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  1. This will be a good test for the Aggie offense against a solid defense. USU has played 5 games inside the state of Utah & 1 game at MSU. So they need to go on road & get tested to see. BYU wasn’t even a test, more like speed bump. I dont see the Aggies scoring 40 & I don’t see a ACE whooping either. Hope the Aggies come ready to go.
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    Rank em

    We have mastered the “slip through fingers” technique in big games vs P5!!!
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    Rank em

  4. Interesting. Makes me wonder if the utes game being late at night, maybe nobody from the east saw it. So not many votes or no respect for beating Arizona.
  5. AggieSox

    BYU fans...mini helmet bet?

    USU now runs & owns the girls from Provo!!! Proof- refer to last Friday night for details
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    hawaii @ byu

    Will the Hawaii Starting QB be playing or the backup??
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    hawaii @ byu

    Nobody Likes BYU............The quote that explains most of it... "It's Really too bad that 90%(Or higher) of BYU fans give the other 10% a bad reputation" Go bows.
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    Rank Em

    Very TRUE, USU has easier route then boise this year.
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    Rank Em

    USU will have a tough time beating SDSU & Fresno if they make CCG. Also USU still has to play its toughest MW games on the Road this year, even though some teams are down, it will be a miracle if USU goes 4-0 on the road against BSU, CSU, WYO, & Hawaii. Any 4 of them can show up for a game and beat USU. USU Gets UNLV, AF, SJSU, & UNM at home which should be 4 wins, but the road games will be tough. Should be interesting to see how this all shakes out. The final game of the year is USU vs BSU in Boise on 11/24/18, that could be for all the Marbles in the MTN Division.
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    Rank Em

    Fresno State SDSU Utah State/Boise State Hawai'i New Mexico Nevada Air Force Wyoming UNLV CSU SJSU Impressive win by SDSU at Boise, that is a tough place to win. USU curb stomped BYU, but not sure that means much. I would like to see USU play 3-4 MW schools before I move them into the top 2 spots.
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    Turd of the Week- Week 6

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    Prediction: BYU will not win another game this season

    BYU has worked hard to keep USU sports below then or out of their conference. Karma is bitch sometimes. It makes the recent beat downs so much sweeter for USU & total meltdown for BYU & how they went to independence with their nose up at MWC!!
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    Will USU Be ranked after this week?

    It would be good for conference if USU/BSU are both ranked what they meet for final game. I didn’t think USU would get ranked after this beatdown. But thought it would get some people’s attention & scoring 40 for 4th time & doing it on the road for first time.
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    USU vs BYU Friday Night Game

    You need to get out of Idaho for 1 days of your life man. USU Beat a ranked UTAH team from P5 called Pac12 in 2012, beat a ranked La Tech at La Tech to win the WAC title and go 11-2. But not much other than that.
  15. Will USU break into the top 25?