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  1. https://www.hjnews.com/sports/usu/andersen-will-return-as-usu-s-head-football-coach/article_337c4b5e-b691-54ef-bdde-5ce03245fc35.html
  2. Wells Ain’t better then GA. Come on man. GA rebuilt the place.
  3. AggieSox

    Is Utah State keeping BYU out of the MWC?

    BYU is now our little sister in Football and they look like crap again this year in bball, not sure how USU will do. But USU is glad to be in MWC and BYU is the jealous old girlfriend who will forever be watching the MWC wishing they never left and wishing they could hang out w/ the cool kids. But they are focused on VBALL now days that is Stunners #1 sport and he is such big board poster, who spends all of his time on this board.
  4. AggieSox

    Utah State about to hire Gary Andersen

    No wells. Dude ditched his team 2 days after a chance at ccg & he will be 99% Texas tech between now & bowl game.
  5. AggieSox

    NCAA BB Net Ratings

    Im just messing with you.
  6. AggieSox

    BYU blows 27-7 lead

    BYU’s bowl game was hosting USU in Provo. Ask stunner how the cougars showed that night versus their big brother USU. Wilson looked great versus USU’s 3rd stringers in 4th quarter.
  7. AggieSox

    NCAA BB Net Ratings

    USU getting some early love. Hopefully they can keep improving. Looks like USU will be highest ranked team to visit boise in basketball this year too!!!!
  8. AggieSox

    Boise Fans

    We’re great to me & the family while we were in Boise for the past 2 days. All the fans approached us at Resteraunts/stores & wanted to chat. 1 invited us to his tailgate before game. Super impressed w/ fans overall. USU had a chance to make a statement to finish up season & didn’t get it done vs Boise. Very disappointing with all that was on the line. The stadium was a loud & fun environment. Good luck next week to BSU & Fresno.
  9. That would be your Utah State Aggies baby!!!! Best team to ever visit smurf land.
  10. Feels really good man! Usu has 3rd most wins in the MWC since it entered conference. Not too shabby for the lowest budget team in conference.
  11. USU was the better team. BSU just got lucky tonight. And Wells sucks in big games & close games. But he’s really good in blowouts.
  12. AggieSox

    BYU blows 27-7 lead

    BYU is a total joke right now. But their fans think next year they win it all.
  13. AggieSox

    Utah State set to dominate the MWC

    If we would have had the same refs from the CSU game then we win tonight!! wells sucks in close games. The fake punt was a stupid call at that point in game & cost us points. Welks never wins close games or big games, not in his DNA. But a Quslity coach.