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  1. I agree with all of these, save one I need some clarification. In general those that align with the Democratic Party LOVE unions. For some reason they don't love police unions, though. Why are all other unions great but police unions are terrible?
  2. My friend, I have a few Denver recommendations if you want them. https://bluepandenver.com/ https://www.yelp.com/biz/cherry-cricket-denver-3?osq=elk+burger
  3. In fairness, I didn't see Convert ever use the "he/his/Him" pronouns. Convert just called Jenner by her former name and in the context of the olympics, it kind of makes sense since Bruce Jenner (as a male) was the olympian, not Caitlyn. All that said, Convert is definitely trolling here.
  4. I think much more training and better pay would be good places to start. No one wants to be a cop because it’s a shit job. You have to be a social worker, crime enforcer, therapist and city ordinance expert. It’s an impossible job to do well in most cases, especially when you have to assume everyone you encounter could have a loaded gun.
  5. So far it's been civil. And really there's not a ton to argue about. Who do you want to run is as benign as it gets. Knowing MWCboard though, it will soon devolve into accusations of racism and fascism. Which reminds me. The two original board fascists have yet to comment @BSUTOP25and @halfmanhalfbronco
  6. None of the people I want to run will run. None of the people I want to win will win. If Trump runs again I'm going to hide in the mountains somewhere. I think ultimately it will be a DeSantis vs BIden/Harris showdown.
  7. Here's a chart I found on police involved shootings: https://www.statista.com/statistics/585152/people-shot-to-death-by-us-police-by-race/
  8. Most of my friends are homophobic enough they claim they can't tell what other men are physically attractive. Like admitting Brad Pitt is handsome is gay or something. It's so odd to me.
  9. I compliment other dudes that have great beards. It's the only socially acceptable way for a straight male to compliment another. IT does need to be normalized.
  10. I disagree, knives can kill. Can you imagine the outrage if she'd gotten a stab in that killed because the officer was tasing her? The premise I agree with: police far too often reach for a gun first when a taser or pepper spray would do, but with a knife I think a gun was justified.
  11. I will still be rioting to steal all the fry sauce
  12. This is a fair take that is spot on.
  13. I'm mostly upset that I won't get to riot. @BSUTOP25had a diner in Montpelier, Idaho with the best fry sauce chosen to pillage for the delicious sauce. @halfmanhalfbroncocould you send me some fry sauce? Seriously though, you are spot on with these points. Getting rid of for profit prisons would be a good start. So much to fix in this country. I have a massive package. I'm glad justice was served today.
  14. Do you think he'll be mentally sound for all four years? Serious question.
  15. Might as well add in all the phobes as well. And yes, requiring ID to vote is both fascist and racist.
  16. Idea for new poll: Is it racist to require ID to vote? Options: Yes/No/You are racist for asking
  17. It is if the tarps count for 5k Each.
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