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  1. Even though masks are required in businesses in NM, no one enforces it. I agree, those that choose not to get the safest vaccines in the history of vaccines can fend for themselves.
  2. It's a regional healthcare center. They have a very well developed delivery system that covers the Western slope, more than you would expect for a small town. Oil and gas is a big employer , for better or worse. It's small college town as well. Tourism and agriculture/ranching are big as well. Obviously it has great mountain biking and Palisade has lots of wineries that you can tour, though only a few I would drink. They have the usual abundance of Colorado microbrews. For you fisherman, the Gunnison has great fishing outside the Black Canyon. A great salmonfly/ yellow sally hatch. I could li
  3. Grand Junction is like a real town with a diverse economy and real people. They’ve redeveloped the downtown area and has great outdoors recreation obviously. You have to drive a little upstream on the Colorado or Gunnison to get good fishing though the lakes up on the Mesa are pretty cool. Pretty good foodie scene too. The airport is even decent sized. Durango has turned into Telluride/Aspen lite with definite line between haves and have nots. The national publicity worked too well. The middle class are pretty much moving out to Bayfield. Just like every other attractive place, real
  4. You should see what they feed the employees. After a year of crisis nursing and forced overtime, it's a kick in the nuts or ovaries.
  5. After not having a single case for 3 weeks in the ICU. we are having a resurgence of cases and our ICU is filling up again. We have a fraction of the nurses that we had before as many have quit so our capacity is lower. Our vaccine uptake has slowed down. I suppose it's people's right to get sick and die if they feel their rights are infringed or are afraid of a little chip in their arm. As an aside, my kids antivaxxer baseball coach tested positive and now the whole team has to quarantine and forfeit games in their already abbreviated season. Frustrating.
  6. I had Lasik 20 years ago. Over time, I became more nearsighted again. For 20 years it was definitely worth it. You can have a touchup if you have enough cornea left but I developed a premature cataract and had a lens replacement. The speed of vaccine development and distribution is a great example of how medicine will improve your quality of life in this lifetime. For that matter, cataract surgery is right up there for quality of life enhancement. But back to watches, I hate that ugly cyclops Rolex bump. I'll just have to look at the date with my good eye.
  7. Is that where all the chips for cars and X boxes are going?
  8. Don't I know it. I've been looking at a few GMTs, Seiko and Tudor and that little date is making me shy away. Pretty soon I'll have to start wearing the Datejust with that big magnifying glass.
  9. It's not just the music. My 84 year old mother watches Korean soap operas addictively.
  10. Every culture throws meat on fire. Just wait for the fried chicken stands. Korea has more fried chicken restaurants per capita than any other country. Talk about cultural appropriation.
  11. I apologize if I offended. I'm all confused about which team I'm supposed to be on since I'm of the brown persuasion. And isn't it supposed to be LatinX? Honestly I don't keep up with who's a lberal or conservative except for the obvious outliers. I've found reasonable takes from all the aforementioned.
  12. White liberals know what's best for everyone. Bless them for expanded permanent social welfare with no work requirements that will keep those recipients in permanent subsistence dependance. That's not systemic racism at all.
  13. Here's my vent: My son who's applying for schools this year scores 35 on ACT, GPA 4.7. He scores 4 and 5s and has his AP diploma and valedictorian. He's a National Merit Scholarship finalist. In case you think he was a nerd or other "Model Minority (half asian with wrong last name) STEM geek stereotype, he's a 2 year starter on a powerhouse baseball school and homecoming king. The only schools he got in to were U of Washington and USC. Rejected at the Ivies, Cal and Stanford. Wait listed at Northwestern, Duke, Vanderbilt and UCLA. And I suspect he only got in to USC because he was a National M
  14. Actually checking out the most recent stats I could find on a 30 second google search, Cheyenne has a roughly 40 percent higher positivity rate than Albuquerque the last couple of weeks. I don't think I'll look too much more in to it because really, I doubt you would concede anything. But at least you're consistent. I'm not sure you believe your own schtick or whether you're one of those people that has to have the last word in any argument. You're not alone in that regard on this board. Keep us entertained.
  15. I agree. I don't try to convince people that come in to the office with their minds made up. If they are hesitant, I'll try to dispel the myths out there regarding intertwining DNA and relative newness of the mRNA technology which has been around for 20+ years treating cancer etc... To me, it's the same mindset of government trying to control people conspiracy. The government has a hard time just making it through the day without hurting themselves.
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