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  1. Does this mean Mbacke will be the first 4 year player in forever? Who was the last one?
  2. Qwelish was hoping this thread would stay buried. Sdsu win destroys his take that TJ has done nothing.
  3. So is sjsu going to fix that dent or what.
  4. The 2 games in dispute are scheduled in sept after the cal game on aug 29th. The raiders want to keep those sept dates open for non-football events, i believe. What i dont understand is how unlv confused this during the negotiations with the raiders. It was clear in the contract that the only non-conference game allowed in the stadium for the first year is the Cal game. It's very specific.
  5. I wonder if he plans on hiring an OC. Since Langsdorf and Norcross are pass-game and run-game coordinators, respectively, and arroyo plans on calling offensive plays during the game, he may not need a traditional OC at all. May be more money for a good DC.
  6. Grimala mentioned that there's a possibility that Tillis will prep next year, so he could be projected for 2021 instead.
  7. UNLV Athletics Retweeted UNLV Men's Basketball‏Verified account @TheRunninRebels 5h5 hours ago More The inaugural winners of the #UNLVmbb Efficiency Chain, Top Stopper Belt and Hustle Robe. Congratulations Marvin, Mbacke & Amauri #BEaREBEL – at Mendenhall Center Marvin Coleman II, Cheikh Mbacke Diong and Amauri Hardy
  8. Yeah. This isn't making sense.
  9. Yep. Still cant believe those two were all pissy because Otz wouldnt lie to the ncaa waiver board to let him play this year.
  10. Damn...can I like this post more than once? Reb18 has the post of the day already.
  11. Looking at his videos, seems that he's a spot up three point shooter. TJO may see a need for another deep threat to come off the bench. Also, could be a Winkinson replacement if it's looking like he's committing elsewhere?
  12. 0-7 from deep. Need to make one in the 2nd half to keep the streak alive.