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  1. I've only posted sporadically the past few years but I want to get back into the swing of things. Reading through old threads, I've found out that San Jose recently hired an inside receivers coach to be their head coach. I wish to make fun of them for that. Have there been any threads discussing this folly or shall we discuss the foolhardiness of such a hire in this thread?
  2. Sh!t. I've got to go check on some things. BRB.
  3. I'd like a better description of what "clown raping" consists of. As a law enforcement officer, I'm beginning to worry that telling my employer I was at training when I was really golfing may not have been the best call. Please describe what constitutes and sets apart "clown raping" from garden variety rape.
  4. I'm wondering if it's because some of them are bleeding money already and have money game contracts with non-con opponents. If they were to play at someone else's place, the G5 school would have a better case to sue. For example, wash.state was supposed to play at our place this year. If they were to travel to say, CSU this weekend, we'd have a pretty good breach of contract case because they could no longer claim the reason they breached the contract was for an act of God. Every P5 team that is contracted to pay a G5 school to play this year has a duty of care to that school before they can s
  5. Gary would be crucified if he fought it in court. He's cooked.
  6. Well that sure got quiet. Probably one of the better graphic representations I've ever seen. Quick unrelated question to Akkula: how many months does it take to get to $900k at 50k a month? What about that whole $1 billion plus deal that came out of China for old Hunter? Everybody knows that Hunter is one of the world's great living pieces of shit. His decision making process can be broken down into a simple algorithm that involves money, chicks, and blow in one column and hard work, honesty, and denial of the far-reaching effects of DNA testing in the other. Guess which column Hun
  7. I guess in order to keep the population of USU fans on here afloat, I'll start posting again. It's been three years, and I've lurked almost every day, but stopped posting due to what I felt was a conflict of interest. Anyhow, Jackmormon was an active participant in USU alumni events and fundraisers, which my wife runs. Guys like Jack get flowers sent to their funerals when they die from the alumni association. I'll make sure the sentiments here are shared in the form of an arrangement of some kind. Thank you all for pausing to remember a fellow traveler.
  8. But they'll throw in a free laptop for your 150K bachelor's degree.
  9. Freakin' geologists. Yes, there are different types. Yes, the vast majority of them fulfill the same function: for me to stand on and wisely build my house upon. (If you are a Wyoming fan, they can be flung at BYU in the absence of piss bombs.)
  10. Your post was very well written and got straight to the point. I particularly liked the "trying to fit a lot of grey into a black and white rendering of the law".

    I am querious as to your rabbit hole assignment. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to keep our female children safe on campus. Hope you can shed some light.

    1. DestinFlPackfan


      Blow them up if need be. You'll have a lot of people who will respect the true telling of the facts. I can understand  the "star worship" . But that does not give athletes the excuse to abuse those "who look up to/admire". And the quiet game needs to be exposed and those that do it need to be educated that keeping quiet about abuse is never a good thing. Not only to protect yourself but to protect others that come after you. 

      I wish you the best. 

      Please update me on your findings if you choose. I am in your camp on this.

    2. Ahbye


      Will do, thanks!

  11. Also, I'm seeing Hawaii's national championship the next year was, you guessed it, AIAW. What's it gonna be? Does it count or not. Since we're using the same standard, I say yes.
  12. That's interesting, I guess those are fake trophies in the trophy case. I'm sure the advent of title 9 threw everything under the NCAA umbrella. At any rate, it shows just how much volleyball moves the needle.
  13. Everything in bold above, and yet you have us in the bottom 3. So much for your list. 1 NC in volleyball, runner up the following year 1 NC in softball, not just an 'entry' (edit: 2 national championships in softball) Our basketball program's historical record and NCAA appearances shits upon yours. Remember when we were in the same league? How many times did you guys win the title? I'm not saying we're world-beaters, but you should do some research before you post. #trolled
  14. We're not even close to bottom three. We're top five in academics by most rankings, we're in the mix every year in both revenue sports, our attendance since joining the MWC is over 90% of venue size, we have invested more in facilities than anyone but CSU since joining the league (avoiding the astronomical debt they've burdened themselves with), and on and on. After a down year our spring game attendance was top three in football, and our bball team still enjoys one of the best fanbases and gameday environments in the entire nation and was fourth in attendance. That list is pure slop.
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