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  1. Three important boxes are going to be checked off with the hire 1. Woman 2. Minority 3. UCLA ties
  2. Unless the city of Los Angeles (and the Bay area too), move from the West Coast to Kansas, there really isn't that much concern.
  3. Ucla l, and Cal to a lesser extent, probably bring in 10x the market that Hawaii wouls bring. Ucla has licensing agreements across Asia. Yes it might bring in a more acceptable time zone for viewership but I think that aspect would be pretty insignificant.
  4. Nephew. Ed O'Bannon was POTY and his younger brother Chuck also help lead UCLA to the 95 title. This is Chuck's kid.
  5. I think Chuck O'Bannon Jr ends up at UNLV
  6. They offered and he committed to UCLA yesterday.
  7. Sounds like UCLA might be offering here shortly
  8. I think he's going to commit to UCLA
  9. You mean losing your starting tackle, RB, having double vision and you don't have the best game on the road when it's snowing?
  10. If it's not the midwest teams, they might as well stick at 12.
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