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  1. Jans would be a very good hire, funny enough he's the exact opposite of Musselman when it comes to bench usage
  2. Nah, UCLA never showed serious interest in Muss, I guess they were worried about his off court stuff
  3. Cole is going to north carolina
  4. There was a lot of delusion about this coaching search. Adequate hire that has a shot, better than Menzies. Let’s see how it works out
  5. Hoiberg would be a really strong hire for UNLV. Seems he wants to stay in the NBA but he'll only get assistant offers there, definitely will be highly pursued by high profile schools in offseason
  6. Calling Akot there defensive stopper is a huge stretch. He had 4 steals and 2 blocks on the season. He also shot 44% from 2, under 30% from three, and under 50% from the line. He was really bad.
  7. Akot was really bad at arizona, maybe the year off will help improve him
  8. I expect it to finish: Nevada USU Fresno St SDSU Boise State UNLV for the top 6
  9. So uh, Nevada is very good but is not deep at all still
  10. This is actually a misconception (though I too thought it earlier), one part of the formula doesn't get bonus points for winning by more than 10, but another part that centers around the efficiency of how you play on a per possession basis does make every possession matter.