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  1. It is not Mike Bronson’s fault that you think women’s rights are a laughing matter.
  2. Easy enough. Have all future football recruits identify as female.
  3. Mike Bronson would take a job smelling Mike Bronson’s farts.
  4. Mike Bronson would advise a football coach to take commitments from players that are willing to identify as female for scholarship purposes. Mike Bronson has no use for field hockey, softball and women’s basketball, anyway, so they can be cut to close the gap of unequal funding of men’s sports. Thank you Title IX.
  5. Mike Bronson cannot wait to see him showcase his skills in the CBI.
  6. Mike Bronson understands the nature of transfers. Mike Bronson does think Anthony will make USU better, but it is not likely that he will be an all-American. It appears this is a recruited-over/no real shot of seeing significant minutes type of transfer.
  7. Mike Bronson wonders when you will get around to looking at his stats. Mike Bronson is certain that he is a great kid, but his production appears to be lacking. With three early declarants to the Draft, Virginia would seemingly have a need for a wing/guard, but he transfers?
  8. Mike Bronson doubts it. Mike Bronson does not accept calls from “Hawaii Dept. of Corrections.” Mahalo, anyway.
  9. He is politely saying that you don’t suck them, you just hold them in your mouth until the swelling goes down.
  10. Mike Bronson is hopeful they get your dosages correct.
  11. Mike Bronson thinks you are misreading the instructions. You only use the product in well ventilated spaces.
  12. Make your check payable to Michael E. Bronson. Happy Christmas!
  13. Mike Bronson is a secret shopper for the B12. Fort Collins is definitely not on Mike Bronson’s radar.
  14. Mike Bronson is saying that she is likely made in China and will require inflation before f-ckin’. Her personality will not be that great, but at least you can solidify your status as the drama queen in the relationship.