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  1. That’s why water engineers say “the secret to pollution is dilution.”
  2. She still has a pending civil suit against the players.
  3. A complicating factor is that this really isn’t the government’s problem to fix (other than law enforcement of course). It’s up to the myriad of licensed utilities providing us power to protect their infrastructure.
  4. Sure. Berbers and Arabs (two separate ethnic groups BTW) from Morocco occupied southern portions of Spain (and Portugal) for several centuries. There unquestionably is genetic evidence of that occupation. But there is a lot more to ethnicity than some shared DNA, although Putin probably shares your view.
  5. As Man Utd found out, they’re better without him now. His replacement has a hat trick and an assist.
  6. We didn't play against attackers like that in the first three either though. For whatever reason England chose not to push forward hard and Kane has been off all tournament. The English press claimed Southgate was playing for a draw all along.
  7. I do agree with you there. They played a ton of minutes. And with Van Gaal using a 3-5-2 the Dutch wingbacks were able to exert a ton of pressure on them. The thing I don't think you can blame on Berhalter though were the naive goals we gave up. The first two were just a case of poor marking, and on the third no marking at all. When a team is on a fast break like the Dutch were you of course have players attacking each post but the defense also has to be ready for a cut back pass to someone around the penalty spot. We fell for it twice. The third goal was youth league bad. Despite the difficulties of the Klinsmann period I'd like to see us hire a foreign coach.
  8. Particularly given the fact that the gas tax at the federal level hasn’t been raised in ages and cars are becoming ever more efficient.
  9. Good summary of where the USMNT stands going forward. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10057519-5-takeaways-from-the-usmnts-run-at-the-2022-world-cup
  10. They do actually. I saw a bit today on PBS following people through the voting process. It was taking them 2 hours altogether between the lines and the actual process. There’s no good reason for there to be so few days. I’m not saying it’s Jim Crow, but it is certainly a conscious effort to increase the difficulty of voting.
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