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  1. USU is 11-3, MWC Champs, played in 1st ever LA Bowl and thumped a Pac 12 team w/ 3rd string QB. We could get used to this type of thing.
  2. Good Luck POKES! Play like you did in Logan and all will be well.
  3. Funny stuff. But they deserve to be in a NY6 bowl cuz they are So good. 🙃
  4. Well Said. Magical Year for sure. LA Bowl was amazing.
  5. Everything is Right in Utah after today!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. What a Killer Ending to a Magical Football season. Loved seeing USU knock OSU all over the place, big hits galore.
  7. Normally if you win title. You run things till next season. That’s all that it means, Nothing to jinx here. Just normal protocol. Any real football fan would know that sDSU probably beats USU 6/10 times or more if these 2 teams played 10 times this year. Today everything went USU’s way, that happens 1-2 times per year in a football season & almost never happens in USU’s favor, but today it did & this year it did a few times. Hail to the USU Aggies.
  8. Don’t pay any attention to little boy jack. He’s got a massive man crush on USU & has since the day we came into conference. Does all he can to make USU look bad while he lives in his moms basement in Provo & is on cougar board & this board for 8 hours a day. He’s a real winner. USU a is MWC Champions in 2021 & will run things till next year, what a YEAR!!
  9. Yep! Looks like we are running stuff now w/ the most dominate win ever in MWCCG history 46-13. Thanks for all your man crushes on USU through the years. You are a master keyboard queen & your mom has to be super proud of all your 100k posts on the board.
  10. The dudes who run “The Show” Twitter for sDSU are total tools. Said some stupid shit before this game, and before the Bball championship games then watched USU win. but I’m guessing they are college kids & I was that dumb too at that age.
  11. Well said. USU also way overachieved & won 2-3 games that could have gone either way.
  12. We will rule things for for now. Thanks for tryin though. 🤣🤣
  13. Good game Aztecs. USU was fortunate to have everything go our way today on the field.
  14. Mountain West @MountainWest .@USUFootball broke a #MWFBChampionship record for most points scored in its 46-13 victory over San Diego State -- Check out highlights from the championship game
  15. Need to move it to Allegiant Stadium in Vegas IMHO
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