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  1. Aztecs win 73-58. Really good win.
  2. Yeah the TV guys had the replay frozen to show that basket was good after about ten seconds. Refs took 3 minutes and got it wrong. Aztecs playing really good D.
  3. Aztecs playing pretty good D. Spotty on offense.
  4. Well duh. He’s interfering with his employer’s right to exercise their religion.
  5. Doh! Turns out I was using alternative facts. I apologize to all. You guys got me thinking and I went back and checked. It was 50. Nevertheless, I remember back in the early 90’s when it was more than a murder every other day.
  6. San Diego got up to 193. It was bad. By comparison last year it was 15. You’ll never see me criticizing someone from either party that participated in the Crime Bill.
  7. Based on what’s been in recent articles, I expect the deductions will be scrutinized. A lot of them sounded pretty bogus.
  8. I like the existing idiot picture. Make Rudy his own category. If somebody says something totally bonkers you can give them a Rudy.
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