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  1. CPAs be like "I don't work in the software"
  2. Anyone have experience with this suite as well as recommendations/best practices? Clearly there are a lot of accountant types (explains how everyone has so much free time ;-P) on the board and I'm curious what former users think. I've heard good and bad. We're looking to automate deferred revenue recognition as well as create some automation wrt to % of completion on active projects. Yeah this isn't quite as sexy as some other threads but if you do this work you know how important selecting the right software can be...
  3. For the record I have been to the shitty parts of eastern Europe and I was blown away by the similarity to the bad parts of Baltimore and NY that I am familiar with. You can tell both sides were building similar public housing but eventually we moved away from the practice and the otherside collapsed economically.
  4. Are only self important libertarians allowed to make jokes here or what?
  5. And it still kinda looks like an overhead of South OC.
  6. I'm curious how many "libertarians" on this board have been to Orange County to witness first-hand how "amazing" endless condos and homogenous culture can be.
  7. I agree wrt to investment perspective...but that's how its discussed and viewed in places like CA. Nothing you're saying is wrong, it's just that young people don't really make plans 7 years out. The trends...car ownership>>>happening later in life, babies>>>happening later in life, next up a Home>>>later in life. I think that older gens did look at home ownership as as investment...especially boomers. But if that's getting turned on its head, because of a shift in attitudes assisted by market conditions, the current trend of rising prices in rural areas makes a lot
  8. Those barriers to renting are much lower than buying though and there is a rising trend in the renter by choice demo in places like CA. You can try to make an argument about investing in a property but why not just invest in medium risk ETFs or something else? That is more flexible then putting down roots(and a ton of money) in a home that may or may not help you retire. Right now in SoCal you can rent a 2b/2b for anywhere between $1800 and $2300. Sure you can buy the same thing and pay about the same or a little more a month but unless you put down 20% you are going to be paying a ton of mort
  9. This right here is why I say home ownership may be moving in a similar direction as vehicle ownership for Millenials/GenZ. REITS can buy up all the stock and then compete against each other for rents, just like fleet owners have been doing the last 5+ years. If young people stop thinking of home ownership as essential it's possible.
  10. If 1/5 homes on average in the US are purchased for this purpose you can imagine that in some hotter markets that ratio is worse...greater than 20% of demand and growing. In some ways this feels like a different version of what's happening with car ownership.
  11. Basically the same trend that took off during the last housing crisis is getting worse.
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