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  1. There were no SDSU fans allowed really. UCSD only sold tix to the game as part of 3-game packages. It was a dumb game to schedule.
  2. I don’t think Newsom’s perfect for California. He’s an elitist product of the northern California Democratic machine. He comes off way too slick for my liking, and I think my view is shared by a lot of other Democrats, particularly in the southern portion of the state. But given the mess that is the GOP in CA, he’s never been under any threat whatsoever.
  3. Well I admit I thought it was bad juju at the time.
  4. I’m sure Hannity kept the playing field nice and level. Seriously Bob, I didn’t watch but I’m sure someone’s impression of what went on depends on your preconceptions. As I’m sure you know, your views are extreme. Slate, a rather liberal publication, has this headline: “Fox News Helped Ron DeSantis As Much As It Could in His Debate With Gavin Newsom. It Wasn’t Enough.”
  5. I wouldn’t watch anything moderated by Hannity, but I did look at a brief summary on-line. Newsom got in a good line: “Neither of us will be the nominee for our party in 2024.”
  6. Lol. I don’t waste my time searching other boards for pissing matches.
  7. It was horrible. Aztecs were up 42-17 midway through the 3rd quarter. The Chicken started dragging around a Detmer dummy with a rope around its neck. It was all downhill from there.
  8. Well, a blind unicorn steps in a rainbow turd every now and then.
  9. IMO his legacy is a little more nuanced than the extremes being expressed here. No doubt he was one of the architects of a military intervention in Indo-China that was a massive failure (we’ve had a few of those if you recall). But his primary lifelong focus was the prevention of a nuclear exchange between the superpowers. In that, thankfully, he was successful. He helped keep the Cold War cold. His 1957 book Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy is a fascinating (if at the same time somewhat horrifying) read. There would have been no SALT treaty without him.
  10. Don’t really understand how these ratings work given that SDSU’s SOS is #3 and CSU is #57. Nevada’s SOS is #31.
  11. Global elites coming out against Trump? I’m sure the Deplorables will take note. This is one instance, though, where I would prefer Contard be correct.
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