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  1. My friend, I have a few Denver recommendations if you want them. https://bluepandenver.com/ https://www.yelp.com/biz/cherry-cricket-denver-3?osq=elk+burger
  2. In fairness, I didn't see Convert ever use the "he/his/Him" pronouns. Convert just called Jenner by her former name and in the context of the olympics, it kind of makes sense since Bruce Jenner (as a male) was the olympian, not Caitlyn. All that said, Convert is definitely trolling here.
  3. I will still be rioting to steal all the fry sauce
  4. This is a fair take that is spot on.
  5. I'm mostly upset that I won't get to riot. @BSUTOP25had a diner in Montpelier, Idaho with the best fry sauce chosen to pillage for the delicious sauce. @halfmanhalfbroncocould you send me some fry sauce? Seriously though, you are spot on with these points. Getting rid of for profit prisons would be a good start. So much to fix in this country. I have a massive package. I'm glad justice was served today.
  6. It is if the tarps count for 5k Each.
  7. UCLA is the dark horse in all this. I think they show improvement under Chip Kelly this year now that he has his system and recruits in place.
  8. Utah is going to be really dangerous now that they have a QB.
  9. So great defense and inconsistent offense win 8-10 games again? Will you get better production out of the offense? it's been the one thing holding you back.
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