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  1. Part of the issue is that there is as much wrong or bad information as their is good information out there. The press reports part of the story not the entire story, they do leave out key points. Then you have doctors who won't even agree with each other. But the #1 issue is hysteria which is being caused by people all around. There have been some doctors in stories and TV saying canceling events and all that will not stop the virus from growing unless other measures are taken. Vast majority of people who have caught Corona Virus and died had other underlining health issues. Corona Virus has been around for several years hell, the clorex wipes that we bought last year at Costco, the first thing it lists as killing 99% of is Coronavirus. This might be a different strain but this disease is not anything new. People in this country started to panic when a few clusters came up and unforuately people passed because many of them had other health conditions. The truth is many people in this country would rather panic first then take a step back and think for a minute. This virus has been around and will be around for a long time just like many viruses are. They are working and testing a vaccine right now for the disease. There was this doctor I think on CNN, who was saying the press isn't helping matters but people really need to understand this disease. Its not instant death like some are saying but it is also nothing to wave off. There are also people that have been tested for this virus because of their prolonged exposure to someone who has it, and they never show any symptoms at all either. The suspensions of sports, events, and such is leading to more hysteria among the population instead of trying to educate the population about the virus. As more people are tested and more tests are performed the number of those infected is going to go up, but that isn't something to have hysteria either. In Italy and Germany there were talking about the peak might be in April for some reason, There is a lot of information out there from what they already know and stuff they are started to find out now as well. One doctor has said when the quarentine is let up in China there will be another outbreak in China.
  2. New Mexico defeats Incarnate Word 11-6 Fresno St defeats Pacific 7-6 St. Mary's defeats Nevada 11-1 Air Force defeats Utah Valley St 17-12 Boise St defeats Niagara 12-9 UNLV and Houston canceled
  3. wolfpack1


    So far we have three.
  4. wolfpack1


    Wright St lost again this year in their conference tournament being the #1 seed.
  5. Air Force defeats Utah Valley St 9-0 New Mexico defeats Incarnate Word 8-4 Boise St defeats Niagara 7-1 Houston defeats UNLV 3-1 California defeats San Jose St 9-8 San Diego St and TCU has been cancelled Fresno St vs. Pacific has been postponed will attempt to play tomorrow
  6. Niagara defeats Boise St 13-10
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    So we have 7 spots that have been taken for the NIT: The First four out of the NCAA Tournament all get #1 seeds in the NIT, and then we have Radford, Wright St and Northern Iowa joining that field after their losses in their conference tournaments.
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    I believe West Virginia played in the CBI last year
  9. Here are some notes coming into this week: Texas is ranked #17 in Collegiate Baseball Newspaper, is ranked #30 by NCBWA poll. UCSB is ranked #26 in Collegiate Baseball Newspaper, LBSU is ranked #27 in Collegiate Baseball Newspaper, #12 in Baseball America and #23 in NCBWA poll. TCU is ranked #29 in the NCBWA poll.
  10. For NCAA Regionals pretty much this doesn't matter for MWC. Its who wins the conference tournament and it has been rotating between SDSU, New Mexico and Fresno for a good number of years.
  11. Here are some standings and upcoming schedules: New Mexico 0-0 12-4 Boise St 0-0 7-4 San Diego St 0-0 10-6 Fresno St 0-0 8-7 UNLV 0-0 6-10 San Jose St 0-0 5-11 Air Force 0-0 5-12 Nevada 0-0 2-11 March 9th: Niagara @ Boise St March 10th: Air Force @ Utah Valley St TCU @ San Diego St Niagara @ Boise St San Jose St @ California Pacific @ Fresno St Houston @ UNLV New Mexico @ Incarnate Word March 11th: Air Force @ Utah Valley St New Mexico @ Incarnate Word Niagara @ Boise ST Houston @ UNLV Nevada @ St. Mary’s March 13th: Minnesota @ Air Force New Mexico @ Texas Boise St @ Utah Valley St NMSU @ San Diego St Fresno St @ Oklahoma St N. Colorado @ San Jose St Sacramento St @ Nevada UNLV @ UCSB March 14th: Minnesota @ Air Force New Mexico @ Texas Boise St @ Utah Valley St (2) NMSU @ San Diego St Fresno St @ Oklahoma St N. Colorado @ San Jose St (2) Sacramento St @ Nevada UNLV @ UCSB March 15th: Minnesota @ Air Force New Mexico @ Texas Boise St @ Utah Valley St NMSU @ San Diego St Fresno St @ Oklahoma St N. Colorado @ San Jose St Sacramento St @ Nevada UNLV @ UCSB
  12. When first seeing that is said Chargers as well
  13. Air Force defeats South Dakota St 6-5 Oklahoma defeats San Diego St 9-8 in 10 innings Arizona St defeats Fresno St 8-3 Cal Baptist defeats Nevada 13-4 UNLV defeats St. John's 16-2 Loyola Marymount defeats San Jose St 7-2 Boise St defeats Seattle 12-8
  14. With the Hofstra series I would lean toward bullpen issues.
  15. Two of them though really didn't need to happen. I mean 7 runs in the Top of the 9th. Really?