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  1. They are thinking they may reshuffle the deck with the schools already in the club, but not looking to ad new members, especially out west.
  2. Why expand at all? You don’t have anything they need or don’t already have. Read the post the guy from the Big12 wrote earlier. Why would they split more money with others for no reason. The Pac12 already has your TV markets. I hate to say it guys but nobody in the Pac12 is sitting around saying....if we could just get SDSU....if we could just get UNLV....we’d be Golden. Focus on building up the MWC. Let’s try and make our own money.
  3. Never going to happen. They will never let a CSU into the Pac12. Cal, Stanford, UCLA, and USC will never let us in. One of the biggest reasons is our lower academic profiles would allow us to recruit like crazy if we were in the Pac12. We’d be pulling in top kids that wouldn’t qualify to get into those schools, making it hard for them to compete against us.
  4. SDSU will never be in the Pac12 for the same reasons SJSU will never be in the Pac12. We missed our chance when we missed out on the old PAC 8 back in the day. Also, the Pac12 already has all the SoCal market with USC and UCLA. The Pac12 already has the LV market also. Why share money with UNLV? Not gonna happen in the Pac12 guys. Btw, was just recently in downtown SD and was shocked at how scary it is these days. It was not looking good.
  5. Same would happen at SJSU, Fresno State, Nevada, Hawaii, etc...most any MWC school. We all play in the shadow of the Pac12. Let us into the Pac12 and the P5 money and it would transform any of our athletic departments. The problem is the Pac12 is not going to let any of us in. We need to focus in growing the MWC instead of chasing pipe dreams.
  6. Doesn’t rustle my jimmies in the slightest. SJSU is concentrating on winning right where they are, the MWC. Making a big push at that these days. UNLV should try that. Maybe you all would be happier instead of dreaming of things that will not happen. Focus on where you are in the moment and the future will make itself happen.
  7. The school making the noise in football and basketball in the State of Nevada lies in Reno, yet we have to listen to the UNLV guys blather on and on. The Wolfpack are scary legit right now. Will challenge for both the MWC football and basketball title this next school year.
  8. I guess when they are sitting around talking to each other at the downtown fat boy buffet.
  9. There really is nothing wrong with UNLV or Las Vegas. Both are growing up and that’s a normal progression. I’m happy for them. Nevada finally has a couple people living in it. It’s just a couple delusional UNLV fans on this sight that are mentally challenged. They have no idea where they fit in the world of things and really have no idea about real money. The Silicon Valley is real money. Las Vegas is mostly a playground for Southern Californians to flash some weekend cash.
  10. It’s hilarious, these guys. Nevada schools are an over flow for CA kids that can’t get into good schools in CA. Same with the Oregon and AZ schools. All have far easier acceptance rates than the top tier CSU “garbage schools”, let alone the UC’s.
  11. There are already two Pac12 teams in the Bay Area, so we are smart enough to realize it’s not going to happen unless there was some type of crazy huge regional realignment. Plus the UC and CSU fulfill two different missions in the College master plan in CA. But you guys keep dreaming. Funny thing, if you knew any sports history you would know that both SJSU and SDSU were originally lined up as public school travel partners for Cal and UCLA in the old PAC 8, but then the powers that be changed their mind to allow in private schools Stanford and USC.
  12. The first year doesn’t matter. The first 5-10 years don’t matter. Are you still selling out after you suck for a decade? That’s what matters.
  13. Is this guy mentally slow? I’m being serious here. He’s got a screw lose. I forgot that the worst thing about the MWC board was the delusional UNLV fans.
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