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  1. Budget could get up to $40 million if need be. However with Virus & clamps on higher education funding coming down the pipe Im guessing most of your schools budgets will come down. NDSU does more with less, our football program would be Top 2-3 day 1. or we will use some of our Oil money
  2. then please go and EDIT your post geez. thats like the difference between night and day NDSU doesnt want the MAC. Mountain West or American Conference or Big 12 are only options
  3. if MWC restarts and Fresno or hawaii cannot play ADDING NDSU for a 1 year exemption should be the move NDSU has a top 5 NFL QB and a 1st round LT on their team that wouls generate national buzz. Fargo is 1 of safest places in America, NDSU playing Oct 3 with 10,000 fans. already mentioned here https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1523308121189192&id=173056579547693
  4. i know i push for NDSU to be in MWC for Football.. but NDSU Softball is #42 RPI and right up there with MWC teams, it'd be nice to them to join the MWC as well you play some great softball in the league by the way.
  5. Ric callng someone classless Yea OK RIC what about this? https://floppingout.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/rick-pitino.jpg
  6. oh wheres Dr Dre to cry about me posting in this?? Countdown clock is on ...
  7. has the tailgating area improved? or still just a big empty field... just curious.
  8. Auto correct on cell, dam you sprint!
  9. NDSU 83- 7 record over last 6 years 9-3 vs FBS Schools in last 8 years 5 National Titles, 9 current NFL Players, #2 overall NFL draft pick. 3 Big Dance trips, 1 Big Dance win. Sweet 16 softball apperance's Wrestling in Big 12. 20,000 always full Fargodome > 5 MWC schools or half empty 45,000 stadiums Brand New Basketball arena at 5700 capacity. Cmon Craig Thompson! lets do this, send the invite!
  10. Columbus, Ann Arbor are not Cleveland, Detroit
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