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  1. @Jeffkills is somewhere now having an orgasm.
  2. Pfft. Of course a Boise grad would be all about investing in "trade" schools, provided those trades are on 16 wheels.
  3. I can't take SDSU that seriously. The Aztecs lost to Nevada for crying out loud.
  4. You've got Utahans there. Boise State grads and family do have a way better handle on the rules of the road, especially as they relate to the limitations placed on 16 wheelers.
  5. I agree with all that and I I will add one more truth- I have a massive package.
  6. In fairness, we of Logan lost to every team we played last year that had a pulse. We had a cake walk of a schedule and a very senior laden team. The schedule this year has been much more daunting, probably our most challenging schedule ever. Add to that the fact that we're replacing: an entire coaching staff, 4/5 OL, 3 top WR, 1 NFL TE, and 1 NFL RB, and I don't feel too bad about 7-8 wins. While I am not suggesting this year's USU's team is as good as last years, I am suggesting given the circumstances if we end up finishing at 7-8 wins, that's far from a turd. Also, we beat the Aztecs in San Diego. Suck it @Dr.Dre
  7. Anytime you have to steal lame ass "USU is in Ogden" jokes from BYU, you know you're in trouble. Really? Nothing better than variations of "usu is in Ogden" Derp derp. Next thing you know you'll be eating green jello and funeral potatoes for every meal. Oh and Boise is a trucker school.
  8. You say USU is going to suck next year every year. Eventually you'll be right, but thus far you're 0fer. You want USU to be bad so much, that's what I was more laughing at, because I love your posts about it.
  9. Alright, so bigger issue is finding and developing QBs that can run the system and the system itself. I think I get it.
  10. You are the best. Thank you. You realize you just complimented a player on USU, don't you?
  11. From my point of view, wyos biggest current problem is Vander Waal. He is not accurate or consistent throwing the ball.
  12. What would you change about the play calling and the offense in general, Poke fans?