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  1. Nevada breaks into AP top 25

    What's ur Twitter name
  2. My dream last night

    I had the wildest dream last night. I was traveling for work had no phone service finally got to my destination in LA checked my phone Nevada beat Texas tech by 2 get to my hotel which had a basketball court. Lone behold I walk in Dicky V was shooting jumpers, he busts out some cocaine an we were doing lines. He was like yeah baby Nevada wolfpack winning the national championship baby yeahhhh. Wild
  3. Oral Roberts vs UNLV

    UNLV better give them a oral explosion
  4. Rank em?

    I always sleep on boise in hoops but there always up there . I was shocked to see in KenPom they are in the top 70
  5. Eric Musselman makes some odd comments sounds like he could be un happy at Nevada ? https://amp.rgj.com/amp/899926001
  6. Utah vs UNLV at T-Mobile Arena

    You realize what your saying right? Your saying that Nevada won the cannon last year an swept you guys in basketball !!!
  7. Idaho State at San Jose State

    Good god get the Spartans out of this conference what a joke
  8. Utah vs UNLV at T-Mobile Arena

    UNLV fans talking about disconnect from reality says the team ranked 99th in KenPom picked to finish 6th in the conference an not making the tournament in 29 years. Let's take this slow rebel fans as your big brother these moments happen stay humble
  9. Utah vs UNLV at T-Mobile Arena

    Utah is not good my friend
  10. Utah vs UNLV at T-Mobile Arena

    I didn't see that from Utah??? Utah looked awful
  11. Utah vs UNLV at T-Mobile Arena

    This is what a top 20 basketball team looks like ...and yes my proof is here Davidson would run Utah off the court . Talk to me when you get to this level https://youtu.be/C-k_JGfSwEU