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  1. Last season he went on the injured list several times as a result of his shoulder popping out of its socket. It happened several times when he was diving for balls or sliding headfirst and once from just swinging a bat. It needs surgery (which he won’t acknowledge) or it will keep happening. That means missing the better part of another season.
  2. I read tonight that because of his injuries Tatis has been available for exactly half (276 out of 552) of the game the Pads have played since he made the major league roster. And everyone other than him knows that he needs shoulder surgery.
  3. If you truly believe this you're even dumber than I thought. And that's pretty dumb. P.S. How about today? Does invoking the 5th Amendment hundreds of times constitute cooperation?
  4. He came through tonight. Walkoff 3-run homer after Hader gave up 3 runs in the top of the 9th. But yeah, Dodgers own the Pads.
  5. I agree with California ranked #1, but I would have put Utah at #2.
  6. He mainly talked about his relationship with the Dodgers (i.e., O’Malley family) and Vin Scully.
  7. Gonsolin is 13-1 and Anderson is 12-1. During tonight’s game they said it’s the first time a team has had two 12-1 pitchers since 1884. Seems pretty dominant to me.
  8. In case you haven’t noticed, lots of people nowadays don’t get vaccinations and don’t vaccinate their children.
  9. Never been a big Aaronson fan, but he did well just now in his debut for Leeds Utd. He was first credited with the winning goal; it was changed to an OG but he did very well and was subbed out at 88’ to an ovation.
  10. Seems very far-fetched. Logistics have not been a strong suit of the Russians throughout this war. The movement and supply of these troops would be a tremendous logistical challenge and I’m sure support elements in the North Korean forces are also very poor. Once in theatre, the North Korean troops would need be deployed as battalions (or Battalion Tactical Groups [BTGs] in the current parlance). Given the well-documented weaknesses in the Russian army within the junior officer corps, and the obvious language problems, it’s hard to imagine just how direction would be provided to the Korean troops. I’m not sure such a deployment would add any combat power or really be of any constructive use at all. There’s no mention of this development on the best web-site for following the war: https://www.understandingwar.org.
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