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  1. Brigade? I think they can call themselves whatever they want since it was majority Irish folks who selected the mascot anyway. But since this was my first time learning about the Civil War connection I decided to look up a few images. Pretty cool. And no I don't think they should change from the fighting Irish. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_Brigade_(Union_Army)
  2. Trump gas Tax

    It will just role down hill with the net effect being more expensive food for the most vulnerable. You always pass on your costs to net a profit if you want to stay in business.
  3. Never knew that it was really a reference to Irish Union Soldiers from the civil war. Seems like using a leprechaun is disrespectful to the memory of those men, regardless of any race implications.
  4. CA proposes no tackle FB before HS

    I played from peewee until end of high school. IMHO they should do this to save kids knees as much as their heads. Of everyone I know that played as long as me from my hometown none of us have lingering concussion issues, but all of us have +++++ed up knees.
  5. Pretty sure the MW and B10 actually had better attendance this season. I blame the playoff, or at least calling what we have now a playoff. As soon as they did that they made the bowls less sexy. Expand the playoffs to 8 and during the next round of negotiations take less money for more control over tier 2 game times. Also, TV has ruined in person attendance with their scheduling shenanigans and the only way it stops or slows down is if conferences start trading $$ for kickoff time control.
  6. WCC adds Boise, SDSU, Nevada, and UNLV. Boise joins the Zoobs, SDSU joins USD, and the Nevada schools come along because why not.
  7. SDSU '18

    The funny thing is we didn't have the issue until this consecutive bowl run(2011). Before that we had Kevin O'Connell and Ryan Lindley back to back. My read of it is that we aren't getting legit passers because we clearly won't be throwing often and our HC tends to be too direct about that truth. With most positions you can probably get away with that, but what position is more spoiled than star QB? So offense + coaching style = lower quality QB recruits. Funny thing is I wouldn't trade it. Only Boise has strung together 3 season like the 3 we just had, if we ever get a real QB watch your ass.
  8. SDSU '18

    Saw this on twitter today and got a kick out of it. If only Loboblast was around so we could get his rationalization...
  9. OT: Chief Wahoo's swan song

    Apu is funny. A psycho high school kid is not.
  10. OT: Chief Wahoo's swan song

    I'm Native, my grandma on my mothers side is 100% Shawnee. Not that it should make a difference, but I agree that claiming this kid somehow is an accurate rep of natives is so beyond ok. P.S. for the few Aztec fans who've met me in person and couldn't figure out what ethnicity I was, now you know why.
  11. OT: Chief Wahoo's swan song

    Exactly, you don't have anything to say. It's funny but you can't explain how.
  12. OT: Chief Wahoo's swan song

    Please, I would love an explanation of the humor. http://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/hardin-public-schools-closed-as-deputies-hunt-for-student-in/article_0c6241ef-463c-5f58-8fcd-d13d0af3ce48.html#tracking-source=home-top-story Hardin Public Schools were closed on Friday as law enforcement asked for the public's help in locating a student wanted in connection with a gun incident in the high school last week. School officials made the announcement on the district's Facebook page late Thursday night. “Due to new information about the student at-large, we will be canceling all Hardin District Schools tomorrow for the safety of our students and staff,” the message read. “We ask that students remain home and safe.” Big Horn County Sheriff Robert Simpson said Friday his department is asking the public’s help in locating the fugitive he named as Uttekaat Isaiah Jade Birdinground. Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff’s office at 406-665-9780, or 911. “Do not approach this individual,” the press release reads, in all capital letters. Superintendent Dennis Gerke said Friday that Birdinground, the student, had not attended school since last Friday. The school had disciplinary dealings with Birdinground in the past, but none had risen to the level of school safety threats, the superintendent said. A basketball game scheduled Friday night at Hardin High School has been canceled, and no other school activities will take place at Hardin School District facilities, including schools in Crow Agency and Fort Smith, until Birdinground has been arrested, Gerke said. "I just want to stress that safety for our students and our staff and our community is our No. 1 concern at this point," Gerke said. The closure comes on the heels of the recent arrest of Hardin High School teacher Nora Block. Block has been charged with having a gun on campus, tampering with evidence and obstructing justice in connection with a weapon found in a school classroom over the weekend. The incident apparently began last Friday when school officials were told a a student had a gun at school and found the student in Block's classroom, according to court documents. No gun was found on the student, but sheriff's deputies returned to the school Saturday and were told that Block had found the gun while cleaning the classroom. On Thursday, Big Horn County officials confirmed they are seeking a student’s arrest in connection with the incident. The student is accused of flashing a handgun at another student and demanding his lunch money. The student apparently carried the gun in the waistband of his pants, showing it to the victim as he demanded money last Friday, charges state. Birdinground has been suspended and may be expelled. An arrest warrant has been issued for him. Last Friday's incident was reported to school officials later in the day. They searched the student but did not find the weapon on him, according to charging documents, but a Glock 27 handgun was later found in a school classroom. Surveillance video reportedly shows the student "walking around the school holding his waistband and looking into the principal's office, who was not in the building," according to the affidavit. When asked about the gun, the student reportedly said he had been joking around with a black hair dryer that was in the classroom. Charges state that another student later found the gun and gave it to Block, who didn't turn it over to school officials until the next day. Block has been suspended with pay pending an investigation, said Superintendent Dennis Gerke. In her four years as an art teacher at the school, she had not previously been subject to disciplinary actions, he said. Gerke said he plans to seek Block's termination.
  13. OT: Chief Wahoo's swan song

    @mugtang what is this garbage? An accurate Indian?
  14. #Release The Memo

  15. #Release The Memo