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  1. Folks always complain Friday games. That said ours are on the road this year I think so that may be why the complaining is not as bad from Aztec fans this year.
  2. It would be helpful if total semi-auto weapons in circulation was charted as well...people need to see the correlation...of the lack thereof.
  3. So you agree that Putin's invasion raised gas prices and not Joe Biden? very cool.
  4. Saw the pictures, pretty cool if they can fund it.
  5. It may not always seem like it but I come here to learn what I dont know, usually from folks who dont vote the same way that I do. I think a lot of us are here for that but the trolling and bs makes it hard to tell sometimes. I tend to agree that the weapon clearly has an appeal to a certain type of psycho involved in these shootings. But as you mention there are other very deadly weapons that will likely go with ARs if we put a ban in place. Confiscating is not happening and shouldn't be considered as a realistic option. When I made the pollution analogy I was only half joking. In the little bit of research I've done it seems guns like the AR took on a life of their own in the late 70's going into the 80's as patent protections were lost and other gun makers were able to cash in on the quality weapons made by colt and others for the prior 3 decades of war. The popularity of these style of weapons has only increased and with that, the amount of these types of guns in circulation. I see this problem as long term, not to vanish quickly, which is why I look at ways to reduce the count added into circulation....kind of like how we few pollution reduction. It wont fix anything right now but on a long enough timeline if supply is reduced so should these events. Of course there needs to be a social/societal element of this that isnt just about guns are bad and must go, but a deeper evaluation of our values, what they mean. This includes things like social media design and it real impact on the psychology of users, especially young people who are more prone to emotional outbursts. The solution has to be holistic, touching all areas, including guns.
  6. I get it, but check the link I shared...the introduction paints a pretty clear picture about mass shootings in the larger context of all shootings (ie. 99% of shootings are not mass shootings). However there is intelligence in the analytics listed and the disproportionality of damage caused by ARs is worth noting...especially in the context of these events that seem to happen in schools and public places at a regular clip. If you have a gripe with something specific from the link I shared I am all ears and willing to learn.
  7. Its political only because you dont agree with the need to take action. When should he make a scene? A week later, a month later, a year later?
  8. So you're saying there are more mass shootings that they arent counting? Because thats the only way those ARs stats improve. Are you talking about how they defined schools shootings, which isnt part of these stats?
  9. GUNS are environmental pollution of a new type...man, Humans are good at chaos.
  10. Yes, really just ARs although I question almost all semi-auto rifles need to exist outside of combat scenarios. You previously mentioned 13% of mass shootings were by AR...more recently is actually 16%....but they account for 25% of all mass shooting deaths and 75% of all mass shooting injuries...shootings involving ARs left 6 times as many people shot as those that didnt. Please tell me how this is not worth looking at more, despite our free gun loving history? https://everytownresearch.org/maps/mass-shootings-in-america/
  11. Guys, if we just wish real hard the shootings will stop...Wishing equals every option that doesnt lead to less guns in circulation in case you're curious.
  12. BTW, I have shot plenty of guns including an M1 Carbine. If a war started today I would much rather have all these Ar15s wannabes everyone has than an M1...and I think that matters when defining the purpose of these weapons.
  13. There are plenty of semi-auto hand guns so not sure why you are talking about 6 shooters. lol. My reference to semi-auto was referring to ARs specifically if thats not clear.
  14. Help me understand what semi-autos are good for beside shooting a lot of people really fast. I get that there are a lot of mass shootings with all the guns we have in this country, just always seems the biggest events include an AR. Honestly I dont see the purpose the AR fills that other guns dont already take care of that isnt basically that it can shoot a lot of bullets very quickly.
  15. Oh, to be clear it wont just gonna go away...but if we stop mass producing them and selling them in the volumes they are now eventually it will subside. This isnt too different than pollution or global warming. Immediate action isnt going to fix any of these issues, only sustained changes for YEARS. Idk, I think our children and society are worth the effort, maybe thats just me.
  16. This is true because people like you make it true. We went to the +++++ing moon, but getting real about ARs? Cant be done. lol.
  17. Sure, barricade kids in school...then they will just be shot in movie theaters, malls, and other public spaces...stop ignoring the real issue. Its not an accident that since Colt lost its AR15 copyright other gun makers have been making a ton of them and mass shooting have gotten worse ever since except the decade they were banned. I care about solutions to the issue, I'm not permanently wedded to either party's opinion on anything. I look at a problem and I want to solve it, how about you?
  18. They look scary? I dont know, a single 18 year old having the ability to kill 20 people in a few minutes doesnt sound like something thats just for hunting. You're already putting words in my mouth as well, pathetic.
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