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  1. Padres actually do really well ratings wise...SDSU isn't an option so long as MW has our rights tied up with CBSSN/ESPN. Both do very well ratings wise in the local market. I could see maybe an Amazon or another larger entity purchasing several of these channels, re-branding them, and then bidding for SDSU's(or any other in-market teams) 3rd tier rights next round.
  2. *Combine invited players only
  3. AztecSU

    Aztecs killer new locker room

    Its called juvenoia
  4. I actually agree with you. Facebook games are perfect for a large crowd to watch roadies. Lack of commercials and the flow of comments was genuinely interesting. That being said I would be concerned by this if I were a Utah State fan. Not sure they want to be to Facebook what SDSU is to CBSSN.
  5. AztecSU

    Air Force football player comes out as gay

    Wow, hope he’s ready for too much attention.
  6. AztecSU

    Blast is that you?!?

    Probably lol
  7. MW started in 99, TCU joined in 2005. So more like 5/6 years. 15 years after MW was founded Utah and TCU were already gone.
  8. Fresno and SDSU can go undefeated and still not make up for the lack of pop in our conference. It's reality.
  9. The only reason this hasn't happened already is so the GOBs of CFB can hold the game in a previous era(Prestige and best bowls reserved for those with pedigree first). P5's would still get the best recruits just like blue bloods in hoops, but it would certainly flatten out the disparity making for a better total product imo.
  10. Holy shit...if you wanted to know where the path to an 8 team playoff begins? It's where B10's network rev starts drying up...hate to say it but this is probably good news for the bottom half of CFB.
  11. AztecSU

    Embarrassing response by coaches

    That's more the AD space IMO. Coaches are gonna coach speak, period. All they do is think about how what they say will effect the mentality of their players.
  12. AztecSU

    Embarrassing response by coaches

    I actually think the response is perfect despite all of them trying to pass on it first. You win, thats how, and thats basically what he's saying.
  13. AztecSU

    Pick 10: Team Headbutt

    Sorry @WYO1016 couldn't wait. You're up...again.
  14. AztecSU

    Pick 10: Team Headbutt

    Oregon State & Georgia State
  15. AztecSU

    Pick 10: Team UNLVFan

  16. AztecSU

    MWC West Division Titles

    lol, UNM use to have the director's cup and now Fresno has 'division titles' whenever conference championship counts come up and they don't have a favorable answer. Good on ya pup.
  17. AztecSU

    7 Things to look out for a MWC media days

    Nevada on their 7th uni version since joining...or seems like it anyway.
  18. AztecSU

    Predictions for P5 vs G5 Long Term

    IMHO CFB needs 6 high functioning conferences to gain the broadest appeal and highest potential ratings. As big conferences consolidate it's reducing the amount of "novel" content available to CFB audiences overtime. Having 6 high functioning conferences gives you the right total number of schools to keep most CFB fans watching if there is a hard break with the rest of D1. It also allows for easy pairing during bowls and enough depth to keep novelty in the game. If you don't believe in the "novelty" concept ask yourself exactly why is the Boise v Oklahoma game so highly rated?
  19. This is false. If you raise the pay for ONLY those at the bottom by 2 or 3 dollars it doesn't have the effect you claim here. What you claim is only true if EVERYONE got that 2 to 3 dollar bump.
  20. Actually, Fresno was probably the best all around team the first two years (2012, 2013) because they had the best QB in the conf by a mile. From 2014-2016 you are correct tho.
  21. Correct, MW 2.0 didn't really begin until the 2012 season.