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  1. Take the ‘cat pelt and move on. Go Aztecs!
  2. Run the ball 60+ percent of the time and we win. Go Aztecs!
  3. 1. UNR - Own it 2. Free sno - Good looking losers 3. BS U - Heritage pick 4. Us & U - p5ish win 5. Josie - at least they used a Trojan 6. SDUDS - no QB, no problemo? 7. Ground Force - hey, I think you hit a kid 8. Super Mex - bring me a Baptist head 9. Wy Oh why - did we win? 10. Rainbows&Unicorns - you’re not a state, cuz 11. PomPoms&penicillin- so, it still looks great when it’s empty 12. Sheepish - Look at the fangs!
  4. If 7 or 8 (Wichita) teams leave the AAC, do they have enough votes to dissolve the conference to avoid the exit fee? Divide up the tourney credits and call it good.
  5. One possible way for pods - Each team plays everyone in their pod every year - 3 games Plays another pod on a rotating basis - 4 games Game eight matches 1 vs 2 and 3 vs 4 from next year’s rotating pod - a preview and a chance for the top team in each pod to get another good win. The next week matches the 4 pod champions: 1 vs 4; 2 vs 3 (using some ranking metric). This should be another good win for the top 2 teams. The final week is the MWCCG with (hopefully) two top 25 teams. Going to 16 destroys the AAC. Gives the MWC product in 3 time zones. Adds Memphis, t
  6. Lefties, Lei’s & Legumes - SDSU, Fresno, SJSU, Hawaii/Gonzaga Mormons & Hookers - Nevada, UNLV, BSU, USU Joe & The Zoo - Wyoming, CSU, AFA, UNM P62Hair’s B’s - Memphis, SMU, Tulane, Tulsa There’s an article about how the B12 should take a chance and go to 16 with 4 pods. Maybe it’s time for the MWC to think big? Memphis is the prize, SMU is the best way to get into Texas, Tulane is a destination, Tulsa…..well, it’s a fourth school from the AAC and that would absolutely drive a wooden stake thru Aresco’s barely beating heart…and that would be a sight to see
  7. Maybe that safety should have made the easy pick?
  8. It does look like it’s going to be a track meet - BSU needs to keep scoring.
  9. Mitchell needs to drive on Boeheim and put him in foul trouble.
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