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  1. People see what they want to see. To me it’s the OK sign. Are we not supposed to use the OK sign because a couple jack holes use it for their own thing? All this is really stupid stuff, but I agree with you that any hand signal is dumb because it’s mostly associated with gang activity, mostly Black gang activity, but also White, Hispanic, Asian, whatever…. None of that has any place at a University. They mostly do this to try and be hip. It’s stupid. It’s gang banger crap. Spartan Up is cool. I like it. Glad the Spartan ladies won. They are a factor in the league t
  2. Spartan Up? Yeah…that’s the official school saying. Has been for awhile now. Like Roll Tide. They got rid of the gang sign (it was just the ok 👌 hand signal) a couple years back because it somehow wasn’t PC anymore. Whatever. The Tractor U (for Fresno) goes back to when they had this old local farmer (or maybe Ag employee) that would drive his tractor around the outskirts of the campus all the time for whatever reason. He was always clogging up traffic etc… I just figured he was cruising for Hefers.
  3. A’s fan here. I must say that I’m thinking more and more that I’m gonna lose my team now. The A’s have lousy ownership and I don’t think they want to be here in the Bay Area anymore. They want to move the team somewhere where they can play their small market crap on someone else. That’s becoming difficult for them to do with the success of the Giants a couple miles away. Personally, I just want Fisher to sell the team. He’s a bigger problem than even screwy Oakland is in this scenario. He doesn’t care the least bit about baseball or sports in general. I have no idea why he keeps t
  4. Wait until Sparty sneaks up on you and beats the Aztecs. That will be fun. Btw, SDSU was dogshit and averaged around 1500 fans a game not that long ago. Give Sparty a chance now that they have stepped up and hired a real coach. I think you will be surprised. Btw, I agree the Aztecs are the team to beat this year. I think Nevada and CSU will give you a serious run though. Nevada looks loaded also.
  5. Well, I can tell you I’m not paying $60 for a ticket at UNLV when I can get the same crappy visitor section seat at Raider Stadium for $10 on Stubhub. UNLV can pay for their own crap. Let’s Go Brandon
  6. Sparty was playing an offensive lineman and an all MWC defensive end (Fehoko) at nose guard vs CSU at times last weekend because their top two DT’s are out. Notice how CSU ran right up the middle all day. Is what it is. Oh yeah, and a backup QB. That’s football. Just gotta role with it and do the best you can.
  7. Pretty funny when anyone from Fresno talks shit about anywhere else. Fresno is a third world $#!t hole these days.
  8. It really is weird. I’m not sure the guy is ever going to be charged with a crime. That’s a high bar to meet without proof or a witness. Apparently the fall out is how they reacted to the allegations. The AD definitely did everything wrong trying to stop an investigation and it seems the school president did also. It’s the way they treated their subordinates that got them fired. They did some crazy stupid stuff trying to cover this up and end it before it started. Nobody will miss the old AD. SJSU has definitely upgraded from that crazy biatch, but Papazian was friendly to
  9. I think Sparty will shock a couple teams this year. Miles grabbed some talent on his way to the bay.
  10. The lady Spartans had a couple bad loses. The loss at home to WYO in particular. They have injury issues now but let’s see if they can get back on track.
  11. Yeah…BJC can join the Spartans. Sparty is beat to shit.
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