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  1. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    His politics are his life, that’s it and that’s all. He’s already said he never attended and that he’s not originally from the area.
  2. SDSU Campus Plan Released

  3. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    For those of us in the Aztec fan community online his absence from pretty much every fan group and message board except this one is at the very least suspicious.
  4. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    If only Sergio were here to tell us about him...alright alright, now I'm scared.
  5. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    As bad a SA is wasn't he actual alumni and originally from the area? SDSUfan is not alumni and came to SD later in life based on his own comments here in the passed.
  6. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    lol, you see what you want. I mean only 22% of respondents voted for the only path that would be for Soccer. Most of the rest voted for a FB stadium, the current one or a new one. That's just the facts Mr. Libertarian Soccer Bro.
  7. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    I'm from here, I live here, and I attended. Unlike you. Thanks for finally admitting you're not a True/Real fan btw, took you awhile to own it. Good on you.
  8. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    46% of voters basically either want to keep Q as is with Aztecs playing in it or for the site to become SDSUwest. Soccercity is screwed. When a real poll is crafted with Leave as is removed since its not a real option, SDSU will be close to 50% threshold.
  9. The AAC has officially left us in the dust

    Meanwhile BYU already in the deadly cold water.
  10. Final Report Card FBS USA Today

    Lol, you guys are so easy. That envy drip keeps me laughing. Only Boise FB has been better than us chokers in the new MW. And overall we are blowing you chumps out of the water. No one used to care what aztecs said. Now we are the new borg. boo!
  11. The AAC has officially left us in the dust

    Bump for UTInation
  12. Final Report Card FBS USA Today

    So when you looked thru the grades you didn’t think they were based more on expectations than outcomes?
  13. Final Report Card FBS USA Today

    Another way to infer my point is Fresno’s grade. They finished with 4 losses, including UNLV, but got an A+ because they came in with low expectations.
  14. Final Report Card FBS USA Today

    Regardless the Zoobs got an F and we’re all pretty sure that’s why you posted this even though it’s already in another thread.
  15. Final Report Card FBS USA Today

    10-3 record with all 3 losses to 10+ win teams would put majority of G5 schools in the A range. USF at 10-2 only two losses to the only undefeated team in the CFP era. If most G5’s had seasons like this they would be in the A range. My point is you can tell which G5’s are garnering borderline P5 expectations externally.