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    Not positive. You are right though, he was the starter & played a ton the first half of season. Then he never really played again.
  2. AggieSox


    No way he was best player. The team went on a 17-1 run after benching him. Good luck to the kid, he’s a nice young man.
  3. This looks good. I think the top 6 could all finish 1st based on everyone staying. Not sure how USU tops this years run & everyone will be ready for USU next year.
  4. Not sure how to take your back handed support. But we will take it. UNR fans are a bunch of bitter arrogant baby’s on here, but we still like you. 😀👍
  5. Aggies gotta show up & get it done on Friday afternoon! Hoping we play like we have been the past 18 games. Gonna be sweet to win & best pac 12 best team.
  6. Oh yea. Their was no evidence of anything racist being said & UNR admitted it was all made up remember & the cameras 🎥 proved it too. Fake news bro. Move along.
  7. He’s gone. Why? Why would someone take off their shirt, have their wife run up to him with a marker & write 3-peat on a bare chest in front of cameras??!?? Self promotion & trying to get people’s attention for his next gig. Most people lost tons of respect for him when he did this.
  8. Hey. UNR fans are really sensitive right now & have been for past 4 weeks. They thought they would win MWC easily, tied with the shining team of USU boys & watched USU dominate the tourney. UNR fans had high hopes this year & it looked good for the first 75% of the year thrn kinda broke down under all the pressure. So watch your back on here. UNR fans are ruthless on the fan board here. Hang strong
  9. Sorry to see Nevada lose. This years team had so much talent & seemed to run out of gas late in season.
  10. Interesting stats. USU needs to start pulling their weight more.
  11. USU will have a tough game vs Washington but should pull it out if we can hit the 3's, if we don't, we will lose. USU will struggle vs UNC and all the talent they can start and bring off the bench, hope I am wrong, it would be epic to beat UNC. Nevada is very athletic and their team has normally played well against solid competition and I see them showing up for this game and winning. Then winning against Michigan too in a shocker, if Nevada can beat Florida soundly, that will give them a ton of confidence.
  12. Welcome brother! Always good to have good aggie fans on here.
  13. That was funny man:) Okay I'll Stop bringing it up, seems like it's time to move on. Good Luck Nevada, I hope you win & have a good run. I will be a good boy and milker from now on.
  14. John Hartwell @john_hartwell Four schools ranked in Final AP Polls in both Football & Men’s Basketball - LSU, Michigan, Kentucky, and UTAH STATE. Congrats to @USUBasketball & @USUFootball #AggiesAllTheWay This is a SAAAAWWWEEEET FEEELING to have both rolling at the same time.