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  1. I can’t think of an Aztec fan on here that hasn’t said the same thing.
  2. You must not have watched it. It was a win, but not a good one. Until the OT it was the most inept QB display I’ve ever seen.
  3. The offensive pass interference call could have went the other way too. The DB was holding the receivers jersey prior to having his arm grabbed. I honestly think it pretty much balanced out.
  4. His main problem at both schools is that he tends to immediately get injured. He started a game last year, was injured in the first half, and that was pretty much all she wrote.
  5. SD Unified is the 2nd largest school district in CA. It has its own police force too.
  6. Sure, there’s a record of any shot, but in CA there is a specific database for the Covid shot. Yeah, it’s because of tyranny and stuff
  7. In Kalifornia that state keeps a record. But you need your freedom…
  8. Three teams qualify automatically. The fourth place team has a playoff. I can’t recall which region it’s against. It used to be Oceania. Skill-wise this team is very good. Maybe as good in terms of overall team skill as we’ve ever had. The biggest problem is that they’re all very young - all at the same time. Americans tend to be tactically naive at the best of times, and that youth makes it worse. Costa Rica has a World Cup pedigree as good as ours, but they have the opposite problem - all old at the same time. I think we’ll definitely qualify in 2022. But 2026 is when we can b
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