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  1. 1 Nevada And then the rest
  2. Let’s see what Nevada does go Pack
  3. What about the year before when they made the elite 8 and Lucas was a key part of that
  4. Agree, but we had some serious issues in our locker room and Alford decided to blow it up no leadership.
  5. Jarod Lucas to Nevada we lose sherfield and Cambridge and re make our back court with 2 huge additions via the portal we will be in the mix next year at the top
  6. Side note what do UNLV fans think of Darrion Williams from Gorman ? Saw he did not have a ton of big offers ESPN has him as a 4 star and he committed to the pack
  7. Chose Nevada over Clemson and Wichita st , 3 scholarships remain let’s see what Alford can throw together need a couple more good players
  8. Anyone know of any back door streams or a way to listen to the game stuck at work today?
  9. Jazz Johnson is quickly becoming my favorite player. Instant offense
  10. Does anyone know if there is going to be a stream to watch the game tonight??
  11. Uc riverside has not had a winning season in 18 seasons
  12. Gameday baby. 7th ranked Nevada will host Byu at 8pm on cbs sports network Go pack
  13. Nevada mens basketball holds first ever pro day in our new Ramon sessions practice facility. This is something only the blue bloods do it was awsome
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