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  1. I had shingles last year. It was miserable. I almost had loss of vision. Even now I have abnormal sensory facial nerve activity. Get the vaccine.
  2. I still say that UNLV should do anything it takes to get Pitino. Matta and Martin are great coaches but Vegas needs the flash.
  3. Nah, we'll be reminiscing about being the only Nevada school in the last decade with a sweet 16 appearance.
  4. I doubt it. Nevada doesn't have a 30 year old National Championship to reminisce about. We know where we stand in the grand scheme.
  5. You should read his books. Half of his book "Cool It" are citations of original articles so he does bring the beef as you say. There was also overwhelming consensus at one recent point for hormone replacement therapy for instance. Not so much now. With respect to what has been brought up here regarding overwhelming evidence, more than 63% of the more than 1200 articles regarding anthropogenic climate change has shown no statistical signifance. Of the remaining studies where potential affects are shown, 97% of those authors believe in it. I like reading Lomborg because he isn't a denier but has more reasonable ways of addressing human suffering at a lower cost than the knee jerk activists want. This debate would be much more productive if the evidence is allowed to stand on its own rather than sensationalized.
  6. https://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/climate-change-self-defeating-alarmism-by-bjorn-lomborg-2018-12 https://nypost.com/2019/01/27/what-science-could-teach-ocastio-cortez-about-climate-change/ https://nypost.com/2018/08/26/how-the-war-on-climate-change-slams-the-worlds-poor/ I don't know if you read Bjorn Lomborg's stuff but he cites original articles in his books. I'm sure he is labeled a denier and conspiricist but I find him a moderate on the subject and his studies on the costs and benefits of Green policy on the poor are often not considered by Climate activists.
  7. I've brought this up before, people who use the 97 % climate scientists agree thing don't bother to read the original literature nor even the abstract from the oft quoted survey of climate scientists (40+% of whom were geologists, paleontologists etc...) People believe what they want to believe. Some on here want double blinded randomized studies on conclusions they don't agree with but observational, non reproducible studies are ok when they support their own beliefs.
  8. It would be interesting to see how many of Caleb Martin's shots are scored as assists. There is much subjectivity for those situations where a scorer dribbles around after a pass or holds the ball before shooting.
  9. I wonder if much of the decrease in refunds are due to the loss of SALT deductions in the populous high tax states. If that's the case, isn't this just making the rich pay their fair share?
  10. I'm not saying your original premise is wrong, only that this study isn't a good supporting argument in real life. Long acting reversible contraception has been a priority from the professional organizations for most of this decade and still the adoption rate is <15% even when free. I have to offer these products aggressively to even be considered. There are a lot of benefits other than contraception as well. As far as qualifying for CHIP, each state is different but in NM, a family of 4 can make 300% of poverty. Any pregnant woman can qualify if they don't qualify for Medicaid.
  11. There are many other ways to prevent pregnancy than IUD. I think there is room for compromise. It's kind of like media coverage of Trump or AOC. The vast majority of people are between the fringes. IUDs are a little different than other methods in that theoretically, a fertilized embryo could be prevented from implantation or if implanted could be prevented from growing...for those" life starts at conception people", it's a non starter. As far as Pro Choice being the platform of personal responsibility. It's that way only after you've been irresponsible.
  12. This is a little more complicated than handing out condoms and birth control pills. This study includes only IUDs and Nexplanon devices, all which costs over a thousand dollars for the product and require a couple of appointments. Many religious folk have concerns about IUDs based on their mechanism of action. Also, the vast majority of children under 18 can be covered through Medicaid which already provide free IUDs and Nexplanon. The study is flawed on it's application towards the general population.
  13. Same with the art in Santa Fe/Taos. Seen one howling coyote, seen them all.
  14. It depends on what the other team is doing. If they are guarding you hard, then you play hard.
  15. I’m not going to get into the morality of late term abortion, but I agree with Dr. Hamada. In my near 30 year career and more than 4000 deliveries, I’ve never encountered a situation nor have heard of one where a late term abortion was necessary to save a mother’s life. Labor induction or Cesarean are both safer and with C/S much faster than a late term dilation and evacuation. I have heard of cases of maternal cancer earlier in the pregnancy that resulted in termination. Nor can I image situation or condition where a doctor would tell a mother that they had a 80 percent chance of dying during a delivery or a fetus with a 10 percent chance of having a successful birth. The medical arguments don’t support the premise. As far as I’m concerned, choosing a late trimester abortion has more to do with not dealing with an unwanted pregnancy that would result in a live born child, rather than the safety of the mother.