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  1. I honestly didn’t know this, but I’m guessing he must be a mega donor or something?
  2. Hate to break it to you but people hooking up at college parties like this is fairly common and involved a lot of people you would’ve never guessed.
  3. Ok, who is the left oppressing, and are those people/groups actively oppressing others? You can not like gay people or trans people, but if you are actively trying to prevent them from having any presence in public life you're just oppressing them and then blaming it on your religion or claiming it's about protecting children.
  4. You know what I notice. The right wants to punish, obscure, and oppress people who don't fit in with cultural norms. Meanwhile, the left mostly wants to oppress and target people and organizations that oppress others...chop it up however you want but it's true.
  5. better than Team "Im not doing anything about these school shootings cause I have a gun boner"
  6. Focused on the wrong stuff which is why far too many red states rank so poorly on crime, education, and health outcomes.
  7. I will probably be ridiculed for this but I swear the one time I had some legit brisket was Rudy's in ABQ like 20 years ago. I've only been to Texas about a dozen times over the years so it may just be a lack of opportunities to run into the good stuff. It definitely takes more skill to smoke or slow cook, respect for those with the patience and diligence for it. I'm not the one, lol.
  8. Sure, but I would still take it over brisket any day. I've never understood the brisket love personally.
  9. Sure, I can only judge where I've been and what I've had. Never been to Memphis, but I've heard good things about the food and almost nothing else.
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