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  1. The flood wouldn't fill the valley. It would flood a bunch of lowlands in parts of the valley and probably to do Sacramento what Katrina did to NO. Look at the wording... it says the kinds of floods that occur once a lifetime would now occur more frequently. But there have not been any floods that have filled the valley in basically two lifetimes. And even then, the flood of 1862 and generally valley flooding in the middle to late 19th century was exacerbated by the hydraulic mining in the Sierras. That flood is the high water mark (pun intended) for floods in CA after European arrival. The question is whether that level flood is the kind we see more of, or if we see floods like 1997 happening every 10 years or so. And if its the earlier, the question is what the infrastructure does to mitigate it, as well as the fact that entire mountainsides are not flowing down with the floodwaters as was the case in the 1860s. We have to start thinking about this in terms of development planning and infrastructure in CA, definitely. But there's a level of alarmism in this that should be discarded in that planning.
  2. Oh, I dunno. It depends where it happened, how it happened and what infrastructure failed. I'd have to look at what happened in 1997 and extrapolate. Lot of ag land would be inundated, a lot of cows would die. The question really is whether the intensity of the event would cause the infrastructure to fail. If you got multiple dams to fail and multiple levee breaks, it would be a bad bad deal. It's definitely a concern, especially considering that a lot of Valley development has happened in floodplains. But the "vast inland sea" thing is more of a headline grabber than an accurate portrayal of what it would be like.
  3. Sort of. First of all, it (being the "inland sea" thing) last happened in the early 1860s not 1846. Second, it would create a temporary inland sea in some places, which would be mitigated to some extent by existing infrastructure. The infrastructure has already mitigated it in past versions of these massive precipitation events. The water would run off pretty quickly in relative terms, though causing a lot of damage. These types of events have already happened since then... 1997 being the last real big one, but there were also some in the late 60s and I think one in the 80s?. The question is if they become more frequent or if they become more intense. I wouldn't mind a couple in the next 20 years or so. We need to recharge some of our aquafers and get the suitcase farmers out of here.
  4. She was in some big stuff in the 90s. I thought Return to Paradise was really good, and she was good in it.
  5. Not just his base. Those who don't like him on the right will still eventually return to their propensity to blame everything on those whom they hate more - the media and liberals.
  6. Just remember, everyone... No matter how BAD this gets, in one year about half the country will blame the media and Democrats for this and say it wasn't what it is right now. Trump and conservatives will be the victim. That will be the GOP's party line in the 2024 presidential election. Book it. Easiest money out there.
  7. He's one of the great geniuses of the 20th Century, and may have been the singular genius of jazz music. He changed the way people think about music.
  8. And for all the Jackholes who jumped to his defense and lashed out at anyone who considered this to be possibly true.
  9. I mean, for all the conspiracy theories Trump keeping them as a tantrum probably makes the most sense.
  10. Yea I never got there. Have a bunch of friends who think it's great, but I just thought it was dumb. Personal taste.
  11. I don't know if you guys are history buffs or not, but... Brilliant.
  12. It's funny to watch these dipshits shift their stories in real time.
  13. I'm sure a young, budding @NVGiant sent the copy back to Rushdie filled with red ink and some notes about getting it under 200 pages.
  14. Wow, I didn't see this at all until now. Big, big deal. And I expect to see more of this kind of thing in the US over the next generation or two.
  15. Trump out-Stunned Stunner for like 6 years. It's hard to troll on a thread about a troll.
  16. The IRS is not auditing that dude.
  17. That's a lot like Stockton's city slogan... "Hey, at least you're not in Fresno!"
  18. Bad things happen when Germany falls on hard economic times.
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