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  1. NMSU, which gives the conf max number of possible rivalries which IMO are important to fan culture. FSU/SJSU UNLV/UNR UNM/NMSU AFA/WYO Hawaii & USU, sorry guys.
  2. It's funny to see Boise fans get so big when they are literally trying to find a rock to stick their olys under. Let's be real, nothing is happening.
  3. bad news guys, JD Wicker (the little guy) ran over to the other side after the SJSU whooping. Apparently we are going to the Big Sky for all sports.
  4. Oh but it will, if the CFP puts up crap numbers again next year with the same model it will accelerate change since we all know $$$ and Legacy are the two things driving the sport.
  5. Big Facts About 20% of a division is involved in national championship playoff for most sports in college. Except CFB which is somewhere between 3 & 4 %. CFB is essentially setup as a shrine to the past.
  6. 6 of 9 the games that did better against historical during bowl season involved G5 schools. Novelty effect is real. https://www.sportsmediawatch.com/college-football-tv-ratings/
  7. The CFP was officially a bust. Rejoice G5 brethren. https://www.sportsmediawatch.com/2021/01/national-championship-ratings-record-low-audience-alabama-ohio-state/
  8. How in the hell would a popular vote change that, there isn't just diversity in the rust belt + Florida...it's in EVERY state.
  9. The way it is now there is excessive attention to handful of states and swing districts/counties....how is that any different?
  10. You know it's very interesting to me that a 1st term Republican prez hasn't won the pop vote since the 80's but you havent seen leftist storm any capitals screaming about taking their country back and willing to kill. I think the right can handle popular vote selecting our leader.
  11. Maybe then, not now. We can move to popular vote for president just like we do for every governor as the country will be fine. All the real power of the purse will still be in congress and the senate will continue to act as the firewall against majority wielding too much power.
  12. vestiges of balancing the electoral process due to a lack of white populace in the south needs to +++++ing go, period.
  13. It's almost like decades of right wing media personalities shouting about taking their country back has had an effect huh? Trump was just the first one to take that method and apply it to the results of an election he lost.
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