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  1. Lolita's and Sombrero's are the best Mexican chain food locations. Otherwise it's hole in the wall places based on the area you're in....you can't got wrong. Fish Taco's: El Zarape (University Heights), Oscar's (PB), Blue Water Seafood (Mission Hills)
  2. Athletic Departments will likely receive a term loan from their University which will be repaid over subsequent seasons. This is a practice that has existed for a long time.
  3. My company still receives a lot of payments via check by mail (customers are police/fire/ems services) and we started noticing the mail get weird back in June but didn't think much of it. Specifically we noticed large batches of mail would show up in rubber bands that were much older than the rest of the mail in the box. I'm guessing it's related, sad.
  4. This is a miscalculation and the reaction is going to be making election day a federal holiday finally.
  6. It doesn't even matter, but ok. Coastal Carolina
  7. Pittsburgh @sactowndog your're up
  8. Wait...why are we doing this? Arkansas @retrofade you're up
  9. Who would've guessed watching SJSU's stadium reno and SDSU's 24/7 construction cam was going to be the highlight of Fall 2020 for the MW conference?
  10. https://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/finances/ Reminder that certain P5 schools are going to be in far worse financial trouble than most of the G5 despite the current narrative.
  11. Damn, most of you are clueless about bonds...but I suspect we don't have a lot of 70 year + people living on a fixed income or finance experts in the mix so not a huge surprise I guess.
  12. Never mind that Steve Kerr and Pop said the same thing as him. But ultimately you're just a hypocrite. It's obvious what he said is trash...it's the over reaction to it and that is telling. Carry on spam boy.
  13. @halfmanhalfbronco You see when you want to believe something a certain way because you have envy or other negative feelings about someone it's very easy to be convinced. https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/what-did-lebron-james-say-about-china-nearly-everyone-else-ncna1069131
  14. There is no amount of money I would separate from my son for...maybe some don't have children or just don't relate to that feeling...I do.