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  1. It’s a good sign but means next to nothing on keeping him long term. Just makes him a bit more pricy for other schools
  2. Put this together it’s the kenpom ranking from now compared to preseason, shows which direction teams are trending towards. Keep in mind that for some time kenpom has a preseason weight to rankings. Usually goes away between game 12-16 but because of all the cancellations will probably take more this year. Link here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QoY3d8shcQyODbHTc1n5tBdHlIdT2d0usE9OYgeson4/edit MWC ranks: 22 Boise State 3.47 26 San Diego State 3.28 94 Colorado State 1.27 107 Wyoming 1.04 147 New Mexico .22 237 Nevada -.84 290 Air Force -
  3. Not reading the thread as I'm sure it's full of the typical useless drivell between SDSU and BYU fans and a tiny bit of real analysis mixed in. Anyways, I think this loss could be good in long run for SDSU, they've gotten off to bad starts for most of the season, they need to realize that you just can't count on coming back each time. I admittedly didn't watch the game as I was at work, but looking at the stats BYU's size effected our finishing ability (SDSU went a terrible 12-42 from 2. Mitchell and maybe Mensah were only ones that had good games, Schakel shot 1-9 from the floor, that's not g
  4. I agree, the class is definitely better than rocky recruited, but we will see if hoke and the coaching staff can develop the pieces like Rocky did, particularly on defensive side of the ball
  5. They are paying Sumlin more than 3 times what he is currently making. Now Sumlin at the time was a decent name that some liked but they could quite easily more than double his current pay.
  6. Definitely not Gonzaga or really even that close to that but Dutcher is in the process of building something Fisher honestly couldn’t so I don’t think the 20 year history means much. Love fisher but he had his flaws.
  7. This team is very good. Even when it was close I felt the run was coming when the team would just relax, were getting way better shots than ASU throughout
  8. He’s a career 32.9 three point shooter. Though would probably be better if he’d not take so many 27 footers
  9. This wasn't the point of the thread I know and there are way more important things going on. But I'm still shocked that Stacie Terry is the head coach and even just got a extension. She's 40+ games under 500 in 7 years with 0 winning seasons, and she took over what was being built into a good program by Beth Burns. Shows how little administration cares for the sport.
  10. SDSU had a outlier poor shooting game from 3 (2-19, this is a good shooting team) and still won which is a good sign. They still have some stuff that needs to be cleaned up for sure but the shooting I'm not worried about, we do very much miss Malachi's playmaking/passing ability.
  11. I would like to put something together like Mutang does for CFB but for mens MWC Basketball and only for conference games, but I don't know how to set it up, anyone smart enough have any tips or willing to do it? Think it would be fun
  12. Too little too late, even if byu wins out in convincing fashion, they need too get way too much help. At least 2 SEC teams will be ranked over them, one of Clemson/ND is getting in at least. Ohio State would have to lose 2 more times, Cincy would need to lose again along with other sec teams losses. That being said I must admit I didn't expect this season from BYU and they are legitimately really good, don't think they are a top 4 team but do deserve to be in top 10. Coastal Carolina isn't a pushover tho.
  13. The WCC has been better than MWC for a couple years now, this is the third straight year it's better per kenpom, though last year it was close.
  14. Jenkins will shoot well, just today he's off. It happens. He's going to be a pretty big negative when not making shots tho
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