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  1. I've never coached basketball before, but I've played some and watched a lot. I should be an ideal candidate.
  2. The fat lady has sung and I’m not talking about BYU co Eds.
  3. He will laugh at your pathetic member, but maybe.
  4. The first time I was proud to be a native Idahoan was when I spent some time in the sawtooth wilderness.
  5. First the dick pics now this harassment. I am in if there’s room for me. How do I sign up?
  6. I'm a native Idahoan and have explored those wilderness. The thing about Utah is that it has 5 national parks and tens of thousands of acres of protected Wilderness. If you couldn't find a spot to be by yourself with all that open land, you are the poser. Zion and Bryce are quite busy in the summer but much less so in the early spring or late fall.
  7. As always, you are a ray of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy world. I disagree about Utah's outdoors, but won't waste my time trying to convince you. You are un-convinceable
  8. In this case, you called @pokebball sexist. I haven't heard/seen him defend Trump or Biden so your point is not as applicable to him. Point taken though. Hypocrisy abounds.
  9. I don't think she has flawed character, TBH. She lied about being a native american on a bar application and continued to do so for a few decades. She's since apologized: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/elizabeth-warren-apologizes-for-calling-herself-native-american/2019/02/05/1627df76-2962-11e9-984d-9b8fba003e81_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.b8de68dcebb2 I think it's fair to question her character after publicly defending a lie so long, but I think she made a mistake like the rest of us do and I'm willing to move on. I just hate the implication that if you criticize a woman or a minority it's definitely because you're sexist or racist. For the dems, the party that claims racial sensitivity, to have a candidate that claimed to be part of Cherokee nation for so long is a bit of a problem.
  10. Please don't conflate having questions about someones character based on a lie they told in the past as sexism. Very shallow and illogical argument. Same strategy was tried with Obama. If you disagreed with him you were called a racist.
  11. I swear it starts to get pretty as soon as you cross the border into CO. It's uncanny.
  12. That Fresno line seems high to me. I think Fresno can keep it closer and maybe win. Helton is a bad HC.
  13. Who do you think of the current dems has a good chance at beating him? I'm not seeing it. I do not like Trump and hope I'm wrong.
  14. I'm willing to place a healthy wager that barring impeachment proceedings, Trump wins in 2020.