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  1. Some of them think this is totally normal behavior, nothing to see here. Nothing wrong with chicken sh.. sucker punching from behind, throwing debris or using helmets as weapons.from the stands. Not like this hasn't happened before in this very same place.
  2. Nothing's changed in this stadium since J-Rob was hit in the head with a bottle. Not a safe place to play or watch.
  3. Did you all see this story from the RJ? Raiders, UNLV in dispute over stadium schedule https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/unlv/unlv-football/raiders-unlv-in-dispute-over-stadium-schedule-1902411/ May have to go back to Sam Boyd next year for a couple of games.
  4. Looks like he lost a couple of years eligibility since last year. He was listed as a Freshman when he was on the Reb's roster.
  5. I'm wondering about schollie numbers. 6 recruits (so far) with 3 seniors. Some rides are getting taken away it seems.
  6. Fischer was committed until Rice was fired/MM was hired, then he reopened up his recruitment, eventually going to TCU. Apparently, he transferred from TCU to GCU, where MM is now.
  7. You sold me. I'm on board with this.
  8. And there was talk that Tillman would go pro after this year. Not sure that'll happen after watching him play for a couple of games.
  9. What happened to Tillman. Kinda disappointed in him so far.
  10. that looked ugly for sneed. hope he's ok
  11. Higher % from 3 than overall so far
  12. So, who's getting the belt the first game? Diong?
  13. We haven't had a shooter like Jonah is a long time. He's nails.
  14. Yes. It'll be streamed according to the athletics site.
  15. Her statement was pretty clear, bowl or be gone. 5 years was a fair amount of time to see if Tony was the right guy. Time to move in another direction. Cant wait to see some of the candidates.
  16. Initiate by setting picks and then rolling to the basket.
  17. I need one of those 'Win at Everything' shirts.
  18. So what's the deal with Sanchez sticking with Armani to the bitter end? No Oblad at all this game.