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  1. I've heard it's only 1 player but it could be a situation where an entire position group is required to quarantine for a set amount of days since they were exposed to that particular person.
  2. Wow what is the deal with the state of New Mexico? CA schools aren't even this strict. Are they having more cases than CA?
  3. One of Tedford's first recruits as a HC. His dad, Ron Rivers, also played as #20 for the Dogs on the '92 team that beat USC in the Freedom Bowl.
  4. Even though the score was 35-16, the game should have been 42-7. Dogs left a couple TDs on the field. Utah state did not look good at all. Haener made that bonehead INT on the 10 yard line. Shelley has some ego issues. Couple big plays were the reason they got some Tds. Going to set up an interesting matchup vs the Spartans.
  5. Would it be worth calling the casinos/hotels to see if they have anything?
  6. https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/tix/d/las-vegas-unlv-vs-fresno-state-tickets/7223870219.html this one is a scam!
  7. How would I be able to acquire 2 tickets for the Fresno State/UNLV football game next weekend? Any info is much appreciated.
  8. Personally I hate the politics of the state, but glad we have sane thinking people in the San Joaquin Valley. Can't beat the proximately of mountains, valleys, and oceans from where I'm from. And one of the last places in the state that offers big city amenities with affordable housing.
  9. If college programs want to have as much as a reduced bill as possible, CA Div1 schools should schedule all if not mostly in-state OOC games. Have an all CA Div1 team tournament smack dab in the middle of the state at the SMC and let's play ball!
  10. Starting to feel optimistic again. Fires have been getting better here in central Cali. Lots of pressure on our scumbag governor. Let’s hope for the best. Hard to imagine a PAC-12 or MW conference without the Cali schools.
  11. Watched the hell out of college football. Besides the Raiders, didn’t see much NFL for the first week, but I’m sure that will pick up. Forget the NBA, I’m so over them...
  12. I should be prepping for tailgating right now....
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