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  1. Was definitely against poor competition. But the defense was damn near flawless except for the third. So much talent
  2. In my completely unbiased opinion this is the best ranking I’ve seen thus far
  3. Baker looked okish a bad drop and questionable penalty call hurt those numbers. Will be interesting to see how they look over a bigger sample
  4. It was certainly the most surprising. I wouldn't call it the most impressive though, Boise blew out a decent Utah State team. They are rightly the favorites
  5. Mattison is really good imo, like maybe top 10 RB good he's just stuck behind Cook except when he gets hurt. Hightower is a deep threat for the Eagles but will never get many targets imo
  6. Well sure, i'd gladly trade a title for losing dutcher
  7. 3/10, you can troll better. Step up your game
  8. Any worries that Dutch may leave can end now. The extension is worth more than 1.3 mill a year before bonuses. The big nugget though is the buyout is at 6.925 million. Dutcher made a big commitment to SDSU so San Diego State gave him his deserving raise
  9. Noah avinger committed, no surprise given the bro but big get regardless. Top ranked guy SDSU has committed has big time offers.
  10. I don’t think it’ll start on time but think early January is latest for games.
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