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  1. The conference is wide open next year
  2. Is Alford a better coach then Musselman?
  3. I have to admit I have not watched many Alford coached teams play. What type of style coach is he? Does he run and gun or is he a slow the offense down type? Man to man D or zone. I did some digging on the Ucla board one fan had this to say which has me pumped calilatn21 2310 posts Nov 7, 2018 "I know Steve Alford is under fire but when have we reached across the country to grab such top players, a 7 foot 5 star center like Moses Brown, Kris Wilkes, Tyger Campbell guys like that. We always recruit good in Cali but Alford has the ability to go nationwide, we might even land the 7 footer from Texas tomorrow Will Baker. His recruiting is as good as its been at UCLA from what I remember. Howland first couple classes were good but all Cali kids, Alford has been nailing it every year. I know on court hasn't been producing as far as the tournament but just when he finally built the depth he gets hit with the kids messing up in China, now unfortunate injuries to start this year. If we lose him after this year unless there is some kind of shocking top hire from a top program I think we will regret wanting him gone."
  4. The only ones that come to mind Jordan Brown Jazz Johnson * if hes eligible for a grad transfer And Niz * same situation as Jazz How do recruits work? Eric Parish is signed with us does that mean he is obligated to come to Nevada unless we release him from scholarship or he would be punished by losing a year of eligibility
  5. Also why do people want Chris Jans? Every coach to leave New Mexico state for a bigger job has failed
  6. Fellow pack fans what players do you think might transfer out
  7. What about Gus ? He would keep the roster in tact
  8. Looks like it was a smoke screen on the SEC rant message board they though it was Musselman now there saying Greg Marshall
  9. Does the first road exit make Musselman less attractive to the likes of UCLA/Arizona? I think this means we will see coach Muss back next year
  10. Why does thad mattas wiki page list him as the head coach for unlv?
  11. I was shocked to see vegas has Nevada -11. I wanted to put some money on the game tonight , but that line seems way off should be a close one
  12. Whos going to stop our 2 5 stars next year in Jordan brown and soon to be Kyree Walker? Jalen Harris will also be in the running for player of the year he is sitting out this year we will be loaded next year
  13. Every year like clock work hes been gone for 2 years now.
  14. Yes they are going to pick Nevada is that a serious question ?
  15. Nevada Basketball aired there first episode of there Hard Knocks T.V series last night on NSN called running with the pack. In case any of you were not able to catch it on T.V here is the viedo. Pretty cool, we will be on air all year here is episode 1.
  16. Jalen Harris will be our best player next year has mwc player of the year talent
  17. Its to early to predict we have 4 more guys that will be on scholarship next year muss will add more talent.
  18. The 3pt percentage has to be off jazz johnson was leading the nation in 3pt percentage like a week ago
  19. Hearing he is UCLAs top choice at the moment would be crazy!!