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  1. Old_SD_Dude

    Putin-Trump Meeting

  2. Old_SD_Dude

    Putin-Trump Meeting

    Watching highlights of the Helsinki spiel on PBS. At one point Nacho Duce says that “relations between our countries are the worst they’ve ever been.” Seriously? Is that boob really that oblivious?
  3. On NPR tonight they said that this investigation was initiated by the National Security Division prior to Mueller’s appointment.
  4. Old_SD_Dude

    Putin-Trump Meeting

    You forgot Contard.
  5. Old_SD_Dude

    Putin-Trump Meeting

  6. Old_SD_Dude

    Is MWCBoard ready to jump the shark?

    You mean you don’t like “All Thomas All the Time”?
  7. Old_SD_Dude

    Putin-Trump Meeting

    We're all making a mistake paying attention to what he says. He's trolling us. We need to pay attention to what he does! And remember, Oceania is our friend. Oceania has always been our friend!
  8. Old_SD_Dude

    Putin-Trump Meeting

    Actually he completely conflated the two issues into one.
  9. Old_SD_Dude

    Putin-Trump Meeting

    Actually, Putin kept Nacho Duce waiting for an hour.
  10. Old_SD_Dude

    What a gracious host the Queen was to DJT

    Queen had to take one for the team. Everyone else in the family refused to meet with Nacho Duce. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/royal-family-snub-trump-5kwvt5h5b
  11. Old_SD_Dude

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    Yes it’s a shame how the Bundeswehr has declined.
  12. Old_SD_Dude

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    The Russkis can wage effective cyber attacks, and they have improved the capabilities of a small volunteer portion of their land forces, but the capabilities of their troops and equipment have always been way overblown.
  13. Old_SD_Dude

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    I agree with you about the better option. I hate Trump, and the GOP IMO are a bunch of spineless syncophants who are no better at controlling spending. But despite being liberal I’m pretty disgusted with the Dems as well. Simply running against Trump is not a winning strategy.
  14. Old_SD_Dude

    2018 World Cup

    Glad to see Pogba get the winner.