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  1. fbpack

    MWC Individual Numbers

    The 3pt percentage has to be off jazz johnson was leading the nation in 3pt percentage like a week ago
  2. fbpack

    Rick Pitino to UCLA wow

    Hearing he is UCLAs top choice at the moment would be crazy!!
  3. BREAKING: Nevada adds another transfer in Mike Lewis II, a guard from Duquesne. Lewis is a career 12.9 ppg scorer and strong 3-point shooter. Here's what Lewis will bring to the team and how Nevada's fitting him on the roster.
  4. Nevada obviously can not rectruit and this is not recruiting havent you herd a thing PH has had to say on the topic
  5. fbpack

    Rank um basketball

    We are loaded next year Lindsey drew Jordan brown Jazz Johnson Jalen Harris sit out transfer
  6. fbpack

    Rank um basketball

    10 games in whats your rank? 1 Nevada 2 Fresno 3 Utah st Everybody else
  7. fbpack

    Football Transfers

    So wouldnt the smart thing for coaches to do would be redshirting all incoming freshmen so if they decide to transfer they would lose a year of eligibility
  8. fbpack

    Nevada vs Tulsa Game Thread

    Anyone know of any back door streams or a way to listen to the game stuck at work today?
  9. fbpack

    UNLV Football Head Coaching Candidates

    I hear Brian Polian is the frontrunner for the job his dad has great connections with the AD
  10. fbpack

    #6 Nevada vs Cal Baptist Game Thread

    Jazz Johnson is quickly becoming my favorite player. Instant offense