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  1. I didn't read the article or the thread but I will say it's pathetic that CFB HC's can make millions+ and the athletes can't make money that they can spend however they please.
  2. Haskell is a freak athlete
  3. Fwiw Ziegler said Malachi has a shot to go late 1st
  4. First this is Windows only. Something I've gotten into in my spare time is Draft Day College Basketball 2020. A twitter friend suggested it to me and I love it. Basically what it is is a simulation game, if you enjoyed recruiting in the old ncaa basketball games you will enjoy it here. You are basically the HC of a program, you can start at a bunch of different levels and as your team has success your coaching abilities improved and you can get better offers. You can start at Amateur/Rookie/Average and 2 other higher levels. What I am currently doing is start at average, you have 5 different coaching grades, including offensive ability, defensive ability, scouting, recruiting, and player development. You also set your potential ability at peak, if you do it custom you can make all 5 of your potential abilities at 100. When you get job offers after finalizing the levels do not take a assistant job, i once tried to toy with it but you can't send out recruiting offers if you are an assistant. Remember this is a simulation game so you do not play games but can coach the games if you'd like (or have AI coach them and simulate it). It's really fun and no this is not in anyway a ad but a suggestion, the game is on https://www.wolverinestudios.com/draft-day-sports-college-basketball-simulation/ for 35$. If you go through with it after you install it go get the mod version which has actually correct team names, logos, and coaches (tho not players). After that for any new association you play you need to click on default file, there will be 5 options, the bottom one will be the best one. Mod Version is here https://www.wolverinestudios.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=319&t=31339&sid=a18f50525b14d5f2ed3ba8feac2b8d5c
  5. Nevada got Grant Sheffield from Wichita State
  6. The Aztecs seem confident he'll be cleared, he'd help defensively at the least, our rim protection is a issue (as is rebounding). He doesn't need to be nathan mensah of old but if he can be like 80% of what he played like this year he'd help. They've made it clear if he's cleared he'll basically backup wetzell and probably get in some lineups with yanni. I'd guess 15-20 MPG. This is of course assuming the tournament actually happens
  7. Unfortunately you will be far off and that will be obvious within a week
  8. They did initially but apparently they reviewed it for a hit to head and they are allowed to overturn the call and did.
  9. This is impressively bad
  10. Utah State would be better off being a 11 than on 8/9 line btw