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  1. I hope the Aztecs Beat the living crap out of those pansies in boulder. God i hate them.
  2. What an amazing young man. I could not be happier for him. The crowd looked and sounded amazing. What a great year its turning out to be be #Mag7
  3. drop Hawaii or Nevada and keep Wyoming.
  4. Its ridiculous and unacceptable, they need to fix this or be kicked out.
  5. 348 San Jose St 262.98 16.74 349 Central Arkansas 320.03 15.25 350 Florida A&M 336.08 15.20 351 Grambling St 312.29 13.06 Come on SJSU, you only have three places left to fall! Make us all proud and officially be the worst team in College Basketball. You are already adding so much with your awesome arena, rabid fan base and the RPI boost.
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