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  1. Unlike SDSU, Boise actually won their game. SDSU is gonna be celebrating their 2nd place trophy and banner for years to come.
  2. I dropped 2 or 3 posts and they got so riled up, they made a 14 page thread. I am easily one of the best college sports forum trolls of all time.
  3. Most MWC fans wouldn't get into UH. There's a reason why your schools have low endowments, generate very few research dollars and have high admissions rates.
  4. I hurt their feelings, so they're gonna grasp at straws instead of agreeing with your common sense take.
  5. Yep. Looking forward to officially being a Power 5 school this summer.
  6. Because you crybabies have paper thin skin and are easily riled up.
  7. You jackwagons sure are quiet all of a sudden.
  8. That 2nd half shows why. Is New Mexico going to the Sweet 16?
  9. Sir. We won by 17, basketball is a game of 2 halves. We have a real shot to win it all.
  10. 1st round exit and stuck in G5 Hell. If you were better, then how come nobody wants to invest in Reno or anything in Nevada not named Las Vegas?
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