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  1. Players are in favor of a salary floor but not a cap, owners aren't in favor of that. Owners like expansion and players don't
  2. I find it amusing that people going on about student athletes and all that crap, they don't care they are mad because UCLA is going to a different conference, that is the only reason people are mad and regents like to show off power they think they have and then months later things quiet down. But UCLA started selling beer last year at their football games
  3. And he is guessing as well. They thing with Wilner he has went from reporting to becoming a cheerleader for Pac-12
  4. Quite a few of the ADs and coaches in Pac-12 like the afternoon games and would perfer to play afternoon games
  5. Oakland needs an ownership that cares about the team, they haven't had one for a while and these owners have done everything they could have done to destroy the attendance for this season for some reason, and other MLB owners are not very happy with the A's ownership right now. I mean you dismantle a team, trade away the players that the fans know, you are going to see low attendance and put that with a glorfied AAA team on the field
  6. There was an article I read years ago saying that would be the reason we wouldn't see NCAA Football Conferences break from the NCAA because of the basketball tournament.
  7. Well FOX gets first choice of what games they want, but if they didn't do the whole Tier 2, and 3 thing, CBS and NBC could alternate who gets first picks for the weeks
  8. It wouldn't be the same though, and there is also the possiblity they went that direction they have just have brackets and not really rankings.
  9. Yea but I was talking 16 over a 1, so the president of the university using that ehh he would have been better to use the 15 vs 2 line
  10. Going to be opposite I think, they will use Notre Dame games to pump up their primetime game I think
  11. This is just about what NBC wanted to a game to connect with Notre Dame games at home so they could have a double header on some Saturday's now. With ESPN they lost their early afternoon window which they usually put the B10 games on, they could fill with SEC games but the schools have said especially early in the season they don't like playing early in the afternoon because of heat and such they would have. FOX will still have some piece of the Big 12 when that comes up I don't see the without it. Now this doesn't mean either that CBS or NBC or such wont also bid on Pac-12 games either or Big 12 when that comes up either. Now if CBS is happy to have college football in that one spot like they did with SEC then they could be done and same with NBC which if they are done, it does leave less traditional suitors for Pac-12 and I don't know how wild Pac-12 would be with games on Amazon or Apple, but now the interesting part with ESPN not having anything with Big10 now, that does leave holes for their b-ball coverage which in my opinion was heavy on B10 I think. I do think now a new little wrinkle has developed now with ESPN not being involved with B10 when their new contract comes up.
  12. a 16 beating a 1 seed has only happened once, so the odds of that happening again are incredibly low anyway. But I actually think this one thing that will be saved I think, unlike college football, for the NCAA tournament people like watching the small guys in the tournament where in football you don't have as much interest in the little guys.
  13. Never believe or trust anything that administrators or coaches say. They only tell people what they want people to know, but most of the movements, ADs aren't involved with in many stages either. But again will go back if anyone was looking for anything more than what was said at the media days, they were going to be disapointed.
  14. Now also N. Texas, Grand Canyon and UT-Arlington are re-scheduled games that should have been played last year but were ppd because of Covid.
  15. But also to me what else would you expect to have everyone say on media day as well?
  16. Saw another article today that said pretty much Big10 still has their sights set on Notre Dame, which according to the article hasn't given them a ya or nay yet and pretty much once that happens they could go shopping again.
  17. Nevada: Home: Sam Houston St, Norfolk St, Santa Clara, Grand Canyon Away: UT-Arlington, @ Oregon, @ Pepperdine, @ Loyola MM, @ N. Texas Neutral: Tulane, R.Island/Kansas St, TBA Probably one more Division II game around final week to round out the OOC
  18. Vegas getting an expansion team would be better for them however that would take some time as well. At this point the only chance the people that are against the ballpark have is the lawsuits that have to be decided within a certain amount of time now.
  19. CBS wants football after SEC leaves so they will probably overpay to get Pac-12 or such rights but they possibly have some Tier rights with B10 as well so Pac-12 could be counting on that as well. But also we are assuming these deals are going to go on a certain path but with how everything is today they very possibly could be different type of deals than we have seen in the past. Also anyone expecting anything concrete to be done at the media days, I think were going to be disappointed. It is smart or maybe prudent to get what ESPN and/or Fox wants to offer than go to the market to talk to other partners then come back and see what they have. But also a question I have, is that right now, besides USC, UCLA and Oregon does anyone outside of the west care about the other Pac-12 schools?
  20. Mid-August is what I read on the dirt sheets the new TV deal will be done and announced.
  21. I was briefly watching ESPN when this came out while eating at a bar on my vacation and they were discussing the change and the had people on ESPN saying the same thing about the rule, it was no more year to year scholarships, so its not just twitverse, but also others with this reading of the rule changes.
  22. Being 12 schools for football will make it easier for scheduling purposes but I don't see SDSU going anywhere and for the near future nothing happening with Pac-12
  23. So I was reading some articles today and seems most people think it will be a quiet 30 Days or so, but could be a busy end of the year as schools decide what direction they want to go with the new rules for divisions and such people think will take effect next year. But did see that western conferences would look at expanding from FCS or other conferences and had no interests in Division II schools as none were really looked as ready to move up from Division I where there are several Division II schools back east looking to possibly move up to Division by the end of the year if they do
  24. When have contracts ever been about what the schools want with TV? The schools want the Money, and they will do anything the TV partners want for that money but they also want tv coverage to help with recruiting as well and those late games can help as well.
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