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  1. The offense was honestly ok, the issues were the turnovers+0 offensive rebounds, must be a loooong time since SDSU went a game with 0 offensive rebounds. Guard play definitely a weakness tho and offense far from good. USU smartly cut us to death and took advantage of that
  2. I figured they would lose this, makes the Boise result even more disappointing. But playing three games in 5 days at severe altitude for a sea level team is a huge factor. Could tell they didn’t have their rest and were very fatigued from get go. USU had a good game plan and cut us to death. You can call this an “excuse” but it is absolutely the reality. Luckily the CSU game comes after what should be a easy home game and with three full days off in between the games.
  3. It makes a huge difference. There is a very different intensity/effort level in CBB than AAU games
  4. Davante is on his way to being a lock if he stays healthy
  5. Tier 1: Boise Tier 2: Wyoming CSU SDSU Tier 3 Fresno Tier 4: Nevada Utah State UNLV Tier 5: AFA Tier 6: UNM SJSU
  6. Got to think sdsu will be angry, but 10.5 is a lot of points to give for a offensively challenged team
  7. I was definitely extremely wrong on Allen as a draft prospect but I do wonder how he statistically speaking was merely solid and not dominant in college, similar thing with Herbert. Allen actually struggled bad eith efficiency his first couple of years in NFL but has made huge strides, got to think Daboll gets a HCing job.
  8. I think AFA covers but unlv wins. The other game is harder to predict but I’ll say utah state bounces back
  9. Is there a reason why Colorado State was playing in Boise State jerseys
  10. This is a mixture of how good I think the teams are and how well they’ve played. Tier 1: 1. SDSU- handed CSU their only loss in very impressive fashion. 2. CSU- Turned around from SDSU game beating a decent USU team at home amd thrashing a terrible SJSU. 3. Wyoming- By far the most impressive road win in conference play Tier 2: 4. Boise has taken care of 2 bottom half teams on road, and 1 good team at home. I still think they are a bit behind the top 3 given their shooting and they aren’t as good as SDSU defensively Tier 3: 5. Fresno Stats-Orlando Robinson
  11. Wonder the last time all 4 mwc game s were won by the road team
  12. You need to treat candidates on a individual level. All types can fail and all types can succeed.
  13. Judging by the boise reactions in here i thought the game was close, checked and it is a 15 point game lol
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