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  1. Yep. Building the big sports/entertainment venue in Vegas was the key. The Raiders and the NFL helped that to happen. The NFL works in Vegas. MLB would be tough. MLB would have worked in San Jose but the Giants had a lot to lose. I don’t know what’s to become of my A’s. I just want a new owner. Hell, I’d even drive to Fresno to see them once in awhile if they ended up there. Lol. Im looking forward to being in Vegas this fall when the Niners visit. I’ll be with Raider/Niner friends and it will be a great time. Never a dull weekend in Vegas.
  2. Not minor league. One of richest counties in America. Has the SF 49ers. Has the NHL Sharks. Has the MLS Earthquakes. Would have MLB and the Oakland A’s but for the Giants blocking their path. C’mon Fresno. Got to have something more than A ball. Got well over a million people nearby with no pro sports within a couple hundred miles in any direction and the best you got is A Ball and In and Out Burger? Even Sac has got AAA and the NBA
  3. https://www.forbes.com/top-colleges/ Forbes Ranking of MWC colleges (For what it’s worth) 66 U.S. Air Force Academy 67 San Diego State University 109 San José State University 173 California State University, Fresno 199 Colorado State University 236 University of Nevada, Reno 267 Utah State University 274 UNLV 334 University of Hawaii 347 University of New Mexico 368 University of Wyoming Boise State Univesity (UNRANKED — NOT IN TOP 600) Not bad for the 3 Cal State Universities
  4. He’s a closet Spartan fan because apparently he’s at the games and knows everything that goes on in San Jose.
  5. Does someone in Fresno pay you to be a full time asshole toward SJSU? Someone posts something on this board and you immediately respond like it’s your job. You are a full time troll I guess. Seriously, you need a life my friend. Your glass is always half empty. There has got to be something in Fresno you can do besides hang out here full time. Something? Anything? Keep on trolling my friend. Have a good day.
  6. I’m an A’s fan and want them to stay in Oakland but the real problem is their current ownership. Fisher does not care. At all. Not even a bit. He’s not a sports fan. He’s just in it for the money. The A’s are just an asset in his portfolio. The A’s are in real trouble right now. The fans in NorCal are boycotting them. My real hope is that Vegas tells the A’s to stick it. That would force MLB to force Fisher to sell the team. Joe Lacob wants to buy them. Sell to Lacob and you’d see a complete 180 happen with this franchise. He would get a ballpark built. Whether the A’s stay in Oakland or head to Las Vegas, new ownership in dearly needed! Las Vegas already has taken on Mark Davis. The Bay Area shouldn’t throw another bad owner their way. Go Oakland (Las Vegas) A’s!
  7. Fresno Pride of the Valley! Over 500k people and a ”minor league city” right there with Visalia. Btw, did you all know there are more people in Fresno than Oakland?
  8. It all sounds real good. Just one question. You guys ever gonna raise money to build a real university or just keep focusing on sports?
  9. Stadium will hold 25k, which as you guys continue to let us know, works for us for now. I don’t mind a smaller sold out remodeled stadium. Looked really good last season with the stands packed full. Can always fill in the endzone bowls for more seating if need be. (See Utah State) The “classroom building” will be one of the best athletic centers in the MWC. That’s the upside and it’s accessible to the rest of the programs on the south campus, not just football. Nobody is crazy about losing sideline seats, but there will be seating for about 5,000 on the east side. There will be luxury suite seating for games in the building. Can get creative and have rooftop seating or something like that as things move forward. It’s a big improvement and our program is on the rise. Progress is good. One step at a time.
  10. Terrible idea. I see no reason to do this. Just added travel and expenses. Who is not playing who annually? What long term rivalry is missing? Boise vs. Nevada from their Big Sky days? This is likely to eliminate more rivalries than add them IMO. Sorry mountain division guys, but as a Spartan fan I want to play CSUF, SDSU, Hawaii, Nevada, and UNLV every year. Not a fan of the direction of college sports these days.
  11. Name: Old Sparty Alma Mater: SJSU, BS Business Marketing: Arizona State, MBA Catholic (I need to be forgiven). Proud Gen Xer. Proud fraternity man Teams: SJSU, ASU, SF 49ers, Oakland A’s, GS Warriors. Grew up a Cal Bears fan. Hometown: Born in the Bay Area. Grew up in both Pleasanton, CA and Scottsdale, AZ Current Home: Santa Cruz County, CA. Second home: North Lake Tahoe, CA Married, three kids. Wife is a former college athlete and works in health care. Son graduated from UC Berkeley. One daughter graduated Cal Poly. Youngest daughter currently at UCSB. One dog: half yellow lab, half golden retriever. Third generation Californian. Paternal family has been in the USA since the 1760’s. Brother served in the Navy and is an SDSU alum and a big Aztec fan. Bastard! Grandpa served in the Army in the Pacific during WW2. My father (RIP) was a Navy Corpsman. A big hunter and fisherman he turned me on to the outdoors. Majority of my extended family are Cal Poly alums. Family all over the Central Coast and Central Valley Career: Worked most of my life in Sales and Marketing for various sporting goods companies or in the sports industry. Also a small business owner. Hobbies: Waterman. Former triathlete and marathon runner. Basketball, Swimmer, and Water Polo player. Now hiking, surfing, fly fishing, golf, skiing, back packing, mountain biking, etc…Like a lot of you guys, I’m a life long athlete and outdoorsman. I enjoy living in the Western US and I travel and get around the region. Love both the ocean and the mountains. My favorite place now days is a mountain river. Avid reader and history geek. Movie junkie but don’t watch TV. I don’t tweet or twerk. Have never been on social media. Like most all music but mostly rock and country. Love live music and Broadway musicals. Can dance a little but have zero musical talent myself. My wife and kids do. Vices: Beer connoisseur. Coffee junkie. Gambler. Poker player. College sports geek. Griller and smoker of dead animals. Muscle Cars. Quoting 80’s movies. Two truths and a Lie: Completed the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon. Was in 4H and raised cattle and pigs as a child. Shot a hole in one at Pebble Beach. Scariest moment: Too many to count but here’s an interesting one. Wife and I were young travelers and accidentally drove a jeep off a dirt road, down an embankment, and into a ditch in outback South Africa. Stuck in the heat, we couldn’t get it uprighted and faced the real possibility of spending the night out with the lions and tigers and bears….oh my! (And in South Africa the animals are often the least of your troubles). Pre cell phone, we hadn’t seen anyone all day and we we’re building a makeshift shelter for the night when a young farmer stumbled upon us. He had a truck with a winch and saved our bacon. He invited us to his house for the night where we met his wife and kids and had a nice meal. That was 30 plus years ago and we still keep in touch with them to this day. They have visited and stayed with us at our home in CA.
  12. Hawaii’s stadium is quite a ways out if it ever happens. The remodel of Spartan Stadium is under way and the SAC will be completed for the first home football game of 2023 vs Oregon State. Long term this is the overall plan for Spartan Stadium and south campus. Not that far off.
  13. Says the troll who’s school had Castro as their president. Covered up sexual assault by your professors. Troll on Tedford. Troll on.
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