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  1. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Fresno @ Boise

    As a dogs fan, I've never felt the confidence in a Fresno/Boise game. Like ever. This year just feels different. This has to be the best Fresno State defense in school history and it’s not like we’re making highlights reel plays or anything I mean we are don’t get me wrong but the defense’s strength is that they are so football fundamentally sound and discipline. Offense, Defense, Special teams we are so balanced and so consistent. Everything you want in a football team we have it and this is looking at it from a non biased perspective and just a football perspective. These kids will run through 3 brick walls for Tedford.
  2. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Fresno @ Boise

    This may be the biggest game of the century for the dogs if we can finally win on the blue. Haven't won on the blue since the 1980s and that when it was green! God I can't wait for this one.
  3. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Temple vs UCF...

    Booing an injured player? Trash fans.
  4. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Why don't rich donors ever just buy home games for their schools

    I was there and it was a nice atmosphere, but nothing to where it SHOULD have been. There was a time when basketball was bigger than football at Fresno State. Those days are long gone.
  5. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Bowl projections

    Vegas Bowl vs. Herm Edwards and Arizona State would be interesting.
  6. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    New AP top 25 rankings

    http://www.espn.com/college-football/rankings #27 Utah State #28 San Diego State #29 Fresno State
  7. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Fresno State @ New Mexico, Game Thread…

    Hawaii is going to be interesting next week. Anyone know if their QB is back from injury?
  8. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Fresno State @ New Mexico, Game Thread…

    Rivers runs it in easily. 10-0 Dogs.
  9. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Fresno State @ New Mexico, Game Thread…

    New Mexico's offense looks pretty bad. Or maybe our defense is that good? I think it's more New Mexico's offense from what I've seen so far.
  10. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Fresno State @ New Mexico, Game Thread…

    These refs are really bad. Not talking about homer calls, just officiating a game.
  11. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Nevada vs Fresno St

    That's what I'm leaning towards. How does Nevada's offense look without their starting QB?
  12. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Fresno St fans 10/06 and Boise fans 10/13.

    Thanks for the heads up! How's the tailgating/pregame environment like around the stadium? Heading up there this weekend.
  13. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Week 5 MW attendance

    Fresno's attendance will keep climbing this season if we win. Wyoming should be 34-35k
  14. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Week 5 MW attendance

    1. Fresno State: 33,401 2. Air Force: 23,707 3. Wyoming: 22,2714 4. New Mexico: 18,804 5. San Jose State: 16,363
  15. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    I blame you Boise, its a runaway train at this point

    All of these are so phucking stupid, just play the dam game of football and shut up and hit somebody!!!