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  1. I am searching for the source. Gimme a bit. I hope I can find it. Edit: Also, other sources claiming it's BS or misleading: https://nationalinterest.org/blog/coronavirus/no-it’s-not-true-zero-college-students-have-been-hospitalized-coronavirus-169030 Per Usual, I don't know shit.
  2. LOL no you didn't. You knew exactly what you were doing.
  3. Hair Thompson leads from the front.. the front of the line copying everything the PAC-12 and B1G does.
  4. It's not optimal, but nothing is during a pandemic. I just wonder if the lost revenue from concessions, ticket sales, in-game prostitution, will be enough to say no season for the MW.
  5. Agreed. Most models I've seen have very limited/no stadium capacity.
  6. Over 30,000 cases among college students. Zero hospitalizations. I'd say it's pretty low risk for the kids.
  7. Holy shit I just liked one of your posts, and not because it will become a running joke on MW board for decades. Well done sir. I salute you. #moreshreddedthanyou
  8. @smltwnrckr thanks for this thoughtful discussion. I have nothing to add here as I no less about wildfires than I do about wearing pink high heels, but thanks for starting this constructive dialogue. One thing I'd be interested in, is what natural disasters like this are caused or excacerbated by climate change vs having no relation. It seems like every time there's a natural disaster there's a rallying cry from each side: sEe DuMB cOnSerVaTivES CLIMATE CHANGE REAL or... LiBeRAls Are StUpiD... HuRRiCanEs AlWayS happen And in all candor, I haven't studied climate change closely
  9. Donald Trump is uniquely qualified to relate to and deal with Kim Jong Un. I mean that both as insult and compliment.
  10. Very level headed. It's always dangerous to make too much out of the first game of the year when you don't know who either team is. BYU looks to have a formidable OL at the very least.
  11. An update: I simulated the game in my mind. USU won on a game winning field goal 45-42. Good first OOC win for the MW this season.
  12. I've been told by KSL that Zach Wilson is massively improved in every way and will be amazing this year. Additionally, did you KNOW that his Dad played for Utah and Zach grew up a BIG Utah Fan? Crazy the stuff you learn the first 27 times ESPN tells you. Utah probably would've taken the L.
  13. I should currently be in my car, riding up to Logan for a quick stop at the best buy parking lot to kick @cosinama's ass and pay his Mom, then onto Maverik stadium for a game against Washington State. Utah and BYU also would've played today. 83 degrees or so at kickoff... dammit.
  14. Oh good heavens. Alex Jones as a moderator... I can't even fathom what that nut job would say.
  15. IF they really wanted things to be wild, they should've gotten alternating far right and far left moderators.
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