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  1. I'm really proud of how this conference has stepped up in OOC games. I think we're a 3 bid league this year, 4 if we're lucky. Biggest surprise to me is Wyoming. They came out of absolutely nowhere. This is shaping up to be one of the best years in MW basketball in a long time.
  2. Hawaii hires Nevada WR coach coach Timmy Chang. SJSU knows a thing or 2 from hiring a former WR coach. In all honesty, I hope Chang turns Hawaii around and stabilizes the program.
  3. Name: Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits Teams: All things Fresno State Bulldogs, San Francisco Giants, Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Lakers(during the Kobe era, I could give 2 sh!ts about the NBA today). Alma Mater: Fresno State Hometown: Fresno, CA Current home: Fresno, CA Family: Lady friend 2 truths, 1 lie: Family has been in the Fresno area for nearly 100 years, I’ve never gone Deer hunting, I’ve met Kobe Bryant. Scariest Moment in my life: Went out to the bar 1 night in Bass Lake with a friend and blacked out and woke up the next day in a random house 1 mile do
  4. I’d be offended if the Mountain West didn’t get 3 bids(1 tournament champion, 2 at larges).
  5. I think June Jones would be a great hire for Hawaii, just to stabilize the program given where it is at right now. Coach for 2-4 years, then groom somebody to hand off the reigns to.
  6. Watched all MW games for the most part, along with many others. I think I may have watched more this year.
  7. Haven't noticed the population change. Texas, Idaho, and Tennessee are the most popular choices, in that order. I think it is becoming more and more popular people to move out for a few years. Some stay and some come back. It varies. My family has been in CA for 100 years in the Fresno are, and I'd say 85-90% are still here. I think when you have a lot of family close by, it's hard to leave. Fresno has definitely seen its population growth over the past 30+ years although it still feels like a small city even with 500k here. Although I hate the political climate here, I don't think
  8. Stop trying to make and act like SJSU is relevant lol. Best game tonight is now Fresno State and Utah.
  9. Utah is playing without Branden Carlson, their point and rebound leader. That should bode well for the dogs.
  10. Fixed it for you! Seriously though, congrats SJSU. It’s good to see everyone in the conference have success in OOC play.
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