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  1. Agree with this completely. Without Mensah I think the Sweet 16 is our ceiling.
  2. Aztecs now lead the historic series between the two schools after winning 31 of the last 41 games. I can’t imagine many schools can say that.
  3. Exactly. Scumbag Raider fans from all over California will be in Vegas for every home game. They really will need holding cells like Philly.
  4. I do t think he’d go there as a backup. It’s not like he needs the money. Being with his kids (he’s got 6 or so) is a big deal to him. He never moved to LA. He had himself shuttled back and forth in a van each day.
  5. Are the holding cells at ground level or in a basement?
  6. I think Rivers is done. He never moved to LA from SD, and now he's moving to the Florida Panhandle to be close to Ma & Pa in Alabama.
  7. I think it’s very doubtful he returns this year. It’s a serious issue. Usually they want no contact for a minimum of three months. It can be career ending.
  8. I think there’s a real possibility that the Aztecs go undefeated or into the tournament with only one loss. I’m much less optimistic about getting beyond the Sweet 16, though, without Nathan Mensah. Since he’s been out we’ve been out rebounded 5 out of 7 games. Big drop off in bench production with Mitchell starting. Bench scoring went from 25.2 down to 9.3. Opponent bench scoring remained steady at 18. None of our bench players now have a +/- better than zero. These weaknesses are masked by the generally low level of the conference this year, but they’ll be apparent in March.
  9. If it was the MWC of 9 or 10 years ago, I would agree with you. But now, it would be pretty devastating to their ranking IMO.
  10. Not necessarily disagreeing with your conclusion, but Creighton and Utah were neutral and it was @ USU.
  11. Joel played a bit against Nevada and picked up two quick fouls, one flagrant. It was a shame because it was completely unintentional. Anyway, not having Nathan (I don’t think he’ll be back this year) is definitely going to hurt the team in March.
  12. USC and UCLA will fight it to the death.
  13. So you’re saying it will take a miracle to win?