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  1. TURD OF THE YEAR Fresno giving up 17 while getting shut out in the 4th qtr against 5th place Hawaii
  2. No Fresno losing to Hawaii? Without it they are in the MWCCG instead of SDSU.
  3. It was the video of the incident leaking that did it. Either way outside pressure was needed for charges to come down, unfortunately.
  4. I dont doubt that instigators were in Portland. But from where I sit, Portland and Seattle have been kinda like this as long as I can remember. In the last 20 years Seattle has calmed some with the explosion in tech and cost of living likely changing the demo there...but when Portland's protest was far more intense than others I dont think anyone familiar was surprised.
  5. These are the people, on both sides, that are +++++ing up everything for the rest of us. I wish we could send them all to the moon.
  6. 9000 marches, 20 killed, 2 by Rittenhouse (an 11% increase in the total number of murders)...feels like crummy cities and places were just exposed for what they are during the protests.
  7. Only in SD. Where they were like the far majority of protests. Pretty mellow. Some in this chat seem to believe that all the marches were like Portland. False.
  8. Property damage at scary BLM protest was the rationale for the call for armed patriots to "help"...the catalyst of the rittenhouse shootings. C'mon.
  9. Are civil charges for liability off the table?
  10. Yes they would, lol! Thats exactly what happens anytime there is violence at NFL games. Everyone bemoans how violent and drunk people are and how its tough to take small children... You are basically saying that if you go to a BLM protest and damage property the punishment could be death and its your fault for being there even though any other time we would agree the punishment should fit the crime. No one likes the violence, the rioting, the killings, the real issue is why people are in the streets at all. And because we dont agree about that we are here arguing.
  11. Dont accept the premise. This is just like pointing at chicago when St. Louis has a much higher murder rate. BLM protests were not nearly as dangerous as they are being perceived. You have 9000 BLM marches in America where we love our guns, it would be a miracle to have a murder rate of less than .2% per event.
  12. This is nonsense, there are probably people murdered at NFL games in excess .2% of the time. Should we send patriots with ARs to make it better? For reference .2% would be .512 murders per NFL season...
  13. Oh wow, you are predictable...I figured you were more independent than this...nothing is more conservative these days than dismissing sources you disagree with. But I am willing to hear you out, please demonstrate that ACLED is not impartial and I will listen. To answer your question, how many shootings and people shot at the protest before Kyle showed up? Is the punishment for assault murder by an inexperienced teen? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armed_Conflict_Location_and_Event_Data_Project
  14. A lot as in a murder happened at .2% of BLM protests? Any murders are too many but when impartial conflict monitor notes the media and politicians significantly exxagerated something I am surprised a conservative doesnt believe that.
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