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  1. If the players were allowed to continue playing and coaching staff knew the coaching staff should definitely be in hot water. That baing said, as of now it’s not public who the 5 scummy people are so its hard to have definite stances here. Who knows if they are even at the school anymore
  2. I can tell you as a city fan that Kane absolutely isn’t going to happen. And i think some of the initial interest to start with was overplayed, he’s lost some pace. Beyond the incredible Haaland move City is very excited about Alvarez’s potential. Top need is in the back and may shoring up 1-2 midfield options mattering on who we sell
  3. Talking about Donovan Williams not Roddy
  4. Nba isn’t the only option. Just because you declare for the draft doesn’t mean you expect to be drafted, he will have g league/overseas opportunities and some prefer that over college.
  5. Coaches won’t admit it but a lot of these transfers aren’t on the player, they are getting forced out for recruiting/having scholarships to keep extra covid year seniors
  6. If mensah/arop comeback (which seem likely) and we land another guard to shoot i like our chances. Boise definitely surprised me this year. All of BSU/CSU/SDSU/Wyoming have cases. Ignoring SDSU as i will admit I am a homer I’d go in this order for other 3: CSU (If roddy comes back) BSU (with shavers) Wyoming (poor spacing worries me heavily)
  7. Ethan shot 32% from 3 and only shoots it when wide open, max under 30% and same deal. I think kyman can shoot some if he gets confidence back tho
  8. I am a bit worried about Wyoming’s spacing going into next year. With Ike, Maldo (assuming he’s back), Ethan, Max you have 4 non threats from 3 that figure to be in rotation. I know maldo took some threes last year but he will keep being ignored till he gets his % up
  9. Not a big ethan fan, he can't shoot a lick and doesn't have the size like a Maldo to make up for it. Can pass and defend some tho. Imo Max would be the get of the 3, he's also not a good shooter but is a good cutter and finisher, also a very good wing defender. Kyman is a bit one dimensional but can really shoot, he'd provide some depth and shooting
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