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  1. Jalen Harris is staying in the draft. Alford has his work cut out!!
  2. Seems like a really solid hire
  3. I thought you guys hired the running back coach from Oklahoma st as offensive coordinator?
  4. Will the new transfer rule be the end of mid major basketball? With players not having to sit out It is going to be hard for the MWC to produce good teams
  5. Reminds me of a Jazz Johnson undersized but a lethal shooter. Plus on offense but could be a liability on defense
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/us/new-mexico-man-coronavirus-relief-check-wife-fire.amp. What the hell New Mexico? Apparently a man in New Mexico sets wife on fire because he didn’t qualify for the stimulus check
  7. Since it’s the off season I’m bored and looking for sports info. What players is your program brining in next year for basketball weather it’s a freshman or transfer?
  8. How do you guys predict the whole “Coronavirus” situation ends??
  9. San Diego st seems to be having a quiet offseason. I thought they would be able to parlay there success from last year into adding some high impact transfers? What’s going on Aztec fans?!
  10. 4 star originally committed to UCLA under Alford big get
  11. christian wood tests positive
  12. I hope it happens and they allow and exception for incoming freshman and expanded rosters. Nevada would be legit next year in this scenario
  13. Hell of a year and only team to take home hardware in basketball You guys are the king of MWC bb for now
  14. Doug Gottlieb makes a good point. Seniors should have a option to return next year