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  1. Good sign for UCLa considering how bad the game went last year
  2. That last drive was a perfect shtstorm of horrid scheme, effort, and clock awareness. Lost my voice and we were outperformed in almost every way. Congrats.n
  3. +++++ these refs but +++++ this defense more. Good win for you. At least I'm drunk at the game
  4. They are going to have a problem when they try to show those tickets at the gate...haha
  5. Wonder if the game time will play any part this year? I believe that game was midday? My memory is mostly shot from 2008
  6. Probably going to be more than that. Maybe 10-15k?
  7. The mental mistakes are gone, which was the biggest flaw in his game. Still misses open receivers, but they don't hurt the same way as before, when he'd make a bad throw into triple coverage. He's not an NFL QB (maybe with a super senior season), but he is good enough for this team to be real good.
  8. LSU is a poorly coached team, but still extremely talented. The game vs McNeese state had LSU sitting/resting/suspending 22 players vs them and it was essentially a rest game. The talent should have still won by more, but it is what it is. Vegas knew the UCLA-LSU game would be close, despite unranked UCLA being barely the underdog at home. UCLA has better backs and a better OL than Oregon does, so they should be able to control the line of scrimmage on Saturday. I expect the FSU QB play to be better than what we saw from LSU though. I'm curious to see how the attacking defense UCLA employs,
  9. The line keeps getting pushed bigger. The line vs LSU kept getting smaller. My guess is the final margin will be around a two score victory for the home team.
  10. Get him...for dinner? I don't think wants the hassle of pain in the ass football boosters. That's why he turned down Florida in favor of UCLA.
  11. I hope they hire Brennan. If Chip fails, I dont want him as an option for UCLA.
  12. Tough game guys. I sat front and center with the other 300 fans. Left in the fourth quarter because it was a) hot and b) Boring because Chip was content to run, run, run, punt with the fourth stringers.
  13. Fresno melted down first, now the best softball player in the last decade, is melting down.
  14. In the 2018-2019 season, UCLA finished 9-9. That certainly wasn't 2nd. In the 2019-2020 season, before COVID cancelled it, they were on a second half surge, but lost to notables such as Hofsta, BYU, and Cal State Fullerton. Close game vs LBSU. They entered conference play at 7-6. I expect attendance to be closer to 10K, if things are back to "normal"
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