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  1. Hard to keep up with 250+ posts, but can we use AFA and CSU’s exit fees to pay Memphis and SMU’s exit fees?
  2. Maybe I was correct? Have fun with your rivalry - kicking a defenseless lammie is a good look.
  3. SJ is not as bad as their record. And it’s a rivalry game. But, if the Spartans knock the dogs out of another NYD game....well.... We might have to kick Fresno out...
  4. Good game dawgs. You guys better win the Championship this time.
  5. Not...dead....yet Go Aztecs!
  6. When Fresno loses tonight Nevada is in the drivers seat.
  7. How do burn a time-out on the first play?
  8. I dunno. I guess you should ask Boise...
  9. What’s wrong with these SDSU “fans”? Play the game - haven’t you ever gone camping? Aztecs win, Bulldogs lose - Questions? Go Aztecs!
  10. Yes, go vote. But there should be a simple civics test to qualify. If you can’t answer a question like “how many senators does my state have?” your vote shouldn’t count. Just living to voting age isn’t enough for your opinion to count. JMHO.
  11. You guys are harsh. I’d bet my house that they never intended to hurt the falcon in any way, they are just boneheaded 20 year old kids who didn’t realize how fragile a falcon is.
  12. I’m sure the Army cadets will get disciplined, but I hope that they don’t go overboard. Stuff like this is in the spirit of the rivalry between the service academies. Those boneheads just need to learn that stealing a relatively rare and fragile falcon is not the same as stealing a goat.
  13. I hope that your right. I’d like Fresno to be a one loss, ranked team when we play. But, history tells a different story. We’ll see soon enough.
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