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  1. Well done Billy. I was the backup spy after the death of the original one. I have really broken transmission from them. Couldnt tell if tspoke was good or bad.
  2. That was terrible. I think he stopped a possible attack on tspoke as likely as he stopped him from killing. The nightfall was silly move though. Hopefully my garbled transmission was mostly correct
  3. I'm going to regret this, I just think Billy might only be 50% right that he stopped a night a room but a possible kill on tspoke Vote tspoke
  4. I'm willing to believe Billy about his role, but I'm not sure distracting tspoke meant tspoke was the killer or the target
  5. Maybe I missed it, but why were there two robot deaths and a human death? Did the assassin trigger a sucide? Obviously we nailed the Brutal wolf, but who killed the brutal wolf?
  6. Shoot, I can barely get started. Some 80 year old was knitting loops around me. Get it? Loops...
  7. Damn, sorry for missing the vote guys. I was, no joke, taking a knitting class.