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  1. Conservatives treat women different than men and that is driving 90% of the commentary around this film. I trust the women who have seen this and there reactions much more than a bunch of virtue signaling righty's who haven't actually seen it.
  2. Timing is everything? I will say this, its very easy to see why this movie is borderline if not outright just wrong...but right now is maybe the WORST time to form an opinion from other's opinions like the OP seems to be doing.
  3. Honestly it seems like it's meant for women of a certain age who probably have feelings about their own coming of age...I haven't watched and it seems most of the men on this board haven't either but I wonder if we asked everyone's wife or GF and see how many watched it...my hunch is many more women are watching this then men.
  4. Democrats? Or women, I mean most of the take it easy on cuties stuff seems to be written by women...or have you not noticed?
  5. I don't get why it's just Fresno and not all 3 Cal States? What's happening in the valley?
  6. I didn't criticize it. Peace is good, even when it's mostly being driven by a single belligerent actor in the region.
  7. Lol, Iran should get the award...they're the real reason UAE and Israel got together. Oh and this really started in 2015 when Israel opened a diplomatic office in Abu Dhabi. My pop is over there doing nuke work contracting and has been talking about this coming since he's been over there.
  8. No surprise. They did this with BotW as well, swear I saw the first trailer like 3 years before it came out. That said, whatever they are doing with the sequel better be huge...potentially wrapping up an arch that started with the very first Zelda game.
  9. I honestly don't care for this genre normally, but with BotW models and story it's far more interesting.
  10. Freedom of speech isn't legally protected in the common wealth's as it is in the states
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