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  1. Per Jon Rothstein: Missouri, Nebraska, Pittsburgh, Dayton, Charlotte, Penn, Loyola-Chicago and Utah St
  2. Per Jeff Goodman 2020 Cayman Islands field has been announced: Mississippi, Miami, Kansas St, Oregon St, Northern Iowa, Western Kentucky, LaSalle and Nevada
  3. With her being a dancer that would possibly make them angerier.
  4. NBA also? I wonder if she ever got mono or gave it to someone else
  5. What happened to the old fashioned no victim just toss your panties at them?
  6. Today will be the last day of the college baseball season as either Michigan or Vanderbilt will become champions again tonight. Want to thank everyone who has helped out this season. Thanks to @jdgaucho for filling in pieces on games that I missed, thansk again for everyone that participated and helped out as well.
  7. Another reason I just remember is to be eligible for the postseason I think you need to be on the active roster on September 1st which he wouldn't be on either. So I think that is a double no no for him.
  8. Nope, if you are suspended for violation of the Substance Abuse Policy, you aren't eligible for the playoffs.
  9. Vanderbilt has to win tomorrow and Wednesday to win the national championship
  10. Frankie Montas was suspended 80 games by MLB which pretty much ends his season for the A's.
  11. I have seen it once or twice before, you need a good speedster and also some people who aren't paying attention on the field either LOL. Still aggressive baserunning and speed helps with that.
  12. I think they had to silence teh Vanderbilt whistler in one of those games as well.
  13. Things like this happen during a season. The Astros had not one but two 10 win streaks this season. You just don't see that but in baseball world a lot of times things have a way to even out a little bit. This is their longest streak of the season but out of 6 games, 4 of the games were low scoring games which to me at least shows that the hitting has been slumping a bit more than the pitching. But I will bring up the point I did last month, I wouldn't be surprised that the players maybe took their foot off the gas a bit when they were already up 10+ games in their division at the end of May. Sometimes it is hard to keep a team's attention when things go like that. But at this point I wouldn't worry or push a panic button if I was Houston.
  14. I think MLB, if inviting anyone else, will try to keep the divisions they way they are. If Tampa moved to Montreal they would remain in the AL East I think and actually probably would cut down travel for the teams in their division. Now if a team from from the West to the East or vice versa than MLB would have an interesting decision to make on the divisional point. I think there was talk for a tiny bit about switching Arizona and Houston but that didn't go far. Unless a major shakeup for expansion or a team moving, I think the divisions are pretty set for the foreseeable future.