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  1. Doesn’t help the casual college football sports gambler.
  2. Fresno learns from the Hawaii loss and takes care of Wyoming. 35-21 Dogs.
  3. Jesus Christ that was a roller coaster. Was expecting some type of hangover, but definitely not that big of a hangover. Just glad we got the W. Would have easily been a loss under the Pat Hill era.
  4. That is one sexy college football stadium.
  5. Haener will play, but I can see the dogs trying to get out to an early lead quick, then throw in the backups in the 2nd half. Fresno State first half bet is the play here.
  6. This is going to be a fun year in the conference. Still a lot of football to be played.
  7. Holy crap that was a wild ending. So proud of the Dogs. Thats now 4 STRAIGHT wins against UCLA!
  8. People need to realize this is for week 3, not overall.
  9. Then why say it? If someone on our side said that about Starkel you would be crying like a little baby.
  10. I was there in 2008 and it was easily at least 20k Fresno fans. Probably pushed 25k. It was insane seeing how many Fresno fans were at the Rose Bowl that game. Was there in 2018 and it was probably more closer to 8-10k. I would expect this year to be similar to 2018. The picture below doesn’t do justice. It looked very similar in the end zone on the other side.
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