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  1. Feels like everyone is beating the Yankees right now.
  2. Tom Hansen was outdated and garbage, so anything would have looked better. Or not.
  3. Crazy that the Braves/Mets will likely face the Padres in a wild card matchup and only one of those teams gets a shot at the Dodgers. Soto/Machado/Tatis is the second best threesome in baseball, but also second best trio in the NL West. They really need to sweep the Dodgers in this next series, to close some games and to make sure the narrative continues. Losers of 14/15 from the Dodgers is why they are in this mess.
  4. Brooklyn wins. Larsen's perfect game Willie Mays catch Hank Aaron 716 The catch (NFL) Golf at the Masters Buckner Gibson
  5. Yes. A 90 year old retiree said it was his personal choice to not watch another NFL game. Read the room dude.
  6. Simply the best. Arguably the biggest sports icon in Los Angeles history .
  7. It's a Miss State/Ole Miss troll job
  8. Correct. Neither are about to get pulled back into the PaC_12 but George is probably going to get as many shots in at UCLA to make it as difficult and uncomfortable as possible while leaving. There is no recourse for USC so he's not going to waste the effort.
  9. They got a cool 67 million from Under Armour. I suspect a lot of donors, who are used to subsidizing some aspects of the athletic department, are free to donate towards other endeavors. And athletics owes UCLA, which is strange. And athletics doesn't own Pauley, they rent it from another department from UCLA. But I suspect the debt will be gone by 2025. If UCLA forgives the athletic debts to itself, it starts using state funds and has a lot more oversight from a lot more departments and I don't think they really want that.
  10. UCLA only chartered for a couple of games, depending on location. (WSU, maybe the Oregon schools). They flew commercial for a majority of games. This will change for the Big-10. They will charter for almost all road games.
  11. Propaganda. We'll probably keep hearing it until Newsom backs off from it. And I think UCLA is making the right move by remaining silent publicly as to not stoke the flames here. Funny how at a Pac-12 event — not a UC Regents event — all they want to whine about is UCLA (and not SC, who also bolted and arguably is causing a bigger dent). Someone’s trying to push an agenda. The only leverage out there is the UC regents and CA legislature both of whom have no legal means of stopping the move. This is strictly athletics and has nothing to do with student enrollment, tuition or academic programs which the legislature usually weighs in on. The smart move for UCLA is to keep it’s head down and try to avoid ruffling feathers as we go out the door. The school is going to take a hit from assorted naysayers but there isn’t a legal way to derail our move.
  12. You can tell when someone doesn't watch basketball when they have no idea who Mick Cronin is or what style of basketball he plays.
  13. UCLA likely just paid off its debts https://www.dailynews.com/2022/07/28/ucla-under-armour-drop-dueling-litigation-over-280-million-sportswear-deal/
  14. Just so it's known, this is AztecSteve. He's made the same MSL typo, multiple times, on the PAC-12 board.
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