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  1. Yes. From the official site: UNLV's game schedule during the trip: Tues., Aug. 16 - 7 p.m. - at University of British Columbia Wed., Aug. 17 - 7 p.m. - vs. University of Calgary (played at UBC) Fri., Aug. 19 - 7 p.m. – at University of the Fraser Valley Each game will be broadcast live on radio in Las Vegas by Lotus Broadcasting (station TBD) with Jon Sandler and Curtis Terry calling the action. In addition, video from each game will be uploaded to the Runnin' Rebels' YouTube account ASAP following each game.
  2. Right! Anybody who points to the 3 stooges of Otz, Menzies, or Rice as anything but utter failures for UNLV is either a troll pulling our chains or completely insane and out of touch.
  3. If he wins anything like his father, I would be ecstatic.
  4. Damn. This makes me so mad, if it is.
  5. Hoping for Udeze, myself. Keyshawn Hall maybe as a big guard replacement for DW?
  6. Like your thought process. I bet McCabe starts over Johnson. And I'm liking Rodriguez and Iwuakor fighting it out to start at the 4, with Cottrell and Muoka doing the same at the 5. This would allow more minutes for Gilbert to come off the bench bolstering the 1-3 spots.
  7. Agreed! (for the most part) Not sure I agree with the intentional propaganda part. I believe Grimala was just flat out wrong, and didnt mean to deflect. The rest of your post, though, is spot on, imo. Cheers.
  8. He wants everybody to talk about the stability of the program rather than how wrong he and ph were about Junior being able to field a decent looking team next season.
  9. Liked this line most: "UNLV could be really nasty defensively next year. Both Parquet and Harkless are vicious, versatile on-ball defenders who will be major difference makers."
  10. Doubt Mediocre Marv had anything to do with Wink. I think Wink recruited unlv after idolizing LJ.
  11. Junior likes the junk-yard dawg types, i see. Gilbert, Harkless, Parquet, and Rodriguez are gonna cause havoc while Muoka patrols the paint.
  12. And then he promptly went to Drai's nightclub.
  13. My thoughts as well. McCoy, probably.
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