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  1. Dogs won this game on the line. 16 for 21 on the free throw line.
  2. Game #1 of the Jerry Tarkanian classic goes to Fresno.
  3. The Tarkanian classic is looking to be a close one until the end
  4. Dogs shooting better than they have in the past so far.
  5. Aztecs should have a nice pregame atmosphere with that new stadium being built.
  6. Ah yes, how can I forget about Tacos Marquitos! The Bulldog Burrito is a great choice, and you get a free soft drink if you showed your student ID. I didn't go there for lunch often. I went there more the morning after a night of drinking to help my hangover. Either got that or the chorizo breakfast burrito. Swiggs was also a cool bar too, but unfortunately they closed down as well.
  7. This last football season was tough. No fans in the stands, no pregame tailgating parties, etc. The Gameday atmosphere was completely sucked out which sucks, and hopefully we can return to some kind of normal for the 2021 season. That being said, I am interested in what your school has to offer as far as pregame tailgate or bar/restaurant spots before the game. What does your school has to offer? I'll go first. As far as walking distance, Fresno State really doesn't have anything you can walk to from the stadium. Across the street in the Bulldog Shop shopping center, that has a
  8. This is pretty much it. We lack that go to shooter that we can rely on to make a shot when it matters. The team overall is shooting terribly. There's talent on the team, but it seems like they are not developing. This is a completely new team, with I believe only 4 players returning from last year. Lots of guys entered the transfer portal this last year, so the team needs time to gel and build chemistry. but It's just not happening right now. I'm willing to give Hutson the pass this year, but next year is the majority of the teams stays intact and there isn't substantial improvement, I will be
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voL97artf7A I'm sure Aztec fans will love this.
  10. His mom was a cheerleader at Fresno State back in the early 1990s.
  11. Incoming transfers for Fresno State: RB Jordan Wilmore (Utah) DB Elijah Gates(UCLA) WR Ty Jones (Washington) DE Isaac Garcia (Oregon State) LB Tyson Maeva (FIU/Boise State) DB DaRon Bland (Sacramento State) Sounds like we could have one more.
  12. I really like the transfers that Fresno State has brought into this class. Sounds like we have a “mystery recruit” according to the Bark Board.
  13. Best news I’ve heard in a long time, this was my #1 sports video game growing up as a child! Guess I’ll have to buy a PS5 now!
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