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  1. madmartigan

    USU vs. UNM

    Color me very surprised USU leads the series by that margin. UNM has had comparatively a much better hoops program the last decade or so.
  2. madmartigan

    BSU's NFL Tape

    Gallup is going to be a very good #2 for years to come. He got better and better as the season wore on. I wonder where Preston Williams will land...... after he steps out of bounds... sorry I had to.
  3. Never ever change Bob.
  4. Looking at the standings, it's quite clear the WAC rejects are really bringing the conference down. Both in hoops and football. Disclaimer: I don't claim any affiliation with SJSU.
  5. madmartigan

    We joke about meeting up at Best Buy...

    I've had to kick @cosinama's ass several times in various parking lots. He's so incredibly dense the message never gets through: leave my mom alone.
  6. madmartigan

    AOC with Probably Her Dumbest Statement Yet

    @toonkee good call on the solution fallacy: if something is not 100% effective it shouldn't be used. Used by Repubs arguing against restricting guns "Criminals will still find a way even if this gun is illegal." Now used by Dems "Illegal immigrants will still get in even with a wall." The hypocrisy on both sides is crazy. A wall would reduce illegal immigration. Not a catch-all solution, but a solution nonetheless. Is it worth the money? I haven't earned the right to an opinion on that. More research is needed. Walls are effective in Israel and are less effective in other areas. I'm pointing out there are deliberately obtuse people that make fallacious arguments to fit their agenda.
  7. Yeah, I don't know what the answer is to that. The food quality in the US is terrible (especially for the poor that can't afford good food). The shit food also tastes amazing. I'm not sure what the answer would be but reducing obesity even 5% would really curb the costs.
  8. The US is very good at putting people together after they're broken. Preventing disease and creating wellness is quite another story. Our healthcare also costs more per capita than any country on earth. Those are big problems. Chronic disease and its intendant complications is 3/4 of our spending and almost wholly preventable.
  9. madmartigan

    MW BBall Attendance

    Your face is going to be quite inflated after I smash it. #Bestbuytime
  10. madmartigan

    Air Force vs Utah State

    Suck it @Bob
  11. madmartigan

    Boise at Fresno

    Excuses. You needed to win this game for the good of the conference and in the interest of the Aggies finishing second.
  12. madmartigan

    Boise at Fresno

    What meats are those? Looks pretty fantastic. Ever tried Tacos El Gordo in Chula Vista, TJ, or Vegas? The al pastor tacos are not to be missed.
  13. madmartigan

    Wyo at USU

    Isn’t AFA playing soon?