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  1. He's not wrong about there always being limits on the actual weaponry citizens could get. He's also not wrong that to overthrow the government you need more than ARs. Waiting out a greater force, a la Afghanistan, is not the same as defeating the most powerful military in the world. He's calling them cosplayers, cuz they are.
  2. I'm going to take this opportunity to completely derail this thread and let anyone interested know that Dan Carlin (Hardcore History) released part 6 of his Supernova in the East series earlier this month. And while I'm at it I will mention he covers the Celtic Holocaust it decent detail. I don't anyone think anyone here is racist, I only try to open minds to different points of view.
  3. Meh, I'll just say I went through a phase of intense interest. Doubt most would be able to drop names, even if they may recognize their faces.
  4. Was the definition in Rome, anyone who wasn't under the ilk of the Roman empire?
  5. Wow. I guess the Galli really were Barbarians, just like Caesar said. Why would he lie?
  6. Also Max Tegmark but he doesnt count since I had to look up his name. I would guess most would recognize his face though.
  7. Filipenko and Krauss. Both are typically in the same sort of infotainment cosmology docs as Tyson.
  8. Is learning about German heritage with Ocean themes racist? Just curious.
  9. You don't really think that's what this course is about do you?
  10. Pretty powerful statement from Milley We can and should feel however we want about CRT, but I think it's important to note Milley's words here considering the position he holds as a leader.
  11. Sorry. That was meant for those lurking but not responding.
  12. Yeah, I just checked and overall we are 3-1 on the blue. So good, but definitely not owning.
  13. Also, we are 2-1 in Boise, but they are 2-1 in San Diego. So fowl's point about the blue kinda stands. Luckily Boise isn't playing and winning bowls in SD or they would basically make the same exact claim about San Diego/Qualcomm.
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