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  1. Old_SD_Dude

    Problems at Covington High

    I didn't phrase it well.
  2. Old_SD_Dude

    Problems at Covington High

    I wasn't implying the photo was from a few days ago, although it as on their website until a few days ago.
  3. Old_SD_Dude

    Problems at Covington High

    Obviously there has been a lot of controversy and blame thrown around about the MAGA boys controversy. The media has taken the lion's share of the heat although it has presented a window to deeper problems. Be all that as it may, there are problems at that high school. I saw this photo taken at a Covington H.S. basketball game the other day. I waited until it had been fact-checked before I posted. There are videos in the fact check. Here is the fact check: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/covington-catholic-black-paint/
  4. Old_SD_Dude

    Twitter could be the death of Western Democracy

    IMO the statement that “What Twitter shows us is a real-time ultrasound of the souls of America's cultural and intellectual elite“ is a convenient and drastic oversimplification. The tweet that started the whole MAGA boy controversy originated from a troll in Brazil posing as a California schoolteacher.
  5. My money is on a Hispanic person.
  6. Old_SD_Dude

    Bad week for the media

    Brooks is on staff. He’s an old-fashioned Republican.
  7. Old_SD_Dude

    Bad week for the media

    I didn’t look at those...
  8. Old_SD_Dude

    Bad week for the media

    Very thoughtful and even-handed opinion piece on the Covington students/Indian elder episode. We should all read it IMO. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/21/opinion/covington-march-for-life.html
  9. Old_SD_Dude

    Bad week for the media

    People have probably seen this, but it turns out the original posting of the elder and the school kids was from a Brazilian Twitter account, since suspended, that was posing as a teacher from California with a fake profile picture. Apparently the account averages 140 posts a day and typically featured controversial posts with inconsistent political slants. Brazilian troll farm!
  10. Old_SD_Dude

    Bad week for the media

    I frankly don’t think there are any good guys in this thing.
  11. Coast Guard. They’re not being paid.
  12. Maybe he’s thinking of the wall at the Alamo. You know, history and stuff...
  13. Coulter and Limbaugh won’t even accept a 3-year amnesty. It really doesn’t matter what Trump offers.
  14. The late December authorization did not have a wall. It passed the Senate unanimously and had overwhelming support in the new House.