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  1. Rember the days of UNLV, SDSU, and UNM?

    I've not been to Viejas but I have been to other 3 arenas. When the buildings are full, all three are loud and have great atmosphere. Honestly, I was expecting more at the Thomas and Mack. I went to the Nevada, Washington game in Seattle and I thought Lawlor wa a way better venue albeit the home crowd didn't have that much to cheer about.
  2. Nevada @ Boise State

    I don't know if the Boise players consider it disrespect especially since Martin delayed the dunk until after the buzzer. I think there has been plenty of mutual respect as well as disrespectful bulletin board material from the previous game. I want to see a Boise/UNM rematch for disrespect.
  3. Stupid tech question...

    If you are on chrome,go to far right of the banner and click the 3 vertical dots, scroll down to new incognito window. Refresh and you're done. Refresh the RGJ site every time you've reached the max articles.
  4. Immigration Reform

    Yes it is. This plays in to another thread about poverty and how people don't move because they don't have a support structure. Most locals here move to the Permian and to North Dakota and they usually don't have families there.
  5. Immigration Reform

    According to Bureau of labor statistics, the labor force will still grow for another 3-4 years before the retiring boomer generation will overcome that growth.
  6. Immigration Reform

    Though improving, labor force participation still isn't back up to the levels in 2000. Plenty of people are moving away from my community to others looking for jobs.
  7. This will work about as well as Michelle Obama's school lunch reform.
  8. Nevada Still Ranked...

    If Mooring plays like he did against the Pack, I like the Rebels chances if Caleb Martin can't play. McCoy get's so much attention that Juiston has good matchups. Kind of like how Caroline took advantage of all the attention Cam Oliver received last year.
  9. The MWC Tournament

    They pretty much played 6 players in last years tournament. Leland King had 16 minutes in the first game of the tournament and 1 minute in the second game. Having 7 players in the rotation is a luxury.
  10. UNLV at Nevada

    You are correct. UNLV is the tallest midget in a 1 or 2 bid league. Congratulations.
  11. NLI Signing Day - Wednesday, Feb 7th

    There must be some grade inflation going on. 16 3 stars are usually what Nevada has over 2-3 years. Boise blows away the competition for another recruiting championship. 80 to 81 average score is essentially a tie in my book.
  12. UNLV at Nevada

    UNLV is lucky to have Menzies. I like his demeanor on and off the court. If Musselman leaves for a greener pasture and UNLV chases him away, I certainly wouldn't mind him in Reno. I think he does great job.
  13. Ben Carson caught up in ethics issues,

    So she made an order to buy more than a dozen stocks, one of them a Japanese tobacco company after she was CDC director. She sold that one but she has other investments that she couldn't sell in a timely fashion due to contractual obligations. She's probably in a hedge fund. Sounds like a reasonable reason to step down. Poor financial decision, yes. Unethical If you say so. I'm guilty of buying (and not selling) a S&P 500 mutual fund and large cap stock funds that have tobacco and insurance companies in them though I'm adamantly against smoking and restriction of care for profit. Count me in the unethical crowd. I hope I can sleep tonight.
  14. Ben Carson caught up in ethics issues,

    I never claimed that she was. I just responded that the Trump team has no monopoly on questionable ethics. Adam Schiff is just as fishy as Nunes. Is the transition team part of the executive branch. Honestly don't know and don't care. Plenty of unethical people on both sides in Congress. Term limits for all I say.
  15. Ben Carson caught up in ethics issues,

    So having $1000-$15000 in a Japanese tobacco company stock constitutes unethical behavior? Seems reasonable to remove herself as CDC chief but it seems to me a stretch.