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  1. RIP brother. God bless his family. @mugtang thanks for letting us know. assuming he was Mormon, then you know he was a good dude!
  2. CUZ we better than them and they knew it. If they would of Let USU in, we would be ruling the world by now, but instead we had to take the Long way and the harder path. But it's all been worth it to watch BYU football crumble to ground and become the joke of the state. THE AGGIES ARE COMING FOR YOU
  3. We’re great to me & the family while we were in Boise for the past 2 days. All the fans approached us at Resteraunts/stores & wanted to chat. 1 invited us to his tailgate before game. Super impressed w/ fans overall. USU had a chance to make a statement to finish up season & didn’t get it done vs Boise. Very disappointing with all that was on the line. The stadium was a loud & fun environment. Good luck next week to BSU & Fresno.
  4. That would be your Utah State Aggies baby!!!! Best team to ever visit smurf land.
  5. Feels really good man! Usu has 3rd most wins in the MWC since it entered conference. Not too shabby for the lowest budget team in conference.
  6. USU was the better team. BSU just got lucky tonight. And Wells sucks in big games & close games. But he’s really good in blowouts.
  7. No meltdown in Logan, USU has nothing to lose on the road, nobody going to fault u for losing on the smurf turf in late November. But this is the year to get it done in Boise.
  8. Also just read, USU has 3rd most wins in the mwc since they joined in 2012. Behind BSU & SDSU.
  9. So True! And all the whining & put downs when old wac came into MWC. It is sweet for the conference to have 3 ranked teams right now
  10. Good point! And there in denial that the best football team & highest ranked team ever to roll into Boise is the boys from Logan! When USU wins Saturday, there will be some major meltdowns by the big bad BSU fans. If USU loses then Boise will still be on verge of meltdown city
  11. Max Hall just proved that all BYU fans are closet Utah & USU fans. Never saw him as excited as he was talking about Utah fans.
  12. USU put in the 2nd string boys in the 2nd quarter vs cougarettes. Utes probably only play starters for 1-2 series. This is BYU’s super bowl game though, so they will be ultra ready & probably drink Mtn dew during game. BYU has so many fans & a national fan base so they couldn’t even fill their ticket alottment for the game that is 45 minutes from their home field. But they have such a huge fan base & all the USU & Utah fans are just closet fans anyway. Just ask stunner boy about that.
  13. If two married BSU alumni get a divorce, are they still cousins?
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