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  1. Nevada @ San Jose State

    Muss saying that he is going to be a game time decision for the next two games. He has a strained achilles, I believe. Suffered the injury toward the end of the Utah St game.
  2. RealRPI Predictions

    I would like to sweep UNLV in all honestly and then can hold it over some people's heads but just kind of trying to be realistic. I am thinking Nevada splits with UNLV, Boise and SDSU. We do have an important set of games coming up starting early next month. @ Colorado St, UNLV, San Diego St, @ Boise St.
  3. Nevada @ San Jose State

    BTW sounds like Muss is setting up for possibly not having Martin play Saturday or next Wednesday
  4. Nevada @ San Jose State

    At one of the books that my co-worker went last night it was 17. However they did what was afraid they would do. They kind of sleptwalked through the game and then woke up. Same thing happened against Air Force last week.
  5. RealRPI Predictions

    Yeah however there has been that one team last couple of years that kind of came out of nowhere in the league but this year it doesn't seem like we are going to have one of those. SDSU I think was the wild card in everything going into this year with a new coach and such. UNLV I think needs to get some more water under their feet a bit, Utah St isn't as bad this year as I thought they would be. Right now for this year thinking a combo of Boise, Nevada and San Diego St will probably be the top three teams come tournament time. Then a whole bunch of middle of the pack teams and then lower ranking team. With New Mexico, I think they might be another two years away possibly, we could see the same three teams fighting for the top next year as well but a lot changes before then. Last year told people the MWC was turning in the right direction and continues this year. The unfortuate thing is some people think its as quick as snapping your fingers and things turn but it takes a bit of time. You can fall a lot quicker than climbing your way back up
  6. More problems for UNC?

    I think its North Carolina Central this time
  7. Nevada @ San Jose State

    I agree. A couple of those runs like they did against Utah St would be nice
  8. Nevada @ San Jose State

    Well USF only lost by 10 to Gonzaga last week so....but we do have a little history with having difficult games against USF.
  9. Nevada @ San Jose State

    If Nevada doesn't decide to sleepwalk through the game, I think Nevada should win however I would probably take San Jose for betting purposes. Nevada has been all over the place last few games on that and 16.5 might be to big to pass up. Also kind of depends if San Jose has given up on the season or not. However if Nevada can start fast like they did against Utah St that would be great because the worse thing Nevada can do is let San Jose St hang around.
  10. RealRPI Predictions

    I agree with that king. This is hopefully the year people start looking at the MWC once again. It should be an interesting and entertaining run here.
  11. AAC not considered mid-major in basketball?

    With how the season has been going, the only one of those wins that really stand out right now is Miami. NMSU second best victory right now is Colorado St. However in the long run was referring to WAC as a conference I don't know how long they are going to be able to chug along, especially with Bakersfield leaving the WAC to move to the Big West in a little over two years now. But if NMSU didn't win the WAC I think that would raise a lot of eyebrows. Not saying they are not a good team but I think being in the WAC kind of penalizes NMSU
  12. RealRPI Predictions

    I don't think the conference race is over by a longshot. Boise does have tough road games against SDSU and New Mexico. Even though NM is down, The Pit can be a difficult place to play. Roadie against Colorado St could also be interesting toward the end of the season. With either team that wins (if they both win tonight mind you) it will look good for them and whoever loses it could look like a good loss as well. However to me I believe Boise would feel a lot better in their position in the MWC at this point if they can get the win. I am not saying that a 2 game deficit is impossible to make up at all, but if Boise lost their margin of error would be smaller I think. I still picked SDSU at the start of the season to win the MWC so....ehh with Nevada finishing 2nd or 3rd with Boise and Fresno in there as well.
  13. RealRPI Predictions

    I was actually thinking more of the bottom of the lead than the middle of the pack. With UNLV I could see a split with them possibly since it is seen as a rivalry matchup.
  14. AAC not considered mid-major in basketball?

    NMSU is in the shell of the WAC, really I would be surprised if NMSU doesn't roll through the conference and in the long run I think that hurts NMSU. However I have read some articles in the last week were some people are really questioning how good St. Mary's is because of their schedule. One article, I think from Campus Insiders I think, mentioned that maybe St. Mary's would have to win the WCC Tournament to get in unless they beat Gonzaga.
  15. RealRPI Predictions

    With having one conference loss already I will say the game is very big for Boise because I don't think they want to be two games back at this point in the season. I think Nevada could survive a loss however I am also expecting both teams to lose to at least one team they have no business losing to in conference play. Yes Boise lost to Wyoming but that was up in Wyoming and that is a tough place to play. But odds are both teams probably will lose one game they shouldn't in conference play. But I think the whole thing for Boise is they don't want to be two games down after Saturday so that is why I think the game is a bit bigger for Boise at least in my opinion.