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  1. He was exactly what I imagined. Hence my purported TDS. I tried not to post about it too much, and stayed off here for much of last year, but for four years I woke up every day in disbelief and disgust that he was the President.
  2. I as a rule don’t read books from former WH staff of any Administration, but I think I’ll make an exception with Cipallone.
  3. Could be. Too many Trumpers still in place for the USFWS to be able to push through an emergency listing under the Endangered Species Act. Tragic...
  4. I think the Republicans will dodge the whole issue of Trump’s guilt by saying that the provisions for impeachment refer to removal from office. They will argue he’s no longer in office so it is not applicable. That way they can vote to acquit without ever addressing the issue of his guilt or innocence.
  5. Trump issued an unprecedented number of EOs. Anyone with a brain knows that Biden will reverse many of them. If that’s a deflection, so be it.
  6. I guess I just missed all your post objecting to Trump EOs.
  7. Meh. Trump loosened the rules and screwed the country out of even more mineral lease revenue in his final days. https://trib.com/business/energy/oil-and-gas-rule-change-finalized-in-last-days-of-trump-administration/article_1fc1a5eb-a56a-5aa9-8b8b-37000c0769b4.html Once Biden gets around to reversing Trump EOs gutting environmental reviews you’ll really squirm. And lol re dictatorial rule. Trump issues more EOs in a 4-year term than any other President.
  8. All he’s doing is reversing a Trump EO. Anyone with a brain knew this was coming, and he was elected.
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