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  1. I’m not getting into this mess of a thread but we resuscitate 22 week babies these days.
  2. If you were vaccinated or previously infected, you have pretty good odds of not contracting it assuming it’s the original strain of A, B, Delta, Omicron or even BA 2. Your immune system is also important. For instance, I haven’t had a cold in 5 or more years despite being around plenty of sick people before masks.
  3. Pecking order will stay the same but even teams like BYU pay all the walkons scholarships so the 85 total scholarships is a farce.
  4. Unfortunately the vaccines or prior infections don’t work well for protection on the BA 4 and 5 sub variants which are gradually becoming the dominant strains around 35% of new cases last week. The only antiviral drug that still works on it is Paxlovid. The cases seem a little worse than BA 2 though still not enough data on that. It’s probably going to be rough few months until the new Omicron based vaccines come online.
  5. I just finished listening to Nevada Senator Cortez Masto drilling Jerome Powell on price manipulation by oil companies. If she is representative of the depth of knowledge about anything in Congress, we’re lucky we aren’t in worse shape.
  6. I’m in the middle of nat gas country and even with the near quadrupling of the nat gas prices, my buddies can’t get permits to drill. A lot of it is state bureaucracy. NM being one of the worse. Even if they could get permits, they couldn’t get enough labor. CNBC interviewed an analyst last week that predicted $23 mmbtu this winter. I can’t even imagine what it will be like in Europe and Asia.
  7. So the fact that Millenials choose not to purchase houses for whatever reason including lack of wealth and income isn't supported? Then isn't it the same thing when you say they don't buy because they can't afford it? I'm not sure what's weird about statistics showing that fewer millenials are home owners or aspire to be when compared to other generations at the same age. And now they polling shows they want to be home owners.
  8. I'm not sure what the argument is other than for the sake of arguing. What major markets haven't been hot. For whatever reasons they weren't buying, whether fear of excessive debt or lifestyle choices, "experts" said they were a generation of renters. And they were wrong. My point was that eventually the millenials will eventually have the wealth to spend money in many ways including fancy cars.
  9. Heck, I'm waiting for that. My 83 yo mother drives faster than me and I really don't want her on the road.
  10. https://www.marketwatch.com/picks/many-affluent-millennials-are-now-lifestyle-renting-instead-of-buying-homes-its-the-best-option-for-now-some-say-but-is-it-really-01639663210 There are loads of similar articles and polls. But things have changed with the FOMO real estate market and now millenials are the largest demographic. But you're right, now the average millenials are priced out. There's hope though, millenials are expected to inherit 68 trillion by 2030 from their Boomer parents.
  11. We'll see. They also said millenials didn't want to own homes. Also, your son is far from the average Millenial. They have a median income of 71k and 88 percent live in urban areas close to public transit. They will age into their parents and once they pay off student loans, they'll want to spend money on something other than gaming, streaming and food delivery, especially after they inherit the trillions from their Boomer parents.
  12. That's because they don't have as much money as the Boomers and Xers. They're also used to using Uber that the older demographic hasn't completely bought in to. Both my boys will be fighting for my Jag F type in 20 years.
  13. That's saying a lot considering there are some truly dreary places in NM and AZ. I spent a week in Fallon a few decades ago for Boys State and it did sound like we were getting strafed by fighter planes all day long. I don't think Fallon's all that bad. I do remember our caravan of med students coming back from Vegas all getting stopped by the cops there because of the Gay rodeo in town.
  14. Tesla doesn’t allow others on it’s charging network yet. They’ve started in Europe though. Selfishly, I hope they don’t.
  15. My kid has a charge point charger in the garage he parks in at USC. It rarely works and charges like a home 40 amp setup when it does work. He just goes to a Tesla supercharger at a mall every week or two. It is a little anxiety provoking when he drives home through Arizona to NM. Adds about 90 minutes to the drive home to recharge.
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