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  1. Nevada vs. Cincinnati

    Also impressed with the lack of turnovers in this game as well.
  2. Nevada vs. Cincinnati

    I disagree. Not hitting free throws and three's is the biggest factor. The rebounding difference isn't any larger than against Texas. If we had someone who could hit free throws and then some three's went in, this is a lot closer game
  3. MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    San Diego St defeats Cal Poly 3-2 San Jose St defeats Fresno St 10-1 in Game 1 Air Force defeats UNLV 15-12 Nevada defeats UC-Riverside 3-0 in Game 1
  4. Nevada vs. Cincinnati

    Down 12 at halftime isn't unmaginable. Like I said if we can turn those three's and free throws around, I think Nevada is holding their own.
  5. Nevada vs. Cincinnati

    If we were hitting three's and free throws we are right in this game. Those were two keys coming into the game and they are failing on both of those at this point
  6. Nevada vs. Cincinnati

    You have to make threes not just shoot them. We are shooting pretty well, but not hitting three's. They also need to hit free throws as well. Also need to rebound.
  7. MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    SJSU leads Fresno St 10-1 in the 8th inning
  8. Nevada vs. Cincinnati

    I was going to say Nevada probably has the same thing going except they aren't selling them or taking orders yet.
  9. NCAA Tournament Day 4

    Oklahoma and Arizona St were my biggest problems. Syracuse I never really had a problem with because I knew they were going to get in.
  10. MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    Nevada defeats UC-Riverside 3-0 in Game 1 of a doubleheader
  11. Nevada vs. Cincinnati

    The two that I went to, had a common theme. Fire Shaka Smart now; we should not have lost to a team like Nevada (now a couple of posters did say Nevada had some good players however they are in the MWC and those teams shouldn't be beating Texas, finally how the hell did Texas blow a 14 point lead to the likes of Nevada.
  12. NCAA Tournament Day 4

    They do have a few days off now before the next round to work things out.
  13. Oh I think most of us know the NBC contract with Notre Dame is slowly coming to an end however then you have ESPN who used to carry a bunch of games in the past along with CBS. Would ESPN step in to do a contract with ND when their run on NBC is over and then decided not to renew with BYU? Or will ND break down and join a conference? To me for now I still think there is enough push not to join a conference for football that they would look at everything and under every rock before moving to a conference for football.
  14. Nevada vs. Cincinnati

    Yes yes, I'm sorry forgot that one. And then just remembered another one to. Added rebound and hit free throws. If we only shoot 60% from the line and get outrebounded like we did against Texas, it could get ugly against Cincy
  15. NCAA Tournament Day 4

    Really you look at the tournament the only region that has really blown up is the South Region. If Nevada beats Cincy that will just add to the chaos in that region. But again otherwise in the other regions there have been some upsets but otherwise pretty tame