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  1. As an avid high dollar better I tailed you tonight as I saw you claimed your on a 13 game streak thanks for the 1k in my pocket ;) will definitely have my eye on this thread and your picks going forward 🍻
  2. What’s the word Bronco fans are you guys planning on playing this weekend against Wyoming ?
  3. Give Boise credit you guys have the horses the best thing Leon has done is copy musselmans transfer model not quit on the level as the old pack teams but you guys should give SDSU a fight for top spot this year
  4. Duh but winner gets to play in the championship
  5. Going to come down to Nevada and San Jose next week
  6. I know we all hate BYU but this is a hell of a game think it deserves it’s own thread go costal Carolina!!!!
  7. UNLV fans smoke crack. Didn’t you guys sign musselman as well
  8. I feel sorry for you at least we have a relevant team a relevant program shit when is the last time you guys made the the dance? Hahaha man you guys messed up not trying to go after Alford lol
  9. Is that a joke do you know who Alford is
  10. The key difference we have a coach that is going to keep us at the top of the conference you guys don’t and haven’t in the last 10 years
  11. I honestly hate to say this but I want you to be good rebels. This is on your administration you guys got Vegas the hot bed of recruiting the shinny pedigree. What the hell???
  12. The worst offensive half of basketball I have seen since the Carter years
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