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  1. We may not be going NY6 but neither will Fresno.
  2. All you Fresno fans running your mouths last week, shat your pants on the blue turf. lmao
  3. We're missing 6 starters and we have a retard for a DC.
  4. AAC does not allow NQs. Also better crowds and far more attractive coeds than anything seen at Fresno.
  5. Case Keenum > Carr brothers Case had the better college career and actually took his team deep into the playoffs and doesn't take a million sacks in a season.
  6. He didn't win that ring, Ray Lewis and the defense did. If he was so good, he wouldn't have gotten cut immediately after the super bowl.
  7. David didn't win that ring. Eli did. Derek hasn't done shit but take a bunch of sacks like his brother
  8. Funny. I thought we were playing SMU on Saturday
  9. Ware still accomplished more than both Carr brothers combined. Unless we're talking about how many sacks you can take in one game.
  10. Ghetto trashy Fresno won't get past Boise and STDSU. No big deal.
  11. Officials were really impressed with our 2016 game there with Oklahoma. Thisis usually reserved for SEC and Big 12 teams. Once again, we'll fill that place up.
  12. Still ranked ahead of them both. Didn't New Mexico lose to FCS Sam Houston State not too long ago?
  13. P6 privlege. That's just the way things are. If you guys would have invested in the MAC brand instead of letting Boise het all of the resources because y'all got desperate for them to stay, then maybe you could get some bias.
  14. Still ranked higher than Fresno. Yall have no answer for that. Ahahahaha