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  1. I sure as hell care if we do have a football season this year. The financial ramifications if it doesn't happen is plenty enough for me to care.
  2. I'm becoming very skeptical of some of these covid tests. A friend's son was scheduled to get tested, but he ended up sleeping in and missing the test lol! But it gets better...they called him back saying "you've been tested positive"! Heard another story that nurses sent 10 unused covid tests with all 10 coming back positive! It's sad because you don't know what to believe!
  3. Absolutely. Yeah the Dogs were 4-8 last year, but 7 out of the 8 losses were by 10 points or less! The key though will be the leadership at QB. I'm optimistic about Jake Haener. I think we have enough pieces coming back on offense to put up some points. Rice and Mosby will be the seniors at LB.
  4. While Fresno isn't for everyone and obviously isn't the best city, there are many positives. It's a very community based and small town feel even for a city of 500k. Great place to raise a family with Clovis unified being one of the best school districts in the state. You can see the ocean and snow all in one day. We grow over 400 different types of crops and have the best and most fresh produce vs. anywhere in the world. But I think what makes Fresno and Central California special is the people. Very down to earth blue collar people that work their asses off. Oh, and we have the #1 tailgating scene in the Mountain West. No question about it.
  5. Everybody just needs to stop all the crying or this is never going to end. We were actually somewhat coming together as a country during the whole Covid shutdown and then some idiot from the Minneapolis PD did something that nobody obviously in the right mind agrees with.
  6. Yeah I agree Levi's or Spartan Stadium. Preferably Spartan Stadium because the stadium would be full or near capacity with a BYU/Fresno State matchup. It'd give more of a Vegas Bowl at Sam Boyd feel without the Vegas. Levi's is too big.
  7. Very proud that the City of Fresno's protesters were able to peacefully protest without having looters into the equation. Much of this was led by local Chris Milton, who had a son who played for Fresno State and the other is going to play at Georgia and is considered the #1 RB of the 2020 class. Pretty much said "Get that shit out of our city". Was even able to collaborate with the City of Fresno's police chief to make sure our shopping center wasn't looted. https://www.fresnobee.com/news/local/article243219866.html
  8. True, but it's better than playing a South Alabama or Troy. I agree, the MW needs to move one of these bowl tie ins to the bay area. The SJ Earthquake's stadium is too small at 18,000 capacity. Either at Spartan Stadium or Levi's stadium. Bring back the Silicon Valley Classic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silicon_Valley_Football_Classic
  9. A Fresno State/BYU matchup in the New Mexico Bowl is a lot better than a let's say a Colorado State/Marshall. No offense Colorado St. Both teams would travel well(assuming there is fans).
  10. I agree They had Fresno State‘s president on the local sports radio station and he said that what the CSU Chancellor stated was very misleading. No final decision has been made, but it does sound very promising now that we hear more and more universities easing restrictions.
  11. And so it begins... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.oregonlive.com/coronavirus/2020/05/large-gatherings-banned-in-oregon-through-at-least-september.html%3foutputType=amp
  12. We have a Zoo in not the best part of town, but great to take smaller kids to. Agri-tourism has really taken off over the years with the Madera Wine Trail, Blossom Trail, etc. Take a drive in the summertime and check out the blossom trail where you'll find the best tasting fruit produced for the world. An old schoolhouse from the 1920s turned restaurant is a neat spot to check out to https://www.schoolhousesanger.com/. Fruit stands and farmer markets run the spring through summertime. Tower District is a cool place to go to, reminds me of San Francisco. Lots of good bars and restaurants.
  13. I don't know why so many schools like ODU, Georgia State, South Alabama, etc are FBS. The only school that makes some sense is App State because of their football success.