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  1. Tier 1: 1. Fresno-Looks like the clear favorite at this point. Only loss is a close game to a team with a real playoff shot. Blew out their 2 cupcakes, and have the best win in the conference. Offense is terrific Tier 2: 2. SJSU-I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt based on last year, the offense has been disappointing. But even if ugly winning at Hawaii is never easy. 3. SDSU-Been a weird year, defense has had 2 dreadful halfs but other than that extremely dominant. The questions are the same as always. 4. Boise-Still a good team but those 2 losses are tough even w
  2. Holy shit, what a game. MWC 2-0 vs pac 12 this week
  3. Announcer just said Haener is going to the end zone on a ball 15 yards short of the end zone
  4. At least they have another shot
  5. Need to blitz and take a risk
  6. Wish they’d run it up, need QB to get more chances to make plays. Instead they are just running it on every play
  7. Wow an actual accurate deep ball
  8. Only took them 4 years to use their uber talented TE. Wild
  9. Well this is certainly better than the NMSU start
  10. Gonzaga has depth Few just goes along with the Musselman school of thought to not go deep into their rotation in big games. Strawther would start in a ton of high major places
  11. Awful news, was so fun to watch at Hawaii. Just 37, RIP.
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