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  1. @BSUTOP25 just on a roll here. Not that I agree with all his points, but it's still pretty damn funny.
  2. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    I agree with everything you said with one exception- USUs basketball history is a lot less impressive than a few other programs when you consider our last tourney win was close to two decades ago. SDSU and UNM have had recent tourney success. USU has lots of tourney appearances, very few wins. Our last appearance was in 2011 too so it’s not all that recent either. This supports the premise that USU was only good because we were in a lesser conference.
  3. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    I agree with this. Utah also produces an usually high amount of D1 football players given its diminutive population.
  4. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    You’re above average at being below average at least. That’s some consistency.
  5. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    I’ll give you a perfect average ass kicking if you don’t donate enough money to hire a capable replacement, pussy.
  6. Nevada fans Eric Musselman.... can Nevada keep him?

    He loves Circus Circus I’m told. He’s in for the long haul.
  7. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    Maybe it’s a recency bias since USU has recently fielded some winning teams in football *shrugs*. I’m interested in the reasons.
  8. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    I’m curious why you think USU can be relevant in football but not hoops. Not trolling, want to know your reasons.
  9. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    Not to mention losing to Portland earlier this year.
  10. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    It doesn’t really matter if Logan was tougher than the pit or Viejas as long as the Home team is winning. It’s all about opinion and I think The Spectrum 08-11 was as tough a place to play as any. Anyway no sense in arguing this as we aren’t going to agree.
  11. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    Yeah that is very true. It’s tough to recruit to Logan too, but when the team is good the home court is really helpful for winning conference games.
  12. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    Stews teams had a winnning record against Utah and close to .500 against BYU his whole time here- including the last few down years. I’m not saying every year would’ve been a top 3 finish but I’m guessing he would’ve had two or three top 3 finishes.
  13. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    Stews better WAC teams would’ve competed just fine in the MW- especially given the home court advantage at that time.
  14. Nevada @ the Baggies

    It’s been poorly officiated. Very inconsistent
  15. Nevada @ the Baggies

    I am extending the Best Buy parking lot invite to either of the Martin twins or Caroline. Pansies.