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  1. I took photos of discarded masks laying on the ground up until recently. I stopped when I got to a thousand.
  2. He was a great one. I used to go to his matches as a kid. Santo was more popular in 🇲🇽 but Mil was my guy.
  3. I started masking up indoors again about 10 days ago. I never thought it was a big deal.
  4. I actually used to think he had a potential future as the type of moderate Republican California used to produce. Early in Trump’s reign he made a real effort to distance himself from Nacho Duce. But leading up to the 2020 election he went full Trumptard. He’s done. His city real estate scandals haven’t aged well.
  5. They'd definitely get beat in the election.
  6. The few guys I saw that weren't had absolutely no campaign apparatus.
  7. Ballots already set. The Dems stayed in their ranks and no one put their name in.
  8. No. If Newsom gets 45% he's gone and some Republican with like 4% of the overall vote is governor.
  9. Well you'll actually get whatever GOP dumbass gets the most votes.
  10. That's not the way it works, Joe. If a majority votes for recall, he's out. Whatever GOP dumbass gets the most votes is in regardless of them having received the votes of only a tiny sliver of the state's electorate. This is by far the best way (probably the only way) for the GOP to take over the governorship.
  11. Yeah as Lawlor pointed out to me when we discussed it, if Werner Herzog tells you not to listen to something, don’t.
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