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  1. Which is why GOP legislatures are passing laws to make it more difficult. God forbid people vote.
  2. The difference is in this case the claims of the women are being taken seriously and he'll be gone very soon. He's already gone but he doesn't know it.
  3. I can’t see him even getting there. Overseas maybe.
  4. Although ugly, I think it was one of the Aztec’s best team performances this season. Mitchell was ice cold and Shakel was a non-factor until the last few minutes. The refs certainly heard @Broncos4Everabout not calling enough fouls on the Aztecs.
  5. He has spoke openly of his lifelong struggle with a speech impediment and the steps he takes when he gets stuck on a word. But considering the extremes your dear leader went to with mocking disabilities, I realize you’re exercising restraint. To me it doesn’t sound dubbed, it sounds spliced. I’m not sure how you would know any better than me. And given where you probably got it from, I’d bet on my interpretation.
  6. The report also concluded that, unless obscured by clouds, the sky is blue.
  7. So are you saying there’s a conspiracy among the refs to not call fouls on the Aztecs? They consistently have more free throws in a game by a large margin so that’s what it would take.
  8. I was surprised by the rebounding edge. Not by the FTs though. Aztecs never foul much. Strange game.
  9. No we were there in the summer so wanted to avoid the far south.
  10. Beautiful historic cities. Inexpensive. Nice weather (pretty much like SD while we were there) Fantastic roadways. Friendly people. My wife is fluent so that helped.
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