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  1. Like the helmets. Black once in a while is cool. Love how spartans great Noel Grigsby tweeted it out too. Coulda used that guy last year.
  2. Assuming he is Gandalf, I would agree here wholeheartedly. I like the idea of his love of halflings going back to his origins on Middle Earth. IMO it adds a kind of richness to the main LOTR story, as not only is Gandalf really fond of Hobbits but he is the Hobbit expert of Middle Earth. They're either unknown or generally dismissed by all the other beings of the world, including Sauron, which ends up being one of the reasons the good guys won in the end. Gandalf basically bet on Hobbits, and it paid off. Furthermore, he ends up being the only wizard who matters by the end of the war, which I think can potentially be read as a result of his being influenced by the more humble beings of Middle Earth. Saruman is seduced by evil, and Radghast eventually comes to care little for the wars, and it's unclear what happened to the Blue ones. I think, if indeed it is Gandalf, it adds a cool wrinkle to his character. Also, Dude that Galadriel found on the raft is Sauron, right? Like, either that or one of his future servants (a Nazgul?). I found his particular interest in this last episode in blacksmithing to be important.
  3. Sjsu fans at that 4th quarter punt.
  4. Im forward to the cannon game. Bigly.
  5. I am not reveling in the pain. But I have to say it's nice to not be a contender in this category for once.
  6. What, because all of you except for one got ass rammed? All today told us was that air force is good.
  7. I guess its a challenge to a defense that's played well except for the last series?. I dunno...
  8. Our OL is still a work in progress but I think we have the guys to make conference play interesting.
  9. Feel good about 2 makes for a our new kicker after missing the first 2 of the season.
  10. I knew we weren't as bad as we played last week.
  11. A huge offensive mistake ends it here,.my guess.
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