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  1. Wyo @ Boise State

    After attending Sunday night's Vegas Golden Knights game, my Uber driver assured me Wyoming would cover the spread and he recommended taking them on the money line. Said BSU is horrible against the spread as a home favorite following a big road win and the Allen would come up big. So there - Pokes win big on Saturday. I mean why wouldn't I believe him? I'm sure he drives Uber because he likes to, not because he's not good at the Sports Book.
  2. Fair enough. But I do vehemently disagree that a CEO's salary should be used as a determinant of an whether an org can "afford" to pay taxes is a very flawed way to look at this. In my opinion that is for the donor's to decide - the CEO will pay taxes on his/her salary regardless of the tax status of his/her employer.
  3. If I donate money to the United Way, I hope they have a qualified CEO to ensure the organization is operating properly and efficiently. To get a qualified CEO, you have to pay a competitive salary. That has nothing to do with whether or not the org should be tax exempt. Let's put it this way - I pay taxes on my income. I then take some of my income and give to a charity, who I am trusting to spend in a way that benefits society. You are saying my donation dollars should be taxed AGAIN, prior to be being spent on the charitable organization's mission? You keep taxing these dollars and there won't be anything left for the mission of the organization. Might as well just abolish all charities and the let the government take over if that is that the case. At least charities have to file public tax forms that show how much they spend on their mission vs. administrative costs, and I can make a decision as to whether they are deserving of my dollars. With the government, you get an extremely low return on investment and there is nothing you can do about it.
  4. Sad news. This is coastie's son posting.

    One of my favorites on this forum. He had a great sense of humor and always represented himself with class. So sorry to hear this. God bless your family in this difficult time.