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  1. You mean the ones that show only 35% supporting a recall? No way it will succeed. It’s pretty much a partisan issue, with the majority of independents opposed to the recall. It will not succeed.
  2. And people people in big blue states can only deduct part of it.
  3. Well, the Bobs benefit when the unemployed pay their rent.
  4. If you read about the situation in Mexico you woud find that the only covid deaths that are counted are people that die in hospitals. Covid deaths in Mexico have been massively undercounted all along.
  5. That makes little sense, unless GOP Congressmen can’t read polls. Maybe that’s so given how they kiss his orange ass.
  6. True. But he wouldn’t realize it and the next play, and the play after that, was another 3 yards and a cloud of dust.
  7. Never thought about it like that but you’re right. It’s a lot different now.
  8. All Cal State Universities and UCs will require a vaccination to attend or work in the fall.
  9. You missed the part where he was "board" one day and almost gets a neighbor kid shot by the Keystone KS cops.
  10. I’ve only spent a few days in Reno a couple times but I liked it there. I liked the setting as well. I did some work on the Pyramid Lake Reservation.
  11. I worked on a project on the west side of KC Kansas and I don't remember much once you got past the stock car track. Missouri side I liked better. It was about 25 years ago though. I'd never live in Vegas. Really don't like it.
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