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  1. Who cares. The only thing I could gripe about is another "Christian Family Values®" Republican is a hypocrite asshole, but what the +++++ is new? Same as it ever was
  2. College Football is better when Hawaii is good so I always root for them
  3. That's the lowest rating I've ever seen BSU at in the Rankulator
  4. Average game attendance: NHL 22.4M / 2,624 games played = 8,536 average MLS 9.96M / 986 games played = 10,101 average
  5. Can't help but root for the Tribe from the North here. My dislike for Reno has only grown over the years and my dislike for U of I has waned. Helps to have a lot of alumni friends who have been in the dregs for a decade. Would love to see a spark in them and have some actual football smack talking going on in Boise again. It'd be great for the City.
  6. Dude. You're a young person with the world at your fingers. Traveling, learning, working, and relationships are what you should be nurturing at this time in your life. Instead, you're obsessed with Cable TV and the popularity of a soccer in America. GO OUTSIDE YA WANKER
  7. Road B1G win. Excellent! Go Dogs!
  8. Nice win but SDSU's offense is hard to watch. The Iowa of the MW.
  9. I went golfing with great buddies and finished during golden hour, shooting the lowest score of my life. I'm so bummed I missed the debate!
  10. More accurate representation of the local park fauna. Fierce as hell little bastards too!
  11. Didn't you start a thread about Obama's sexuality and say Michelle Obama has a 14 inch dick?
  12. Signed a strategic partnership with Vietnam too.
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