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  1. Warning!!!!!!!!!! This thread will explore ideas and events that may be shocking, distressing, traumatizing or offensive to some forum members. It is of the OP's opinion that engaging with such traumatizing subject matter is much more constructive for such forum members and those who have to deal with them than running and hiding, stomping around or watching them discussed on their favorite cable news network. In exploring these matters, the OP aims to foster forum members’ ability to chill the eff out in thorough and objective ways as do most normal human beings.
  2. This is the most reasonable post on this issue yet at least by someone conservative-ish. Especially the last line. Though I think there is a clear answer to the question - it fires people up.
  3. LOL. It's fine that you don't like freedom except for your own freedom from things that make you uncomfortable. Lots of liberals are like that too. One can argue it's the American Way.
  4. You're not asking for my case for cultural change, you're just asking for my case for this specific cultural change? IMO, the burden of proof should always be on the one arguing for a state sanctioned restriction. Again, I guess that's why I'm not a conservative.
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