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  1. Wall Drug is awesome and I love the signs you see for hundreds of miles until you get there.
  2. This entire useless thread represents hundreds of lost man hours. I’m reporting you all to HR.
  3. Oh that’s grand. Someone from UNLV trying to diss another school about spring boarding porn stars.
  4. Will never happen because of the travel.
  5. Nothing. That’s why it won’t happen.
  6. Isn’t this the logo for UNLV football? You just changed the XII logo for the UNLV.
  7. You mean nobody from UNLV got drafted? Ohh the horror....the horror
  8. Fake news. The stadium debt is correct, the rest you got wrong. Do some research. Also, the Pac12 isn’t going to change anytime soon, so stop speculating.
  9. I don’t think the MWC will be touched at all.
  10. I was thinking UNLV is more like Mrs Brady and UNR like Alice. UNLV (Mrs. Brady) is full of self importance and is fairly good looking on the outside, but in reality is just rather phoney and quite helpless. UNR (Alice) on the other hand is not as flashy or self absorbed, but usually gets the job done.
  11. UCLA is the toughest public school in the USA to get into most years. The acceptance rate at Cal and UCLA are very low and the applicants very high. They are public Ivys. What does that mean? It means you get an education comparable to an Ivy League school while paying public school prices. That makes them extremely popular.
  12. 100% correct. They will not chase money just to chase money. It’s just not what they are about. (Plus they have billions in endowment)
  13. Finally, someone with a decent take. The CA Pac12 schools have become out of reach for most students. So selective that the average public can’t relate to them much anymore. Their students are far more interested in academics than athletics. That’s why they are there, to excel at academics. Doesn’t mean they don’t excel at athletics also, because they obviously do. It’s just there is a lot going on at these schools. My son never got a B in his life, was valedictorian of his class (there were a dozen kids valedictorian) and scored a 33 on the ACT. He was in the top 3% of st
  14. So there’s no competition now. Is that your point?
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