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  1. #4 on this list could be the way ahead. Smaller scope stadium, 750M+500M=1.25B stadium. Should be enough for an NFL quality stadium.
  2. Yes. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. But this thread will live on in our memories forever.
  3. Lol...when I turn 25. I wish I was that young again.
  4. Exactly. See Bobby Hauck last year.
  5. Not sure about the regents. Hopefully, somebody in the know chimes in. But if there is a resignation, its all moot. Hand the steering wheel over to one of the assts, Dave, please.
  6. And this is the kind of drama that I am hoping Rice will prevent for the sake of the university by making an offer to resign as part of a deal on his buyout. I have faith that Dave knows what the right thing to do is.
  7. This or he resigns with a structured buyout at a possible reduced rate, saving the drama and stigma that a firing brings. If he truly loves the school like he and you say, then he will make a deal knowing that he isn't the right guy.
  8. I like that and agree. His supporters certainly should pay it. I still have hope that Rice will help his UNLV family out though. We'll see this week either way. Good debate, thanks.
  9. Rice and his family will be fine. He will get snapped up immediately as a lead recruiter somewhere with his honor intact. I'm sure of it.
  10. All perspective. If his family as starving, than that would be completely different. For Rice to start playing hardball right now in a difficult situation, would be a low class move by him. Rice is doing well and so is his family. Time to help the university out that gave him a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  11. yes I would. The school has given him enough.
  12. No I would make a deal to take a little less on the buy out to save face for the university that I love and resign. He was given more opportunity than many others. It's time to give a little back to the school and administrators by going out quietly with as little drama as possibe. It's the honorable thing to do at this point.
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