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  1. I think the COACH yelled at him NOOOOOOOOOO
  2. NDSU senior center with only 6 points doesnt help. 7 point game 145 left
  3. NDSU scraps it way back , then Nevada hits 2 good shots and its' a 10 point game.
  4. 45-40 nevada NDSU #21 is from a tiny town in North Dakota, dude averaged like 30+ppg i'm glad he looks like a D1 player.
  5. NDSU gets within a couple then NEVADA hits a 3 and couple mid rangers. good shooters over there. 41-33 Nevada
  6. yea Nevada looks more athletic. Guessing they will gel better as year goes on, Alford will get them to Top 3-4 in league
  7. yea that 144 under looks like easy money 12-7 now
  8. TV link here https://players.brightcove.net/6050660108001/4GMuOweD95_default/index.html?videoId=6130109750001&adConfigId=live.YRRQ_4zdhJz9Bwbi_e2PDSc_n2HpezcgpjGkFkrVo--HPq_lSzHHplOZmG-NGiAieVoCvPTo_oOfyNHZNHJdoKsQCEgL8b0tSw5c2OEu2g Nevada up 6-2 early NDSU has no true point guard (hes injured) , that's not good news
  9. thanks for that info, i see they lost starters as well. Steve Alford is a good hire. I still remember when Musselman was still there
  10. well since Mountain West won't play NDSU in football or add them, I guess we'll resort to playing Nevada this wednesday in Lincoln Nebraska. NDSU vs Nevada Nov 25 (Wed) 2 p.m @ Lincoln Neb Is Nevada any good in basketball? NDSU was a NCAA tourney team last year, but lost 2 main scorers.
  11. yea Big 10 wont hurt. I wanna see 8 team playoff 5 Power 5 champ teams 2 G5 teams 1 Wild Card P5 team
  12. hockey sucks and im in Minnesota
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