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  1. AztecSU

    Stunner's wet dream

    Yeah right.
  2. AztecSU

    Pick 10 Sign Ups

    Count me in good sir
  3. AztecSU

    Guess what? Some legit realignment talk

    Told you guys the move to a new delivery method would eventually lead to more $$$ not less. Didn’t consider the tech angle but it’s just that those firms will be able to exploit the new mode far better than the old cable companies. Live content, which is most valuable in prime demo goes to the highest bidder, crazy thing is the old networks are about to be priced out because they’re shrinking. Wonder if tech giants gobble up a few ISPs?
  4. AztecSU

    College Football betting over/under

    Man, they may want to reevaluate the Oline comment. Only had 2 bad games the whole year and they all come back.
  5. AztecSU

    Basketball preseason rank ‘em

    McDaniels, Watson, Hemsley, Mitchell, Narain. Schakel, Seiko, and the Mensah’s off the bench.
  6. AztecSU

    Basketball preseason rank ‘em

    Nevada SDSU everyone else
  7. AztecSU

    American Athletic Conference

    They have a national championship in hoops and the most NY6/BCS bowls since the change... maybe they aren't quite P5 but they are the closest by a mile.
  8. lol, average high...guess you're the idiot.
  9. Wow, just lol'd and fell out of my chair.
  10. You WYO guys are like religious Zealots. You find our someone is a non-believer and you just can't take it. lol. How about this, what does Laramie offer that I can't get on vacation or while living in a more remote part of CA/NV/AZ/ID/OR/WA?
  11. Because other places have more to offer.
  12. AztecSU

    2018’s Best & Worst Cities for Basketball Fans

    UNLV and UNM don't look!
  13. Yeah, that's totally why most people don't like it. So insecure!