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  1. It's Happening.

    What does this phrase mean?
  2. I Appreciate Everyone Here

    How many games will Boise loose this year because of Harsin. I think to?
  3. It's Happening.

    USU has over a hundred years playing BYU as an instate rival. It's a game that sells out and interests the fans. No way USU quits playing BYU. I don't think it's whorish to play your traditional instate rivals. I could see USU developing a nice rivalry with CSU and Wyo, but we will never have a rival as big as BYU in conference unless BYU comes back to the MW. Utah won't play us for obvious reasons or we'd be playing them every year too.
  4. Spring Football Reports

    Rypien isn’t the problem. Its that terrible HC you have at the helm! Boise deserves better! #firemediocreharsin
  5. DNC suing Trump, Wikileaks & Russia

    Russert had his own political leanings to be sure (like all of us), but he was equally tough on both sides. He was fair and unbiased.There hasn't been an equal in the media since he passed.
  6. DNC suing Trump, Wikileaks & Russia

    I don’t understand why she lied about this experience repeatedly. It’s not even something important to lie about. What value does it add to her political career?
  7. Gear Update: Emirates Stadium, Arsenal vs West Ham

    A premiership invite is in the mail.
  8. Latest Renderings Of SJSU Stadium Project

    A gross food at that. At least the Americanized stuff I’ve had.
  9. Avicii Dead at 28

  10. Our Healthcare System is Already Ruined

    They were well done and contained good information. I just don’t think they’ll get anyone to move from their positions. Healthcare is a very complicated issue that I’m still sorting out so I appreciate all points of view. You think face palming all the posts that you disagree with will get people to discuss things with you?
  11. Our Healthcare System is Already Ruined

    You could find hundreds of videos that run counter to the claims in those videos. You picked those ones because they align with your political views of how healthcare should be delivered. Not sure why you’re using them as the backbone of your argument. Its like using the Bible to argue with an atheist.
  12. Our Healthcare System is Already Ruined

    You’ve got a good mind for remembering facts.
  13. Our Healthcare System is Already Ruined

    No unhappiness in Canadian doctors? None at all?
  14. Our Healthcare System is Already Ruined

    Medical school is too expensive to train enough doctors. We are too fat and chronically sick to ever have enough doctors. It all starts with food.
  15. Our Healthcare System is Already Ruined

    I’ll be curious to see the impacts of the sugar tax in Philadelphia. High fructose corn syrup might be the worst thing that’s in about every food product.