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  1. He's my new favorite player so far. He's fun to watch.
  2. I actually like this one from him. He put in some effort this time instead of just copy/pasting the same troll paragraph that he's been posting over and over.
  3. As unlv fans, we all have to have a little bit of masochism in us.
  4. Didn't Demarlo Slocum play with his dad in highschool?
  5. I'm in total disbelief. This cant be the Rebs i've been watching.
  6. Sorry, unm has nothing on the rebs as far as clusterf's go. I scratch my eyes out every week.
  7. Friel actually got into a little bit of a rythm until Arroyo decided to get cute by inserting Martell. I feel bad for the unlv kids, getting undercut by bad coaching decisions.
  8. Weird that their jerseys will be retired but not their numbers.
  9. The thinking behind hiring Sanchez was to get the funding to build the practice facility since he was the Fertita's choice.
  10. Let's see...Oblad was a Sanchez guy and so is Brumfield. Remember, he committed to Sanchez first and Arroyo honored the commitment. Rogers is the one who is 100% an Arroyo guy, so I wonder if coach is biased towards playing him even though it's so obvious that he's out of his depth. Ironically, Martell has ties to Sanchez as well.
  11. Alright! We get Utenation to drink the unlv coolaid! Welcome to the club.
  12. Dont worry or feel sorry for the Rebs because they can play indoors in a new stadium instead of at sam boyd in the heat and dust. There's no comparison between allegiant and the ancient stadium that sdsu and the chargers couldnt demolish quick enough.
  13. So you're saying mwc fans feel sorry for unlv because the team and its fans have to share an indoor stadium with the raiders? And mwc fans are confused that unlv fans and the team are happy about being able to play at allegiant rather than sam boyd? Lol!
  14. Who started this thread? And have you seen the 100+page unlv basketball thread? Plenty of topics for reb fans to talk about besides the FB facilities.
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