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  1. Conservatives treat women different than men and that is driving 90% of the commentary around this film. I trust the women who have seen this and there reactions much more than a bunch of virtue signaling righty's who haven't actually seen it.
  2. Timing is everything? I will say this, its very easy to see why this movie is borderline if not outright just wrong...but right now is maybe the WORST time to form an opinion from other's opinions like the OP seems to be doing.
  3. Honestly it seems like it's meant for women of a certain age who probably have feelings about their own coming of age...I haven't watched and it seems most of the men on this board haven't either but I wonder if we asked everyone's wife or GF and see how many watched it...my hunch is many more women are watching this then men.
  4. Democrats? Or women, I mean most of the take it easy on cuties stuff seems to be written by women...or have you not noticed?
  5. I don't get why it's just Fresno and not all 3 Cal States? What's happening in the valley?
  6. I didn't criticize it. Peace is good, even when it's mostly being driven by a single belligerent actor in the region.
  7. Lol, Iran should get the award...they're the real reason UAE and Israel got together. Oh and this really started in 2015 when Israel opened a diplomatic office in Abu Dhabi. My pop is over there doing nuke work contracting and has been talking about this coming since he's been over there.
  8. No surprise. They did this with BotW as well, swear I saw the first trailer like 3 years before it came out. That said, whatever they are doing with the sequel better be huge...potentially wrapping up an arch that started with the very first Zelda game.
  9. I honestly don't care for this genre normally, but with BotW models and story it's far more interesting.
  10. Freedom of speech isn't legally protected in the common wealth's as it is in the states
  11. https://www.ladbible.com/news/latest-sydney-black-lives-matter-rally-organiser-arrested-before-event-begins-20200728 Australia isn't the US, it's that simple.
  12. Uh..anyone who said Obama created ISIS should probably sit this one out. Not saying you did, but think about it.
  13. These +++++ers at the fed are going to accidentally trigger the collapse of corporate real estate as well as general softness in assets for a little while...but perhaps some millennials will be able to buy homes
  14. I won't be happy until they do this for the first couple 3D Zeldas....Ocarina & Majora's Mask.
  15. Just want to take this opportunity to say I appreciate reading the thoughts and opinions of others. Especially those with different world views. I harbor no ill will to those who feel or think about things differently than I do. IMO I am better for exposure to the diversity of opinion and belief. I think we need to find ways to accept and understand that just because someone is diametrically opposed to your political views it doesn't mean you don't have plenty in common. In real life I am pretty liberal, but I tend to attract friends who are conservative because I like having discussions about
  16. My experience was essentially the opposite, going from west coast to the south east. Out in CA kids and then adult strangers have occasionally called me names here and there, but never have I had an issue with a neighbor or someone I actually knew. So the experience with the dad just telling me and my brother how it is was a big shocker since his house was just 3 down from us. To be fair, we also had racial run ins at the local boys&girls club which was predominantly black. My brother and I went there the first time and once the kids heard us speak a little they were all over us call
  17. Not surprised at all. And not to say what happened to you isn't 100% awful and wrong, because it definitely is...but we can all choose which god we pray to, no one gets to choose their skin color.
  18. I would say that the cultures out there are older. And so when you hear things like systemic racism, to me that is what is the issue back east and the south...its in the air...it's how you live, like the unspoken rules of baseball that everyone knows but never get mentioned until someone breaks them. So yeah, racism seems more obvious east of the Rockies, at least in my experience.
  19. This is what they said in the 60's too. It's funny, growing up a POC I rarely ever thought about race aside from when white people made me. In California it almost never comes up. But while living in the suburbs of Atlanta, my brother and I would ride bikes with the neighbor kids and one day we tried to go in their house to get a drink of water or use the restroom(cant remember)...and we we're stopped by the kids father who said he couldn't have people like us in his house. His children apologized, but right now that guy is out there some where, barely 60, probably pretending he isn't ra
  20. When have I said this? Seems pretty clear that black people are asking white citizens to honor the golden rule and that is met with all sorts of stories from white guys how their experience is different? Yeah no shit it is, that's why we're here.
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