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  1. wolfpack1

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    Mississippi St defeats Washington 1-0 on a walkoff to end Day 1 of the College World Series.
  2. wolfpack1

    Menzies on the hot seat?

    I have said that you kind of need to give a coach a few years to get his players and such in before making judgements. UNLV lost a lot of players which had to be replaced and instead of going heavy into the transfer area, he is trying to do it by recruiting which takes a little more time. However I think this upcoming year is a big year for him, as it will be his third year as coach and there was progress last year from the previous year. So this is a big year to see what he can do as coach. But if I remember correctly I think they are having some athletic budget issues which Board of Regents hammered them on last year.
  3. wolfpack1

    Rebel Fan Council

    She did come from Northern Illinois and with that entire midwest mindset and wouldn't accept that the west is quite a bit different than in the midwest and such. Just like the East Coast is a different mindset than the midwest. You need to accept those things and change but Groth and some of her people never budged off that thinking. We did lose out on a one for one with Utah because of Groth. However still to this day can't get over the comments of in the midwest people just show up for the football games and don't understand why they don't here or something like when asked about attendance issues.
  4. wolfpack1

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    North Carolina defeats Oregon St 8-6; North Carolina moves to the winners bracket, Oregon St moves to the elimination Game
  5. wolfpack1

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    Top of the 7th North Carolina leads Oregon St 6-4
  6. wolfpack1

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    North Carolina still leads 6-4 in the Bottom of the 5th
  7. wolfpack1

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    Slugfest in Omaha North Carolina leads Oregon St 6-4 in the Bottom of the 3rd inning
  8. wolfpack1

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    North Carolina leads 3-1 in the Top of the 3rd and still hitting.
  9. wolfpack1

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    Oregon St and North Carolina are tied at 1 in the 3rd
  10. wolfpack1

    Rebel Fan Council

    During the Groth years, her administration did piss off a lot of season ticket holders and many boosters as well which Knuth is trying to rebuild right now. Some people who have given to the University in the past that i talked to stop giving when Groth was in charge because of how much they disliked and didn't trust her after dealing with her. Some of them are starting to comeback now but the Groth administration did a lot of damage when they were here to the athletic program.
  11. wolfpack1

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    And the College World Series is underway with Oregon st vs. North Carolina in the first game
  12. wolfpack1


    There is an opinion piece on CBS Sports about the top 5 teams to go to the Access Bowl, the Top 2 choices are Memphis and Boise St. Central Florida, Temple and Florida Atlantic were also mentioned in the article.
  13. wolfpack1

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    Here is the College World Series Schedule I Believe: Saturday June 16th: Game 1: Oregon St vs. North Carolina Game 2: Washington vs. Mississippi St Sunday June 17th: Game 3: Arkansas vs. Texas Game 4: Texas Tech vs. Florida Monday June 18th: Game 5: OSU/NC Loser vs. Wash/Miss St Loser--Elimination Game Game 6: OSU/NC Winner vs. Wash/Miss St Winner Tuesday June 19th: Game 7: Ark/Tex Loser vs. TT/Flo Loser--Elimination Game Game 8: Ark/Tex Winner vs. TT/Flo Winner Wednesday June 20th: Game 9: Game 5 Winner vs. Game 6 Loser--Elimination Game Thursday June 21st: Game 10: Game 7 Winner vs. Game 8 Loser--Elimination Game Friday June 22nd: Game 11: Game 9 Winner vs. Game 6 Winner--Potential Elimination Game Game 12: Game 10 Winner vs. Game 8 Winner--Potential Elimination Game Saturday June 23rd* If necessary Monday June 25th-Wednesday June 27th--CWS Final Series
  14. wolfpack1

    Rebel Fan Council

    It did seem during that time, every time someone brought something up that could possibly enhance the gameday experience, they already had an excuse ready why they couldn't do it. I remember when suggesting once about maybe putting a bounce house or some activities for the kids to do because well the kids get bored after a while at a young age at football and baseball games, the response was it wasn't their responsibility to watch people's kids. Or got in a discussion with one of the people in the department about how they couldn't understand that win or lose why people didn't come out for football games like they do in the midwest and they shouldn't have to advertise to get people to come out to the game. I know there was a group of us that kept telling them this isn't the midwest or south. Things work differently out here but they went back to well people should just come out no matter what argument. I think Rory went nuts when a few of us also suggested maybe running buses from area high schools to and from the stadium. Charge people a certain amount to ride the bus. That why they wouldn't have to fight for parking at Mackay and maybe get more people to go when they know they could park elsewhere and get rid of that headache. It just seemed to me under Groth, they asked for suggestions but they really never had any intention to listening to any of them which I think is just as bad or worse than not asking for feedback. At least with Knuth on two things I wrote him an e-mail about with regards with football games, within two games they were fixed.
  15. wolfpack1

    MLB in Vegas?

    There have been talks about Sacramento building a stadium to possibly try to draw the A's there since......well I think at least the mid to late 90's for the A's. However the only thing that I know they are building down there right now is a new 19,000 seat MLS Stadium which they hope to be chosen for expansion. However with some of the names attached to them I don't think I would chose them. It seems some cities are looking to soccer more than baseball recently.