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  1. Pretty sure we went to an NY6 bowl ourselves. Got chosen over Boise too.
  2. How many NY6 bowls has the MWC been to since it started? Why has Boise been constantly looking for the exit? Why is Boise in constant contact with the AAC?
  3. Nobody is going to pay the MWC more money. None of the schools have produced anything significant within the last few years. No football or basketball accomplishments, no high national TV ratings, nothing. Best of all, MWC didn't strike a deal with ESPN. ESPN literally runs the sports world
  4. By the way, how much does the MWC make per school again?
  5. We've drawn 40k+ on many occasions as well. More than anybody outside of 2007 Hawaii has ever done
  6. ECU draws 40-50k historically. Nobody in the MWC, not even Boise draws those numbers.
  7. AAC gives out more money at an equal rate of 7 mil. MWC gives Boise everything and everyone else a few pennies.
  8. Tulane built an on-campus stadium a few years ago. USF and Temple are the only AAC teams that play in NFL stadiums. Every other AAC team plays on-campus in their own stadium, something most of the MWC will never experience.
  9. I get it but not really the thread for this. Don't ya think?
  10. I'm only here because you guys cant go without making threads about us and the AAC as a whole. Find an MWC thread on the AAC board. It'd be hard because we don't care about you guys like you guys care about us.
  11. Your tears tastes delicious. Heres to another year of Wyoming sports accomplishing absolutely nothing.
  12. Lol how did SDSU lose to these guys? I thought the MWC was supposed to be good at basketball
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