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  1. Jack it's not "siding with the PAC" here. BYU fans need to get away from the whole "us vs everyone" mentality. I'm a bystander that happens to have a difference of opinion with you. I think playing a game and winning against Washington would look good for BYU. I will concede it's a shit sandwich of a scheduling arrangement where UW can cancel last minute. I hope you find a good team to add to the schedule. You've got such a good team it would be a shame to not play a single P5 opponent or another quality opponent when those are the wins that the committee looks at. I think your stance co
  2. Unfair are not P5 wins are held In much higher regard even if the team that you beat isn’t good. That perception goes a long way and shows the committee you made an effort to play more teams with a pulse. Hopefully BYU is able to add another quality opponent. This BYU team to me looks like one of the better teams BYU has fielded in a few decades. You gotta push all your chips in with a team like this. It might also be a case where church leadership is asking BYU to do all they can to secure a NY6 bowl to help with budget shortfalls. Pure conjecture on my part. The church aspect
  3. What? You could play Bama and tOSU and your SOS wouldn't improve? I don't follow sagarin or know how they're formulated, but I doubt this claim. Even if it's not about SOS it changes perception if you beat a team like UW to potentially get a NY6 bowl.
  4. Unless BYU has someone better lined up, this is a bad look. Yes the cancelation policy is bad, but there's no guarantee you find somebody better for your open week. BYU has to do something to improve their SOS.
  5. With COVID you could lose a key player or two and be a completely different team.
  6. The kind of tissue you always have at bed side? I'll pass. I don't swing that way.
  7. With a few teams having games next week, I thought we could start the time-honored tradition of ranking the teams in this marvelous conference. Besides these rankings, I'm calling for the MW to earn multiple bids in the NCAAs. 1. SDSU 2. USU 3. BSU 4. CSU (I love MedVed) 5. UNLV 6. Nevada 7. UNM 8. Fresno 9. Wyo 10. AFA 11. SJSU
  8. Shut it already. You know you would wait if Dre's mom was involved. Also, I did once wait 6 hours for Franklin BBQ in Austin, TX. WORTH IT.
  9. This sounds arousing, can you expound?
  10. Option D: don't know enough to comment intelligently. My guess is most haven't studied this enough to know.
  11. The Lakers are dumb and I hate them.
  12. Make sure you get the 1TB data storage limit from Drop box. They are large files out of necessity.
  13. Really in-depth detective work there. Basing an assumption on a tweet from a Mother.
  14. There is a "yer mom" joke in here somewhere to be had with reference to your mom and busting balls. I will refrain. @BSUTOP25or @Dr.Dre thoughts here?
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