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  1. Memphis will knock off Penn State at the Cotton Bowl.
  2. If Navy had won the AAC title game the CFP chairman strongly implied they would have been taken over WMU.
  3. Whether you like to admit it or not, the P6 campaign has been a success. This year also proves that a 1 loss AAC team takes priority of a 1 loss MWC team. Honestly even Cincinnati would have gotten picked over Boise. Sorry but that's the way the cookie crumbles.
  4. Of course not. No MWC outside of Boise can even CONSISTENTLY draw 30k even when good.
  5. 4 AAC teams in the Top 25 with UCF right outside the polls. Boise may lose to Wyo.
  6. Boise gave up 42 points to San Jose State
  7. Well somebody has to clean up after your mother.
  8. The P5 does. Enjoy your potatoes in Nowhere, Idaho
  9. So 4-4 SJSU, a team yall want gone is now suddenly a good team? Lol ok
  10. I hope Harsin stays at Boise State for a long long long time.
  11. We redshirted half our seniors including our star quarterback, have multiple season-ending injuries and have 10+ transfers sitting out. What's Boise's excuse?