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  1. ClevelandBrown

    Fresno @ Boise

    Fresno is going to clown us.
  2. ClevelandBrown

    Boise State vs SDSU Game Thread.

  3. ClevelandBrown

    USU vs BYU Friday Night Game

    Undefeated CSU, that's who.
  4. ClevelandBrown

    MLB Playoffs

    You know who looks good in Green and Gold? Everybody! Let's go A's! I +++++ing love this team. Keep the Yanks home!
  5. ClevelandBrown

    Bars in Boise

    It has a lot of Vandal alums so you may be on to something.
  6. ClevelandBrown

    Bars in Boise

    I've worked with and been good friends with the Bartenders their for a while so I know what you mean haha. I also lived on 12th St and Eastman for a couple years, as well as 13th and Ridenbaugh. An easy stumble home!
  7. ClevelandBrown

    Bars in Boise

    Lol. Parilla is my go to. I'm sure we would recognize each other if we met. I would just rather the tourists stay DT and keep the North End for ourselves
  8. ClevelandBrown

    Bars in Boise

    No TV's, great Bloodys.
  9. ClevelandBrown

    Bars in Boise

    I remember your love of TapHouse because you were drinking $3 Sculpins there all day 🤣. It is by far my favorite sports bar in town, one of my favorite restaurants in town. GREAT food and underrated brunch too. And they will have ANY sporting event you want except for Sunday's when TVs are designated. @fanhood, I would second many of the things @KingBronco (WHOOPS, I meant to tag @kingpotato and I can't untag KB on mobile) said as well as @East Coast Aztec and @tailingpermit, @RogueStout and the like. I've got a bit to add, having been a bartender in DT Boise for over 7 years, avid bar scenster, and lifelong Bronco... First piece of advice: eat early. This is an unexpected early afternoon game, so the dynamics are different. Basically every breakfast/brunch spot will be slammed. I would HIGHLY recommend going to Bacon, and going early. They are a counter service establishment, not full service, so the wait for food will be shorter, but it is a bit pricey for Boise standards. Still, the "Berryhill Bacon" is +++++ing delicious. From there, you can compfortably prefunk in DT as bars start opening and slinging booze at 10am. Go see my friend Maximus at Bardenay. If you're cool, he may make you one of his signature "Bloody Maxi's". You definitely want to go check out the 'Tus, aka the Cactus. Cheap and stiff, and one of the most underrated Bloodys in town. Someone mentioned Hyde Park. I wouldn't waste your time unless you were staying more than a few days. It's my neighborhood and to be honest not the best place to watch unless you were a local. After the game... Definitely check out End Zone/Suds/R Bar (the barmuda triangle, as it's known) if you want the college crowd experience. If you want the same younger crowd downtown, go to Graineys, Amsterdam, Hannah's, China Blue, Roddy's... If you want a little more upscale/casual, try Bardenay, Bittercreek, 10 Barrel. If you want rustic and cheap - Pengillys, Cactus, or 10th St Station If you want hip, go to Neurolux, Atlas Bar, Barbarian Brewing, The Modern Hotel, The Mode
  10. ClevelandBrown

    Bars in Boise

    Bardenay does brunch starting at 10 on Saturday and Sunday. It's ok. Shuttle picks you up right in front to the game too, but I recommend just walking to the stadium from DT.
  11. ClevelandBrown

    Rank Em

  12. ClevelandBrown


    That and our defense spread butter all over their arms and bodies.
  13. ClevelandBrown

    Boise was outcoached

    You are the definition of irony.
  14. ClevelandBrown


    Our fanbase has a bunch of spoiled brats. They expect nothing short of excellence and undefeated seasons. I think we were all hyped and thought we could at the very least compete in this game. Well, we were beat by a better team. So +++++ing what? I'm bummed, sure. But if you're going to let it ruin your season then you're a pussy. Onward to winning the MW!
  15. ClevelandBrown

    hawaii @ army

    Thank God the bows have some experience against the option. Let's go D!