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  1. Yes. Oregon did them a major favor by beating them or they'd still be recovering from an LSU beatdown.
  2. UNLV fans seem to struggle remembering these are not the early 90s Aggies and Rebels. Adjusting has been hard.
  3. I enjoyed the beat down more than I should've. Deeply satisfying.
  4. Texas looking to break the losing streak. Which Big 12 squad do you pull for?
  5. Yeah and beating LSU and Florida On neutral courts are games you should definitely exclude from your analysis. BTW Queta and Kuba are both healthy for the first time this season.
  6. I'll update this as the results come in: ACC: 4-5 with 2 games remaining AAC: 2-3 with 2 games remaining Big 12: 1-5 with 0 games remaining Big 10: 3-5 with 1 games remaining C-USA: 3-4 with 1 game remaining MAC: 2-3 with 2 games remaining MW: 4-2 with 1 game remaining PAC-12: 4-3 with 0 games remaining SEC: 6-2 with 2 games remaining Sun Belt: 2-2 with 1 game remaining
  7. 40% of Americans can't even cover a $400 emergency with cash, savings, or a credit-card they could quickly pay off. Our politicians represent us in almost every way, including our inability to balance a budget and save for Rainy Days and Dre's mom. Epstein didn't kill himself.
  8. I’ll admit I thought the usu Ogden jokes were lame at first but I’m coming around to them. They are getting funnier.
  9. https://reason.com/2019/12/30/pete-buttigieg-says-we-should-decriminalize-all-the-drugs/ One thing Booty boy and I agree on.
  10. This would virtually guarantee the MW gets 2 or more teams into the dance. I'm for it.
  11. Call me crazy but I think Fresno has as high an upside as anyone in the league not named USU or SDSU this year. They also have a very low basement. Grimes is a force.
  12. The team that allowed USU to get the whole team healthy before the showdown with the Tecs next Saturday.
  13. Which scheme is best for him? 4-3 or 3-4?