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  1. What about THIS years Sagarin? When does that come out? FSU isn't any good either. It's also about perception. Is it better to play 3 P5s and one FCS or to play 3 Mid Majors (1 sun belt, 1 CUSA, 1 indy) and 1 P5? A question for the philosophers I suppose.
  2. I couldn’t watch the whole video, but what I did see was horrific. Murder charges for the officer need to be filed ASAP.
  3. Have you looked at the rest of Boise's OOC schedule? Don't just look at a single game. CSU has a vastly superior schedule to Boise's and still plays an FCS opponent, as an example.
  4. Hot take: nickel back is not as bad as people say
  5. Wyo could have a real good season provided your offense can score more than 10 a game.
  6. There enough tarps already in storage to really effectively social distance.
  7. Excellent. Straw man gonna straw man. Don’t be deliberately obtuse unless that’s your game. The genesis of the discussion was PH saying UNLV owned the conference. My point was that UNLV hadn’t done anything in the conference recently. That’s all. Do you need some attention? Is that’s what’s going on? Certainly tourney success is more important than conference success, which sort of speaks volumes to the state of UNLV because they have neither of late. USU doesn’t have tourney success, it’s true. I don’t recall making that argument either. You are just looking for a reason to be offended and argue at this point.
  8. Strawman my friend. PH was talking about how UNLV owns the conference. I responded that UNLV really hasn't done shit in the conference for ever. I guess if this makes you feel better, cool. You're making an argument against yourself here though. UNLVs success before many here were even born is impressive. I'll give you that. Call it a recency bias, but one little conference regular season or conference tourney title in the recent past would really help out here with the claim that UNLV owns the conference.
  9. I mean any significant conference accomplishment in the last decade be it regular season or tourney champs would be a start.
  10. There is a third and vastly better option people. His name is Justin Amash. Not the leader we deserve, but the leader we need.
  11. I don't fault anyone for having an opinion and owning it, unless it contradicts mine. In that case it is so stupid.
  12. Very reasonable take. We have to accept the possibility or high probability that we will all get Corona virus. This is one we will be living with until a viable treatment option comes out.