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  1. “San Diego City Council has unanimously approved sale of Mission Valley land to @SDSU. Two more votes to come in June for final approval. Escrow expected to close in late July. School officials hope to break ground in August on new @SDSUFootball stadium targeted for 2022 season.” - Kirk Kenny San Diego Union Tribune
  2. Hey guys I passed a Dyatlov Pass article that was on the BBC to thelawlorfaithful. He suggested I let folks know I’m fine. Things are good with me. Been pretty much in self-isolation since the order came down in CA. I’ve found that my mental health is best maintained through exercise, yoga, minimal news, and staying away from a few of the wing nuts on here. Fortunately my retirement allows this. Anyway, see you on the other side.
  3. Just logged on here for the first time in about a month. I only read the first couple pages. Some of the early posts didn't age well.
  4. It helps that they test more people in a day than we’ve tested in total.
  5. UCSD is shifting to on-line for the duration of the quarter. SDSU has told the faculty to prepare for switching to on-line for the rest of the semester. I spoke with an administrator this evening and they felt the switch was imminent. SD County Public Health Dept. just announced its first positive test.
  6. I wouldn’t call what Trump puts on campaign rallies. More like cult harrumph sessions.
  7. I have never seen someone troll themselves this well. Of course the average Trumper is too stupid to understand the symbolism as well.
  8. The position had been vacant for some time.
  9. Italy had 133 deaths in one day yesterday. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-51793619
  10. And he never touches his face with his little ✋🤚.
  11. Where was this? How does this doctor know it’s leveling off given our woefully low testing?