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  1. For those complaining about a potential MW Sacramento tie in.. there is this saying dealing with beggars and choosers and such. We aren’t getting any better offers. I like Sacramento. Think it’s an underrated city.
  2. They are masters at it. I also think in the offseason football fans are so hungry for football something as boring as the draft gets over covered.
  3. You cover what people care about and where money is, unless it's political.
  4. https://247sports.com/Season/2019-Basketball/CompositeTeamRankings/?Conference=M-West 1. Utah State 2. Fresno State 3. Colorado State 4. New Mexico 5. Nevada 6. UNLV 7. SDSU 8. Wyoming 9. San Jose 10. Boise PREPARE YOUR ANIIIIIIIIIIII!
  5. @#1Stunner has made some astute observation on the Asian student body at SJSU and how to draw more of them to SJSU athletic events.
  6. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  7. Some serious reverse Juju going on here.
  8. A quote from Coach Craig Smith regarding Queta: “With Neemias, he is testing the waters. That’s the perfect name for it. I think the NBA had done some really good things with some new rules. An agent can guide them, and the NBA gives them feedback. ... We wish Neemias nothing but the best. If he can be a first-round pick and get some guaranteed things, it’s hard to pass up. We support Neemie and will support him through the process. He is an intelligent guy and has a good feel for the big picture.” In other news, USU is currently ranked #1 in Recruiting in MBB. PREPARE YOUR ANIIIII! https://247sports.com/Season/2019-Basketball/CompositeTeamRankings/?Conference=M-West
  9. Surprised no CSU fan has mentioned their bitter rivalry with Minnesota.
  10. Agreed. It's on USU to win a few more games against Boise. I'd like to see a rivalry, would be a lot of fun for both schools.
  11. USU (in conference) Tier 1 None Tier 2 Wyo, CSU, Boise I say tier 2 because I still really like Wyo, CSU. and the games have been back and forth with both squads winning a fair amount. Boise because we haven't been competitive enough to earn a tier 1. For OOC BYU would be tier 1 and Utah would be tier 2
  12. Who is getting drafted from your squads and in what rounds? From USU I have: Dax Raymond 4th and Darwin Thompson 6th