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  1. thanks for the advice... this game is gonna be a big sweat
  2. so i got a big parlay (ndsu, cle state, utah valley & GCU and Boise State) to win $600 all have won except Boise ST Col State is +150 on money line... I have to throw $200 on CSU to hedge right?
  3. your team is Colorado St in the bio, in 2013 NDSU brought 7500 fans there, drank the entire west side of the stadium out of bear and the bar/restaurant owners in the Fort were ecstatic over NDSU dropping Oil Money Cash! oh and we physically dominated in a 22-7 win
  4. still waitin for that NDSU invite Craig Thompson .. the ONLY reason NOT to invite NDSU is because you don't want them to be #1-#2 in the football standings Day 1. and I respect that, but we will bring alot of exposure for MWC Any of your schools bringing in $6.5 Million in private donations for booster club? How about Ticket revenue, NDSU would be near the top already. TV revenue, NDSU has smaller base, but much Bigger % watching the games. Travelling fanbase, easily 3000-5000 at away games, does anyone in your league do that now?
  5. Haha wut? Craig left NDSU for Wyoming because his Nebraska history still haunted him and Craig owned land already in Wyoming so he had a bug in their ear already. NDSU basically owns Wyoming's & Kansas State's programs. you're welcome.
  6. LOL wut? Small beans? More national attention than every MWC team outside of Boise St in last 10 years. 3 Espn Gamedays, 3 NFL QB's back to back to back 2 top 5 QB's in last 5 years. 13 NFL Players. 125-9 Record 7-0 FBS record last 9 years, beat #13 Iowa and big 12 champ Kansas St Attendence, sell out every game 19,000
  7. NDSU steam to Mountain West is at full throat ( Ill take a bow, as I've been here for 7 years pushing it) NDSU has 2 radio shows on their on radio station 11am-1 and 4-6pm and they both have had multiple Mountain west talkers, asked the FB coach and AD straight up about it. They welcome an invite, but they can't force someone to invite NDSU. It should just happen, period.
  8. is that what I heard? i have this game on and my wife is like.... what the hell is that sound. BAHAHAHA
  9. Boise St 0 Ncaa wins NDSU 2 Ncaa wins (invite us already!) But for real.... I couldnt believe the announcers said that... they've Never won a NCAA game? whoa only up 20... cmon Boise!
  10. cmon I need this $250 win Boise!! put up 110!
  11. Please tell me Boise St will keep the Foot on the gas pedal? gotta get that 100 right? that was a steph curry rainbow 3 to end it. wow
  12. HERES your Stream!! Boise State -9 looking good? https://sports24.stream/ncaab/boise-state-broncos-at-wyoming-cowboys-cbss.html
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