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  1. Yeah they’re much better than usual.
  2. Beat you 2 out of 3 the last two years. What does that say about your team?
  3. I don’t have the stats in front of me but as I recall they’ve shot better from the line this season than they have in many years.
  4. Hard to see the university paying the $$ for a really good coach. Also hard to see a really good coach taking the job (or any other MWC job).
  5. Very misleading article. Completely ignores the larger components of a 600-page bill. There are localities that have proposed allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections, but this bill does nothing to change the fact that non-citizens cannot vote in elections. The primary focus of the bill is easing voter registration and discouraging gerrymandering. In addition, it provides funding for DHS to become involved in ballot and election security.
  6. I assume you’re right. I only watch BBC & PBS. I used to see quite a bit of Fox coverage on Jon Stuart. I read about Hannity.
  7. Hannity works for the White House while he actually is at Faux.
  8. No. He delayed the imposition of additional tariffs.
  9. Our trade deficit with China specifically is larger than it has ever been.
  10. Trump building at 666 5th Ave in NY.
  11. If you actually read the article you idiot, you would find that most of the sexual violence described occurred on this side of the border, and some of it was committed by Customs and Border Protection staff.