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  1. Having all 10 FBI Champions get auto berths would go a long way to leveling the field - but, those who benefit from the current system have no interest in making it fair.
  2. Win Ugly. Nevada will be the 7th team that believes that they should have won the game. Win Ugly - Go Aztecs!
  3. Good game SJSU. Now that’s 6 teams who feel like they should have beat us. Win Ugly - Go Aztecs!
  4. We have been playing ugly, and it continues tonight. Just gotta find a way to get the W and move on. Go Aztecs!
  5. We look bad...again. Hope we get this figured out soon. Go Aztecs!
  6. What’s with the Mountain division? BSU is consistently good, but all the other teams rollercoaster every year. You know that there will be a challenger for Boise, but there is no way to pick which team it will be before the season. Who thought USU would be really good and that the entire front range would fall off the football map?
  7. So, we kick out SJ so that we can feast on the additional .009 percent of our huge and outlandish TV contract? C’mon man!
  8. Better to attack than to answer? I guess your plan is 11 FB schools and no divisions? Hummmm...let’s play Wyoming more and Fresno less? Or will we go to a 10 game conference schedule? This is dumb. “Kick them out” is not a plan, it’s a emotional reaction.
  9. So, we kick out SJ and drop down to 11 FB schools with only 5 in the West Division. Then what? Dividing the meager TV deal 10 ways instead of 11 hardly seems worth kicking a school out and then having to deal with the unbalanced schedule. Jmho.
  10. Yeah, I’m serious. And I’m not saying that SJSU adds anything to the MWC, but what do they subtract? Who, besides YBU, is available and would increase the value of the MWC in football/basketball? Maybe I’m overlooking an obvious choice?
  11. What’s the advantage to the MWC if SJ drops football or leaves the conference? I don’t see any unless BYU (yuck) takes their place.
  12. I’d say “good game” AF, but who are we kidding. It was anything but a good game. Happy to get the W. Go Aztecs!
  13. I just want to get out of this game with a W.
  14. Rah, but this one’s not over. Go Aztecs!
  15. Let me guess - It will be the 4th biggest crowd ever at a Fres-no game....
  16. Now we have lightning in San Diego - man this is a strange game.
  17. If we were any flatter we’d be Nebraska.
  18. We go from TD to turnover. They better figure this out really soon.
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