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  1. Why does thad mattas wiki page list him as the head coach for unlv?
  2. I was shocked to see vegas has Nevada -11. I wanted to put some money on the game tonight , but that line seems way off should be a close one
  3. Whos going to stop our 2 5 stars next year in Jordan brown and soon to be Kyree Walker? Jalen Harris will also be in the running for player of the year he is sitting out this year we will be loaded next year
  4. Every year like clock work hes been gone for 2 years now.
  5. Yes they are going to pick Nevada is that a serious question ?
  6. Nevada Basketball aired there first episode of there Hard Knocks T.V series last night on NSN called running with the pack. In case any of you were not able to catch it on T.V here is the viedo. Pretty cool, we will be on air all year here is episode 1.
  7. Jalen Harris will be our best player next year has mwc player of the year talent
  8. Its to early to predict we have 4 more guys that will be on scholarship next year muss will add more talent.
  9. The 3pt percentage has to be off jazz johnson was leading the nation in 3pt percentage like a week ago
  10. Hearing he is UCLAs top choice at the moment would be crazy!!
  11. BREAKING: Nevada adds another transfer in Mike Lewis II, a guard from Duquesne. Lewis is a career 12.9 ppg scorer and strong 3-point shooter. Here's what Lewis will bring to the team and how Nevada's fitting him on the roster.
  12. Nevada obviously can not rectruit and this is not recruiting havent you herd a thing PH has had to say on the topic