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  1. Boise St @ Nevada When Nevada pulled off the upset in overtime with those metal benches, took me hours to warm up
  2. That is the big question really for Gonzaga what happens when he leaves. at one point I thought they had a succession plan in place when Few leaves but I think that went out the window a while ago. If they hired from the outside it would be an interesting choice and thinking it would have to come from another similiar type school and coach.
  3. Sometimes things outside the coach and school happens as well. USF was hit with probation and sanctions during the 70s and 80s to where USF shut down its basketball program for a couple of years and when it returned took them 13 years to get to postseason basketball again. With some of the UNLV basketball coaches, they were using UNLV as a stepping stone, if they wanted to stick around with UNLV they probably could have done more. On the other hand some schools continue on the line after their big coaches leave. I think the foundation they leave behind is just as important. The question is when Few leaves did he leave a foundation to continue on the future and could be the next person in are they interested in building it up more or tearing it down somewhat to build their own castle so to speak
  4. I don't know, after their loss to UC-San Diego on the road they could be looking a bit harder with the 0-3 start
  5. But honestly none of those bring anything to the conference especially money wise. However as we know Pac 12 looks at other factors and no, Cal won't be told to pound sand they still wield power in the conference behind the scenes and all they need is a couple of schools, which they probably have already, to be on their side and that is it.
  6. Nevada has had H and H with Washington St, Oregon St, Arizona, had a two for one with Cal, UCLA and Oregon.
  7. You will be surprised how much power they wield in the conference and have which also includes the founding members. Thing is any expansion they will want to be unanimous, and I don't see Fresno St or San Diego St getting that unless some deals are made behind the scenes. Honestly, I really don't see that much of a change in politics with Pac-12 schools maybe some movement of voting blocks but not much changes otherwise.
  8. This guy should just stop, he is now just being obviously he is being a cheerleader and not a beat writer. California still has a big voice in Pac-12 and that is part of the problem but they would have allies in not inviting certain schools. California won't vote to invite SDSU, Arizona St will probably do whatever Cal wants, Stanford probably would go along with Stanford on that one and I don't see Washington St voting on them to come in with comments they have made in the last year. That is four no votes right there and a conference isn't going to move unless its unanimous because that would be bad press.
  9. I have been piecing some of the baseball schedules together as teams have announced: San Diego St: opens vs. Arizona St in Surprise AZ (3); vs. Washington St Air Force: @ Oklahoma (1); @ Texas Tech (2); Kansas St (2) UNLV: Arizona St (2); vs. Washington St; @ Oklahoma (2); @ Arkansas (2) San Jose St: Washington (4) New Mexico: Texas Tech (2) Nevada: @ Oregon St (2); LBSU (2) Fresno St: @ LBSU (2)
  10. Big thing is it wasn't that cold either, it was colder here last night than it was Saturday LOL
  11. When I saw this, I was like makes sense now as she did a short interview and had no comment about Gonzaga talking with Big 12 she knew she was leaving, and isn't her issue now LOL But the biggest red flag for just flag is having no experience with football side of things.
  12. They had it last year, they will have it this year. ESPN likes it as it will be really only sports on at that time unless they moved the game again. The toughest part would be finding two teams to go to Hawaii
  13. I think MLS should be careful about expanding to quickly as that could damage in itself but I could see MLS working there, they could play their games at Allegiant during the summer but also have to consider space and logistics as well
  14. And they are still working on Allegiant as well as that project isn't done with what they have invisioned it to be either.
  15. They do seem connected in a few ways maybe like a little stepbrother thing
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