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  1. AztecSU

    My Rankings are the same as last week

    People sleeping on Hawaii. BSU FSU SDSU/HAWAII USU UNM AFA NEV UNLV WYO CSU SJSU west div likely will have 3 teams that finish with 9+ wins.
  2. AztecSU

    Show me where UCLA wins a game

  3. AztecSU

    Grats to SDSU and win over ranked OOC team.

    You have a shitty memory http://www.espn.com/college-football/game?gameId=400935276
  4. AztecSU

    The demise of the G5

    Aztec Warrior Stadium should be completed by 2021/22 with 40k+ capacity. It will be perfect 👌🏾
  5. AztecSU

    The demise of the G5

  6. AztecSU

    The demise of the G5

    If you look at TV ratings, what actually drives revenue, there is little difference between the top of the AAC/MW and the bottom half of the P5. So while the idea that a 6th conference would have parity is false, the truth is a 6th conference with the right members would be closer to the P5 than the G5, both in performance and in $$$. The problem is both the AAC and MW added too quickly during the last round leaving both with dead weight. If you added BSU, BYU, SDSU, and CSU or FSU to the AAC and split the conference into 4 team divisions that conf would be worth a lot more than either the MW or AAC is on paper currently. It would also make the American true to name. Ideally you drop the bottom 4 from both and just merge them.
  7. AztecSU

    Rank em.

    Nah... 1) Boise 2) Hawaii 3) Fresno/USU 5) SDSU the rest.
  8. AztecSU

    Anonymous Op Ed from a Senior WH Staffer

    Should they though? As much as I am curious about what differences we'd see I am also scared to death of the idea of having more of these assholes.
  9. AztecSU

    Anonymous Op Ed from a Senior WH Staffer

    Modern Gerrymandering has become mostly a Republican tool and not so much that of Dems because of demo changes. One side has more incentive to gerrymander than the other. But if you go back prior to the mid 20th century it was common for both. That being said, if you consider the representative cap that was placed on the house and then this round of Gerrymandering that occurred after the 2008 election, it does make you wonder what the country would look like politically if that cap wasn't placed on the house...
  10. Yo, that is a Princess chair....look at the Crown, it's for a princess or a Queen, mens crowns are usually pointed. LOLOLOL
  11. AztecSU

    Come Talk Football - K5

    You're not Dennis!
  12. AztecSU

    USA Today 1-130 Week 2 Re-Rank

    If you are lazy and don't go on returners it's easy to pick SDSU over Fresno...mostly because a one-year turnaround is almost always followed by a let down. However, with your QB returning and a lot of the team intact it is pretty weird.
  13. AztecSU

    USA Today 1-130 Week 2 Re-Rank

    Prolly because we shutdown a proven Heisman worthy talent....that and if Stanford had just one less Arceiga-Whiteside it's probably an even match-up.
  14. AztecSU

    Is BYU back?

    This is the real reason BYU will most likely not be invited to a power conference.
  15. AztecSU

    Come Talk Football - K5

    Most of the active fanbase that is online are all in twitter now except old timers still on aztecmesa. We've been actively engaging local pols and media people regarding SDSUwest. James has also been putting out podcasts...since you guys just can't let his memory go maybe you should listen.. http://sonsofmontezuma.com/