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  1. So you think schools with billion dollar endowments doing Billions in research changed conf’s for 10’s of millions for sports and a few more high level recruits? USC didn’t need b10 to recruit. No. They did it for the additional billions they get when they can schmooze the govt in DC, and hyper wealthy alums in NYC and Chicago every few years.
  2. Nah, they'll probably only pay like 60% of that number over 7-10 years. BYU & Houston would be easy. Once that happens schools will be clamoring to leave again, like last summer.
  3. If KU and OSU decided they don’t want to resign the GOR you guys gonna kick them out?
  4. If the PAC changes course and decides they can live with BYU the b12 days are numbered.
  5. He broke the LA schools leaving the PAC...what has happened other than b12 fans circle-jerking about how they are going to add all these PAC schools only for none of it to happen?
  6. Maybe, but between San Diego to LA there are about 20-25mil people and San Diego has been prolific in producing FB/BB talent. The B12's incentive would be to tap into that mass of humanity instead of ceding it to the BIG/SEC.
  7. Based on the below bullet points either SDPD will not be charging anyone with a crime or it should be happening soon. Its been almost 2 weeks since they "allowed" the school to start their own investigation.
  8. Upon reread it feels like you were doing an impression....lol
  9. Almost all conferences have 2 media partners, a primary and secondary. I could see ESPN taking most of the PACs content but with NBC paying a premium to get the top game each week, similar to what CBS did with the SEC. There are about 6 primo brands outside the SEC/BIG that arent ND, they are UW, OU, FSU, CLEM, UNC, MIA imo.
  10. those cheap ass fish tacos got me through college but now I can barely eat them.
  11. We're joining the PAC with BYU jk
  12. Why wouldn't NBC just partner with the PAC? Its pretty clear PAC rights are going to market and NBC wouldnt have to wait a year to get a chance at CFB content.
  13. Or they can just slap STATE on to their existing name….according to my “sources”
  14. Breaking News: a new Conference, the SAC10 or State Athletic Conference 10, will be forming in the wake of the PAC/B12 moves. Members listed below Washington STATE Oregon STATE Boise STATE Fresno STATE San Jose STATE San Diego STATE Whichever Nevada school adds STATE to their name first Utah STATE Colorado STATE Texas STATE
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