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  1. Logan is a decidedly average food town. It pales in comparison to Laramie, as @BSUTOP25will attest. I might recommend 2-3 restaurants there: -Herm's Inn -Tandoori Oven -Morty's for burgers
  2. Forgive my lack of knowledge of the superior lifestyle town, but there was this burger joint that offered a burger with Krispy Kreme doughnuts as buns in the older part of town. That place was fantastic but can't remember the name.
  3. My wife is from Visalia and has told me several times I need to try Doghouse Grill. Next time I'm in Fresno I'll swing by per your recommendation.
  4. Ahh yes, UNLV the perpetual “we will be good next year” team of the MW.
  5. Fantastic game by Boise. You just have to tip your hat. What did you shoot in the second half? It seemed like Kigab went all Mamba and Armus went nuts as well. Stings to lose that one, but Boise made the plays. USU really really misses Worster.
  6. I heard similar things after Sam Merrill left. Craig Smith is a very good coach. If he doesn't bolt they'll be solid year in and year out.
  7. Hold on there stat manipulator, I've got to check your Bronco blue goggles just a tad. USU Season FG Average vs Last Night: 45.31% vs 46.0%.... While technically true, USU did shoot better, you're really going to argue about less than a 1% difference? I think USU shot less than a percentage better because by design Boise allowed Queta to take lots of very high percentage shots in the paint (lay-ups, alley-oops, etc). Ditto for Bean and Anthony BSU Season FG Average vs Last Night 46.2% vs 44.4%... not too big of a difference there either: on 63 shots you maybe make one more. A
  8. What website do you use to place bets? Asking for a friend, obviously sports betting is terrible and not any fun and I have no interest......
  9. The officiating WAS terrible. It got way worse in the second half. Wish we had the crew that officiated the Tuesday game. Great job, Rammies. Solid win. Shot and defended well and obviously played way better than USU. A well deserved W.
  10. No, but sure a helluva lot better than 12 percent.
  11. Especially where USU is bricking everything deep.
  12. CSU certainly playing much better. I am optimistic in that I feel They shot as well as they possibly could have and are only up 2.
  13. My best nature always triumphs while looking at it.
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