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  1. APs Top 100 Men's Basketball Programs

    Wasn't even talking to you. Calm down.
  2. APs Top 100 Men's Basketball Programs

    Look I don't care what any of y'all say NMSU has more history than your programs. Especially those of the Big West. Maybe hard to understand but as a fan I'm happy with the WAC. We are the kings there and if anything the WAC is getting better. I just post on this site because I truly do enjoy Mid Major sports that much and a bit of homer to "Western Schools"
  3. APs Top 100 Men's Basketball Programs

    I'm fine with that. Lol
  4. Thought some of you folks would like this as well. http://collegebasketball.ap.org/top-100 #25 UNLV (MW) #55 New Mexico (MW) #92 SDSU (MW) #94 Seattle U (WAC) #95 New Mexico St (WAC) #96 Long Beach St (BW) #96 UTEP (CUSA)
  5. New Mexico State

    I wouldn't say "OWNED" us because NMSU beat the Utags and Wolf Pack when it really mattered the most.
  6. New Mexico State

    Sorry but I had to come back and say SCOREBOARD!!! Haha good win for the WAC. Way to go Bako.
  7. New Mexico State

    I read some where that when joing the MWC Utah State was awarded money to help with facilities and to jump start their uprising football program. Also, we where not accepted into the Sun Belt because their eastern members didn't want to travel to New Mexico. We had serval memebers that still voice the Aggies to join that league. I believe those schools include Ark St, ULL, Texas St, ULM etc.
  8. New Mexico State

    You also realize that NMSU was in Coach Weirs rookie head coaching debut vs his first Division 1 program? Not to mention the new style that our offense runs. Also we had just lost an NBAer to the first round last year. Yet we almost knocked out CSU at the Moby. Shortly after those first matchup's NMSU started its 20 win streak that included victories vs rio grande rivial New Mexico and the shellacking of UTEP, and it's first victory over a P5 opponent for years. I wouldn't doubt that a second game agaisnt CSU would go to NMSU. Not trying to knock on y'all's team just trying to defend mine. However, if NMSU was in the MW. I wouldn't doubt that we do win championships in MBB. Remember we used to play against the Nevada's and Boise's of the world and still came out on top. This season could have resulted in two NCAA tourney bids if both Nevada and NMSU were in the same League. We both had a high enough RPI for one of those on the bubble teams.
  9. New Mexico State

    Why would weir want to leave so quickly? Why would anyone go for another mid major? I have a feeling he is going to stay at NMSU for a while. He's been here all ready for 9. Not to mention He is also attendinb to school here. Hopefully he's our next Lou Henson. However, Don't get me wrong. I understand all the other sucky (Wealther) programs are going to want to offer him greener pastures but you have to admit NMSU has been building something special in Las Cruces. Since 2007 to 2017 has been so successful for us in MBB. I just really hope that history repeats it's self and NMSU gains it's respect back in basketball. Would be huge for recruiting in both MBB and Football
  10. New Mexico State

    Next years New México State team is going to be even better. Solid recruiting class coming in with two 4 star recruits coming in and one of them being an ESPN top 100 recruit. Next years team will be the most talented team on paper that we had in a long time. Next couple of years is going to be EXTEREMELY harsh for you Lobo and Miner fans. Miners haven't beaten us in like 6 tries and I believe a similar trend will happen to UNM. Well I'm Hopefull, with all that dam state money and we are still better than them. Also I think Paul Weir is going to be an awesome coach for the Aggies for more seasons to come.
  11. New Mexico State

    In game number #2 if we play y'all later in the season Aggs roll. Just like we rolled UNM and UTEP this year. BTW our 3rd best team in GCU beat SDSU? What makes you think we won't? CSUB rolled Frenso? What makes you think we won't roll them also? The only team in the MW I'm not to sure of is Nevada but even then if we are in the MW. I think we split with them. If NMSU joined the MW today we would win more MW championships than SJSU has up to today. Even our WBB team is really good. If only we could get football jump started much like the MW did when it loaned all that money to USU we would be a nice pick up.
  12. Wichita State

    I don't find it very hard at all. (Although my opinion would be biased, because I do root for NMSU.) Just because they've (SJSU) made a couple of bowl games doesn't exactly make them a better choice over NMSU and I understand that football drives the bus or whatever but in my opinion a couple of bowl games doesn't really mean squat. I think both are footbal programs are about equal and that's with us being at a clear disadvantage. We however owned the WAC in MBB while most of your current MW programs where there. In the last decade alone we can argue we've made it to the NCAAs in many sports. Sports that include MBB, WBB, Baseball, Volleyball etc. You picked the number #8 best team in the state of California over the best team in New Mexico. I'm sure all of your fans will care that your team is playing SJSU over NMSU in football because they are so much better than us. I bet they wouldn't know the difference honestly. Atleast we bring fun and exciting matchup's in MBB. This year would have been cool to see NMSU vs UNR. I think at one point our RPI was in the 40s. Here are some old matchup's that I miss.
  13. Wichita State

    You have a point about them have the opportunity to pick up some good local talent. However, I'm not sure that they have really shown that they regularly do. Just my opinion though.
  14. Wichita State

    San Joser isn't really much better than us in football anyways. With that logic it's like saying a wrinkly dollar bill is worth less than a straight one? SJSU is equivalent to NMSU in football and if anything both are improving. To me it would have made more sense to add NMSU because we bring more to the table than them. For instance how much is San Joser football helping your conference anyways? NMSU could easily play that roll because since joining they really haven't accomplished anything better than us. Besides a lowly attended bowl game. Also we would have helped a lot in MBB this year and would have also loved to have seen some of those matchup's. The old Nevada/NMSU games were really entertaining. Also to mention USU/NMSU, UNLV/NMSU games. I'm sure playing in the Pan Am is much better than playing @SJ no offense to them. I feel like that alone is why we bring more to the table. Don't you think?look at the old WAC days for instance that was fun conference to watch. Much more entertaining. That's what gets you the eyeballs. Anyways, Are y'all really that confident that the country is dieing to see you play San Joser instead of NMSU in football? To over see what we do offer. Make sense because of the market but y'all also have to take into consideration the product. Quality over quantity in my opinion.