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  1. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Can Anyone Give Me A Good Answer?

    Can’t wait for Spartan Stadium to complete the NEZ project in time for the 2013 season!
  2. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Can Anyone Give Me A Good Answer?

    41,031 to be exact
  3. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Can Anyone Give Me A Good Answer?

    Bulldog Stadium is far from tiny especially in this conference.
  4. I love Vegas, but that is the last place I want to be during Christmas time. Keep the original week before Christmas date or after.
  5. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Mountain West to gain sixth Bowl in 2020 - Levi's Stadium in play

    Fresno State would bring tons of fans to the Foster Farms Bowl if they were invited, mark my words.
  6. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Blue Collar Pass

    I think Fresno State does the exact same thing for $129. Tickets are pre loaded on your phone in advance
  7. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    What will be the MWC's New Signature Bowl?

    The Los Angeles Bowl at the Stub Hub Center. Destination city and easy to get to. A Fresno/SDSU vs Boise MW championship would easily sell out.
  8. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    UNLV is top 10

    I find it extremely hard to believe UNLV is ranked higher than Fresno State in tailgating.
  9. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Aztecs 2018 MWC Baseball Champs

    Only SJSU weren’t regular contenders for championships like we were in baseball.
  10. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Boise State & Fresno State battle for 1st place this weekend

    Lol oh boy this guy is pumping his chest about a preseason poll in May My signature picture will tell you that preseason polls don't mean sh!t
  11. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Pat Hill to be Fresno State AD

    Almost certain PH came up with the Green V.
  12. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Fresno State putting stadium rennonvation on hold...

    Baby steps. We'll get there.
  13. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Fresno Coaching job

    Will come down to either Justin Hutson or David Grace. Announcement expected to be made sometime after final four.
  14. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    The NCAA is the most corrupt institution in America.

  15. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Fresno Coaching Update

    Looks like we'll find out who our next coach is by the week's end.