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    What are you guys buying ?
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/BarstoolBigCat/status/1481419239881859075
  3. Nevada is 11-1 against Boise in the last 12 games they refer to us as daddy. Take Nevada free money
  4. Because if he was a coach with vision he would know exactly what type of offense he was going to run. Coach Muss and Norvell during there job acceptance speech both laid out what and how they were going to do something
  5. Guy could not even explain what type of offense we were going to run in the press conference. 0 offers have gone out during the most important time of the year. It is a big deal he’s coaching Oregon he should only be focused on the pack and saving us from a complete rebuild
  6. You sound like the guy that’s been banging my wife !!
  7. Yes Wilson is coaching Oregon in the bowl game this is ridiculous. He has had the job for a week and I have not seen 1 single offer out on Twitter and 0 players retained from the portal. This hire is giving me polian vibes
  8. I thought he was a horrible coach? He has things rolling at Iowa st and the job looked like a complete rebuild ?
  9. This was in talks for awhile and Norvell was pretty much forced out announcement coming soon
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