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  1. COaches are limited to two challenges per game, and can get a third if they are successful on the first two and in the final two minutes of the first and second half they can only come from New York to review. They can review offensive and defensive calls.
  2. The new onside kick off rule along with each team gets a possession in overtime have been tabled.
  3. Quarterfinals: Hampton vs. NJIT Texas Southern vs. Lou-Monroe Green Bay vs. Bakersfield
  4. Marshall defeats Presbyterian 83-66 to move to the CIT Semi-finals. Hampton defeats Charleston Southern 73-67 Green Bay defeats Florida International 98-68
  5. Well TCU is down by three right now at the half.
  6. Wichita St defeats Indiana 73-63 to move onto the NIT Semi-Finals at MSG
  7. Scott Cross is named head coach of Troy St. Greg Gary is named head coach of Mercer. Kyle Smith is expected to be named head coach of Washington St. If this happens it appears San Francisco will probably name assistant coach Todd Golden their new head coach. Luke Murray is out of the running to be the new head coach at Fairfield.
  8. Nevada defeats San Francisco 7-3
  9. I think his base salary at South Dakota was less than MM so she can probably get him on the cheep.
  10. I think that is they have to drink there.
  11. Wouldn't surprise me since schools have done that before. That is why I was kind of hoping Nebraska won the NIT title.
  12. he hasn't accepted it yet. Word is he is currently on vacation
  13. Thing was though this wasn't kept quiet. They were saying he was going to be fired for weeks now. I wouldn't be surprised if they had done the search committee during that time
  14. Depending how they do it, its within the rules. Coaches and schools will also find those little lines.