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  1. Why do we ever play these Friday games? The CBS contract is not enough to make up for the lower addendance.
  2. This sorta reminds me of UNM and Rocky Long. Maybe the timing will work out again for SDSU?
  3. Where are the tiggers? Oh...Tulane? Really? I’m so sorry. Go Aztecs!
  4. GoCoAztec


    No need to rub it in. We won a hard fought game in Boise. Time to move on and let the donks lick their wounds. Go Aztecs!
  5. Congrats to USU! HaHaHa BYU - independence is too good for you!
  6. Apparently blue burros have thinner skin than the typical ass? Go Aztecs!
  7. I like our chances. Nothing is more fun than beating BSU on the blue, and our guys know it. Fresno’s history let’s the donks live in their heads, but we don’t have those issues. And I think that we will run over the mighty blue burros for 200+ yards. Nothing new or fancy - just good old fashioned smash mouth. Rypien should have an excellent view of the game from the sidelines. The Heisman for Jasmin movement starts Saturday. Go Aztecs!
  8. And here I thought you gave crap. My mistake. Go Aztecs!
  9. We might miss Lessard the most - I hope that Woolsey brings his A-game. Go Aztecs!
  10. Be prepared to be disappointed. Go Aztecs!
  11. EMU did beat their bottom half, B10 team...
  12. No, but only Stevens and McMaryian have a significantly higher QB rating this year. How would they have performed under the kind of pressure Chapman had to deal with all night? Who knows. Chapman has a career QB rating over 145 and has more big wins than any other MWC QB. He has to be considered in the top tier.
  13. Chapman was 12/27, 240 yds, 1 TD, 1 fumble and ended up with 26 yards rushing even though he was sacked 4 times. Considering that we had no running game and no time to throw, would any other MWC qb had done any better?
  14. SDSU will NOT go indy unless the MWC implodes and we have no other choice. We will be a MWC member until we get a P5 invite (longshot) or a BOR conference is formed (another longshot). So... GO AZTECS -- THREE-PEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. 1. SDSU - The 3 Friday night games in a row were the warm up. Hawaii is a must win, we can't afford to be looking ahead to Laramie. 2. WYO - Who'd a thunk it? Bohl is the MWC COTY. 3. BSU - SDSU and UNM just picked up a bunch of fans in Boise. 4. UNM - They could cause total chaos by beating WYO at the end of the year. 5. Hawaii - The loss to UNM hurt, but they're not dead.....yet. 6. CSU - Can the Rammies feel better about a loss to the Pokes? 7. AFA - A B-17 with one engine shot out and on fire -- a win over Army salvages the season. 8. SJSU - Scoreboard. 9. UNLV - HS Coach still has a lot to learn. 10. USU - Aztecs made them look hapless. 11. UNR - "Shoppers we have a blue light sale of Oscar Myer Weiners on aisle 5" 12. Fresno - "The principle that we will find no enduring strength until we first admit complete defeat is the main taproot from which our whole Society has sprung and flowered."
  16. I wish Boise and SDSU were in the same division. You guys are consistently good and it's a given that we're going to have to fight like hell for 60 minutes (at least) when playing the Broncos. Next year we will meet for the 3rd year in a row, but then we won't play each other (unless we both make the CCG) for the next 2 years. A shame. Go Aztecs!
  17. Hey! SJSU was 5-3 when we beat them at their place.... But, we have absolutely no chance to ever beat BSU -- ever. BSU should be very very very confident that they can just show up at the Q and get an automatic win. Cmon, we couldn't even beat Eastern Illinois! I'll be surprised if our guys even show up against a formidable team like BSU. BSU should really be putting a lot of planning into which of your 3rd and 4th string guys you want to get some experience. This game will be a vacation at the beach for BSU. Your biggest concern should be what SPF sunscreen you'll need. Heck, we just barely, got super lucky, by the skin of our teeth squeaked by a 0-10 Hawaii team. This is one of those games that is almost so silly that it really shouldn't even be played -- just give BSU the "W" and save us all the trouble of turning on the lights and emptying the trash at the Q. But, on the bright side, maybe we can make a few pesos by selling those big BSU boys some fish tacos! Just keep repeating it.....over and over..... GO AZTECS - Beat BS U!
  18. Official attendance was something around 22.5K, and that seemed accurate to those at the game. Still, nothing to brag about for sure. A win at AFA and we should do better against Fresno.
  19. Aztec basketball shows that if our school puts a consistently entertaining and competitive team on the floor (or field), the fans will come. It wasn't that long ago that Coach Fisher had to beg people to go to the bball games. Now they sell out virtually every game. The same thing could happen in football, but we need to win over a long enough period of time to bring the fans back. I hope that we can get it done. 70k in the Q (or a new stadium) for an Aztec game would be outstanding! San Diego sports, overall, have been the worst in America: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Diego_sports_curse Believe me, it is tough to be a SD sports fan.
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