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  1. I've caught my share of big browns in the Truckee downtown at Wingfield Park. Now you have to avoid the kayakers. There are huge fish in the Truckee near the Caifornia border. The biggest fish out of Pyramid for me is "only" 25 inches.
  2. Having lived in Reno and living near Albuquerque, there isn’t anything in Albuquerque that isn’t better in Reno except maybe Mexican food.
  3. Medically speaking, phrases like late term abortions, partial birth abortions aren't used. Any pregnancy that is terminated is considered a therapeutic abortion. Definitions are important. A miscarriage is a spontaneous or missed abortion. Most of these terms are political in nature. Any pregnancy loss under 20 weeks is considered an abortion. As for reporting, almost all statistics are self reported so therefore probably not very accurate. All I know is that 23 weeks is commonly used as a cutoff for viability outside the womb. In nearly 29 years of residency and group practice >15,000 pregnancies, I've never seen a situation where the life of the mother depended on a therapeutic abortion. I have seen in 2 situations where we induced a pregnancy early to provide chemotherapy early.
  4. Its a reversible decrease in bone density. Though point taken, the body is never the same.
  5. This is correct. It was speculated that Jesse Helms did not push the anti abortion agenda in North Carolina for that reason. The white girls or those with resources can go out of state.
  6. What happened to all the weed tax money?
  7. In the non P5 world it is. Michigan made a 10 million profit on 185 million revenue last year. Hopefully he remembers how bad the weather for golf was in the Midwest compared to Nevada, NM and Socal. Hopefully they have a head coach in waiting situation. Honestly not that worried, just a thought that hit me when I read it. Alford probably isn't a strong enough candidate after his UCLA experience. Brad Stevens has been mentioned.
  8. Considering Beard is a Texas guy and makes nearly twice what Beilein makes, long odds. I'd be more worried about Alford since it's his neck of the woods.
  9. 6 Democrats including Nadler and Schiff have refused to read the less redacted report. Interestingly, listening to a Ken Starr interview, Nadler was very vocal in opposing release of the Starr report. Just impeach Trump and get this over with.
  10. Can someone tell me what crime or criminal investigation did Trump allegedly obstruct? The article is not specific. There was no indictment. Sure he threatened to fire Mueller but he didn’t, so is Mueller claiming that he was being prevented from doing a thorough investigation? If so, he would have notified Congress. Otherwise, don’t you need an actual crime to obstruct it’s investigation? If Nadler isn’t interested enough to read the unredacted report, then the only conclusion to me is this is all bs and politics and only partisans care which includes many of those prosecutors named in the article. Just saying they worked in Republican administrations means nothing since Trump hate transcends party lines. I couldn’t care less anymore but move on to the people’s business which includes problems people care about like immigration, health care reform. Hopefully sometime in the next 10-12 years before the earth is unlivable due to climate change according to Beto and AOC. Give me term limits for Congress.
  11. I'm trying to figure out the moral equivalents here. On one hand, parents are going to do jail time for paying coaches to get their kids in to USC and pay full retail and others on the other hand, coaches are paying kids to attend school for a free agency year and people defend them to the hilt.
  12. I don't think corruption has anything to do with it. Just like any juggernaught government bureaocracy, CMS is not geared for efficiency or data driven. It won't get any better than public education or any other government agency where the administrative costs increasingly take more of the budget rather than deliver the services that it was intended to do. Layers of regulation only exacerbate the problems. On a smaller scale, every private hospital or surgery center will be more efficient than a University or public hospital because there is no incentive to be more efficient.
  13. This is another example of how crazy government run health care would be in the US. I can't even get authorization for a $700 dollar IUD to place in someone on Medicare to stop uterine bleeding instead of surgery and they will reimburse $49,000 per vial on something so rare and with limited data on effectiveness. As far as the bribing goes, there are bad apples in every field. There is a government database under the "Sunshine Law" that tracks how much each company spends on a particular doctor from lunches to pens if someone wants to see if there is potential bias from the doctor. Most offices these days don't even let drug reps through the door. That's why there is so much direct to consumer advertising these days.
  14. Costs aren't rising at a small fraction. The regulatory and administrative burdens are ridiculous with the ACA yet the administrative costs are capped by the ACA. You should google the state Medicaid program provider documents if you have insomnia. Health care utilization is actually stagnant or less but the costs of doing business have increased significantly. For instance a survey by the Health Care Cost Institute showed a 45% increase in costs for pharmacy costs with a 12 percent decrease in usage. Those costs are passed on to the consumer. If anything, the ACA has really muddied up rather than clarified our poor health care system as it was. With the ACA and any other government managed or mandated program, understand that the numbers have no basis in traditional marketplace interactions. Everything from reimbursement for a procedure to coverage is arbitrary with no recourse or grievance.
  15. You should ask your employer if they think it's reasonable. Most of our large employers are going to the high deductible ACA Bronze level type plans and still paying 10-30 percent more year over year. I pay 95 percent of my single employees insurance and probably won't be able to afford that anymore. I pay 75% for family which for some is pretty close to their wages.