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  1. Monday N/A Tuesday: Iona/UNM -6 69% Mississippi Valley State/USU -22 98% UC Riverside/UNLV -13 87% Wednesday: Montana St/CSU -10 82% Grambling/Wyoming -12 86% Texas Southern/SDSU -16 93% Thursday: Weber State/SJSU +11 14% Fresno St +10 17%/TCU Friday: AFA -1 54%/UMBC Niagara/Wyoming -9 80% Utah Valley/USU -6 73% Jackson St/BSU -23 98% Oakland/UNLV -8 76% Ark Little Rock/Nevada -29 99% Saturday: NMSU/UNM -1 52% Sunday: N/A
  2. sdsuphilip4

    Bragg’s waiver denied

  3. sdsuphilip4

    Keshad Johnson

    Nice get, good athlete. He'll have to compete with Chang for minutes next year off bench if we land Jaden.
  4. sdsuphilip4

    Tony Sanchez Gets Fiery

    Is this not from 2 months ago
  5. sdsuphilip4

    Bold basketball predictions

    SJSU is likely to win a conference game, nothing about that is bold. Here are some of my MWC Bold predictions: Justinian Jessup has a big season and becomes a NBA Draft Prospect Boise finishes in the top 4.... again. Neemias Queta wins FOY Only the top 4 in the conference finish above 500 in conference play, it will be very top heavy UNM plays in a play in game and MWC send 3 to the NCAA Tourney (Nevada/SDSU/UNM) Jalen McDaniels leads the conference in BPM. Jordan Brown turns out to have a minimal impact as a frosh (solid bench big) A non Nevada transfer wins newcomer of the year
  6. Kenpom only does division 1 games projections so... all times are pacific, - is the projected win and + is projected loss, and % is odds of a win Tuesday: Non D1/AFA 4 PM USU 58%/@ Montana State 6 PM UNM 87% -12/CS Northridge 7 PM UCSB/Wyoming -7 73% 7 PM Arkansas Pine Bluff @ SDSU -24 99% 7 PM Non D1/Fresno State 7 PM BYU/Nevada 8 PM -13 89% 8 PM Wednesday: Non D1/CSU 6 PM Non D1/SJSU 7 PM Friday: AFA 36% +4/Texas State 5 PM Hartford/USU -5 69% 6 PM Pacific/Nevada -20 96% 6 PM Saturday: Wyoming +7 25%/Oregon State Ark Pine Bluff/CSU -16 92% Idaho State/BSU -12 87% Southern Utah/SJSU +1 48% Loyola Marymount/UNLV -3 61% Really weak first week of scheduling
  7. sdsuphilip4

    MWC Early Lines...week 9

    Vegas quickly corrected there SDSU assumption
  8. sdsuphilip4

    Nevada vs Washington (Exhibition)

    Washington is a sleeper team in the pac 12, they definitely have talent, keep an eye out for Jaylen Nowell, Matisse Thybulle, and Noah Dickerson
  9. sdsuphilip4

    Rank em

    Only idiots that aren’t fans of either school watched SJSU/SDSU on purpose
  10. sdsuphilip4

    SDSU is not very good

    Nevada definitely has a shot
  11. sdsuphilip4

    UNLV Basketball Scrimmage

    wouldn't read much into it
  12. sdsuphilip4

    SDSU is not very good

    Unless the offense improves (and we need washington, chapman, and lessard back asap) we will most likely to lose to fresno like 24-10 or something like that. The defense is legitimate but not perfect (pass rush isn't very good), but the offense is outright bad right now. I'd say the WR's have been the best group of the offense and they themselves are not good.
  13. sdsuphilip4

    Rank em

    1. USU’s offense 2. Fresno State’s defense 3. SDSU’s defense 4-11: who cares 12. SJSU 13. SDSU’s offense