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  1. I would agree with you if Biden weren’t running again. He is not a strong candidate for the dems given his age when he runs.
  2. Him harboring top secret documents illegally has convinced you to vote for him? Good to know.
  3. The comparisons between Trump and cult leaders are all too valid and chilling. It doesn't matter WHAT he does, his supporters continue to support him in the face of all logic and evidence to the contrary.
  4. Seems like the smart thing to do when you need to replace all that natural gas. Remove reliable, safe and emission free energy sources.
  5. Germany pursued some bad energy policies. Solar and wind work well in sunny and windy climates. California and Texas come to mind: Germany is neither sunny nor windy. Need to follow finland and Frances lead and go with Nuclear to bridge the gap.
  6. You won't admit to it, but I think you're playing a much deeper game here. I think you're trying to MWboard JuJu the shit out of CSU so they fail... well done. We all know it's blasphemous for a Poke fan to say anything positive about CSU. You're not fooling anyone.
  7. Touché- I more meant in general SJSU recruits good offensive talent given their geo. Especially at WR and TE.
  8. Does Peasley have anyone to throw to?
  9. Let me get this straight, I take a summer long hiatus from the board and the top trending topic on here is the hapless UNLV FOOTBALL program? The disappointment I feel is immense. Let's get some more football talk going. Rank Em', By Division $EC Mountain Boise State: I'm told the damage wrought by Harsin is being unwound by St. Avalos. They will have a nasty defense to go along with their field and stadium. More consistent offense will be helpful. What's up with that OOC @halfmanhalfbronco? TN-Martin? UTEP? The supposed premier program in the MW can do better. Gets the sheep-lovers and the gang-rapers at home. AFA: Returns a bunch of starters and always a pain in the ass to play. Roadies at USU and SDSU will be challenging. Get Boise at home. Maybe @SpaceForcedcan add some context here. What's the defense and passing game going to look like? USU: The returning champs are flying under the radar- just how they like it. Lost a lot of production at WR, but return one of the best QBs in the conference and a top 25 offense. Big question marks on defense, but most of their position coaches and coordinators from the 2021 title team. Roadies at Boise and back to back weeks on the front range will make or break the season. Challenging away OOC @ BYU and @ Alabama will really test this teams injury resilience and nut punching resistance. Nevada-Eastern: Really really interesting squad. I expect them to be vastly improved and I could see them challenging for the title if things roll right. Norvell is a decent HC and Nevada-Eastern always has good skill at TE, WR and RB. 4 Freshmen QBs does not instill tons of confidence in the offense. I maybe missing one or two, but I count 12 Nevada transfers on the roster. Very nice OOC with games against @ Michigan and Wazzu. Have to go on the road to AFA and Boise, which will likely prevent a top finish in the league. This is likely a bowl team and has the highest variability of any team I see in the league. Wyoming: Is Bohl still in charge here? Lost a lot via transfer portal including all world WR Neyor to Texas. Starting QB is former backup at USU in Andrew Peasley. Great physical tools, but will need to be coached up in order to have success. I don't see enough here to put them higher. Bohl seems to be a middling coach set in his ways with a boring offense. Manageable OOC with Tulsa, Illinois, Northern CO and the nut-punchers in Provostan. New Mexico: New Mexico is still New Mexico. I'll confess I know less about their roster than any other squad, so they could be better than I think. Should be able to pick up wins against NSMU, Maine and UTEP OOC. @ LSU for the money game. West Fresno: I guess you can go home again. Tedford returning after a year off is a very intriguing story line. History hasn't been kind to coaches returning to a program (I know from painful painful experience), but Tedford has the fanbase excited. I love the Haener + Cropper combo and Fresno recruits their backyard well. Two PAC-12 opponents OOC: Oregon State at Home and @ USC. You should split those, but you have a chance to win both, which would be tits. UConn and Cal-Poly should be easy Ws. SUDS at home, the fighting 18 wheelers on the road. I like Fresno's chances to host the CCG. SDSU: The always solid defense and running game should be good again this year. I've heard rumors you've found a passing game, but I hear that every off-season. New stadium should be a boost especially early in the year. Only thing preventing me from putting SDSU higher is I think Fresno has a more dynamic offense and a better QB. If you don't perform you can always blame COVID. Two PAC-12 games: one for the home opener vs AZ should be a W then on the road at Utah, which will be an L. Idaho State and Toledo round out the OOC- you'll be 3-1 in those games. This team looks like it's got the toughest conference schedule with roadies at Boise and Fresno and the Zoomies at home. SJSU: Solid coach and good offense will be the theme. One of the more pathetic OOCs vs Portland State, Western Michigan and NM State. Roadie vs Auburn. Very challenging conference schedule @ USU, SUDS and Fresno. Nevada: Surprising how well they recruited in this cycle with the departure of Norvell. This team could surprise. OOC: NMSU, Incarnate Word, Iowa, Texas State. Should pick up 3 wins in OOC to build some confidence. I like the direction of this program, but @mugtangmay disagree with me and throw his accounting calculator at me. Hawaii: Too big a mess here to have much hope. They have neat uniforms though and still get to live in Hawaii after they lose games. Vanderbilt, Western KY, Duquesne on the rock for OOC. NMSU and Michigan on the road rounds out their OOC. If I'm a Hawaii fan, I look to see signs of improvement throughout the season and something to build on. UNLV: Not a believer until I see something. The one positive is they played four one score games last year and ended up losing all of them. That could be a sign of good things to come.This team could surprise, but again, I have to see it to believe it. Losing your best defensive player to transfer and offensive player to graduation doesn't help when you didn't have an insanely talented squad last year. Lots of upside here, but I don't see a great season right now. Overall 1a.Boise 1b.Fresno 3.SDSU 4. AFA 5. USU 6. CSU 7. SJSU 8. Nevada 9. Wyoming 10. Hawaii 11. UNLV 12. UNM
  10. How much did it run you? Your newest one I mean.
  11. I love PC gaming but don’t love the money it takes to get a competent machine these days. My PS5 is my only gaming device these days and I love it.
  12. Yes. All she said was that case was constitutionally unsound or something to that effect. Didn’t I say that in my OP?
  13. I can’t find her overtly saying she’s against birth control for the unmarried. I CAN find her speaking out against the constitutionality of a Supreme Court case: Griswold v Connecticut which said a women had a right to buy contraceptives… more or less. https://www.tennessean.com/story/opinion/2022/04/07/blackburn-warning-us-plans-gop-outlaw-abortion-birth-control/7222285001/ I would consider the most strong form of protest against this type of law if the religious nut job types ever try to pass it.
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