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  1. Recruiting board use it 😋
  2. fbpack

    2018 NBA Draft Combine

    Were loaded either way and will win the conference either way.. great time to be a pack fan
  3. fbpack

    2018 NBA Draft Combine

    Sounds like opposing fans are praying the Martin's hire a agent 😂
  4. fbpack

    Nevada gets grad transfer commit

    where did you read that ? That would suck because Harris is better than any of our current sit out transfer and drew
  5. I know there is a recruiting forum but screw it ...
  6. fbpack

    Jordan Brown

    Why do you think its down to cal and nevada?
  7. We lose only our 4th best player , but bring in 2 4 stars and 4 transfers who averaged near 20 a game last year you tell me
  8. Prepare the anus they all averagednear 20 pts a game last year https://youtu.be/pSKQY77QYpg
  9. So UNLV will be worse next year losing 3 of there top 4 players?
  10. It will be interesting I have a feeling muss will over sign and find a way to get more than 1 transfer
  11. fbpack

    UNLV signs 7'4 Latvian.

    Anyone got viedo or article on him?
  12. fbpack

    Updated NBA mock draft caleb 27

    We dont rebuild we just reload
  13. fbpack

    Updated NBA mock draft caleb 27

    Caleb @ 27 Mccoy @29 Hutchinson @ 36 Cody @ 41 Stephens @46
  14. http://www.nbadraft.net/2018mock_draft