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  1. Turd of the year for the Rams, no way this is even a debate
  2. I'll tell my "Bigfoot" story. Sorry it's long. About 25 years ago, when I was 11, I went with my friend to visit his family in rural Colorado, somewhere in the Rampart Range off Highway 67, SW of Sedalia. Most of the family left and it was just us two and his grandparents (in there 70's) one night. They had lived there for decades and only had two neighbors on a long dirt road. We were sleeping in sleeping bags on the living room floor when we were awoken by a large animal scream that sounded like it was right outside the window. It started as a deep low growl (like a very large dog but deeper and louder) that turned into what I can only compare to as a woman screaming bloody murder. Each vocalisation was about 5 seconds long, in maybe 1 minute intervals. It lasted for what felt like 2 hours but was probably closer to 30-45 minutes. They would be close, then seemingly farther away, only to sound like it was right outside the window again. I can't be sure how exactly close this thing was though. I have never felt so terrified in my life and just lay in silence praying it would go away. After it seemed to stop, I rolled over and shook my friend to see if he was awake and heard it too. He was wide-eyed, shaking, and had pissed himself. Then the vocalisations started up again, but farther away, lasting another 10 minutes until they faded away and stopped. We both layed awake, not wanting to make a sound, praying for the sun to come up. When the grandparents FINALLY woke up we told them what we heard. They had slept through it but I'll never forget the look on their faces. They were serious and concerned, didn't even try to chalk it up to a cat or any other animal. Grandpa scolded my friend for not waking him up and told us they had heard it before, went on the porch to investigate with a flashlight but didn't see anything. They were absolute in the fact they didn't know what it was but knew it wasn't a cat, bear, or any other large animal they had seen and heard over the years. Their concern on their faces sticks with me just as much as the sound does all these years later. When I got back to Boise, I scoured the early internet to investigate what we heard and eventually came across bigfoot accounts with similar vocalisations. I even found a recording that sounded nearly identical. I have since been trying to find that recording to no avail. Of course, young me was convinced we had heard a sasquatch and I became obsessed in reading accounts, watching whatever video I could find, etc. Recently I was reading an account in a YouTube comment that described the same thing I heard, and someone below posted a blog about an investigation into the "Colorado Howler" by Stan Courtney. This is a recording of his. It's not exactly what we heard, but similar in vocal pattern - low to high. This makes me wonder if his recording is maybe of a juvenile and what we heard was fully grown. Anyway here's his recording: http://www.stancourtney.com/sounds/SanJuan09vocalization1.01.wav His whole blog about his field researches is pretty interesting, I'd recommend any "believers" to check it out: http://stancourtney.com/colorado-howl-pt-2/ I've come to recognize that part of me simply wants to believe it's real. I romanticize that there's something out there that is smart, elusive, and perhaps has a deeper knowledge of the natural world than we do or maybe even a spiritual or meta-physical connection that humans simply can't comprehend....yet. I BELIEVE!
  3. Really pulling at strings here, convert. Absolutely hilarious.
  4. Be the change you wish to see in the world. And by that I mean morph from streaming into cable.
  5. Nigeria is going to hit 500 mil before anything like that happens
  6. That's because it's bullshit like every other right wing conspiracy
  7. Lol, what a cuck! No wonder you're so angry at everyone in the world, you're emasculated at home!
  8. Jackmormon, bluerules, Boise fan..... Lots of nostalgia here.
  9. Big brother helped me, shouldn't help you though!
  10. Agreed. It's insane that a bank will gladly write a check to a teenager to go 10's of thousands, sometimes 100's of thousands in debt for a school loan, but if that person wants a mortgage 4 years later, they want $25,000 upfront and proof that you make $5000 a month in steady income for the last 3 years. What a racket. I think forgiveness from this predatory lending is justified but I agree the whole thing needs to be blown up. It's low key indentured servitude.
  11. ISU also plays on turf at home. Bengals by 3.
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