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  1. If we could get a few years of urban Meyer esque success I’d be all for cheating and some sanctions. Bring em on!
  2. This is a common lament among many fan bases. Mostly because they play too much madden and think TEs are always open.
  3. probably seeing who he wants to poach when he’s at SC next year https://kslsports.com/415054/urban-meyer-makes-appearance-at-utah-state/
  4. Did it all start with the meltdown against Boise in 2017? It seems you've been a steady decline since then.
  5. As the last year seniors from CSU are now proving in the NFL, CSU has plenty of talent. Can Bobo make it happen with the superior lifestyle factor aiding him?
  6. I've been told your WRs might be your best group ever. I wonder if Harsin throws the rock a bit more than past years.
  7. Place your % certainty of generating another 1,000 + yard rusher this year now that Duncan is hurt.
  8. USU D-line was doing sudden lateral shifts before the ball was snapped. Caragher thought they were mimicking the snap count and cheating. It clearly worked if you look at the final score.
  9. Dammit Slappy do you not know what reverse Juju is?
  10. All I care about is that the GD travel subsidy check doesn't bounce when USU's AD goes to cash it... MMMM travel subs delicious.
  11. I'll start No way Hawaii can beat the vaunted Wildcats. Arizona plays in the Pac-12, a vastly superior conference to the MW. Wildcats by 20.
  12. I've been campaigning for this for awhile. 10 wins a year is unacceptable. #Fireharsin
  13. Karl tears were delicious. I loved that game more than words can describe. A few of the chants I can remember participating in "Daddy's Boy" "Baby Koby" and "Daddy's watching" Sorry about the quality, It was shot on @BSUTOP25 flip phone.