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  1. This is a huge twist on the news story. Please tell us more about you in this thread.
  2. Now imagine if Wyoming was undefeated, and imagine if San Jose beat, say, Duke, and imagine if BSU won the Maui Invitational, and imagine if CSU and AFA were reeeeaallly good, and imagine if Fresno kept getting better, and imagine if everything else was perfect....we could have this: 1. Gonzaga 2. SDSU 3. USU 4. WSU 5. UNM 6. BSU 7. UNLV 8. CSU 9. UNR 10. AFA 11. WYO 12. SJSU 13. FSU THANKS FOR NOTHING HAIR!!!!
  3. We're an OT winning team now.
  4. Brennan averaged 4.14 TD's per game over 14 games. Burrow, at 58 over 15 games is, averaging 3.87/game. He needs 5 more in the second half to reach 63 total for an average of 4.2 TD's/game and to beat Brennan's TD/game ratio.
  5. Brennan played 14 games
  6. You're that person that cuts into someone's story before they finish to talk about how something slightly similar happened to you. People loathe that kind of person
  7. Alright. Which high altitude school is gonna +++++ this up for the Tecs and our conference?
  8. I too was there for that dunk right behind the backboard near the student section. Shut us right the hell up.
  9. It's almost like there was another championship game with playoff implications on that had the nation's attention during the MWCG ­čĄö