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  1. NMpackalum

    2017 MWC NFL Salary by school

    The old WAC teams sure suck don't they.
  2. NMpackalum

    Colorado says fishing next to private land is trespassing

    Same in NM. You can't get out of your boat and pee after drinking all that PBR, even midstream. Landowners string up cables and threaten fisherman regularly.
  3. NMpackalum

    Decline In Hunters Threatens How U.S. Pays For Conservation

    I'm even more spoiled. Went fishing on the San Juan yesterday afternoon and caught 7-8 trout over 18" and a bunch under that in 3 hours. I'm happy to pay over a $100 for licenses and stamps in NM and Colorado in addition to the $50 dollar parking permit. I'd pay for mountain bike trails as well. Considering I spend $10 dollars a ticket at the theater, all these fees are a bargain.
  4. I can only see this if the P5 schools refuse to schedule us because they went to a 20 game league schedule. Then I see logic in not playing RPI lowering schools. You're right...probably going to happen.
  5. NMpackalum

    Sanctions for Iran

    American frackers are more than up to the challenge.
  6. NMpackalum

    Jordan Brown to Nevada

    I remember the Fiesta Bowls. I mentioned them (BCS bowls). Realistically though as the P5 make exponentially more money than any of the G5 schools, the ability to compete going forward is exponentially less than even 8-10 years ago when Boise was at its pinnacle. I agree that many are nomads and Muss historically one of the more nomadic. Even Genghis Khan settled down though. Hopefully Muss will too. Boise could be a beast this year though. Still they will have to get the G5 (Don't sue us) BCS bowl slot via computer/polls vs the other G5 schools. They have every incentive to run up the score.
  7. NMpackalum

    Jordan Brown to Nevada

    I don't necessarily agree. No doubt he could leave for a bluechip program for triple the money but Boise is the top of the mountain for the have nots in football. Petersen leaves because he can't do better than an occasional BCS bowl in great years and a 1 million dollar Vegas Bowl in their conference championship years. Muss has a team that is a legit Final Four contender in his fourth year (assuming the twins and Caroline return). Muss' daughter got more pub in 1 weekend than Petersen did in his whole career. Things are different in basketball.
  8. NMpackalum

    Jordan Brown McDonald's all american(Nevada)

    Haven't we heard that a couple of times this month?
  9. NMpackalum

    Nevada gets grad transfer commit

    More likely Lee goes. Hymes would have 2 one and done guys ahead of him if Brown signs and Hymes is more of a true post like Porter. Hymes reportedly has been impressive the last few months. He'll be a crucial part of the Pack after this season.
  10. NMpackalum

    "Racism" Controversy in Utah

    I'm Chinese. I couldn't care less. She looks good in the dress. Asian kids making a big deal of this have appropriated the American Snowflake culture and I'm outraged.
  11. NMpackalum

    ESPN’s Too Early Top 25

    I agree with you and ESPN is probably worse than others especially with mid majors. My perspective is actually down your line of reasoning where having a one and done 4 or 5 star guy isn't the panacea for Nevada that it's cracked up to be to in order keep Muss. He's doing just fine. If he really leaves because getting 4-5 star guys is that important then he'll be gone with the next blue blood program opening. And thank you very much for leaving the program in a much better place.
  12. NMpackalum

    ESPN’s Too Early Top 25

    I just used the ESPN ratings which is generally one less star than other rating agencies to be consistent. For instance, Brown is a 4 star guy as was Zach Collins for Gonzaga. Deonte Burton was the only 4 star guy at Nevada this decade. So you can use Scout or Rivals and just add a star to everyone for grade inflation. Interestingly the last ESPN scouting report isn't as high on Brown as everyone else is.
  13. NMpackalum

    ESPN’s Too Early Top 25

    I'm not sure I buy into that theory. Muss has been able to win with transfers and 3 star guys. He likes the developmental year with the transfers. It fits his professional experience especially from the D league where he gets to mix and match his lineups. One and done guys work to fit a need. The road to basketball purgatory is lined with 5 star recruits (UNLV). Both Gonzaga, Cincinnati and especially Witchita State have had sustained success without 5 star or even 4 star guys. Landing Brown would be a coup but I hardly think it makes Nevada more attractive to Muss.
  14. NMpackalum

    Koreas Agree To End War By Year's End

    Chinese tariffs will magically disappear if this comes to fruition and accusations of Chinese collusion magically appear.
  15. NMpackalum

    Yeti Coolers

    Not exactly the same. If people sued Yeti to force them to make deals with the NRA, that would be more analogous and I would agree with you. Stupid people are allowed to boycott whoever they want.