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    Athon's 2018 MWC All-Conference Team

    Surprised Pope didn't even make the 4th team on OL. Also, I think McMaryion should be 2nd team over Gangi. I think Gangi has a slightly better QBR, but he also played a lot of meaningless games compared to McMaryion.
  2. AztecSU

    Aztec for Life Rashaad Penny is getting PAID

    That we win more with fewer opportunities than our little bros in the Valley. 3 champs to 2. We don’t blow chances like the pups seem to...
  3. AztecSU

    Aztec for Life Rashaad Penny is getting PAID

    Good? Even a dog can get lucky for a day. How'd that d line do a week later against MW powerhouse UNLV?
  4. AztecSU

    SDSU to remain the Aztecs

    And that includes the loss in which our starting fullback the last two seasons started as a true frosh at QB(2013?)...lol, Toledo sucked.
  5. Not only that, but from talking to men and women who take or took Addy, they all talk about its negative impact on sex drive. Can only imagine long term effect of taking that sort of med. This is why the impotence angle to this piece is so interesting...lines up with the first wave of 30 something's that took addy.
  6. I would add Thee Oh Sees and White Fence, to Ty Segall (He has collab'd with both acts). For modern, Total Control & ICEAGE deserve a look if you like the above. They're more traditional and less garage though.
  7. This is fallout from the medication generation. I'm a millennial, but by dad was a first wave boomer so I was raised different than a lot of my peers. Never prescribed Adderall, etc, like what seemed like 50% of my classmates by the time I was in college. Between that and online overseas pharmacies readily available I have a feeling this aspect played a larger role than fluctuations in pop culture tastes.
  8. Responses to #2 will most interesting. Probably different line of thinking between front range and the rest.
  9. AztecSU

    SDSU/BYU MBB home and home

    What a moron, lol. You still guaranteeing the Chargers won't be leaving for LA bud?
  10. 2-2 or 1-3 you decide. Lol!
  11. Lol! Pump those division championships! You guys should put flags up too! Whatever it takes to not acknowledge big brother has more Conf Ships in the sports that matter since the puppies joined. Division/Regular season champs of the world! https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=college+football&view=detail&mid=587C3586E5395E1B7F96587C3586E5395E1B7F96&FORM=VIRE
  12. Clearly? Half your time here SDSU was just decent, not great. But over that time you guys are 44-11 and SDSU is 42-13. You're a hair better in conf, good job. You're bigger in your own mind than in real life, and that's ok.
  13. You also have more losses to AFA and WYO and the same number of championships. He said conference...I think you guys may have a slightly better win % in conference but I am not actually sure. If so doesn't change that you'll have to probably beat both of us to remain on top. This ain't the WAC.
  14. Nah, you just tide us for Championships since joining. And if we win the return game on this 2 year cycle we will be even in our all-time series. If Bronco's want it they need to beat both of us this year.
  15. Board butt boys are here! One has words the other hs pics! Together they almost make a complete person, almost.
  16. Angry much, lol! Right, we won the 1 postseason game we played, you lost it. Fresno sucks when its all on the line. I think Fresno is the first team to lose the MW champ to a team they beat during the regular season and then also get bounced from the MW tourney by a team they beat twice during the regular season. You guys are setting MW records! Congrats!
  17. Remember when you were pounding your chest about the regular season hoops wins? lol! How did that work out for you guys? CHOKERS.
  18. Choke job? Lol, both teams scored just about every time they had the ball, last team with it won. Nothing like beating Boise the last week of the season than losing to them the very next week for the conference title. You guys blew it.
  19. Insecure? Because we have the all-time series lead or because we have more MW championships? We definitely aren't jealous of Fresno's new trend of being chokers when it counts.
  20. AztecSU

    Major League RUGBY

    Just found out about this, didn't even know SD had a team until yesterday. Better watching than most MLS matches.
  21. volleyball and softball, what you pump up when you lose FB and BB champs to teams you beat in the regular season. Glad CSU and Fresno have something to share.
  22. Pass Pro is weak because he didn't do it very often, but he will learn. Don't agree about running upright, watch his film and try to find a clip of him taking a big hit, ever. For as big as he is he is very fast, low center of gravity, with A+ vision.