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  1. Pretty clear they don’t want Jones around. After the media circus he is creating, I’m not sure I blame them. There’s someone out there for Hawaii but it doesn’t look like it’s JJ.
  2. Niners @ Pakers could be epic today. All the pressure is on GB.
  3. Didn’t we hear from SDSU fans that an MLS team was going to share the new Aztec Stadium with SDSU? Am I right on that? Was that part of the larger plan? If so is this problematic for SDSU that San Diego didn’t get the expansion franchise?
  4. I’m sure that’s true. It’s not easy to buy a house, but if you are making $200k you can make it happen pretty easy. Average house in SJ is well over $1 mil though, which is out of reach for many. No doubt it’s a tough place to live, but somehow millions of people do. I wish many of them would leave. Lol. You are right about renting. You don’t want to be here renting for a long time. I have friends that pay $3000-4000 a month for rent. You are just spinning your wheels if you are paying that or more for rent.
  5. Well if you have money, or make good money, it’s all relevant. In SJ, you can make a lot of money if you are in the right business. The best thing is your home value just keeps going up and up and up. If you can get in, you win. Miles has a nice house in a nice neighborhood. His kids will soon be getting a free education at SJSU. He can afford all this. His assistants? Well that’s where SJSU often has trouble.
  6. Have you met Miles and spoken with him? He loves SJ so far and so does his family. He’s not jumping soon but I agree, need to check back in in 5 years. It’s a new era at SJSU now. The new AD is awesome and has big plans. Most programs are stable with good coaches and are doing well. Mens basketball will be there in a couple years. They are already working on plans to remodel the Events Center. The interim president is a big sports guy and I’m hoping he gets the full time job. He’d be all in on everything we are trying to do with the athletic department. After meeting him, I
  7. That was an ugly beat down. If UNLV is a middling MWC team right now, definitely shows how far SJSU still needs to go. UNLV is fast and tough. That’s a team getting better each week. SJSU? Not so much. Outclassed. Miles will hit the portal again this off season. Needs two more bigs and a PG.
  8. Crazy. Who knows how long all this will take. I’m a lifelong A’s fan and I’m just hoping to see a new stadium in Oakland before I die.
  9. SJSU has practically turned over its entire roster. Looking forward to seeing all the new players
  10. The Spartans don’t have anything working right now. After three straight blow outs I’d take the Cowboys in Laramie and give up the points.
  11. I get it. That’s why I want Niners @ Rams. I don’t think the Rams will have trouble tonight. You got this.
  12. Way overrated, but the NFC east is every year. The NFC west was really tough this year. The Black and Blue division in 2021.
  13. I’ve heard a bunch of former players say they thought the draw play was a great call but just poorly executed. It was risky, but you can see the logic. Niners covering the edges and the middle of the field wide open. Get you closer to the 20 and then have one decent shot at the endzone. Im glad it didn’t work out but not as stupid a play as most people first thought.
  14. You’re welcome. Now go beat the Cardinals. (I’m rooting for Niners @ Rams NFC title game.)
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