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  1. I'll take Vandy and KState. Back to @4UNLV
  2. Republicans used to be the party of speak softly and carry a big stick. I'm sure Trump supporters on this board still pride themselves from that kind of talk from past REAL men.
  3. Anyone find it ironic of Converts continual bitching about millennials as me-me generation then posts a title like this?
  4. This was a few days ago and had another post. Regardless...Rip Pillsbury Throwboy
  5. ­čśé You make as much sense as a tweet from your God Emperor Trump.
  6. Bet you thought you were going to get some laughs.
  7. Name: Hometown: Boise University and Degree: Colorado Mountain College, Boise State, dirty drop out Occupation: Bartender. I make mean Old Fashioned, just ask @East Coast Aztec Teams: BSU, Cleveland Browns, Portland Timbers, Oakland A's, Men's and Women's National Team soccer, Tottenham Hotspur Interests: Wreaking havoc on Boise bars with @kingpotato, fishing, camping, hiking, road trips in my Woody Wagon, playing music Dislikes: Alt right douchebags, entitled baby-boomers, bad tippers Favorite Activities: see interests? On my playlist: lately... Deerhunter, Broken Social Scene, Phosphorescent, Dr Dog, Cass McCombs, Father John Misty Married/Kids/Pets´╗┐:´╗┐ complicated/no/cat Miscellaneous: Love my 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer named Dr. Leo Marvin
  8. Iowa State is listed as untaken fyi
  9. FSU and Northwestern. @4UNLV back to you
  10. I'm gonna beat your ass in this game, just sayin.