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  1. The reason you are backing Greenwald is teams and shit. You like him now because you think he supports your side.
  2. JMO, but Greewald is more of a Libertarian who leans left, then a Liberal who leans libertarian. He always seems to ride the line or getting the story and also being part of the story which I think says something about his ego...
  3. Wait...is he a POS for pretending to treat women that way or for tricking the women they paid $3600? I honestly don't get it. I mean the movie isn't funny and his humor expired awhile ago but I'm not sure why he's hated here...
  4. You do, but if your ops are running relatively normal through this period, then you just end up saving the operating cash you would've spent on payroll. So there will be a batch of companies out there, mine included, that have built up a nice cash balance thanks to PPP.
  5. I have no idea what its like on the ground in Idaho, but its actually doing much better in terms of job losses and the rebound than most of the country. Hopefully that also means these jobs come back quicker than in other places.
  6. Oh man, that is terrible and I hope your pop is able to find full-time work soon. I will say compared to the last downturn that seemed to hit white collar jobs very hard, this one seems to have decimated service industry and retail workers.
  7. We took them because we anticipate a hit sometime between Q2 & Q4 2021 but if you look at our balance sheet today you would think we were rolling in it. IMO there may be a lot of firms projecting a hit next year...so why tax this relief before some companies have a chance to use it as intended, when they'll feel the impact of the current economic situation.
  8. lol, GDP is not jobs...if people in Idaho aren't working enough there will be a double dip...why is this so hard to understand? This is a shit rolls down hill scenario...jobs don't return, then property values and local tax base erodes, then the real trouble starts. When the jobs come back that we lost he should get credit, they aren't back yet.
  9. As of now PPP forgiveness is taxable, but I honestly see that being amended in someway...kind of self defeating, no?
  10. lol, you all think you're trolls like your leader. funny.
  11. Or maybe the qtr could've been even better or the dip not so stark...leadership, errr divisiveness counts.
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