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  1. Boise Mts, Sawtooths, West Mts, Salmon River mts, and North Idaho are doing ok in the 90%'s but southern and eastern Idaho are in the 60's and 70's. Still a lot of time to catch up with a wet spring 🤞
  2. "If it weren't my job I'd done it for free. it was absolutely my pleasure to crush a white nationalist insurrection." https://v.redd.it/19qc2b9f2pb61
  3. Looked this gal up and thought the irony from her post from yesterday is as good as it gets
  4. Daddy Trump's message to his babies: "We love you. You're special." Wow.
  5. You don't stomp around like a little baby if someone disagrees with you, spend hours writing deranged paragraph after paragraph spreading fake news and right wing propaganda, then go into hiding when it turns out you were wrong. Convert deserves the punches he because he's out here swingin constantly.
  6. Stock futures are looking good though lol but go ahead and buy into the fear mongering you've been served up. My portfolio is up 7% today.
  7. Hell yeah man, keep it up! Art and creativity is amazing for mental health
  8. Mine's a Bristol. Inexpensive I think but plays super well. I was given it a while back and still plays great even after a dunk in the MF of the Salmon River this year. Her name is Cutty after "Cutthroat" rapid we both swam.
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