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  1. On Tuesday or Wednesday there will be a huge data dump from the holiday weekend so just wanted to say that since what they report will be pretty much four or five days of data dumped
  2. It really can be and other times not. And choosing mods is also very difficult as well because you have to pick the right ones or when picking if you have a specific role for them let them know. There are good and bad days when modding as well, but when things are running smoothly you can sit back and say ok maybe did some good. But there are also many times issues behind the scenes people don't see either because sometimes you are also dealing with something above you while trying to protect where you mod or who you mod as well.
  3. One Europe started before us and they did see a rise but also, even their scientists there have said the more people you have the more are going to test positive so you are going to have a bigger part of that possible in the hospital however with admissions that is kind of a odd number because the people admitted has been running a bit higher than people in the hospital, but also even though they have platued there are still cases there. However, he is incorrect in a few things as well. 63% of people are fully vaccinated and 75% of people have recieved at least one dose. CDC DOES NOT incl
  4. Oh, I know, OJ's team hired him to be his appeal lawyer if he got convicted but to me, he has gone off the deep end a bit in the last few years. That could be because of how some of the networks have gone but still.
  5. I guess if he is ready, but to me I don't know if he is but if they need a quick hire that could be the one
  6. The only two conferences that I have heard about GOR with was Big 12 and the ACC which I think it was just not to long ago they came up with one, but was hearing more conferences are considering to go to those rather than depending on the exit fee requirements
  7. When they whole Texas and Oklahoma thing was going on, some shows were talking to lawyers who were saying the GOR would probably hold up in court a lot better than the whole exit fee thing would. If that is true who knows because it could come down to the whim of the judge but I also, like you said, don't know if a conference or school would want to test that unless there was little time left.
  8. There was some wheeling and dealing that happened to get Louisville and invite into ACC, going into the meeting there wasn't any sure bets on who was getting invited and then Louisville got one. However that is also why West Virginia won't be getting a sniff from ACC because their academics are lower than Louisville is. Now I think if there is massive movement on the P5 and they need to take them for sure, but I don't see P5 moving right now. B10 and Kansas have talked as recently as this past summer about joining, there is still interest there from both sides, is it enough to move, who k
  9. Does Jones still live in Hawaii? I see that he is involved in something called CoachTube and he was going to be a head coach in the XFL which went defunt might be coming back again
  10. Timmy Chang could be a head coach someday but I don't think he is ready yet
  11. Probably so that someone can talk to the players and recruits that would be staying around or coming in. There is some other stuff needing to be done to
  12. So maybe some musings For the last couple of days appears the confirmed new cases have been leveling off just a bit; there is a spike on the 11th but there was a big data belch on that day CDC COVID Data Tracker Deaths also haven't spiked up like cases have which many were fearing and again the spike on the 11th was data belch day CDC COVID Data Tracker Hospitalizations have seem not to be rising as quickly as they once were as they have been right around 152,000-153,000 for about three days now. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/hospitalization-7-day-trend/inpati
  13. I'm a mod on a board, no one really knew it until I banned someone for some really bad shit he was saying. People are like you are a mod, I was like yeah but I'm a quiet one LOL
  14. I haven't gotten a booster either and don't plan to at this point in time. However that could change because everything is fluid right now. My mom has gotten the booster because they were offering it at work, my brother's partner won't be but he is double vaxxed and even had Covid which his doctor said he wouldn't get it at this time either for him, but again everything is fluid right now. My friend did kind of hint if I went to see them, they kind of would like me to get the booster first, just in case. Things we do for cute girls sometimes..............j/k
  15. When you assume something you are just making an ass out of yourself. I'm not defending Pac-12 because they along with the other P5 would screw over the little guy at every chance they get. Each conference has their own set of goals they want with the playoff and have said they won't vote for something unless X, X and A happens. There is a lot more in play than just the playoff. What gets me is someone who hates the Pac-12 so much, their eyes turn red, blame Pac-12 for everything that is wrong no matter what and then digs in harder when they are proven incorrect time and time time a
  16. It might not be needed but it is coming and Omicron will still be around in March. I don't think its to soon to talk about something coming in March.
  17. They still have a lot of testing on it but the issue also is we are going to have other variants form so we don't really know what they are saying is true or not. And if it is true then that brings up more questions
  18. I know just wondering if the new one coming out in March is now going to be involved in that as well, telling people you need to get the Omicron vaccine as well as all the other shots you have taken. Or will they just be like ehhh throw it in the same argument as the rest of them. Then if you get the Omicron vaccine, do you need the other vaccines as well. Now I don't know what the facts on Novavax is but there seems to be not as a huge push behind it as others.
  19. Virginia was really interested and read something a few months ago which said they were close to going but something happened at the last minute and they decided to stay and wasn't related to North Carolina.
  20. I never said Georgia Tech. I know they are really interested in Virginia though.
  21. That is why usually they give a little caveat to those numbers coming out on Monday's which could be higher than they actually are. We don't know really some long term effects either yet and won't know until years down the line like they did with the Spanish Flu. Most of those bills from these aren't going to be paid but this has also shown there needs to be a massive overhauling of the medical system in the nation.
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