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  1. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Congrats To AFA...

    Worst game I've seen a Fresno State team play live since the SMC was built
  2. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    USU @ FSU

    I believe the SMG deal with the Save Mart Center was negotiated with our old President, John Welty, which turned out to be a horrible deal. As far as other schools, I'm not too sure but SMG is definitely killing the vibe or helping contributing to it. I believe we have the best Football/Basketball coach duo with Tedford and Hutson in quite a long time here at Fresno State. Tedford wants to be here, is an alumni, kids live in town, etc and isn't looking to go anywhere. Hutson is from Bakersfield so he's a valley guy who understands the area I just hope we can keep him around. Considered this his "dream job" in his hiring press conference so I believe the future is very bright for our athletics. Football has been a night and day difference and the pride of our program is so back.
  3. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    USU @ FSU

    And football attendance will continue to improve. Basketball has always struggled with attendance since moving to the SMC besides the first few years it opened, but this was embarrassing showing for a big game. There was a time where the basketball program was bigger than the football program! Way more attendance for the New Mexico game(Saturday at 7) then for last night's game(Tuesay at 7:30). New Mexico game crowd was actually very good! I just think the Save Mart center isn't really a "College basketball friendly" arena. Nothing compared to selland arena in downtown Fresno. That place was a madhouse and was a sellout each and every game didn't matter what day of the week it was. I think that has a lot to do with it and the fact that SMG(who operates the save mart center) nickel and dimes you for everything. But Hutson is trying to make the games fun and exciting again with an in house DJ, going to greek houses to get students to support, etc. Which by the way student attendance has increased dramatically since Hutson has came. Still a lot of work to do but I think Hutson will get our attendance up.
  4. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    New Stadium in Sacramento

    Big fan of having a MW bowl tie-in in Sacramento. The red wave would flood that place if there was a bowl played there.
  5. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    #10 Nevada @ Fresno State

    No way we'd be #24, we aren't even receiving votes in the top 25 polls.
  6. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Nevada @Fresno conference game of the year???

    It'll be a nice crowd, idk how the student section will be because I believe they don't come back until the following Wednesday. That and the Cowboys/Rams game just 4 hours south and on TV doesn't help the cause.
  7. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Fresno State @ Utah State

    Almost as bad as Hawaii's football announcers.
  8. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Fresno State @ Utah State

    What a game!!
  9. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Fresno State @ Utah State

    Very uncharacteristic of this team. We should be able to clean that up in the 2nd half.
  10. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Your favorite MW moment of 2018

    Definitely the walk-off MW championship game win on the blue. I almost forgot we won the MW because we were such in awe that we FINALLY won on the blue. A moment I'll never forget.
  11. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Fresno State at SJSU.

    We may have more fans then they do at this game.
  12. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Fresno VS UT Martin

    Very exciting team to watch. Couldn't make it to the game last Saturday, but I made sure somebody used our tickets. The crowds will start to increase once conference play starts. Nevada should be the best crowd of the year since it's on a Saturday. But there is a small buzz around town about the basketball team this year so that's a good sign. Exciting times in bulldog land with football and basketball. The biggest difference I see with a Terry coached team and a Hutson coached team is that the players are not afraid to shoot and it shows! 3 straight 90+ point games. I feel like Terry limited the player's full ability based on his system. Hutson identify's the players strength and utilizes them and works around that rather than being stubborn and sticking to the scheme.
  13. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Poll for Fresno State fans

    Beating Boise on the blue, not even close.
  14. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Why does SJSU struggle so much ?

    This. Fresno State is the only big ticket in town as far as sporting events. Yeah we have minor league baseball and soccer, but gamedays in Fresno are a big event. And just being from the valley growing up and watching Fresno state you feel a sense of pride because that is home even if you go out of town for college. Some of the biggest Fresno State fans I know are Cal Poly alumni. Another one is a UCSB alumni. All valley residents. I know a USC and UCLA grad that are from Fresno that have moved back and guess what? They're bulldog football season ticket holders! Fresno State is a special place because our territory is huge. From Stockton to Bakersfield. We come together and that is where the local community identity comes into play. I know it sounds silly but there was an article either LA times or New York times that said Fresno State is the last true college town in California. Now I know our night life doesn't compare to the college towns of the likes of Cal Poly or Chico State, but they stated more in terms of our sports programs and everyone comes back to Fresno on gamedays.
  15. Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits

    Wooden Legacy- Fresno State vs Northwestern

    Miami is tall so they will definitly present a challenge with our guard-orientated team. Should be interesting.