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  1. Year 4 under Manzies would most likely been the year he would or brought u guys to the tourney. You guys had Ethan Anderson's locked up who is absolutely killing it as a true freshman...rebs cant catch a break
  2. Nevada is a 6 pt favorite tonight should be a good test for Alford and company
  3. Would assume Utah st right?
  4. Arkansas is a top SEC basketball destination and the SEC is the top basketball conference in the country also doubled his salary
  5. Arkansas do you live in a box?
  6. Nevada enters the year on the quest to 4 peat as MWC champs with Steve Alford at the helm. Right now outside of Utah state I see New Mexico as our biggest threat. New Mexico fans can you break down your team for me I know you guys have had alot of recent transfer injuries etc. Its basketball season people!!! Has anyone else ever completed the 4peat in the history of mwcbb?
  7. I'm a nevada fan not a unlv fan I bet on Boise last night-24 they won me money I'm not complaining
  8. Man what an epic back door cover that should definitely be on bad beats on the van pelt show. Unlv missed the extra point after they scored with 1 and a half minutes left to leave them down 18 instead of 17. Kicked an onside kick which Boise returned inside the 5 and instead of kneeling it out ran in a touchdown hit the pat to cover the 24 point spread by 1 point.
  9. Guess they are taking the fall for arizona and Kansas
  10. Is solano the new starter going forward? He seems to really add a spark with his ability to run
  11. Pac 12 6th man of the year is transfering to UNLV huge pick up the rebs might be back in the fold next year. I would say to date I have been more impressed with coach Os recruiting then Alfords Good for the conference when unlv is good