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  1. I'm an A's fan. My only allegiance to CLE is the Browns. That said, I support the change and think it's great
  2. Agreed, they need to get there shit together
  3. That's awesome! You think every restaurant could do this? How would the owner of my restaurant afford his brand new Ford Raptor and mansion on Warm Springs??
  4. I said don't @ me!! And sorry but UNLV has way more upside.
  5. How I'm hoping it shakes out (no reasoning other than geographic sense and what I want to see, don't @ me): SEC: adds UT, OU, WVU. Loses Mizzou. ACC: adds Maryland, ND B1G: adds Mizzou, KU, ISU. Loses Maryland. PAC: adds OkST, TTU, BSU, CSU New American: Fresno, SDSU, UNLV, UNM, KState, TCU, Baylor, Houston, SMU, Memphis, Tulane, App State, Cincy, UCF, USF (hard to deny this as a power conference, definitely a top bball league) New WAC/MWC: SJSU, USU, WYO, Southern Utah, NAU, Reno, NMSU, UTEP, UTSA, Texas State, Montana, Montana State, NDSU, UND Sun Belt: UNT
  6. Me and everyone I know would be out the door in one second if everything was switched to hourly. Even if it was above $20/hr. To cover such a spike in labor cost, your $7 margarita is now $10 and your $10 burger is now $16. Plus your server will give you the bare minimum of service, knowing that excellent service isn't required for better money anymore. I guess some people would rather pay $26 for their meal and no tip than pay $17 for their meal plus tip, but I wouldn't. Here's a good article about some restaurants who attempted to go no-tip but failed in no time and had to rev
  7. It's ridiculous but that's the system. I ask cooks all the time why they don't want to be front of the house and there's usually this weird pride thing, and being above "dealing with people". Ok, make their food in a hot ass kitchen for $12/hr instead I guess.
  8. This is how I imagine @RebelRobert whenever there's realignment news...
  9. Whiskey Bar in the slow early evening is where it's at. Though I do order PBR bottles there too!
  10. Most people want a person to make their drink for them, someone to recommend things, someone to complain about their food or drink to, or just someone to talk to. Automation works for some industries, I don't think it'd do well in the bar world.
  11. I still average $40/hr in tips so there's money to be made. Though that kind of money is increasingly not worth the shit you have to deal with.
  12. It all evens out. For the most part I've learned to get over the assholes and shitty tippers. Good people and great tippers make up for it. But there are still bad nights that make me want to rage quit and this last year has been extra enraging.
  13. For sure. If I work a shift and no one comes in or I don't earn tips, then my employer is obligated to pay me the federal $7.50/hr.
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