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  1. Being a OC is a lot less pressure than being head coach though and Tedford has been a decent OC
  2. There is no disagreement about how to house the games when they start the expanded playoffs. Some of the Bowls want to host them and some think networks are going to push neutral site big stadiums for them But 12 is way to many
  3. Yup it was mostly about getting BTN in new markets and getting into new market's for Maryland and Rutgers to go.
  4. Bob Stoops has been named interim coach for Oklahoma.
  5. Dykes is not a move up sorry its not. He is stubborn as a coach at times, a lot of coaches are, but its not a move up for TCU, its more of a lateral move with a worse defense coming
  6. That is why I think SEC and Big 12 Championship are important for Cincinnati if they beat Houston next week and how the committee places the Top 5 this week
  7. But Jimbo had some connections with Texas A&m or their AD didn't he so that wasn't a huge surprise there? And i don't know Florida St seems to be turning into a swamp there, they forgot where they were before Bobby Bowden
  8. His name keeps coming up everywhere and now Mark Stoops name is coming up as well
  9. Rice head coach Mike Bloomgren will return next season. Duke has fired head coach David Cutliffe NMSU deal with Jerry Kill to be their new head coach expected to be done soon Maine head coach will take an assistant position with Jim Mora at UConn A lot of staff changes expected at Georgia Tech, Indiana and Colorado
  10. Washington St signs Jake Dickert to a 5-year deal financial terms not announced yet
  11. Do they go after Matt Campbell now?
  12. Riley is making $7.6 million a year at Oklahoma, for going to USC they had to make him the highest paid coach in NCAA
  13. SMU went down a hole this season, its a loss for TCU trading Patterson for Dykes
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