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  1. Black voters are not supporting Booker or Harris.
  2. I thought she said that she supported impeachment after the transcript came out?
  3. They're all corporate shills except for Yang, Gabbard and Sanders. Pete's probably the most egregious example though.
  4. He's doing a little better than he had been.. http://emersonpolling.com/2019/09/24/warren-surges-biden-slips-and-sanders-steadies-three-way-dead-heat-for-the-nomination/?fbclid=IwAR3SCmg3cJl9gaA_nm7h58BxwVmshUQ5jRiTH4xpAA9K3qt8CXO0pWvISlo
  5. Wisconsin and Oklahoma were pretty good the years we lost to them. The rest (USC, Auburn, WF, MSU, Texas A&M) fit into the middling category when we choked against them. Pretty frustrating either way.
  6. Oh yeah haha sorry... somehow thought I'd read something recently about him running again but can't find it.
  7. This could be an interesting, productive discussion. What would the mental health reform you're talking about look like? All I know is that Trump's budget cut SAMHSA (mental health treatment programs) by $600 million and that Republicans have fought the ACA's medicaid expansion provisions which expanded access to mental health services to poor people.
  8. A lot of people get radicalized online these days. Anecdotal, but the most racist people I know became that way in their adult years.
  9. I enjoy reading both of their posts, but I don't understand jack's feud with lofazzs, whom I consider to be one of the most underrated posters on here.
  10. I take that as a compliment. We've come to take Utah/BYU's place.
  11. Thanks for the comments, hopefully Hawaii can turn things around next year. Utah was probably the best team when we played them but at this point it has to be BYU or USC.