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  1. NMpackalum

    Tucker Carlson's Monologue Insults His Viewers

    I mentioned several from the WSJ recent article but it's behind a paywall. Honestly, google cannabis, psychosis and violence, you'll get what you want.
  2. NMpackalum

    Tucker Carlson's Monologue Insults His Viewers

    Like I said, the authors didn't try to establish causation. Just straight stats from before legalization and last year. I think there is enough data out there that supports significant downside to cannabis use despite the propaganda. Hell even in my own practice I'm seeing things I have never dealt with before like THC related hyperemesis.
  3. NMpackalum

    Tucker Carlson's Monologue Insults His Viewers

    2013 there were 450 murders in the 4 states that legalized recreational MJ, 2017 there were 620 so more like 38 percent. Sorry I just eyeballed the numbers. Much higher than the rate in the rest of the country though. The authors from the WSJ article didn't attempt to establish causation. Psychology today reported 7 fold increase in violence and Journal of Social Psychiatry and epidemiology reported a 5 fold increase. Medical Journal of Austrailia had a study of homicides performed during psychotic episodes that showed more homicides commited under the influence of cannabis than alcohol or amphetamines combined.
  4. NMpackalum

    Tucker Carlson's Monologue Insults His Viewers

    I always thought that pot smokers hung out in the basement eating doritos and minding their own business but multiple studies show up to a 7 fold increase in paranoia and violent behavior in regular users. As strong an association as smoking to lung cancer. In the first 4 states that legalized marijuana, there is nearly a 50 % increase in murders and a significant increase in aggravated assaults, much higher increases than the national averages. Worth it?
  5. My opinion hasn't changed. Unless you're a market timer, you have to have some long term discipline. If in 18m, it's less than $200, then I'll sell half my position. FB P/E ratio is less than 20, lowest in its existence and long term growth rate is estimated at 20+ percent annually. This doesn't include any Instagram growth. Right now, everything is being punished, no matter what stock. Apple is even better positioned and getting hit hard.
  6. They haven't monetized Instagram or What'sApp yet, I've made and lost a bundle on Facebook. I haven't sold any. Sector rotation going on. Once the China tariff skirmish is resolved, the momentum will start again for the sector, There really aren't many alternatives for online advertising outside of FB and Google. Kids are on Snap but they can't make any money. Average daily users of Instagram went up 20% last year. Once, FB starts basing again, it's a great buy.
  7. NMpackalum

    MacIntyre’s Replacement

    How about Josh Heupel for CU. Will have a national championship under his belt. Keep the MWC coaching staffs intact.
  8. NMpackalum

    Nevada vs Little Rock Game Thread

    Athleticism doen't put the ball in the basket. Or don't they teach that at UNLV.
  9. NMpackalum

    Muss recruiting philosophy...

    I don't know if Jalen Harris would be considered a sleeper but it seems people in the know say he's the real deal. Even Muss says he's the most athletic guy in practice and the guy who can get his own shot. High praise considering the talent on this team. Next year might be pretty solid with Harris, probably Drew and Brown, Jazz, Nisre and the freshmen bigs. Good enough to be top 3 in the conference next year as well with the right grad transfers.
  10. I think CNN does journalism a disservice if they have Acosta stay as the White House correspondent. Have him get his credentials back and move him to the opinion side. Assign another more objective reporter to the White House. With Acosta, the reporter will always be the story and not the issues. For half of the population, CNN will still be fake news then.
  11. Booker's rhetoric has shifted significantly to the left as well. At one point in the past, I was a fan. I'll have to check out Beto.
  12. NMpackalum

    CSU at Nevada game thread.

    After year one under the current regime, our defense still sucked. Maybe Jancek will improve things year 2. He hasn't even been on the job for a year. The most glaring thing that I noticed was your O line was soft and undisciplined. CSU used to have nasty offensive linemen.
  13. NMpackalum

    CSU at Nevada game thread.

    You guys have a lot of short term thinking. Bill McCartney was terrible his first 5-6 years at CU before they started being competitive. You guys don't have the money or alumni support to dump that kind of cash. Bobo just needs a couple of new assistants to turn this thing around. Look at what Nevada did by hiring a "washed up" coach like Casteel". 2 years later, we have the best defense at Nevada that I remember outside the 2010 team. And getting better. I just hope we can afford to keep Casteel.
  14. NMpackalum

    Jordan Caroline

    Hard not to like the guy. Plays like a beast, has a smile on his face and keeps his mouth shut. Leads the team in floor burns. His improvement from year to year is a testament to how hard he works.
  15. NMpackalum

    Jordan Caroline

    I'm just being sarcastic. But compared to the freakish atheletes like Zion Williamson and the others that will be drafted, he's not at the same level. He is successful because of his motor, bounce and persistence which I'll take anyday.