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  1. I don’t think it’ll start on time but think early January is latest for games.
  2. Would be a big loss for Air Force assuming there is a season he gave them a legitimate deep ball thrower beyond the running
  3. Since moving to Indepedent BYU is 70-47 in football and has been moving backwards of late. They’ve had 1 combined AP/Coaches poll top 25 finish (25th in coaches poll in 2011). While BYU doesn’t “need” the mwc, it’s becoming clear they’d be better off in the MWC at least from a football program perspective. Also yes BYU would also benefit the mwc. I personally thought at first BYU moving to Indy made a lot of sense but it’s appeared to back fire from every perspective except your schools wallets.
  4. Congrats on byu upping their revenue, how much of that revenue is this robe guy getting? How much has it led to sports success (in sports we actually care about)?
  5. If it’s conference only would mwc take them for just 1 year?
  6. Terrific news. This will be by far the most athletic team of rice’s tenure (assuming the season happens). Do have some questions about the shooting but otherwise big talent.
  7. Under armour has been hit pretty hard as the secondary shoe market has become more and more significant by the day. They’ve always been behind Nike but the gap has widened
  8. Norvell would be a PR hire for Iowa. That being said even with some of the negative attention of the football program the state of Iowa will continue to be heavily racist.
  9. The difference in rocky and hoke’s recruiting strategy is clear. Rocky casted a smaller net of talents the staff stayed focused on and offered many less players than brady
  10. Very happy with the early commits, though who knows if they all stick. Still it's pretty clear that hoke can still recruit (we will see if he can coach in time)
  11. Might be good news. If Gach and his people is really asking to run point he’s going to struggle. His handle is subpar. Should accept himself as a wing
  12. Hoke can out recruit rocky, question is can he scheme and coach at same level of rocky? Both Murphy and Haskell are terrific gets, and pac 12 level talents
  13. Gonzales is a terrific recruiter