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  1. Who would we dump? We have South Florida and Penn St on the road for 2020 then have UC-Davis and UTEP at home. We could do a home and home with them starting in 2023 with a home game first and then going on the round in 2024
  2. With her being a dancer that would possibly make them angerier.
  3. NBA also? I wonder if she ever got mono or gave it to someone else
  4. UConn and AAC are already in negotiations about them leaving and have been before the news broke they were leaving for Big East. My prediction is that UConn will not be paying that $10 million exit fee
  5. Sun Bowl isn't affliated with AAC either so I think some AAC fans really are delusional or don't pay attention to anything. Probably drinking the same crap that their commissioner does.
  6. Reading different articles and news reports over the last two years or so there have been more people questioning whether the series should continue the way it is right now. I wouldn't be surprised if a new contract comes out, but as of right now TCU does have some openings on their schedule. That could change within a few months.
  7. I am guessing those trolls don't follow history or had their heads in the sand. I think UConn leaving AAC was entirely possible and very likely.
  8. I am just going by FBS Schedules for future schedules and as of today they show one OOC game against California for 2020. However still if UConn came to me with a deal like that I would probably drop the I-AA might even turn out to be cheaper in the pocketbook for TCU football. I doubt they would have to pay UConn as much as schools are paying I-AA schools right now
  9. Yeah but scheduling 2 FCS teams will hurt their SOS at least with UConn it would bring more because they are an FBS teams. But that very well could be what happens or maybe, they reach a deal for the 2020 season where UConn will still play AAC schools. That would help with immediate scheduling issues in 2020 and then everyone can pay attention to 2021 and beyond when there are more holes on people's schedules.
  10. Also even though they have been down, UConn basketball team is still an attractive option to schedule especially being in the Big East again. They could tie football deals to basketball like they did when UConn football first came up. I think that could possibly get more people knocking as well. I mean I think TCU vs. UConn basketball games could be attractive for TCU. Same with Miami and even Florida St. I would try to use that as some leverage. Hey I was interested to see if you would like to play our football program in 2020 and 2021 and in exchange I will give you a game against our men's or women's basketball team.
  11. The thing is that most people are acting like this came up all of a sudden, moving conferences and such doesn't happen with a snap of the fingers. I wouldn't be surprised if UConn and Big East have been talking for most of this year about UConn coming to the Big East. Army has an opening in 2020 could possibly get on the horn with them now. Get on the horn to see to get something done and then you need 7 games now. Probably schedule another I-AA team for 2020 so that is down to 6 teams now. Arkansas needs two OOC games in 2020, get on the horn with them to see if they would like to play. Get them you are down to 5 games now. Louisiana-Monroe needs two more OOC games for 2020. If get a deal done with them, then you are down to 4 games. FIU needs two games, if get a deal done with them you are down to 3 games TCU needs two games for 2020 if can get a deal done with them you are down to 2 games now I don't know if any AAC school would want to schedule a game with them but if they do SMU and Central Florida has openings on their schedule. Let's say they do SMU then you are down to 1 game now Miami is looking for another OOC game if get something done boom your schedule is done. Its possible to get a schedule done in 2020. Sounds like who helps with the scheduling is crying over spill milk or something or really haven't given much an attempt to try to schedule.
  12. I don't see that making much of a different for them either. I don't expect a massive increase per school I expect maybe a little increase and that would be it. Air Force doesn't turn the dial for people, their football program isn't what it used to be. Like I said, I think that if Army goes to AAC Air Force would probably go. Otherwise I think Air Force will be staying where they are.
  13. That is why I am confused about having a game there. I don't think anyone cares about a game in China including the Chinese.