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  1. Grambling St is another one when they bring their band it is a treat to see, that is why many schools try to get those two schools mainly for their bands to perform. Side note we get Georgia Southern here next season I believe.
  2. USC gets a TD pushing it to 14 points
  3. I'm kind of scared to see the opening line for next week's game against Nevada
  4. And with the QB issues Arizona St had coming into the game they are doing OK even though USC just moved down the field with ease but defense comes up big only giving up a field goal
  5. On a recent podcast, WCC commissioner Stu Jackson stated that WCC is actively pursuing options to add basketball-centric schools to the conference to increase revenue and competition
  6. Oops reversed and its good 24-21 USC
  7. Miss 2 point conversion USC up 24-19 mid way through the 3rd Quarter
  8. USC is only up 11 on Arizona St though
  9. Off the beaten path a little but upset in Big Sky today as Northern Arizona defeats Montana
  10. Akron lets on slip through their fingers
  11. Carolina is up comfortably and looks like going to score again
  12. Louisiana Lafayette and Buffalo putting on a hell of a second half game
  13. Akron misses chip shot field goal, going to OT with Indiana
  14. Northwestern ties the game with Minnesota Akron going for the win against Indiana
  15. Not really because that can send the message yea its bad but ehhh we will stick with things until it suits us which can send the message ehh we really don't care about the football program so why should anyone else? Wilson needs to go and the perfect chance is the bye week or get Wilson to make changes with the team and maybe first two moves is get Lewis out as QB and a new OC or someone else to call plays on offense
  16. That is what I told my co-worker I think they are winless when the have those jerseys
  17. If he is more comfortable with passing downfield, and they let him pass downfield that will give the offense a new look. This dink and donk passing with running isn't getting the job done either by design or maybe Lewis isn't comfortable looking downfield. One thing I think McNabb or someone said, when you know you can make plays with your legs as a QB sometimes you don't give the other skills a chance, reading defense, reading passes down the field and such because your mind sometimes will go to if not there I am running instead of giving things a chance. Or go to a short passing game, not screens but like routes 5-10 yards down field, quick catch or something like that to build that confidence up. Or like I said move Lewis to another position to give his legs help us and maybe Bianco's arm to help us that way
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