot of power programs lose to G5 and FCs teams this year. USU should be top 20 easily, they have the best offense in CFB.
  7. AztecSU

    SDSU West leading big

    The ego on SDSUfan is hilarious. Never wrong, always right, he’d put Lavar Ball to shame.
  8. AztecSU

    SDSU West leading big

    Combo of funds already on hand and revenue bonding...lucky for us the existing stadium, even as a trash heap, was drawing upwards of $5mil a year in non football revenue(concerts and special events). That business is likely to transfer over to the new development along with naming rights and game day revenues...its not a lock but seems pretty solid.
  9. AztecSU

    SDSU West leading big

    Welp MW, it was nice knowing you. Catch some of you on the other side maybe?
  10. AztecSU

    Rank 'em

    Better? What did I say our offense was better than? We are the second worse offense in the conf with Agnew, and maybe about 3rd worse with Chapman. Seems like you’ve got it in your head I think our offense is good? That’s not the same as saying it’s sucks less with our vet QB. You played yourself my man.
  11. AztecSU

    Rank 'em

    Are you under the impression I ranked SDSU above USU? Or are you just so excited about finally being good again you want to scream it from the mountain tops, lol! Act like you been there before.
  12. AztecSU

    Rank 'em

    We lost 3 fumbles that resulted in 17 points for UNM. The only reason we have a shot in any game has been our D. My only point has been our offense is better with Chapman, mostly because he almost never turns it over.
  13. AztecSU

    Rank 'em

    I think a lot of us thought that the first week or two. But he’s thrown a lot of picks and had some bad fumbles...like the one for a TD last night. Chap is what he is, but he rarely turns it over.
  14. AztecSU

    Rank 'em

    “So good”? Where did I ever say that. I’m literally agreeing with you. The issue was the offense was even worse without him. We didn’t break 28 points all season until last night...think man, lol.
  15. AztecSU

    Rank 'em

    Man, you aren’t very smart are you? ”Chapman turns the offense from chaotic neutral to slight plus...” Cincy, maddened with rage,”How dare you, impossible!” You guys just better beat the Donks
  16. AztecSU

    Rank 'em

    We broke 30 points for the first time this year and threw for nearly 250. Chapman was definitely rusty after not playing since 1stQ of week 2. However, almost all of the incomplete passes were drops. We clearly have 2nd best d in the MW, Chapman takes our offense from chaotic neutral to a slight plus. That’s enough for 3rd, we beat Boise on the road but fell to Nevada all with backups throughout our offense in key spots.
  17. AztecSU

    Rank 'em

    With Chapman and Jwash back we’re 3rd. Just need to try at not lose 3 fumbles ever again.
  18. AztecSU

    Mike Leach calls for a 16 team playoff

    Problem with 8 will be not enough at large bids if you give an auto bid to top G5. 10 with teams 7 and 10 and 8 and 9 doing “play-in” games is the way to go.
  19. AztecSU

    Nevada vs San Diego State

    lol, real men don't need this garbage to feel whole. Boring? Get a life.
  20. AztecSU

    Nevada vs San Diego State

    Not even that bold of a statement guy...lol
  21. AztecSU

    Rank em

    Can we rank the offense and defense separately? SDSU making a great case for that... SDSU defense = 2 of 12 offense = 11 of 12
  22. AztecSU

    Mike Leech Texts to PAC-12 Offices

    This has me legit shook re:west coast cfb. We share officials with the PAC if I recall and Rich's comments about PAC officiating sort of being a headscratcher in recent history compared to officiating elsewhere rings true...and now you really wonder wtf is going on out here in the west.
  23. AztecSU

    TV ratings for ESPN conference games

    My family are okie's on my dad's side, he used to tell me the craziest stories of his uncles catching massive catfish that way...crazy mfers
  24. AztecSU

    TV ratings for ESPN conference games

    Seems like this year more than others the effect of CBSSN swallowing all the best content outside of Boise home games is really showing up in the available ratings...I mean did we have a single P5 home game in conf that wasn't on CBSSN?