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  1. Hendrix Stevie Ray Vaughan Mick Taylor Jimmy Page David Gilmour Billy Zoom (X) Johnny Marrs Pete Townshend Billy Gibbons Robbie Krieger My favorite bassist is Peter Hook of Joy Division/New Order
  2. Next thing you know we’ll be pardoning war criminals.
  3. Now that I’m semi-retired I watch my two granddaughters a lot. They’re almost 3. Steady diet of Peppa Pig and Daniel Tiger.
  4. It only proves my point IMO.
  5. So ban guns along with abortions then?
  6. Sure there could be lots of reasons, but regardless, the state of Alabama apparently doesn't prioritize fetuses until their Mother elects to abort one. Never fear, though, when it comes to Child Poverty rates the state skyrockets from last to 45th.
  7. But when it comes to statistics, Pro-Lifers don't acknowledge how small the percentage of late-stage abortions is despite the fact that it looms large in these discussions.
  8. Does anyone else see the irony in the fact that Alabama ranks last among all the states in infant mortality rate?
  9. Can you fit the plates in dress shorts?
  10. I echo Mug. Nothing to discuss really. Dude has always been looney tunes. But such people are welcome in this batshit crazy Administration. He is to diplomacy what Navarro is to economic policy, what Miller is to immigration policy, what Sanders is to the truth, and what Kirshner is to whatever the f**k it is he does. Best people indeed.