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  1. As a non anglo, I can tell you I've been heckled at more in the very liberal town of Durango than I have in the redneck part of NM just to the south. Racism/discrimination occurs everywhere. Some people are just smug and think others are less evolved than they are.
  2. I'll look it up. Just did a cursory look online but it seems Myanmar and the US are very different with respect to availability of information. Facebook is the internet per NY Times. No other online platform exists to any degree. I just have heartburn with a few people deciding what is hate speech and who to ban. Pendulums swing quite regularly. I agree with Renoskier's sentiment in that Twitter and Facebook have the right to ban someone as they are private companies and theoretically people have the ability to seek other platforms unless of course Apple, Google and Amazon prevents it.
  3. Banning them on social media isn't going to keep idiots from planning things. If they're stupid enough to invite people to play...Plus, they can use that info to proescute later.
  4. Wouldn't that be good info for authorities to follow? ABC news says social media is being used in hunting down the rioters.
  5. Draftscout.com would disagree with Fresno having the best combo. Nevada has Strong, Doubs, Cooks and Turner higher ranked than your combo with only Rivers ahead of Taua. Your guys are dangerous no doubt. Strong already is 25 to 1 odds of Heisman according to the bookies and a couple of guys rating him a first rounder if he came out this year including one guy saying that New England would pick him. Ridiculous of course but when the hype machine starts, it’s hard for others to break through.
  6. Got my second shot today and like you, I miss traveling. I’m hoping to go to Mexico next month. What is really pissing me off today is that it’s likely that NM schools may not be open in person until next August, supposedly because there isn’t an FDA approved vaccine for kids. This is ludicrous and not backed by science at all. As far as I am concerned, kids should be back 2 weeks after seniors and teachers are able to get vaccinated. Even if there were a vaccine available, I doubt that the take rate for kids would be 40 percent or less with all the antivaxxers around. I really hate the way th
  7. You’re a smart guy, you should know that your graphic doesn’t have anything to do with whether masks work. Mask Mandates aren’t measurable therefore isn’t proof of anything. Your previous Danish study was reasonable but hasn’t been reproduced in other studies. You can’t only cherry pick data that supports your opinions and expect to convince others when you are in the minority.
  8. They don't get the flu vaccine either. I was told yesterday, "their body, their choice".
  9. Don't let contradicting evidence influence your beliefs. At least you're consistent.
  10. Really frustrating considering taking tylenol or aspirin has an exponentially higher complication rate. Vaccines have probably saved more people's lives than anything else in history.
  11. Cali doesn't have the monopoly on irresponsibility. The anti vaxxers are really going to prolong the pain. There are vaccines going to waste because many healthcare workers are refusing to get vaccinated and sometimes sabotaging vaccines. I doubt the vaccination rate will be much over 60 percent eventually. There is an article from the LA Times today essentially blaming this on Trump and the deterioration in trust with the CDC, but this has been the trend well before Trump. Restrictions will be around alot longer than it has to.
  12. This study doesn't directly test efficacy of masks, but in a high risk hospital setting where masks and hand sanitizers are the predominant preventative measures, only 1 likely hospital acquired infection was detected over the 12 week study period. Wear masks appropriately and I'm pretty comfortable that they help. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamanetworkopen/fullarticle/2770287
  13. I oversimplified my statement. I stand corrected. However I was really trying to address the comment on the severity of disease which the study isn't powered to do. Efficacy of vaccines can be confusing. Here's the original article which I generally prefer over synopsis from other sources. You might have read already too. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2034577
  14. It only means that statistically 95% of the study participants in the vaccine arm did not get infected. It doesn't interpret degree or severity of infection. Hopefully it translates to the broader population.
  15. You get a CDC registered card. The airlines are developing a travel pass app so the vaccinated and those with proof of previous infection can travel more freely. I suspect you can eventually upload the card into their system to be able to travel easier, kind of like a TSA prepass I suspect. Which makes me wonder if I could sell bootleg fake CDC vaccination cards
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