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  1. At 1/64 native, she wouldn't be able to access the Indian Health Service. Bummer
  2. NMpackalum

    Question for Wyoming & Nevada fans

    If Rypien plays like he did in the second half, Boise comfortably. Close if you get the first half Rypien.
  3. Look no further than the Nevada 2005-06 team with Fazekas, Sessions and Kemp for monumental disappointment. 1st round bounce by Montana and possibly the second best team in Nevada hoops. 2 NBA picks and a pretty formidable cast. Hopefully we get a good draw if we make it to the dance. I won't be disappointed if we make it to Sweet 16. Last year was luck. This year Nevada has the players and the intangibles. Anything more is gravy.
  4. NMpackalum

    The Kavanaughcalypse!

    I heard this morning on the radio that the allegations stem from a marriage counseling session where the psychologist determined that she had repressed memories from 30 years ago. Not sure if anything can be definitively proven if that's the case. I could be completely wrong though.
  5. NMpackalum

    So Now They Like Science...!

    As if Progressives don’t pick and choose when they like science. Climate change, science-good. Vaccines/GMOs science -bad.
  6. NMpackalum

    China Hacked Hillary Server in Real Time

    I don't know specifically about this instance but I have a friend who officially works for the State Department and it's not too secret that he really works for the CIA. For what it's worth.
  7. NMpackalum

    US & Mexico Reach Trade Deal

    The deficit has increased but the gap doesn't include payroll tax revenues, record increases state tax revenues and does include scheduled mandatory increases to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security (which would affect any administration) and increased interest payments from rising rates. According to Bloomberg, budget gap for June narrowed from 90 to 74 billion. The tax cuts are far from being completely felt.
  8. NMpackalum

    US & Mexico Reach Trade Deal

    I disagree. There are very few people who don’t acknowledge that Trump is a flawed person if not clownish. The only thing he has going for him is that he’s a problem solver. Despite all the many naysayers, he’s been able to shepherd the stagnant economy into a boom. Many have criticized his tactics but things chug along merrily. There are record revenues from both a state and federal level, which would easily make up for the tax cuts if you didn’t spend it. If you can’t acknowledge that.....
  9. NMpackalum

    Will Sisolak force Nevada to rebrand back to UNR?

    Another point I agree with. UNM had a similar debt and had to eventually cut Mens soccer, ski teams etc... If the University ever wants the athletic department to become self sufficient, it needs to fund the main revenue source at competitive levels or be forced to eventually drop down a division since there are no more teams to cut and comply with Title 9. Sandoval would be great as president but I would think he has higher aspirations.
  10. NMpackalum

    Will Sisolak force Nevada to rebrand back to UNR?

    Totally agree. There are only about 25 schools ranked lower than Nevada in Tier 1 left. They are going to have to change the whole marketing theme at this rate. Not sure how Johnson can unilaterally change the trend though. I doubt he can change university policies on selectivity, grad rates and financial aid unilaterally. Unless they go full on buying new researchers, faculty and high school counselors, I fear our ranking will continue to deteriorate.
  11. NMpackalum

    Reno Player Goes Scorched Earth on Twitter

    Good luck trying to get on a new team, whether or not allegations are true or not.
  12. NMpackalum

    Dry Rub for NY Steak

    If you have the time, I really have been converted to the reverse sear. Finish on the grill for a nice crust. Takes about 3 times as long but meat is more tender and the spices on the rub don't taste burned.
  13. NMpackalum

    Dry Rub for NY Steak

    Go to Sams Club and get a large container of Montreal Steak Seasoning and Italian seasoning. Do the montreal as a rub. Mix the Italian seasoning with olive oil and garlic and cover mixture over the meat. Make sure you start with a dry steak so the sear will give you a good crust. This is essentially a bisteca fiorentina which is usually ribeye. This is terribly easy and I have to give this secret recipe all the time.
  14. When there are term limits on Congress.
  15. Hopefully Nevada beats UCLA in the elite 8 to get into the final four and Alford gets a fat extension.