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  1. Clearly a coordinated conspiracy against Trump. The whole world is against him and he’s such a GOOD dude!
  2. If ever you want to make Trump's tweets even MORE entertaining, hear them in your head in a gollum voice:
  3. They certainly can and do do more damage than the average person. It would be one thing if he were just a terrible president, which he was, it's quite another to be an individual completely bereft or morals and integrity while committing crimes. Give me Jimmy Carter over Donald Trump 100/100 times.
  4. And apparently old. Who sends cash through the mail anymore?
  5. Yup. Counter was 1.5 MM a year. It was a move solely based on location.
  6. I like our track record in hiring HCs. I think we'll find a good coach.
  7. He's my top choice if you aren't able to convince Coach K to come out of retirement.
  8. Speaking of LMU- Stan Johnson would also be on my list. Miles is VERY MUCH a long shot given his buyout is 1MM. He wanted the USU job after Craig Smith left. This is the reason I have him on here.
  9. Tell me where we can find such a coach please. I guess it's marginally better to lose your coaches due to success than having to fire them due to failure. It all sucks.
  10. Names to watch Sprinkle: Montana State Miles: San Jose State Acker: SDSU assistant Dixon: current assistant There may be others but that’s who I’m hearing as of now.
  11. I am no expert in these matters, so I wonder, how are towns and suburbs designed to cut out talking to your neighbors? More spread out?
  12. There are two types of people in this world: Those that believe fouls in basketball and penalties in football should be called consistently in any situation Those that believe fouls and penalties should be ignored and not called in the last minutes of a game
  13. @Cougar Kingplease post your favorite eateries and hot spots for SUDS fans. BTW- you got any hookups for tickets?
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