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  1. This is a good thing for the conference. Barstool has a big following.
  2. Super classy move on the Raiders for letting UNLV play their football games in their new stadium. Kudos to Al Davis!
  3. The Raiders have a beautiful stadium and they’re so nice for letting you guys rent it out!
  4. Our stadium needs work but it’s not the worst. I’ll take our bowl style stadium over any stadium in the conference.
  5. “The state of Utah is too white and Mormon to have an NBA team” Racist much?
  6. Makes up for the game earlier in the season against the Trojans where we left multiple runners on the base only to lose 2-1.
  7. Fresno State scores 6 in the bottom of the 9th to beat USC 13-10 in walk off fashion! https://twitter.com/FresnoStateBSB/status/1394865212356845573?s=20
  8. Good! Raisins from SunMaid and Almonds from wherever just as long as you buy CA grown. Trader Joe’s has a nice selection. Heck, even throw in some CA Dried Apricots sold in Trader Joe’s. Those are killer.
  9. Good. Eat your CA grown Raisins & Almonds.
  10. Holy crap this makes me sad. RIP Colt. Prayers to everyone around him.
  11. SAN! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WA2iwERVi8E
  12. https://twitter.com/fresnostatesb/status/1391503888981794816?s=21 Fresno State sweeps Boise State and improves to 34-9 and clinches the 2021 regular season MW Championship!
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