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  1. Lake Tahoe is within 25 miles of Reno right? If not I change my votr to FC.
  2. Probably not but it would make them far and away the best G5. And the WCC would jump at the chance to get BSU and SDSU Oly sports.
  3. Would MW presidents, AD's, and fans really want to give BSU a reason to leave? I guarantee you Aresco is still eyeing BSU, SDSU, and a couple others to get to 16 schools and a true American wide conference, and their presidents would all sacrifice a little in order to achieve their P6 goal. Lord knows he would out smart Hair with negotiations.
  4. Are your snowflake fee-fees hurt? Do you need a safe space?
  5. Pavement, Built to Spill, Modest Mouse, Radiohead, the Pixies, Sonic Youth, Fugazi, Neutral Milk Hotel, Dinosaur Jr, The Flaming Lips, Sunny Day Real Estate
  6. An eligible receiver can't "cover" another on the line: “Under NFL rules, players are numbered for eligibility. Tight ends and wide receivers must be on the end of the line of scrimmage in order to be an eligible pass receiver. If a wide receiver is on the line of scrimmage and a tight end is inside of him, an illegal formation has occurred because another eligible has covered the eligible tight end. The formation would be legal if the wide receiver would drop off of the line of scrimmage so that he is not in a direct line with the tight end.”
  7. Seven players have to be on the line of scrimmage until the ball is snapped and only eligible receivers can be the widest out players on the line.
  8. +++++ that. Already played in one separate but equal bowl.
  9. Definitely BSU letting that embarrassing BYU squad come and almost take one at our house.
  10. Not as bad as Dre's mom and most of SDSU football in their WAC days
  11. Sports app says the game is in a delay?
  12. Good. If you could also start shitposting here on this board again, that'd be great.
  13. This isn't elite level trolling. This isnt even low level. This is a self centered baby. If the Derby stands for "rustles the most jimmies" then give him a spot. But there are real trolls like stunner and dre who have no lives that desereve this coveted title. #maketrollinggreatagain #hugedump