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  1. Awful news, was so fun to watch at Hawaii. Just 37, RIP.
  2. Aztecs finally get a sweep and win 15-0, the wild thing about the offense is they aren’t even hitting many homers.
  3. I think Tariq Thompson goes somewhere in 5th round on and Darren hall is a tossup
  4. We need to keep in mind that school pro days have notoriously beneficial times lol
  5. SDSU has amazingly now won all 6 of their series's without 1 sweep. 2-1 in 5 and 3-1 in 1. That's good but you have to be better to get a at large bid in this conference
  6. I know it’s terrible competition but still excited for tomorrow
  7. Top athletes generally play multiple sports as a kid.
  8. This is currently happening. None of our top young talent is in mls.
  9. I agree we need a legitimate striker, but we also have midfield/wing creativity we have lacked for many years. It’ll make the job much easier for the striker than the past Jozy cups where he had to try to create from holdup positions by himself.
  10. I mean what do you mean no chance? No chance at getting a medal? Of course, we still aren’t close to the top countries like Germany/Spain not remotely. Can we have a fun good finish like in final 16 or maybe even final 8 with some luck? Yes, very much in play. 2026 is so far off but that’s really the world cup that has ton of potential for USMNT, of course need the young talent to develop and keep improving which has been an issue in the past.
  11. Ok. Crazy. Zero chance to calipari is gone, and even if he would go Joe wouldn’t be near top of the list.
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